Another False Flag In Moscow?

Coming on the heels of the recent protests against Putin, today’s tube station bombings in Moscow certainly brought back memories of another bombing in Russia that led to the rise of Putin and another ‘Ludicrous Diversion’ from London 😉

‘We’re not behind Moscow bombs’: Islamist group
(Somehow I believe them)
Possible ‘Black Widows’ link to police bombing: Putin
(‘Black WidowER’, eh, Putin?) 😛

[From the second story comes: “Investigators have warned that 21 Black Widow suicide bombers trained by an Islamist terrorist known as ‘the Russian bin Laden’ remain at large and may launch fresh attacks on Moscow.” Does that not sound too much like Rehman Malik’s schtick (“4 suicide bombers have entered Lahore…”)?]

5 Responses to “Another False Flag In Moscow?”

  1. 1 nota March 29, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    Telegraph has it all figured out 😛

    Moscow bombing: who are the Black Widows
    Russia’s FSB security service has said a pair of “black widow” female suicide bombers blew themselves up on the Moscow metro killing at least thirty five people.
    Fragments of the two women’s bodies, including the head of ‘a young woman’ and the remains of ‘an older woman,’ have already been recovered. The attack has struck fear into Muscovites and refocused attention on the female suicide bombers willing to martyr themselves in the name of Islamist Jihad or holy war. The last time the black widows struck outside their volatile North Caucasus homeland was in 2004. That was a bloody year for Russia. Black widows blew up two passenger planes that took off from Moscow airport, bombed the Moscow metro twice, and took part in the infamous siege of Beslan’s School Number One. Hundreds of innocent civilians, including children, lost their lives in the carnage. Last year, after a long pause, they began to strike again in the predominantly Muslim North Caucasus region far from Moscow that includes Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan. Their cause is the creation of an Islamist caliphate along Russia’s southern spur.

    They are called black widows because they have usually lost their husbands, brothers or close relatives in one of the two Chechen wars that Russia fought against Islamist rebels since 1994 or indeed in more recent clashes with Russian-backed forces. Grieving for their loved ones and intent upon revenge, black widows, who are usually poorly educated, can therefore be recruited and trained up by Islamist extremists with relative ease. Human rights groups say it is a problem of the Kremlin’s own making. They accuse Russian forces of using overly brutal tactics against the civilian population, including women, in order to flush out rebel fighters. It is a counterproductive strategy that only serves to radicalise people, they say. There have been credible reports in the past year of dozens of suicide bombers being trained up, and earlier this year, Doku Umarov, the leader of the Chechen rebel movement, warned that terror would be coming to Russia’s big cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg in the near future.

    “Blood will no longer be limited to our (Caucasus) cities and towns,” he said in an interview on a website regarded as a rebel mouthpiece.

    “The war is coming to their cities.” Also, earlier this month, a man known as Russia’s own ‘Bin Laden’ who was thought to be training black widow suicide bombers, was killed by Russian Special Forces in a shoot-out. Other prominent Islamist rebel fighters have been killed in recent weeks and analysts believe the black widows may have been “sent into battle” now to wreak revenge. At a time when the Kremlin is claiming more and more success against the Islamist rebels, Monday’s atrocity will be seen as a sign that the rebels have their backs against the wall and have therefore resorted to their most desperate and deadly tactic.

    Man, what an “original” script! Did they hire Rehman Malik? I am just waiting for the Al-Q video to accept responsibility…

  2. 2 Project March 30, 2010 at 12:33 am

    Something is imminently afoot!

    Just a few days ago, a plugged in ‘elite’, in a conversation during a flight said something to me which has caused me a great deal of distress ever since, more so in my retrospective reconstruction of the conversation in my mind than at the time.

    It is something which wouldn’t have surprised me at all had it been said by a Bernard Lewis/Zbigniew Brzezinski protege like Zalmay Khalilzad, or some misanthropic ‘chosen peoples’ – for that’s what world-dominators hoping to kill off all the ‘useless eaters’ surely must think about all the time (I imagine).

    The fast cleansing of society, as in the Biblical Noah’s Flood, in order to start all over again finally raising the new virtuous phoenix from the ashes of decimated mankind, a clean slate in a clean break, and of course in full ownership of the entire planet.

    But I heard it from a Muslim, one with whom I was enjoying a great candid conversation on current affairs, and who even mentioned to this heathen in passing that they prayed 5 times a day.

    The thought which now has me in creeps, paraphrasing: Afghanistan may have to be nuked to kill off all that legacy of the past 30 years of war-faring barbarianism among its peoples in order to rebuild a peaceable progressive new Afghanistan!!

    Are we seeing baby-step pretexts for that overarching justification under-construction? This is a new scarry thought for me, and all these largely self-inflicted bombings, apart from their immediate agendas, also contribute towards long-pretexts for that cleansing agenda, don’t they? Pretexts of the same flavor of “saving American lives” that was used to nuke Japan twice?

    This time around, it would surely be to “save civilization” from the “barbarians”.

    The theological seeds for that were of course already, and quite believably now for the Western mind, planted years ago:

    “[It is] Not a Clash of Civilizations, It’s a Clash between the Civilized World and Barbarians.”

    I am not sure why this thought should bother me more coming from a Muslim, than say a Straussian ideologue. It’s not like I am not familiar with their doctrines.

    But there is something about the pious sheep begging the butcher to slaughter its kith and kin because they ‘smell bad’ which gives me the creeps more than the pious butchers discussing it among themselves.

    I think, in the end, may be the Pakistani geniuses have it right after all, that there is no sense in fretting or doing anything, because: ‘allah chala raha hai’.

    Zahir Ebrahim

    • 3 nota March 30, 2010 at 11:41 pm


      I am surprised you are surprised. Since you referred to Pipes, I’ll have to ask: did you forget he breaks bread with Haqqani? Do you think Mush’s “enlightened moderation” bit was his own creation or a bastard child of Pipes “Islamism, is the problem…moderate Islam is the solution”? Of course you know the answer to that.

      But again, thinking like this are we not fooling ourselves? Do you think religion matters to these folks? Nationalism? Hell no! They are just tools that come in handy (But then this is nothing new…) So that thing coming from a ‘muslim’ out not to bother you — any “a plugged in ‘elite’” would second that (and you know there are plenty of the kind)

      “‘allah chala raha hai’”
      Man, I am so sick of that! Kub smajhain gay haramzaday kay ‘kuch nahi chal raha’? I think they are starting to have an inkling now sitting without electricity, water, and gas bitching about the last month’s bills that they cannot pay and having just been told they ain’t seen nothing yet….

  3. 4 Project April 1, 2010 at 1:17 am

    Treading between idealism and pragmaticism is always frought with disappointment, especially when the one thought to be the realist driven by high ideals and the benefit of wealth privilege, turns out to be not that much different from those whom they purportedly oppose.

    The plugged in ‘elite’, and that was the first time I ever met them, has confused me, not to mention distressed me. Because, simultaneously with that abhorent new world order’ish statement, they also purported to oppose the NWO and appeared to be just as knoweldgeable about the matrix as any well-read, non-indoctrinated, intelligent person can be!

    If I meet them again in person, I’d like to sure probe deeper into that nonsequiturish general sentiment of “Noah’s Floods” being necessary to cleanse humanity every so many corrupted civilizations. I sure hope I merely misperceived this grotesque thought as they applied it to Afghanistan. My vivid recollection is quite clearly that I had asked them their opinion on how a civilization kept embroilled in warfare for 30 years, with all its generations born during that time, almost being lost to it, could be restored back to “normalcy”, that what might it take in their opinion? And “nuking” theory had been their response. It is also possible, and I am reaching here for an alternate explanation to soothe my angst, that they may have merely been responding with the view of the elite – that this is what they might want to do! But did that person I was conversing with also subscribe to it?

    As I said, I enjoyed a great conversation on current affairs with them and they seemed unusually aware of the world. In fact, remarkably well-read. Perhaps all elite are! It’s the plebes who are often the idiots. And this empirical observation will always bother me: the sheep begging the butcher to slaughter its kith because they are ‘smelly’. No amount of cognitive thinking can mitigate that depressing reality. I think I will always remain malcontent to that bit of tortuousness. Perhaps we all must, for when that stops bothering us, haven’t we joined the inhumans?

    In the context of Afghanistan, all I know is, and only as reliably as history has penned it, that when the Prophet of Islam came to Mecca, he arrived in the worst possible civilization then existent. Our sheep and our elite can’t possibly equal that epoch in moral depravity and apathy. And yet, their major transformation occured without any Noah’s flood! Similarly, Ataturk, the crypto Jewish trojan horse planted in charge of Turkey after WWI, in one single generation spanning about 20 years, severed all ties of the Turkish Muslims with their Arab/Persian and Islamic heritage, with the legacy of their Ottoman past, without invoking any cleansing flood upon the Turks. He did it with nationalism, aided and abetted by the West, and replaced worship of science and post-modernity for antiquity. (But Ataturk did of course execute the genocide of the local ‘untermenschen’. The politics of that is discussed rather perceptively by Christopher Jon Bjerkenss at . But that’s not the point I want to get into here.)

    Without resorting to any drastic evil, any “Noah’s flood”, any “nuking”, left to itself under any good benevolent leadership, any society can be “normalized” (whatever that might mean in context), in only a couple of generations at most, but only when there is no outside influence-meddling and destablization attempts/strangulations.

    That is so blatantly obvious to me that the fact that this ‘elite’ had the thought of the “nuke” as the “Noah’s Flood” to restore Afghanistan has made me distressed that perhaps this is indeed the path that might be chosen not just for Afgahnistan, but for all of us ‘untermensch’ by the hectoring hegemons once they are done executing their one-world agenda and “imperial mobilization”. They might use their own lauded semantics for “normalcy” through nuking as the pretext for population reduction in our neck of the woods!

    That is a more fuller backdrop for my first comment above. We should all be worried – that they will be helped in this by our own sheep inviting the butchers to the barbecue! Just as you have duly noted is already happening. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept it. Naive huh?

    Zahir Ebrahim

    • 5 nota April 1, 2010 at 7:58 pm

      “Without resorting to any drastic evil, any “Noah’s flood”, any “nuking”, left to itself under any good benevolent leadership, any society can be “normalized” (whatever that might mean in context), in only a couple of generations at most, but only when there is no outside influence-meddling and destablization attempts/strangulations. “
      I say you can do it in less than one generation. But — and that’s a BIG but — the ‘outside’ will not allow it. Remember what Friedman said about McDonald’s and McDonald Douglas? He wasn’t kidding and saying it for a purpose. And they have “insured” their “right” to interfere and influence and meddle and destablize and strangulate through agreements that your own “elite” have signed (UN/IMF/WTO/WB/Bilateral agreements/BIS/etc)…

      “this is indeed the path that might be chosen not just for Afgahnistan, but for all of us ‘untermensch’…”
      Have no doubts my friend….drop the ‘might’ …

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