A Quickie: Gilani Asks The Fox To Investigate Who Slaughtered The Hens

The LPG scam — actually “LPG Scam II” — made the news recently when Rauf Klasra made us aware of it a few days back:

$1 billion LNG scam lands in federal cabinet
Monday, March 29, 2010
Tarin says he was kept in the dark; Naveed Qamar defends contract to highest bidder

By Rauf Klasra

ISLAMABAD: The first documented $1 billion scam was laid before the federal cabinet last week which officially revealed that Pakistan lost one billion dollars after the top guns of the Petroleum Ministry ignored the lowest bid of the Fauji Foundation and the multinational energy firm, Vitol, for 3.5 million tons LNG contract worth $25 billion, and instead awarded it to the highest bidder, a French firm….

Of course all hell broke loose and instead of screaming “bloody murder” at those carrying out this scam, the lowlife parliamentarians of course screamed bloody murder at the messenger:

The information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira was more interested in summing the reporter of this story to appear before the committee to submit proofs to establish his case. But the most interesting thing observed in the NA proceeding on Monday where three federal ministers stood up to raise this issue was the fact that they all preferred to shoot the messenger, instead of daring to mention the names of former finance minister Shaukat Tarin and MD Fauji Foundation Lt General Rab Nawaz, who had actually smelt foul play in the multibillion dollar LNG deal. Information minister Kaira and agriculture minister Nazar Gondal were angry with the reporter who had filed this story. Kaira said the reporter should also be summoned and asked to produce evidence on the basis of which he filed the story. Gondal said the report was filed without any proper evidence and the committee should probe the issue.

But since the truth is out, one has to cover it up and that PM is doing the very same can be gleaned from the story from which the above bit is taken:

PM asks Hafeez to examine LNG deal

Yes, the same Hafeez Sheikh who raped the country for years under Mush/Shauki and is back to do it again. Choosing him (“who is yet to formally start working as advisor on finance”) specifically certainly speaks volumes as to where this “investigation” is headed…(Does remind me of the news from couple of days ago: Probe ordered into reports about ‘fake’ video: Rehman Malik)

P.S. Speaking of PM, DON’T get too excited about car prices coming down. Sure Gilani warned car makers: “Cut prices or face imports”. This is just a shakedown — Gilani is doing what every previous government has done: Threaten the car makers with “allowing imports”, car makers’ cartel pays up, and things continue as usual i.e. no imports allowed and car makers continue to gouge the public with exorbitant prices for third-rate locally made cars.

Today we are told:
PTCL privatisation deal was not transparent, NA told

Of course we already knew. We also remember it was this genius Hafeez Sheikh who was the Minister for Privatization when this rape was allowed. But do note that the current Minister for Privatisation Waqar Ahmed (a most-corrupt individual himself, not surprisingly, so well-qualified for the position heholds) covers up for Hafeez Sheikh with a balatant lie:

The agreement for the sale of 26 per cent PTCL shares with the UAE-based Etisalat was finalised and transaction was made without taking the Privatisation Commission Board into confidence.

Hey, mabe Mr Gilani can ask Hafeez Sheikh to look into this as well! And maybe Hina Rabbani Khan can assist 😛

JJVL distribution not govt concern: Iqbal
Aitzaz: LPG Scam-Runner, Too

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