Some of Democracy’s Dividends…

Why the judges are the only target

ISLAMABAD: Why is only the judiciary being made the target of extraordinary parliamentary oversight? The good work of the Rabbani-led constitutional committee apart, it is not seeking any parliamentary oversight of any of the other key civil or military appointments….

The 10-year crime picture gets dirtier

Despite spending hundreds of billions of rupees on policing, prosecution and courts in the name of reforms to secure the life and property of the people during the last 10 years, crime throughout Pakistan has increased by almost 50 per cent in this period….

Pakistan made “subservient to foreign agencies and countries”

ISLAMABAD, March 22: In a rare show of unanimity, lawmakers in the Senate agreed on Monday to formally request President Asif Ali Zardari not to give his assent to the Anti-Money Laundering Act 2010 passed by the upper house.

The members from both treasury and opposition benches criticised the bill on the grounds that it had been drafted and dictated by the US and was in violation of fundamental rights.

Adviser to prime minister and chairman Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms Mian Raza Rabbani described the proposed law as appalling and wondered “are we a sovereign nation, or are we under the yoke of the World Bank and IMF?”

(This bill bulldozed through by Hina Rabbani Khar so you know who the author is 😉 )

The grand gala, feel better show called a dialogue

WASHINGTON: The strategic part of the Pak-US dialogue is being handled by the Army chief while civilians are only interested in a productive partnership, which means a lot of money, is how an important member of the Pakistan delegation described the ongoing talks between the two sides on Thursday.

But looking at the progress of the dialogue for the last three days and listening to the public statements of the two sides and then getting the private analysis of many participants (most of whom are also close friends), it is becoming clear that the “partnership” side is not going anywhere while the strategy has already been agreed since long between the two militaries….

HRCP report portrays dismal state of affairs

ISLAMABAD: The year 2009 saw a sharp increase in violence against women and religious minorities, while new incidents of enforced disappearance continued to be reported throughout the year from across the country, said a report released by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan here on Monday.

(Interestingly, the very next sentence kind of made me go WTF? It says “The report, portraying a dismal state of affairs, said that terrorist attacks constituted the greatest threat to fundamental rights of people.” Of course “violence against women and religious minorities, and new incidents of enforced disappearance continued” have nothing to do with terrorist attacks and yet the conclusion drawn is “terrorist attacks constituted the greatest threat to fundamental rights of people”? I smelt Asma Jehangir — and I wasn’t wrong ;-). And evertyhing that follows in the report negates that stupid conclusion e.g. “It referred to various complaints about extra-judicial and revenge killings in the aftermath of the Swat operation. The most harrowing reports were of bodies strewn upside down with notes attached to them warning that anyone supporting the Taliban would meet the same fate….According to figures compiled by the authorities, only five Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders were killed in 44 strikes carried out by the Afghanistan-based American drones in tribal areas, while 700 innocent civilians lost their lives in these attacks.”
“They were ALL Terrrrrorrist damn it!”: Rehman Malik)

P.S. Couple more shining examples can be found under Above The Law: Two Examples


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