US “vs” Israel: Theatrics Galore

The Lies:

The Truth:


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3 Responses to “US “vs” Israel: Theatrics Galore”

  1. 1 Project March 27, 2010 at 4:52 am

    WWF wrestling to entertain, occupy, and thus neutralise by overshadowing the growing public brouhaha on Israel. This I strongly suspect is a calculated puppetshow of the type which introduces “beneficial cognitive diversity”. The underlying substance of it you have accurately captured already. Good work juxtaposing the references to underscore the fact that this is superficial lies and a soap opera.

    When one’s fundamentals are clear as to who the power-brokers really are, and where the nexus of power originates and terminates, it is not easy to fool one! It only fools the fools. I have not found the recipe to counter fools. Even Hitler gave up on the type-2 and called them “useless”, while he focussed on type-1 for the votes as the “”. Type-3 he eliminated, or brought on to his side of the empire.

    (btw, you are clearly type-3, the one he might have eliminated or exiled or disappeared. Today, that’s among the targeted population for the concentration camps in the US along with Muslims and other “undesirables”. Your anon attire may prove to be a thoughtful preemptive self-defense! No sense in being suicidal – like the salmon swimming upstream in a karma that she can’t escape!)

    For Hitler’s reference to types of people, if interested, see the report on Manufacturing Dissent on my website.

    Zahir Ebrahim

    • 2 nota March 27, 2010 at 7:55 pm

      Going through ‘Manufacturing Dissent’ (and all the links in it) was certainly time well spent. Thanks! I’ve never gone through Mein Kemph so it certainly was enlightening. “Who is the Potter, pray, and who the Pot?”

      Would like to add that efforts to “manufacturing consent” are “rather banal” because they don’t need to be anything more. People want to be fooled. They want fantasies in nice little packages (e.g. “They hate us because they hate our way of life”). Personally I am often amazed — even shocked — to see how willing people are believe falsehoods even when truth is staring them in the face.. The job of those manufacturers certainly seems to have become easier. Remember how easily they turned “their war” into “our war” using one stupid video and scaring our aunties sh!tless with the “Taliban are coming!” bit. No catastrophic/catalyzing event “like a new Pearl Harbor” was needed.

      “our anon attire may prove to be a thoughtful preemptive self-defense! No sense in being suicidal – like the salmon swimming upstream in a karma that she can’t escape!”
      Now you got it. I know where I am headed and even this way I know the grizzlys get catch me any time; just don’t want to be hooked by some crazy fisherman (believe me their have been plenty who would like to see my head chopped). Also this allows me to write about things I cannot otherwise (you’ll agree if you knew my identity). Would you believe I got into a heck of trouble with the very first link I ever posted (wasn’t even my own writing but a link to a news story from the local paper)?

      BTW, you do know my identity. Search your email for a message from Dec 26, 2007 with the subject “Open Letter to the Pakistani Peoples – Wakeup!” 😉

    • 3 nota March 29, 2010 at 7:01 pm

      Damn! Funny I was just talking about that “stupid video. This just out today:
      Swat video was a fake
      Swat video was a fake
      Swat video was a fake
      Of course I knew that and Orya knew that and Supreme Court knew that and Yousafzai knew that and Ansar Abbasi knew that but I am sure the baboos will claim this story is a fake 😉
      BTW: The unnamed NGO is of course Ethnomedia run by Samar Minallah whose lie was caught in the very beginning but did it matter?

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