A Quickie: Swiss Return Serve Back To CJ’s Court

“Immunity is the key question,” Zappelli said. “We can’t prosecute Mr Zardari while he has immunity unless Pakistan lifts that immunity. And if he doesn’t have immunity, why don’t they try him in Pakistan?

So, CJ, what say you? “Interpret” the damn 248-B without any ambiguity, for crying out loud! AND PROSECUTE THE BASTARD YOURSELF!!! Don’t ask others to do your job. Remember it was the Supreme Court that got us in this mess in the first place:

Zappelli also noted that Zardari and Bhutto had been sentenced by the High Court in Lahore in 1999, but in 2001 Pakistan’s Supreme Court had cancelled this verdict and sent it back to Lahore for a new decision. However, there had not been a new trial in the nine years since then.


1 Response to “A Quickie: Swiss Return Serve Back To CJ’s Court”

  1. 1 Observer March 31, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    We have too many sacred cows…above the law and not to be critisized.

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