Did We Conquer Europe Or Something?

Seeing the long list of army personnel granted awards, I thought the army must have conquered a continent — or at least another country. But turns out they earned them conquering more of their own territory and killing their own citizenry…(and the race is on for next year’s awards)

Following is the list of names of this years winners…

ISLAMABAD – The President of Pakistan has granted military awards to the following officers and men of Pakistan Army in recognition to their gallantry contributions on the eve of Pakistan Day;
Following officers have been conferred with Sitara-i-Basalat :
Major General Bilal Omer Khan (Shaheed), HI (M), AC, Brigadier Syed Hussain Abbas Shah (Shaheed), Punjab, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Umer, FF and Major Mudassar Razzaq, Avn.
Following officers and men have been awarded Tamgha-i-Basalat:
Brigadier Aftab Afzal, CMI, Brigadier Amer Aslam Khan, Baloch, Lieutenant Colonel Manzoor Saeed (Shaheed), ASC, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Rizwan Lashari, S Bt, SSG, Lieutenant Colonel Jawad Khan (Shaheed), AC, Major Hafiz Atique Ahmed (Shaheed), Baloch, Major Afzaal Ahmed (Shaheed), AD, Major Tauqir Anwar Khan, S Bt, SSG, Major Qaiser Mehmood Sahi (Shaheed), FF, Major Khawar Mubeen Khattak, Punjab, Captain Sohail Akbar (Shaheed), FF, Captain Aamir Butt (Shaheed), Baloch, Captain Asim Karim Khan (Shaheed), Avn, Captain Shahadat Hussain, CMI, Captain Muhammad Khurram Shehzad (Shaheed), Avn, Captain Saifullah, NLI, Captain Aamir Shahzad, SSG, Captain Adnan Javed, SSG, Captain Muhammad Azhar Manzoor, AC, Captain Qammar Abbas (Shaheed), Arty, Captain Fayyaz Ahmed (Shaheed), Punjab, Captain Omerzeb Afzal Baig (Shaheed), AK, Captain Waqar Alam Shah, AC, Lieutenant Muhammad Faraz Malik (Shaheed), Arty, Subedar Rahib Ali Bangash (Shaheed), FC, Naib/Subedar Ismail Khan (Shaheed), FC, Naib/Subedar Muhammad Saleem (Shaheed), Engrs, Naib/Subedar Muhammad Ikram Ullah (Shaheed), AK, Naib/Subedar Muhammad Akram, (Shaheed), Punjab, Naib/Subedar Habib Ur Rehman, (Shaheed), FC, Havildar Fateh Ullah (Shaheed), FC, Havildar Sher Muhammad, (Shaheed), Baloch, Havildar Muhammad Luqman (Shaheed), Baloch, Havildar Syed Ahmed Shah (Shaheed), NLI, Havildar Iqbal Shah, (Shaheed), FC, Havildar Imran Ali (Shaheed), FC, Havildar Rehman Wali Afridi (Shaheed), FC, Havildar Muhammad Naeem (Shaheed), Engrs, Havildar Musaver Khan (Shaheed), Punjab, Havildar Ghulam Ahmed (Shaheed), AK, Havildar Nasar Hayat (Shaheed), FF, Havildar Istahzar Hussain (Shaheed), FF, Havildar Muhammad Safdar (Shaheed), FF, Havildar Tariq Mehmood (Shaheed), Sind, Havildar Muhammad Arif (Shaheed), Sind, Havildar Munawar Kamal (Shaheed), Baloch, Havildar Khajid Ullah, (Shaheed), Baloch, Havildar Zameer Hussain Shah, (Shaheed), Baloch, Havildar Muhammad Ijaz (Shaheed), AK, Havildar Anayat Ullah (Shaheed), AK, Havildar Ali Asghar (Shaheed), Avn, Havildar Hazrat Hussain (Shaheed), Avn, Havildar Asif Rashid (Shaheed), Avn, Lance/Havildar Muhammad Sharif (Shaheed), Baloch, Lance/ Havildar Muhammad Nazabat, (Shaheed), NLI, Havildar Abbas Raza, (Shaheed), NLI, Lance/Havildar Muhammad Hafeez (Shaheed), Sind, Lance/Havildar Muhammad Ali (Shaheed) Baloch, Naik Javed Shaikh, (Shaheed),NLI, Naik Muhammad Ayub (Shaheed), SSG, Naik Gunner Allah Bux, (Shaheed) Arty, Naik Muhammad Rafiq (Shaheed), SSG, Naik Tariq Irshad Iqbal (Shaheed), Baloch, Naik Muhammad Mehboob (Shaheed), AK, Lance Naik Hadi Gul (Shaheed), FC, Lance Naik Abdur Raheem Khan, (Shaheed) Punjab, Lance Naik Shahid Iqbal (Shaheed), ASC, Lance Naik Fazal Nabi (Shaheed), FF, Lance Naik Muhammad Niaz (Shaheed), SSG, Lance Naik Khizar Iqbal (Shaheed), AK, Lance Naik Qudrat Ali (Shaheed), SSG, Sepoy Hazrat Muhammad, (Shaheed), FC, Sepoy Anwar Ullah Khan, (Shaheed), NLI, Sepoy Sher Dullah Baig, (Shaheed), NLI, Sepoy Jamil Akhter, (Shaheed), NLI, Sepoy Arab Khan, (Shaheed), NLI, Sepoy Mushtaq Ahmed, (Shaheed), NLI, Sepoy Atta Ullah (Shaheed), FC, Sepoy Muhammad Younis (Shaheed), SSG, Sepoy Umer Hayat, (Shaheed) Baloch, Sepoy Qasim Islam (Shaheed), Baloch, Sowar Saif Ur Rehman (Shaheed), AC, Spr Abid Hussain (Shaheed), Engrs, Spr Ahmed Khan (Shaheed), Engrs, Sepoy Sikandar Ali (Shaheed), Punjab, Sepoy Shafi Ullah (Shaheed), Punjab, Sepoy Muhammad Pervaiz Iqbal(Shaheed), Punjab, Sepoy Muhammad Saeed (Shaheed), Punjab, Sepoy Muhammad Amin (Shaheed), NLI, Sepoy Tahir Abbas (Shaheed), Arty, Sepoy Rab Nawaz (Shaheed), SSG, OCU Nayer Abbas (Shaheed), Arty, Sepoy Muhammad Shahzad Anjum (Shaheed), FF, Sepoy Hazrat Mir (Shaheed), FF, Sepoy Asim Raza (Shaheed), FF, Sepoy Ubaid Ullah Zahid, Sind, Sepoy Muhammad Hayat (Shaheed) Sind, Sepoy Muhammad Nisar (Shaheed), Sind, Sepoy Sajjad Ur Rehman, (Shaheed), Baloch, Sepoy Muhammad Arif (Shaheed) Baloch, Sepoy Gul Nawaz (Shaheed), Baloch, Sepoy Muhammad Imtiaz (Shaheed), Baloch, Sepoy Ghulam Mustefa (Shaheed), Baloch, Sepoy Zaka Ullah, (Shaheed), Baloch, Sepoy Muhammad Shahbaz Latif (Shaheed), Baloch, Sepoy Muhammad Ashraf, AK, Sepoy Muhammad Sajid Hafeez (Shaheed), AK, Sepoy Tamour Ahmed Chak (Shaheed), AK, Sepoy Abdul Rehman (Shaheed), AK and Sepoy Javeed Hussain (Shaheed), AK.
Following officers and men have been awarded Hilal-i-Imtiaz (Military) : Major General Muhammad Shahid, SI(M), EME, Major General Obaid Bin Zakria, EME, Major General Niaz Kausar Sheikh, SI(M), ASC, Major General Zahir Shah, SI(M), Engrs, Major General Muhammad Khalid, SI(M), Sigs, Major General Muhammad Khalid, Baloch, Major General Kaleem Saber Taseer, Arty, Major General Muhammad Mansha, Baloch, Major General Ghulam Dastagir, Punjab, Major General Abid Pervaiz, AC, Major General Javed Iqbal, FF, Major General Muhammad Saeed Aleem, FF and Major General Azhar Mahmud, AMC.
Following officers and men have been awarded Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Military) : Brigadier Iftikhar Mahmood Aleem, AC, Brigadier Viqar Rashid Khan, Sigs, Brigadier Akhtar Mahmood, Baloch, Brigadier Muhammad Ayub, Engrs, Brigadier Muzaffar Ali Khan, Arty, Brigadier Tanzeem Ud Din, Arty, Brigadier Ashfaq Hussain Gardezi, GL, Brigadier Muhammad Afzal Khan, FF, Brigadier Masuood Ahmad, FF, Brigadier Abdul Basit, AC, Brigadier Muhammad Waqar Aslam, Arty, Brigadier Naeem Sadiq, Sind, Brigadier Omar Farooq, Engrs, Brigadier Mushtaq Ahmad, Arty, Brigadier Muhammad Mumtaz, Baloch, Brigadier Asrar Ahmad Satti, FF, Brigadier Aziz Ur Rehman, T Bt, Arty, Brigadier Tanvir Ali Kausar, Punjab, Brigadier Waheed Akhtar, Baloch, Brigadier Abdul Waheed Khan, Engrs, Brigadier Sajid Nisar Khan, TI(M), Punjab, Brigadier Zulfiqar Ali, Arty, Brigadier Syed Raza Nawab, AC, Brigadier Rashid Majeeb Alavi, Ord, Brigadier Manzoor Ahmad, Baloch, Brigadier Ahmad Jamal Gilani, Sigs, Brigadier Tasawar Hussain, Baloch, Brigadier Aleem Ud Din Ahmed, Arty, Brigadier Shafqat Hayat Khan, Arty, Brigadier Aulad Hussain Rizvi, AD, Brigadier Muhammad Shakil, EME, Brigadier Muhammad Aman Ullah, RV&FC, Brigadier Abdus Sattar, AMC, Brigadier Muhammad Fayaz, AMC, Brigadier Ghulam Rasul Tariq, TI(M), AMC, Colonel Attiq Ur Rehman, ASC, Colonel Riaz Ur Rehman, FF, Colonel Syed Ahmad Raza, AC, Colonel Sharafat Ali, Baloch, Colonel Shahid Mehboob Elahi Siddiqi, CMI, Colonel Farooq Ashraf, AD, Colonel Shabbir Ahmad, Engrs, Colonel Salman Awais, Sigs, Colonel Abdus Sattar, Arty, Colonel Rashid Ahmad, Punjab, Colonel Mansoor Abbas, Ord, Colonel Tariq Mahmood, EME, Colonel Muhammad Ishfaq, AMC, Colonel Inam Ul Haq, AMC and Colonel Rizwan Masood Butt, AMC TAMGHA-I-IMTIAZ (MILITARY).
Following officers and men have been awarded Tamgha-i-Imtiaz (Military) : Lieutenant Colonel Yousaf Javed Qureshi, JAG, Lieutenant Colonel Salim Arshad Alyana, Punjab, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Ali Haider, Baloch, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Younis, Arty, Lieutenant Colonel Fazal Dad, Arty, Lieutenant Colonel Shah Rukh Nawaz, Baloch, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Khalil Zikria, Ord, Lieutenant Colonel Sikandar Hayat Zafar, FF, Lieutenant Colonel Yousaf Khan, Sind, Lieutenant Colonel Tahir Nawaz, Arty, Lieutenant Colonel Imtiaz Ahmad, AK, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Nadeem, Sigs, Lieutenant Colonel Teepu Sultan, Engrs, Lieutenant Colonel Zulfiqar Ali, Baloch, Lieutenant Colonel Syed Qasim Shah, Arty, Lieutenant Colonel Allah Rakha Sandhu, ASC, Lieutenant Colonel Ghulam Sarwar, Punjab, Lieutenant Colonel Mohsin Adeel, AC, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Kamran, SJ, AK, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Mahroof, Sigs, Lieutenant Colonel Mushtaq Ahmad, CMI, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Asim Imran, FF, Lieutenant Colonel Farid Iqbal Khattak, FF, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Shahid Javed, Sigs, Lieutenant Colonel Syed Dildar Haider Raza, Baloch, Lieutenant Colonel Imran Safdar, AC, Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Mahmood Awan, Arty, Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Razaq, Arty, Lieutenant Colonel Moeen Ghiyas, EME, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Halim, Punjab, Lieutenant Colonel Haroon Rashid Ch, AD, Lieutenant Colonel Fakhar Ul Islam, CMI, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Alam Kayani, ASC, Lieutenant Colonel Arshad Mahmood, Arty, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Saqlain Khan, AD, Lieutenant Colonel Faqir Taj, AEC, Lieutenant Colonel Amir Shehzad, Engrs, Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Mahmood, CMI, Lieutenant Colonel Amer Ayub, Avn, Lieutenant Colonel Rashid Ahmad, EME, Lieutenant Colonel Ashiq Hussain, FF, Lieutenant Colonel Afzal Mahmood, AC, Lieutenant Colonel Asad Ullah Baig, Ord, Lieutenant Colonel Intikhab Ahmed Qureshi, Engrs, Lieutenant Colonel Asif Rashid, Sind, Lieutenant Colonel Ghulam Murtaza Shah, Punjab, Lieutenant Colonel Farooque Azam, EME, Lieutenant Colonel Taseer Ibrahim, AMC, Lieutenant Colonel Tahir Ahmad Khan, AMC, Lieutenant Colonel Mrs Afshan Fayyaz, AMC, Lieutenant Colonel Rasikh Maqsood, AMC, Lieutenant Colonel Shahzad Akhtar, AMC, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Junaid Khan, AMC, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Azhar, AMC, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Munir, AMC, Lieutenant Colonel Miss Iffat Huma, AFNS, Major Aamer Pir Zada, Avn, Major Mahmood Ur Rahman Saqub, Baloch, Major Zubair Ahmed, FF, Major Asim Riaz Hashmat Khan, Arty, Major Malik Muhammad Tanseer Ahmed, Engrs, Major Zulfiqar, Sind, Major Saeed Ahmad, Engrs, Major Anwar Ul Haq, AD, Major Muhammad Shirjeel Khan, T Bt, Arty, Major Umar Hayat, Arty, Major Raja Sajid Mahmood, Punjab, Major Atif Manzoor Ansari, AC, Major Akbar Ali Khan, Ord, Major Muhammad Ali Pasha, AK, Major Tariq Hamid, Punjab, Major Muhammad Tanweer Khan, FF, Major Muhammad Arif Malik, Baloch, Major Tariq Habib Khan, ASC, Major Nadeem Akhtar Rao, Sigs, Major Mohyud Din Khan, AK, Major Syed Jawad Hassan, EME, Major Khawar Zaman. AMC, Major Mrs Rubina Rahman, AMC and Major Mrs Kaukab Aurangzeb, AMC.
Other officers also received Imtiazi Sanad, COAS commendation card and CGS Green Endorsement.


1 Response to “Did We Conquer Europe Or Something?”

  1. 1 Observer March 31, 2010 at 1:57 am

    Yes, we have an army which is very effective……..but only on home turf 😦

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