“The Price Is Worth It”, Samar ‘Albright’ Minallah

Dawn reports:

IDPs from tribal areas

IDPs in Swat, April, 2010

Not only has the theatre of war against the militants in the northwest expanded in recent times, it has also extracted a heavy price in the process by displacing people from various affected areas on a very large scale. The fact must be kept in mind and both state and civil society should come to the aid of the IDPs. According to one relief agency, it has registered over 1.3 million IDPs from the tribal areas. The exodus from Orakzai Agency alone amounts to over 75,000 tribesmen at even conservative estimates. Parts of the agency have reportedly turned into ghost towns where starving children search for food. Unsurprisingly, the battle against militancy has led to mass migration, with people seeking refuge in Kohat and Hangu districts and Khyber Agency. The exodus was a predictable consequence of the operation against the militants, but little evidence is available of the state having made efforts to mitigate the IDPs’ suffering. The sole relief camp in the area is in Hangu district, accommodating less than 4,000 people. There is no room for the hundreds of people streaming into the area everyday. Apparently, no relief camp exists in Kohat district, where over 22,000 IDPs have registered themselves with the social welfare department.

This is an unacceptable situation. The IDPs are caught in a war that is not of their making and they have a right to receive the state’s protection. Tackling the militants must of course continue with full force — after all, just on Wednesday militants blew up five schools and a basic health unit in the Utmankhel area of Orakzai Agency. But the fallout on ordinary citizens must be mitigated as far as possible. The conflict must speedily be brought to a successful closure. Meanwhile, efforts are needed towards setting up relief camps.

“Tackling the militants must of course continue with full force” – Now that is fvcking amazing, isn’t it?

BTW: This is nothing new for Dawn. Exactly a year ago they had a similar piece:

Plight of internally displaced persons

PROTECTING the lives and property of citizens is amongst the most fundamental duties of a government, in fact its raison d’être. In the case of thousands of residents of Pakistan’s militancy-infested areas, however, the state appears to have been unsuccessful on this count. Not only has it failed to effectively curtail the militants’ reign of terror, it has worsened the plight of victims who have borne the brunt of retaliatory military operations. Nor has the state been able to provide meaningful succour to families who were forced to flee. The point is reflected in the grim future faced by internally displaced persons in various parts of the country.

A UNHCR survey estimates that there are over 43,500 IDPs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi alone. Threatened in equal measure by militants and the security forces, these families fled in the hope that the state would come to their rescue. Yet no refugee camp or aid centre has been set up in the twin cities’ jurisdiction and the IDPs have been left to fend for themselves. Little imagination is required to realise that the step from subsistence-living to disillusionment and crime is a short one. However, this realisation is yet to dawn on the federal government that refuses to accommodate refugees in camps anywhere but in the NWFP because of ‘security concerns’.

Meanwhile, an estimated 41,000 IDPs live in the NWFP’s Jalozai camp. They are now being asked to return to their homes since the military operation has ended. Faced with the daunting task of returning to battle-scarred areas, these citizens are demanding that they be compensated for the destruction of their homes and have their safety guaranteed upon return. But the government has shown little interest in addressing these concerns, and no compromise with them has been attempted. Little wonder then that violent clashes have occurred between IDPs and the police, most recently on Wednesday when a protester was killed. A press note issued by the DCO’s office blamed the protesters for having cast the first stone, but that is not the point. The real issue is that thousands of people found themselves caught in the crossfire between militants and security forces, and fled a situation that was not of their making. Their demand for aid is legitimate. If their needs are not addressed, the state runs the risk of adding to the ranks of disillusioned people who turn to arms in order to have their voices heard.

Of course it was clear then as now no help would come IDPs’ way but “Talibs had to be stopped”.

And I am sure even if asked today, Ms Samar ‘Albright’ Minallah would say “The price was worth it!” Of course she will say it with crocodile tears about that “poor girl getting flogged” and wanting us to believe that alone justifies the murder of thousands since and suffering of millions.

"We are so glad to go thru this suffering. Thank you Samar!"

Swat Flogging Video Fake

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  1. 1 nota April 3, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    I am going to post comments I made at the time (though in no particular order due to shortage of time):
    Submitted on 2009/03/28 at 4:26am

    ‘thousands of innocent pakistanis, mostly muslims, have been killed in this bloody play, but it is more painful to see lots of people are glorifying these butchers.”

    Oh, please cut the crap. It is fully you get all teary eyed and scream “Horror!, Horror!!” about this but not a word about the killing done by your armed forces (they have killed many times more but I am sure you are assuming they only kill militants) or those killed by US/Nato forces (tens of thousands times more but I am sure in your mind that is justified killing in the name of “spreading democracy” and “protecting human rights”)

    And no, I am not justifying this present slaughter as I am sure you will come back screaming. And do read @Adonis’ comment above and take off the filters from your eyes that make you see only what you want to see.

    Stop being like the Zionists who scream bloody murder when an Israeli soldier is wounded but celebrate killing of thousands as doing God’s work. And let me repeat @Adnonis’ line:

    “Simply lumping all the armed groups together as taliban and parroting that this so called war on terror being perpetuated by americans is our war is utter nonsense.”

    (BTW: I do know you’ll stick to your — false — assumptions…and you blame others for being fundis. Go figure!)

    Submitted on 2009/03/28 at 4:28am

    “Money for the powerful elite mafia goons
    Tyranny for the common man
    Escalation of violence in FATA
    Bail out by IMF

    End Result- CHAOS, unfortunately!”

    Perfect analysis of the “new” Obama policy. But don’t tell it to our Baboos.

    Submitted on 2009/03/28 at 6:46am


    BLASPHEMY!!!! 😛

    (BTW here’s mine: Most of the people died not from the blast itself but from the collapse of the (sub-standard) roof)

    The above was in response to the comment:

    Traffic said:

    this is what The News reports:

    “Meanwhile, some residents and injured belonging to the villages of Rekalay and Kufar Tangi said they saw aircraft flying above the area since Friday morning. They feared the blast at the mosque could have been caused by a missile fired by a US drone.

    However, the authorities in Khyber insisted that it was a suicide attack.”


    either that or it could be the work of Mangal Bagh’s group as @Adonis suggested. and lets not forget the Indian consulates lined upon our border with Afghanistan. whoever it is, it definitely CANNOT be the Taleban, they would never bomb a mosque, this kind of stuff the Americans or the napak army does.

    Submitted on 2009/03/28 at 6:51am


    Well it is different in that it is an escalation of the ‘war’ here and more direct relationship between money paid to kills (The exact rate list yet to be worked out but the cap is $1.5 billion.)

    Submitted on 2009/03/28 at 8:07am

    “what is most disturbing is that our own government and army, despite knowing the perpetrators would rather not speak up and instead would prefer to blame it on the “evil Taleban””

    And it’s not just our government and army but our Baboos suffer from the same ailment.

    On second thought, at least our government and army are following some agenda but our Baboos just suffer from tight underwear squeezing their brains…Damn Calvin Klein!

    Submitted on 2009/03/28 at 9:36am

    “I said it then and I repeat it again that Obama is more white than the whites themselves. Now he is literally proving my prediction.”

    I remember. And this is a sampling of what I said:
    under “Obama Wins Presidency”

    Of course this p!ssed off TK (and many others) and Peja — remember him? — accused me of being an ISI agent 🙂 (There are a lot of gems under that post and under Discuss: Bush Out, Obama In 🙂 )

    BTW: Who’s looking forward to more of the following?
    Plight of internally displaced persons
    “… Not only has it failed to effectively curtail the militants’ reign of terror, it has worsened the plight of victims who have borne the brunt of retaliatory military operations. Nor has the state been able to provide meaningful succour to families who were forced to flee. The point is reflected in the grim future faced by internally displaced persons in various parts of the country.

    A UNHCR survey estimates that there are over 43,500 IDPs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi alone. Threatened in equal measure by militants and the security forces, these families fled in the hope that the state would come to their rescue….”

    Submitted on 2009/03/28 at 1:06pm

    Can the Baboos please explain this Voice of America story on the Obama plan:
    Experts Say Plan to Seperate Moderate Afghan Taliban from Hardliners Could Work

    It starts:

    One element of President Obama’s new Afghan strategy is aimed at reaching out to moderate Taliban insurgents to peel them away from a hard-line Islamist core linked to al Qaida. Vice President Joe Biden said this month that he believed only five percent of the Taliban were “incorrigible”, who have to be fought militarily while the rest can be separated.

    So according to Obama AND Biden, a FULL 95% of the Taliban are really not that bad.

    So who among you will be the first to label Obama and Biden as “Taliban Lovers”?

    Oh come on!:-P

    Submitted on 2009/03/29 at 3:21am

    “I have courage and said again and again that I don’t support killing by anyone and I don’t have love spot for killers, be it army, MQM, taliban etc.

    Of so this is what you call “courage”? Wow! Oh brave one!

    Now you heard where I stand (again), could you please let me know if you condemn or support this event?”

    I know you don’t realize it but your very question is insulting for it assumes not only that I am not a Muslim, but also that I am not a human being.

    Also, would it satisfy you to have a ticker rolling “President Zardari and PM Gillani and nota have strongly condemned this attack”? Give me a fvcking break!

    But I will say I WILL NOT blindly condemn the Taliban for it for I don’t think they perpetrated it. They are not known for bombing mosques, and that too during Jumma prayers. I do know Americans no such issues.

    Regarding your other (wise-@ss 🙂 ) “practice makes perfect” comment, I would just say even @pakcitizen saw through the tall claim made by Baitullah Mahsud (“‘hundreds of thousands of suicide bombers’ are ready to defend Pakistan”) but I really am surprised you didn’t. Don’t tell me he is the more sensible one among you two! “The horror!The horror!!”

    Submitted on 2009/03/29 at 4:00am

    “The strength of the TTP is estimated to be 40K.”

    Right. And like I told savage above, that “hundreds of thousands of suicides bombers” is not to be taken literally.

    By the way nice attempt to roll in that 95% figure in their (“Even then, 95% of the people living in FATA have nothing to do with the TTP…So the TTP or for that matter Baitullah Mehsud do not represent the aspirations of the people of FATA. The state of Pakistan is fighting this 5%, not the other 95%.”) in your attempt to cover up the VoA story I posted, instead of answering it directly.

    See if you can comprehend this: What your gods Obama and Biden are talking about is NOT 95% of people of FATA BUT 95% of the Taliban who can be talked to (So using your own 40K figure, we are only talking 2K). 🙂

    And seeing such a long answer to my post, I was hoping you would answer the few simple questions. Let me try again. Here’s the package I quoted:

    One element of President Obama’s new Afghan strategy is aimed at reaching out to moderate Taliban insurgents to peel them away from a hard-line Islamist core linked to al Qaida. Vice President Joe Biden said this month that he believed only five percent of the Taliban were “incorrigible”, who have to be fought militarily while the rest can be separated.

    1) Do you agree with Obama AND Biden that a FULL 95% of the Taliban are “moderate Taliban insurgents”?

    1a) Are Taliban “insurgents” (as opposed to “terrorists”)?

    2) Will you now label Obama and Biden as “Taliban Lovers”?

    Simple questions really.

    Submitted on 2009/03/30 at 5:35am

    If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it….

    U,S, Cagey On Possible Pakistan Strikes

    …It would be “deeply injurious to our national interest to speculate” on that, Holbrooke said.

    His comments came an hour after U.S. President Barack Obama told reporters that the United States was reserving the option of attacking terrorists within Pakistan, saying, “We will insist that action be taken — one way or another — when we have intelligence about high-level terrorist targets.”

    When asked if that meant the U.S. troops would hit targets in Pakistan, presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs asserted, “I think it would be wise for us not to lay out for the world that plan of attack,” adding that Americans could be “assured that the president is taking the steps necessary to address the threat and protect the American people,” The Hill reported.

    The ‘New’ Strategy – Did Obama Expand the War Into Pakistan?

    But is that the whole story? Was the much-heralded new strategy just about polishing up the same old escalation in Afghanistan and selling it as a change? Perhaps the real novelty in this plan takes place outside of Afghanistan, in neighboring Pakistan.

    Indeed, while they emphasize Afghanistan in public comments about this plan, the white paper (PDF) distributed by the White House on the strategy looks decidedly Pakistan-centric. It calls for “a more capable, accountable, and effective government” in Afghanistan, but promises “a vibrant economy” for Pakistan. It pledges to “disrupt terrorist networks in Afghanistan and especially Pakistan.”

    While promising “A New Way Forward” (not so coincidentally the working title of the 2007 escalation in Iraq), it seems that all roads lead to Pakistan. The government will be getting billions in new aid, the US is committing itself to fight militants in the area (above and beyond the repeated drone attacks). They’re not even ruling out sending ground troops.

    So Afghanistan has its new strategy, which is its old strategy with more guys. But maybe the real story here is that President Obama has made the equivalent of a de facto declaration of war against Pakistan’s border regions.

    UK backs Pakistan offensive

    Defence secretary insists Britain has to back American plans to hunt down al-Qaida leaders across the Afghan border

    Britain has offered its full backing for a renewed military offensive inside Pakistan, as UK ministers confirmed the country was now “part of a single campaign” alongside Afghanistan.

    Defence secretary John Hutton said the UK supported targeting Pakistan-based Taliban and al-Qaida positions and urged Europe to begin offering assistance to eradicate insurgents in the tribal regions bordering Afghanistan.

    Confirming that Britain was being drawn into a widening regional conflict, Hutton said the time had come to target Taliban and al-Qaida havens inside Pakistan. In his most explicit statement of intent against Afghanistan’s troubled neighbour, Hutton said that the military objectives in the region must now have “an equal focus on both countries”.

    “The political burden of dealing with the Pakistan side of the border must be shared.
    And there are many European countries with strong ties to Pakistan that can more effectively share that burden with America.”…

    Obama Commits Himself To War

    Here is Obama’s new strategy for his ‘campaign against extremists who wish to do us harm’ or CAEWWTDUH: full remarks, white paper (doc).

    Short version:

    Let’s fight all Pashtuns and whoever helps them. This in Afghanistan but especially in Pakistan.

    Obama: Yup, We’re at War in Pakistan

    Perhaps you were wondering whether or not the U.S. was really at war in Pakistan, as well as Afghanistan. Well, President Obama just put those questions to rest.

    “I want the American people to understand that we have a clear and focused goal: to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and to prevent their return to either country in the future. That is the goal that must be achieved. That is a cause that could not be more just.”
    Obama also made it clear that the military won’t just go after the militants sowing mayhem in Afghanistan, but the ones undermining Pakistan’s government, too.’

    The terrorists within Pakistan’s borders are not simply enemies of America or Afghanistan – they are a grave and urgent danger to the people of Pakistan. Al Qaeda and other violent extremists have killed several thousand Pakistanis since 9/11. They have killed many Pakistani soldiers and police. They assassinated Benazir Bhutto. They have blown up buildings, derailed foreign investment, and threatened the stability of the state. Make no mistake: al Qaeda and its extremist allies are a cancer that risks killing Pakistan from within.
    It is important for the American people to understand that Pakistan needs our help in going after al Qaeda. This is no simple task. The tribal regions are vast, rugged, and often ungoverned. That is why we must focus our military assistance on the tools, training and support that Pakistan needs to root out the terrorists. And after years of mixed results, we will not provide a blank check. Pakistan must demonstrate its commitment to rooting out al Qaeda and the violent extremists within its borders. And we will insist that action be taken – one way or another – when we have intelligence about high-level terrorist targets.

    Any confusion? 🙂

    Submitted on 2009/03/30 at 6:10am

    Some extra reading:
    Liquid War: Postcard from Pipelineistan
    By Pepe Escobar

  2. 2 nota April 3, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    April 2009 Comments:
    Submitted on 2009/04/01 at 3:57am

    @swat yosufzai
    “Latest news Geo News Reporter Ameen Hafiez reports there is a link between Terrorist Who Attacked on srilankan team and those who attacked on Manawa
    becasue they were using the same biscutes …”

    I am glad you caught that bit of investigative brilliance too. RM now has competition.

    Remember folks, if you see anyone eating Bisconi biscuits, please call RM right away….

    Submitted on 2009/04/01 at 2:50pm

    And the Baboos cried “Guardian, you Taliban lover you! Our news sources are impeccable.” 😛
    Guardian: ‘Worse than the Taliban’ – new law rolls back rights for Afghan women

    Jon Boone in Kabul

    Hamid Karzai has been accused of trying to win votes in Afghanistan’s presidential election by backing a law the UN says legalises rape within marriage and bans wives from stepping outside their homes without their husbands’ permission.

    The Afghan president signed the law earlier this month, despite condemnation by human rights activists and some MPs that it flouts the constitution’s equal rights provisions….

    Doesn’t this sound familiar?
    Al-Qaeda – Who Else?

    MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate On March 23, BBC online reported another bloody day in Iraq:

    “It was the second bomb attack in Iraq on Monday, with an earlier explosion near the capital. Baghdad, killing at least eight people.

    “The BBC’s Hugh Sykes, in Baghdad, says al-Qaeda have launched several attacks in Diyala since losing support in other parts of Iraq.” (news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/7959918.stm)

    The foe, naturally, was the global bad guy, “al-Qaeda”. Thirty years ago the BBC would have declared them “Communists” or “Marxists”. We wrote to the BBC’s “man in Baghdad” the same day:….

    Sykes replied the following day:

    Hello David

    No proof, but circumstantial evidence and reasonable presumption of AQI [al-Qaeda in Iraq] involvement – very much their modus operandum. Suicide attacks are their signature method, and this was a dramatic detonation suggesting a lot of explosive – again, very AQI.

    And…who else would do this? …

    Another interesting story: My question is: “Could BB have one of the victims?” NO! Baitullah DID NOT do it!
    Seymour Hersh: Secret US Forces Carried Out Assassinations in a Dozen Counties, Including in Latin America

    Bush administration ran an “executive assassination ring” that reported directly to Vice President Dick Cheney. “Under President Bush’s authority, they’ve been going into countries, not talking to the ambassador or to the CIA station chief, and finding people on a list and executing them and leaving,”

    Hersh said….

    Submitted on 2009/04/02 at 6:12am

    This is the first time Samar appeared on TV (Capital Talk Apr 01, 2009) selling the video. Not known at the time was that it was in fact she who had released the video ( a fact she hides):

    I just watched the beginning of the show and maybe she made some sense later but Samar Minallah’s opening comments were totally ridiculous. In claiming there was no peace in Swat, the only example she could come up with was a “16 or 17 year old girl being flogged publicly”.

    Would this great defender of Human Rights to tell me how many 16 year old (and younger) girls was blown up to bits before this current (and about to go to hell just as per wishes of Ms Minallah) peace deal? How many were left without limbs? How many were left orphans? How many are left to suffer the life of refugee camps? How many of them have since been raped there? How many of them have to sell their bodies to survive? But that somehow none of that is Human Rights violation. That one public flogging is all hat matters. And so kind of her to have made a video and put it on YouTube for the world to see the “horror of a public flogging”. Of course she has no videos of the dead and maimed from the time before. How nice of her.

    Her dishonesty was is displayed by the fact that she did not inform us as to WHY the girl was being flogged. I am sure she was accused of something (no matter how silly) but we are not supposed to care about that but focus on “barbaric” act of public flogging.

    Shame on you Ms Minallah!

    (Now the baboos can let it rip 😛 )

    Submitted on 2009/04/02 at 10:28am

    “@notawould you like to share the noble reason why this girl was flogged 50 times by men in public. ”

    Like I said I did not watch the whole show so I don’t know which exact lashing you are talking about. But here is one that I have watched, courtesy of CNN:

    (Note: Just saw the screen shot @axis0110 linked to so I believe it is the same)

    Taliban justice in Swat Valley

    The girl in this one is being lashed for adultery, as stated. Straight forward really 🙂

    Is it right? I won’t say 🙂 But do listen to the school headmaster Zardini Susri in the clip. I am certain you will disagree with him. And I am certain you think this is OK:

    And you think this is “cool”:


    (Case you don’t know, much worst butt-whipping happens at every thana of this country. We will never hear the likes of you describe it as “barbaric” or say “I am astonished this is happening in 2009″ )

    BTW: Is the following “barbaric”?

    Submitted on 2009/04/02 at 1:00pm

    Thanks for the Chris Floyd link. I discovered him back in Sept 2001 and what a find he turned out to be. I was lucky enough to discover Arundhati Roy about the same time. I had previously stated somewhere here:

    Though I had never heard of her, I was just blown away by her piece “The Algebra of Infinite Justice” that was published soon after 9/11 (on September 27, 2001). That was the first sane piece I came across after 9/11. That and Chris Floyd’s prophetic “Panic Attack: A Blank Check for Tyranny.” Been a fan ever since and I lap up everything both of them write….

    BTW: Don’t miss any of the links in the piece especially in the following part:

    In other words, just as I first wrote in the Moscow Times more than six years ago (and followed up three years later), the United States is deliberately fomenting terrorist attacks in order to pursue its political and military agendas.

    Submitted on 2009/04/02 at 1:04pm

    “Why dont we say Pakistan is under attack rather then Bajor under attack”

    Because then we have to answer 🙂 Also our baboos/human rights activists are certain only monstorous Taliban militants are being killed so you better support it!

    Submitted on 2009/04/02 at 1:47pm

    Another bit worth reading from an article mentioned by from the Chris Floyd in the article you posted is worth a read:

    The Obama Administration has launched an ever growing number of attacks in the FATA, generally aimed at Mehsud’s training facilities in North and South Waziristan. In September, then-CIA Director Michael Hayden said the attacks were an attempt to “provoke a reaction” from the militant groups led by Mehsud. It appears that now, six months later, they have finally done so.

    Submitted on 2009/04/02 at 7:31pm

    Here’s two to go along with that:

    Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Unveils Global Governance Agenda

    Submitted on 2009/04/03 at 5:39am

    “The West is being pennies wise and pounds foolish. To save Afghanistan, a country of 30 million, they are going to get a bumper prize of monstrous proportions”
    Here’s Robert Fox’s piece from The Guardian:
    (Of course most will miss it jerking off to that video*)
    A surge won’t work in Afghanistan
    Barack Obama has promised more troops and aid for ‘AfPak’ – a policy that could have disastrous consequences

    …This concept could turn out to be a bit of a two-headed monster for the allies, particularly the UK. The main thrust of the Obama strategy is that the fight against al-Qaida and the senior command of the Taliban has to be taken into northern Pakistan from Baluchistan to the playground of the militants in Kashmir.

    They will expand the war by proxies, air strikes and drones into the territory of a friendly country, Pakistan, albeit one that is in a state of almost chronic fracture. Increased military activity by America and its allies could make things even more unstable – and throughout the country….

    FLASHBACK: Bush secret order to send special forces into Pakistan

    …Bush’s decision to extend the war into Pakistan, and his apparent hope of British backing, formed the background to a video conference call with Gordon Brown yesterday. “What’s happening on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan is something where we need to develop a new strategy,” Brown said before talking to Bush….

    “And I thought Obama was going to be different.”
    And I disagreed. Strongly! 🙂

    *No I DON’T find it that disturbing. Comparatively speaking. I’d post some videos but YouTube has found them too disturbing to keep ‘em so I have to do with the following for now:

    Submitted on 2009/04/03 at 2:27pm

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spanking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spanking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spanking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    Samar Minallah: “No spnking, no Human Rights abuse here”

    (I know none of these picture are from Swat (most are from Afghanistan and a couple from Iraq) BUT if our media and the so called HR Activists like ms Ms Minallah had been doing their job, I am sure they would look something like this. )

    BTW: Ever wonder why Ms Minallah never raised a voice against what happened at Lal Masjid? Is it because she was too busy shouting “Kill ‘em! kill ‘em all!!”???

    Shame on you and shame on all who think that spanking is the only HR violation that has happened in Swat.

    Submitted on 2009/04/03 at 2:34pm

    And I stand by my comments 🙂

    In fact I will add to them. Ms Minallah was clearly lying when she say (@at 8:14) that:

    “Bohot jald YouTube per bhi ous video ko dakain gay keuN ka loog us video ko bana rahay thay”

    implying it wasn’t her. In fact it was her who spread the video all over.
    Submitted on 2009/04/03 at 2:59pm


    “@you sick cockroach ‘nota’
    your pictures are not justification for what happened to Chaand. what is depicted in those pictures is condemned as vociferously by all here. what is it with you? You sick depraved travesty on the name of humanity.

    you are just a sickening taliban, delighting in these atrocities…”

    Ouch. Truth sure is hard to swallow.
    BTW: Thank you for proving my point about you champions of HR 😉 Much appreciated 🙂

    Submitted on 2009/04/03 at 3:04pm

    These images are appalling, but how can you use these to justify what happened to the girl in this video.”

    Tell me when i say “shame on all who think that spanking is the only HR violation that has happened in Swat”, exactly WHERE am I justifying it?

    I am just putting things in perspective and asking WHY and WHEN did lashing become the biggest/the only abuse of HR.

    I am offering no justification.

    Again, I am offering no justification.

    Submitted on 2009/04/03 at 3:09pm

    “this happened in january…why released now?”

    Exactly. Maybe Ms Minallah can explain that.

    SHE shot the video in Jan
    SHE sat on it for nearly 3 months

    BTW: This also means it happened BEFORE THE SWAT PEACE DEAL but she is USING IT TO KNOCK THE PEACE DEAL

    She wants dead people!!!!!

    Submitted on 2009/04/04 at 3:10am

    “@nota: Why don’t you, for once take a fvcking stand and SAY THIS IS WRONG!”

    I think I already did. When I ask “WHEN did lashing become the biggest/the only abuse of HR”, does it not follow: “lashing = abuse of HR”

    When I ask “WHEN did lashing become the biggest/the only abuse of HR”, does it not follow: “lashing = abuse of HR”

    How can I be any clearer?

    Or should I really spell it out for you?

    Submitted on 2009/04/04 at 5:27am

    BTW: So much for the so called “conspiracy theory”…
    NWFP govt, Taliban term video release conspiracy
    Saturday, April 04, 2009
    By Essa Khankhel & Daud Khattak

    MINGORA/PESHAWAR: Both the NWFP government and the Swat-based Taliban termed the video showing a 17-year-old girl being flogged by militants a conspiracy to sabotage the February 16 peace deal.

    The gory incident occured in Kala Killay area of the Kabal Tehsil where the Taliban publicly lashed a girl for stepping out of house with a man, who was not her relative.

    The girl’s name was said to be Chand while the accused was mentioned by locals as Adalat Khan, son of Muslim Khan. Speaking at an emergency news conference in Mingora on Friday, NWFP Minister for Information Mian Iftikhar Hussain termed the release of the video to the electronic and print media a conspiracy against the peace deal in Malakand.

    He insisted that the incident happened before the provincial government’s peace agreement with the Tanzim Nifaz Shariat-i-Muhammadi (TNSM) in the Malakand division. He argued that some elements were presenting it as a fresh incident to sabotage the peace deal.

    The minister said the video was released by a non-governmental organisation (NGO), which is against the peace agreement. He said the incident took place on January 3 while the peace agreement with the TNSM was signed on February 16.

    [I guess the NWFP govt agrees with my “Minallah wants dead people” claim as well]
    “These are the people who don’t want to put a halt to bloodshed in Swat, stop subjecting people to lashes or dig out bodies from graves and hang them in public,” said the minister. He said their party believed in non-violence and this was why they inked the peace agreement with the Taliban to ensure peace in the Swat Valley. He said the Shariah draft law had been sent to President Zardari and the recent incident was a conspiracy to create hurdles in signing of the draft Nizam-e-Adl Regulation.

    Mian Iftikhar said the ANP government was fighting on the frontline and those sitting in drawing rooms should come out and see what was happening in this area. He said his government was ready for any sacrifice, but would not compromise on peace.

    “People hatching conspiracies to derail the Swat peace process must understand that any failure this time will have serious repercussions and those people will be responsible for any bloodshed in future,” he warned. He said peace and the government writ had been restored in more than 80 per cent areas of the Swat district.

    To a question, he hoped President Zardari would soon sign the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation. [Don’t worry guys — he won’t sign it and Ms Minallah will get her wish for more bloodshed. Of course you won’t see any videos of that] Talking to journalists over the telephone, spokesman for Swat Taliban Muslim Khan also said that the girl was flogged before the signing of the peace agreement. “I don’t know what purpose some elements want to achieve by releasing the video at this moment,” he questioned.

    Muslim Khan said the incident happened nine months ago. At the same time, he defended the Taliban decision of lashing the girl, saying she was punished for living for three years with her father-in-law instead of her husband.[Could this be true? (Hold your horses. I am not asking if this justifies what happened)]

    Khan defended the Taliban for punishing the girl, but objected to the public lashing and said inquiry would be conducted into the incident as to why the girl was brought before the public for punishment instead of awarding the sentence inside a room.

    Muslim Khan claimed the two men, who gripped the hands and legs of the girl while being lashed by a bearded and turbaned Talib, were her relatives. He said the local Taliban awarded the punishment of 40 lashes to the girl after getting verdict from a Mufti, or religious scholar, at a time when the military operation was being conducted in Swat and Qazi courts hadn’t been set up.

    He said the actual punishment for adultery was stoning to death. However, as there were no Qazis at that time, the girl was awarded punishment of 40 lashes, he argued. Without condemning the incident, Muslim Khan said both the man and girl had confessed their ‘crime’. He said the accused man had also been awarded the same punishment. “Why that video was not released to the media when the one about the girl was shown,” he objected.

    Khan said they had accepted the draft law for the Malakand division presented to Maulana Sufi Muhammad and those creating hurdles in the implementation of the Regulation were not doing any good to the area and the people.

    Online adds: The head of Tanzim Nifaz Shariat-i-Muhammadi, Maulana Sufi Muhammad, also termed the release of the video a bid to sabotage the Swat peace process. While talking to Online news agency, he denounced the inhuman incident of lashing a 17-year-old girl in public and reiterated to investigate the incident along with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Sufi said the video footage was aimed at maligning the Taliban, as it was not necessary that any man with beard could be a Talib.

    [But of course in your wisdom and being enlightened, none of you will give the other side the benefit of doubt. Even if proven that the video was shot Jan 3 or earlier, you will continue with your fundamentalist tirade. And you and the Honorable CJ IMC knows that and much worst stuff happens in every thana in Pakistan but of course none of you will feel any outrage at that. ]

    Submitted on 2009/04/04 at 5:33am

    ^^^ Of course you’ll hear the usual “Two wrongs don’t make a right” 😉

    Submitted on 2009/04/04 at 7:03am

    Talk about getting ridiculous 🙂 🙂
    The story is getting. New scenes added

    In the print edition of Jang, the another version is even more ridiculous. The person having made the video claims the girl had refused to marry this guy so he joined the Taliban (really!!!!) and had her punished under a false claim thus carrying our his revenge. Go figure 🙂

    (What I specially don’t understand is he could have made is false claim without joining the Taliban so why go through the trouble??)

    In other news:
    13 killed in US drone attack in Miranshah
    Of course no condemnation from Ms Minallah as once again no spanking was involved 😉

    Submitted on 2009/04/04 at 11:07am

    Since I am already ‘that thing’, let me paste the latest absurdity:
    Pakistani Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud claimed responsibility for the attack on an immigration services center in Binghamton, N.Y., the Press Trust of India reported Saturday.

    What I don’t get is why would he target “immigrants” of all the people? That would be his last choice.

    Also isn’t it convenient (and efficient of him) to have mailed the voice message to all the channels?

    “Because he is an animal”, “Becaue he is a monster”, “Because he is a maniac” are just not it.

    I see fakery 🙂

    Submitted on 2009/04/04 at 11:14am

    U.S. “Authorities are treating his claim for responsibility for the Binghampton shootings with caution,” reports even SkyNews.

    But see how quickly our forces of justice and protectors of human rights through caution to the wind and shout “SEE!” 🙂

    Submitted on 2009/04/04 at 11:22am

    But Mush assured and was assured that none of the “captured 689 and handed 369 to the United States” would be spanked. So there was no incidence of HR abuse. 😉

    Submitted on 2009/04/05 at 5:47am

    “Look at the hypocrisy of Nota,
    Nota said
    He mentioned this
    • In other news:
    13 killed in US drone attack in Miranshah
    Of course no condemnation from Ms Minallah as once again no spanking was involved
    But not this



    Oh why indeed!!! Did it ever occur to you that maybe it is because I did not hear about it till now? DUH! (And I am sure you and your ilk had the condemnation covered for this type of event and that is why I don’t make it a point to do so anyways. I usually express my condemnation for the events/atrocities you ignore 😉

    By the way Miss Fizza, YOU certainly can’t say you haven’t heard about the drone attack as you seem to have given special attention to my comment. How come we don’t see your condemnation of that? (Let’s see you try to slither your way out of that one. Or having been expossed, will you just attack, attack, attack my person 🙂 )

    Hypocrite! 😉

    Submitted on 2009/04/05 at 8:46am

    ‘I think what nota is trying to say is that although similar and other even more barabaric acts (e.g. Karo kari) are being perpetrated right under our noses, it is our personal bias against somebody claiming to be implementing the shariah law that makes us go “OMG! How barbaric!” about it, while the other acts go almost un-noticed, or atleast do not elicit from us a response of the same intensity for the former as for the latter. A major contributing factor to this is also that we do not see Audio/Visual content showing those attrocious crimes being perpetrated…”

    And I thought I was saying it plainly to but the baboo response certainly shows their glaring biases 🙂

    Submitted on 2009/04/05 at 8:58am

    50 Afghans found dead in truck container
    Baboos/HR Activists says: “Irrelevant”/”We too busy protesting spanking to raise a voice agaist this”

    Extremists disrupt dance programme
    Baboos/HR Activists says: “QUICK! Arrange another BIG protest. The contry is going to the dogs!!!! OMFG”

    Protesters defy police, torch French hotel
    Baboos/HR Activists says: “Protest is a democratic right.”

    Abducted UNHCR official John Solecki released
    Baboos/HR Activists says: “Be very quiet till Solecki interview video comes out. If he says he was treated ok, ignore the whole issue. If he says he was treated roughly, shoult “Bloody murder””

    Militants on looting spree
    Baboos/HR Activists says: “Another jackpot! (And Dawn has already done us well by providing a misleading headline”
    (people looted, militants did not)

    FBI rejects Mehsud’s claim for NY attack
    Baboos/HR Activists says: “Don’t dare touch this!!! Ignore! Ignore! Ignore! Why did the bastard have to be named “Jiverly Wong”?”

    Thirteen people (two women and three children) Killed by drone
    Baboos/HR Activists says: “Ignore it like we did the one 3 days ago. Yell “Swat! Spank! Swat! Spank!””

    Truth hurts. But truth makes baboos foam at the mouth 😉

    Submitted on 2009/04/05 at 9:05am
    [Remember it was later found out it was NOT by Taliban but by someone to settle a score]

    Re: Blast in Chakwal
    I’ll be among the first to condemn it
    (My “preemptive defense” against attack by @Shandana)

    Submitted on 2009/04/05 at 7:18pm

    “does anyone remember back in 2005 when two british SAS soldiers dressed in arab clothes were caught by the Iraqi police while planting a roadside bomb in Basra? the british army later “freed” the soldiers from police custody and the matter was hushed up.”

    Very clearly. I still have their pics saved somewhere…
    For those who don’t remember:
    British “Pseudo-Gang” Terrorists Exposed in Basra
    British tanks storm Basra jail to free undercover soldiers

    There was another AlJazeera story at the time which has since disappeared. Luickily I found a pdf of it:
    The occupation forces are the real perpetrators of bomb attacks in Iraq?

  3. 3 nota April 3, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    April Continued:

    Submitted on 2009/04/05 at 7:43pm

    Did you catch Ms Samar Minallah squirm? I am posting the full story cause it is very interesting….

    Swat video is genuine, claim activists
    “…Samar Minallah, the human rights activist and documentary film-maker, while talking to The News said that the video was being circulated from mobile phone to mobile phone and from person to person. She said that she received the video via email from a human rights activist of Swat. Talking about the authenticity of the video Minallah said that everyone in Swat knows that the incident took place but unfortunately the NWFP government wants to divert the attention of the masses from the actual issue of harassment of women. She said that the facts and figures would be produced before the Supreme Court and everyone would come to know about the authenticity of the video.

    “NWFP minister Mian Iftikhar directly named me while addressing a press conference yesterday while today the NWFP government has been apologising over directly blaming me”, said Samar Minallah adding: “I have got nothing from publicising this horrific video except putting my life in danger and if the government cannot provide me security then at least it should not divert the attention of the masses.”

    [Is she asking for a bullet-proof car and police escort?]

    She said that the dialect which the girl was speaking was purely of Swat as she herself has worked in Swat and any Pushtoon could recognise it. Samar said that Muslim Khan, the spokesman of Taliban in Swat, accepted that the incident took place and also told the media that the girl had an illicit relationship with her father-in-law. “If the incident did not take place then how come Muslim Khan came to know about the allegations levelled against the girl?”, said the human rights activist adding: “Muslim Khan said the actual punishment to be awarded to the girl was stoning to death but she was flogged.”
    [Oh, so is Ms Minallah saying it is OK to have illicit relations with your father-in-law? AND why didn’t she let us on to this very important/relevant info earlier?]

    She said that a writer contributing to the BBC had confirmed that the incident was recent and from Swat.

    She referred to a human rights activist of Swat who when contacted requested anonymity as publishing his name could put his life in danger. The human rights activist said that the video was so common in Swat that everyone was aware of it. The activist had said that he received the video from Taliban who were not happy with the incident as it was un-Islamic because the girl had not faced any trial. “Many Taliban were not happy with the incident and they themselves had made the video and circulated it”, said the human rights activist adding: “The girl’s younger brother was forced to hold her at gunpoint and the man lashing the girl also abused that boy which could be heard easily; the Taliban said to that boy, “Pimp, take her inside the house?”
    [Oh this is getting GOOD! So it was the Talban who were distributing the video even though they were not happy with what happened — “as it was un-Islamic because the girl had not faced any trial” ??? So Talibans DID have the sence to see this? And yet Ms Minallah accused them and hid this important part??? And I am supposed to worry about the Taliban….WHAT A FVCKING FABRICATOR that Ms Minallah is ]

    The activist from Swat said that the incident took place in a remote area near village Serbanda in upper Swat and many Taliban say that it was an illegal activity as proper procedure of having four witnesses was not adopted. He was of the view that the video was recent and there were many other similar incidents which could not be highlighted by the media.
    [“many Taliban say that it was an illegal activity as proper procedure of having four witnesses was not adopted.”]

    (And don’t say thanks, the pleasure is all mine):-P

    Submitted on 2009/04/05 at 8:25pm


    So basically Rahimullah Yusufzai is saying the same thing as The News piece i posted earlier. Are you listenning @Muhammed Usman?

    BTW, I just love this part:

    “When the Taliban leadership came to know about the incident, they asked the goldsmith to identify the three Taliban who had extorted the money from him. Subsequently, the two Taliban foots-soldiers were lashed in public and their commander, Khairo, was publicly executed in Sinpoora”

    Compare this to what would happen if the culprits were say a General and his subordinates and the courts were ours…

    Now be honest people

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 4:46am

    @Traffic said:
    “mjkk86 calling other people idiots is just classic!
    …and ironic 🙂 ”
    I see we have discovered some more geniuses. Amazing how alike they are though…

    @Shirkuh said:
    “Or will they go quiet pretend they did not even read it like in the case of this earlier comment of mine ”
    Exactly they will PRETEND”

    Just as expected 😉 They are so predictable 🙂

    @Muhammad Usman
    “@ nota
    I dont now which religion you follow, but dont try to mess with my first name.”
    Oh sorry for committing the ultimate crime of spelling ‘Muhammad’ as ‘Muhammed’. Oh how terrible of me. I must be reported to the Taliban.
    (BTW: I only spelled it the way I usually spell it. You insult the name with every comment of yours, d!psh!t. Tell me what is wrong with spelling it with an “e”? I am sure you have some wild theory about not spelling it that way. Out with it unless it is too embarrassing — though I doubt anything will embarrass you)

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 5:00am

    @Tauqeer Akbar
    Here’s another great one:
    Malcolm X: The Ballot or the Bullet
    “…I’m a Muslim minister. The same as they are Christian Ministers, I’m a Muslim minister. And I don’t believe in fighting today in any one front, but on all fronts. In fact, I’m a “Black Nationalist Freedom Fighter.” Islam is my religion, but I believe my religion is my personal business. It governs my personal life, my personal morals. And my religious philosophy is personal between me and the God in whom I believe; just as the religious philosophy of these others is between them and the God in whom they believe….

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 5:15am


    I think he is talking about this one:
    (Don’t forget to read the “Second Editorial” below)

    “…As terror becomes widespread in Pakistan — another incident happened Saturday when some JUI activists closed down a dancing event in Larkana, and on Sunday morning at an Imam Bargah in Chakwal — sympathy for the terrorists has arisen in Lahore instead of declining. Sympathetic terrorist incidents aimed at closing down theatres and music shops have increased. The video showing the lashing of a 17-year-old girl has united civil society but divided the media and the intelligentsia. At least two leading journalists of a major newspaper group have illustrated the dilemma of a nation trapped in terrorism it can’t clearly define in moral terms.

    Reacting to the Pakistan-wide condemnation of the Swat Taliban, the chief reporter of the said group [Ansar Abbasi] warned that the nation was “thinking like America” and referred to Sura Nisa to prove that the whipping punishment meted out in Swat was right. By ignoring the question of “authority” — a fundamental condition under Islam — he asked the nation to accept the legal status of whoever it was who ordered the whipping. Another TV anchor who does a popular “monologue” programme [Dr. Shahid Masood] pointed out that the Swat whipping had brought the “humanist-Islamic” divide in Pakistan. A pro-Taliban leader in Swat also said on TV that the “roshan khayal” (enlightened) elements of the country were aligned with America and their NGOs were leading the assault against Islamic values.

    Despite the nation-wide condemnation, the whipping incident is gradually becoming victim of the national division over terrorism. Are we being killed because we are fighting America’s war; or are we dying because the terrorists want to take over the country? The media is heavily tilted along with the opposition politicians in favour of the first cause. Civil society is being heavily influenced by the TV channels and is becoming vulnerable to the rhetoric of retired army officers who say terrorism can’t be fought and the correct policy is to fight the Americans out of Afghanistan instead of fighting Al Qaeda and the Taliban out of Pakistan.

    Terrorism has to be fought, if not as terrorism than as a law and order problem. If the state wants to survive it must raise a strong security force that will face the terrorists and lay down the law. *

    Second Editorial: Uniting to kill Baitullah Mehsud

    According to a reported intelligence source, “Pakistan and the US have agreed to stage a joint operation to kill local Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud”. The effort will include intelligence from Pakistan about Mehsud’s movements, with the aim of guiding a missile attack from an American drone. It is said that it took Pakistan time to persuade Washington to target Mehsud and abandon its earlier drone policy of not attacking elements who are not directly involved in raids across the Durand Line.

    The Americans have likely agreed to cooperate on Mehsud after twice ignoring precise triangulation of Mehsud’s movement by Pakistan. The earlier American policy of letting Mehsud wreak havoc in Pakistan was flawed….”

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 5:37am

    @Kamran Anjum
    “must read article from Orya Maqbool Jan


    An eye opener indeed! Thanks to you and to Orya for exposing the fabrication unleashed by Ms Minallah.

    (I rest ny case 🙂 )

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 5:39am

    Orya Maqbool Jan Strips Ms Samar Minallah NAKED!

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 8:17am

    How much truth will these arses ignore?

    (Baboos, read before commenting)

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 8:29am

    OOPS! 😛
    Swat girl denies flogging by Taliban
    By Rahimullah Yusufzai [for the benefit of @Mo Usman so he can’t deny it’s creditability 😛 ]

    PESHAWAR: Chand Bibi, the young girl who was shown being flogged by the Swat Taliban in a videotape aired on television channels, gave a statement to a Qazi, or judge, on Sunday, denying the incident.

    Mian Iftikhar Hussain, the NWFP information minister, told The News that she made the statement to Mohammad Riaz, the judge of the Qazi Court for Matta Tehsil, and the commissioner of Malakand division, Syed Mohammad Javed, both of whom visited her village, Kala Killay, in Kabal Swat district on Sunday.

    Quoting the commissioner, Mian Iftikhar said the girl, Chand Bibi, made it clear that she was indeed married to Adalat Khan and everyone in the village knew about it. She refuted the reports that both of them were flogged by the Taliban as punishment for maintaining illicit relations and then forcibly married….”

    Mohmand Agency: Locals decide to migrate on massive scale

    KALIA demands public hanging of culprits
    And I am sure Ms Minallah agrees. BTW: Under which law is death punishment prescribed for spanking? I am waiting…..:-P

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 8:31am

    Ms.Minallah struggled for independent judiciary….”

    And I hope the court gets her for this fitna (along with Asma J. and Co.)

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 11:04am

    “latif khosa (attorny general) of PPP in SC to discuss Swat video.”

    See for your self. See the wild claim by Latif Khota 🙂

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 11:05am

    “taliban use opium and ransom for kidnapping to get money? is that a real islam?”

    More lies. Even your master Americans believe that not to be true

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 11:16am

    The SC/Swat Story in English for the Baboos:

    SC hearing of Swat girl’s flogging case adjourns sine die

    ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court hearing of suo motto notice case relating to the flogging of a Swat girl adjourned here sine die.

    Interior secretary, NWFP IG, Attorney General (AG) and other high officials appeared before the eight-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by the Chief Justice, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry hearing the Swat case.

    AG, Latif Khosa during the hearing made a plea that the matter relating to the flogging of girl was a sensitive issue and, therefore, the hearing be conducted closed-door. The Supreme Court turning down the request for in-camera trial gave remarks that the flogging was made known through the media and added that the facts need be brought before the public.

    The victim Swat girl could not be presented during the SC hearing, while a confidential report was presented from the NWFP chief secretary (CS). The SC bench refusing to accept NWFP CS report relating to the flogging of girl remarked that no confidential report was required and said all facts should be brought in public.

    Besides, the girl’s statement before the magistrate was also presented through AG, in which the girl has denied the alleged flogging incident. NWFP IG on this occasion in his statement drew the attention of the court to this fact that the police have no access to several areas in Swat. To this, the bench remarked, “Your statement tantamount to laying arms.”

    NWFP IG said that an FIR has been registered against unidentified persons and an investigation team headed by DIG has been constituted.

    The SC bench expressed its displeasure with interior secretary, Kamal Shah relating to Swat incident, while a member of the bench, Khalilur Rahman Ramday enquired from interior secretary, “Except arresting judges, do you do any other work.” 😛

    CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry in his remarks said that investigations be conducted that who conspired to defame Islam and Pakistan.

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 11:33am

    Here is another emperor of the Baboo clan/NGO darling who might not have clothes either:
    The curious case of Mukhtar Mai
    “…Each – the most eminent writers included – convinced beyond doubt that the accused are guilty and deserve no mercy! In contrast, I say no more than that we should at least consider the possibility that the accused may perhaps be innocent….”

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 12:01pm

    Kiddo, first read these teo pieces. Then maybe we can talk on this. First one is from CIA site itself. The second by a former CIA guy:

    Can the USG and NGOs Do More?

    Former CIA agent tells: How US infiltrates “civil society” to overthrow governments

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 12:48pm

    The US AID site used to have it _to see which NGOs are getting how much of the millions under each program) here out http://www.usaid.gov/regions/lac/cu/upd-cub.htm but it seems to have disappeared. Will try and find it….I am sure it is somewhere on the web 🙂

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 1:09pm

    It will also do well to read the following:

    How United States Intervention Against Venezuela Works
    Terrorism and Civil Society: The Instruments of US Policy in Cuba
    NED et. al.: The CIA’s Successors and Collaborators
    Journalism And The CIA: The Mighty Wurlitzer

    BTW: I am assuming you are aware there is NO NGO that doesn’t get foreign money

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 1:33pm

    Trying to save face? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em?? 😛

    “i think the baboos are fearful that their fake video will be exposed for what it is”
    It is totally exposed. I think they are having a secret meeting to come up with to deflect criticism/change the subject or just laying low, waiting for another “atrocity” to give them new life.

    But for now, their asses have been spanked red 😉

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 1:41pm

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 1:59pm

    “The top hit Movies in the US are anti-American Army and Intelligence.”

    You couldn’t be more wrong 😉

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 2:22pm

    Thanks for the detailed info.

    “That list is crucial. so we can see Which black sheep got US dollars during MUSH era from civilian side….Now if you can bring the list of USAID donations out, I am hundred percent SURE ,GEO will be on list(top receivers in media)”

    I agree with most of what you said but I doubt the money paid Geo will be in the books of USAID. The money is probably funneled from some different “programs” and the transfer hidden, e.g. in the payment for airing VoA at much above normal airtime charges, funneling it through PILDAT, direct payment to some foreign account of the owners, etc.

    The above is in response to this comment by imran25:
    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 2:04pm


    That list is crucial. so we can see Which black sheep got US dollars during MUSH era from civilian side.

    I still remember dr shahid in jawabdey” YOUR MEDIA CAN NOT EVEN PRINT THE LIST OF DEFAULTERS OF PTV’.

    It meant to me that even some channels including GEO itself is a PTV defaulter.(Cricket rights dispute between GEO super and PTV)

    A friend of mine in PTV karachi told me that the audit report prepared by dr shahid even had,the list of journalists being paid by the secret fund of MInistry Information and PTV. Thats why there was a hue and cry from the print and electronic media to stop that audit report coming pubilc. Journalists travel abroad quitely with rulers on PTV fund,There are even MUJRAAS in islamabad residences arranged from public fund.

    Talat hussain resigned from PTV due to similiar reasons four years back. sheikh rasheed was his boss (everyone can imagine what could happened).

    They don’t allow any honest person in the circle,and try to destroy his career and reputation, once they come out.

    interestingly Both talat and kashif abbasi joined ARY after that ,when dr shahid was the Head there.(read TALAT on wikepedia)
    But timings of dr shahids decision were wrong,he went against the public wishes.

    TALAT was in THE NEWS (jang group)before joining PTV. Hired by whom?(DR maleeha lodhi was the editor there at that time,shae is now back in THE NEWS).NUSRAT and TALAT both worked toghether in THE NEWS ,became friends,that how talat brought NusRat to AAJ.

    Now ARY is gone bc ZARDARI gave them a gold licence years back,and they can not go against him Or MQM BATTHA khors
    Now if you can bring the list of USAID donations out, I am hundred percent SURE ,GEO will be on list(top receivers in media)

    They are running VOICE OF AMERICA for last seven years. For how much money and now they have started a programme By another NGO PILDAT.

    To save from public critisism they have right wingers ,ansar abbasi,dr shahid,irfan siddiqui and haroon rasheed,hamid mir(but read his article in todays JANG, he is in US;Why?)may be for more aid for GEO. remember Hamid was the first guy who claimed”osama admitted 9/11 attacked in an interview.hameed gul says no such interview was taken after 9/11

    but they have nazir naji and imtiaz alam ,kamran khan(ISI_CIA zia era production) and ayesha siddiqua now to please US .

    I think poor journalists and anchors are just puppets in this cruel media war. the owners play with these tools.

    GEO is smart and clever and it will take a big crunch of media funding from US. (ARY,AAJ out)
    More human rights, ZARA SOCHIYEE, WOMEN RIGHTS, GEOMENTRIES ,JUDICIAL REFORMS ETC(all on list for US aid)HINA KHAWAJA BIYAT(please take a look at website OF AMERICAN MEDIA ABROAD,she got traing from there to come back and cry about women rights)

    it will be interesting how NAJAM SETHI AND ASMA JEHANGIR will react( DUNYA TV HAS HIRED THEM FOR THE SAME PURPOSE)AND EXPRESS bc their owner LAKHANI is a agha khani(please note that rating of express is now second to GEO in pakistan

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 2:41pm

    Very interesting…let’s see what more trickles out. Anyone know what media reports it is talking about????

    In the mean time, enjoy:
    Zardari holds secret meeting in Abu Dhabi
    Dubai—Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari held a secret meeting in Dubai with Richard Holbrooke, US Envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan, reportedly to regain American trust and to discuss issues endangering his government, Gulf News reported. Also present at the meeting was Pakistan Ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani who reportedly arranged the special meeting and the US Ambassador in the UAE Richard G. Olson. Diplomatic sources have confirmed the meeting. Zardari, who was ostensibly on a private visit to the UAE, remained busy holding meetings with a number of US officials in Abu Dhabi. His secret meetings with US officials raised many an eye brow in top Pakistani political and bureaucratic circles because he was not accompanied by any other official except Haqqani.

    Even Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi was not involved while Pakistani diplomats in the UAE were kept at bay.

    Zardari, who came to the UAE on March 23, left from Dubai on Friday. Sources told Gulf News that Zardari was here to renegotiate his position in the wake of expected changes in the US policy towards Pakistan and Afghanistan on its war against terrorism. Zardari is worried for his government after sharp increase in the popularity of his rival Nawaz Sharif, who gained massive support from people during the recent long march of lawyers. The US did notice his public support and has established soft corner for Sharif otherwise ignored by the US in the past since his decision to conduct nuclear test a decade ago.

    The Zardari government is concerned that Washington was paying more attention to Sharif. The President was also alarmed by the positive reaction in Washington where the restoration of the deposed judges and Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was instantly welcomed, erasing the impression that the US was somehow against the chief justice.

    Sources said that increasing “intimacy” between the US and Sharif has created panic like situation in the Presidency. Zardari was also busy in Abu Dhabi to negotiate some financial aid for Pakistan which urgently needs at least Dh10 billion to breath in the worst economic crisis in the country.—NNI

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 2:48pm

    “Colonel Douglas MacGregor (retired), in a paper presented to the US National Defense University on April 2, emphasized:
    # The US can and should avoid direct involvement in most 21st-century conflicts. When conflicts or crises involve US forces, the use of American military power should be limited or terminated before the cumulative human and political costs defeat the original purpose of the US military action.
    # The principal strategic purpose for which US armed forces will fight in the 21st century involves securing American prosperity, and where necessary, extending American security to geographical areas vital to US and allied prosperity. Douglas argued that prolonged military involvements only erodes US influence and entices other regional players to meddle.”

    So basically MadGregor is saying:
    #Let us make the locals fight and kill each other
    #US Forces only purpose is theft

    But nothing new here.

    Ah, Smiley Butler, where are you?

    Submitted on 2009/04/06 at 7:19pm
    [Not by me but by imran25:]

    there comes the most interesting point.

    in the link about USAID above there is no media outlet.

    Now go to PILDAT site.

    on main page read about pildat ,geo relationship.

    then click on ABOUT PILDAT link


    See the donars list,INCLUDING uk government and USAID. (NOTE there name is not there at official USAID list).

    now look at the board of advisors.

    IT includes HEAD OF GALLUP palistan,GETTING salary from USAID.

    GALLUP decides about ratings of channels and anchors.

    I need comments from all collegues on this site About this USAID, NGOs,MEDIA link.

    Submitted on 2009/04/07 at 5:38am

    “watch whole

    I believe this is the most relevant part:
    Report: 1 Million Pakistanis Displaced by US Drone Attacks

    On Saturday, a suspected US drone attack killed thirteen people in North Waziristan. The Sunday Times of London reports as many as one million Pakistanis have fled their homes to escape the attacks by the unmanned US drones.

    [Where are you Samar? Hurry, DIVERT people’s attention. Repeat the lie “They are escaping Taliban brutality”]

  4. 4 nota April 3, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    April continued…

    Submitted on 2009/04/07 at 6:27am

    @imran25 said:
    “there comes the most interesting point.
    in the link about USAID above there is no media outlet.
    Now go to PILDAT site….”

    Good hunting, man 🙂

    Here’s some articles that make it all clear. If you get the change, please DO read them in full (No, these are just excerpts 🙂 ). It will be time well spent as I promise you will no longer have any doubts about these NGOs:

    Why They Hate Our Kind Hearts, Too: The NED, NGOs and the Imperial Uses
    of Philanthropy

    “In recent years, nations have challenged the activities and very existence of non-governmental organizations. Russia, Zimbabwe, and Eritrea have enacted new measures requiring registration; “Open Society Institute” affiliates have been shut down in Eastern Europe; and Venezuela has charged the S�mate NGO leaders with treason. In Iraq and Afghanistan, staff of Western charitable NGOs (CARE and Doctors Without Borders) have been assassinated.”


    “Most funding and direction come from the wealthy nations. Often the donors form a conglomerate creating mutual responsibility and considerable ambiguity. CIVICUS, a partnership to promote “civil society” worldwide, is funded by, among others, American Express Foundation, Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, Canadian International Development Agency, Ford Foundation, Harvard University, Oxfam, and United Nations Development Programme.

    If the source is confusing, the message is usually clear: “democratization” strives for civil rights and elections, but it also must include an open door to foreign capital, labor contracts, resource extraction, and military training. These networks also define “civil society” to include rock concerts and street mobs, but not government-provided maternal health clinics, child care, or senior services.

    Affluent nations’ government agencies are important NGO funders. The most notorious is the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED; ostensibly a nongovernmental foundation), created by Congress in 1983 to do openly what had been CIA cold war covert activities. When these operations were revealed in 1967, there was shock, not so much because the US was covertly funding foreign political and labor groups, but because organizations such as the National Education Association, American Newspaper Guild, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, and the National Student Association were secretly used as pass-throughs, and all but the top officers were unwitting. Actual and phony foundations also distributed CIA funds.

    NED changed this-but not very much. It distributes grants both directly and through other organizations, now overtly. Its “core grantees” are the Center for International Private Enterprise (of the US Chamber of Commerce), the American Center for International Labor Solidarity (of the AFL-CIO), and, affiliated with the parties, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and the International Republican Institute. Some private foundations chip in, for example, Smith Richardson and Mellon-Scaife. The Mott Foundation gave the NDI $150,000 in 1998 “to increase public confidence in democratization and the transition to a market economy in Ukraine.” Foundations also directly co-fund NED’s ultimate grantees. Thus, the Lilly Endowment supports the Institute for Liberty and Democracy in Peru, headed by Hernando de Soto, which offers free-market remedies for poverty.

    Other capitalist democracies now have government foundations similar to NED, and they work collaboratively, e.g., the Canadian Rights and Democracy and the British Westminster Foundation for Democracy. Additional US agencies have joined NED and the CIA in this work, notably, the Agency for International Development (USAID) and United States Information Agency (USIA), which support and create foreign NGOs and media….”

    “Why would these philanthropic efforts offend anyone? Why do they hate our kind hearts?”

    In the first place, these public-private philanthropies have worked together to fund and direct overthrow movements. We had a “Subversive Activities Control Board” here, but export was encouraged. The grantees’ activities included destabilization, the creation of mobs preventing elected governments from ruling, chaos, and violence. Among those funded were the Civic Forum in Czechoslovakia, Solidarity in Poland, Union of Democratic Forces in Bulgaria, Otpor in Serbia, and, more recently, similar groups in the succession states of the USSR. Sometimes mobs (especially of young people) have been moved around from one country to another to give the impression of vast popular opposition. The NED, Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, and the Soros philanthropies have been particularly active in these operations. Human Rights Watch (formerly Helsinki Watch) has nurtured opposition groups. Reformers seeking social democracy or democratic socialism were excluded; such systems might oppress the “vulture capitalists.”.

    It is hard to know how much native support existed for the Western-funded revolutions, as media and information (especially if we can’t read Mongolian, Bulgarian, or Uzbeki) are produced by the same conglomerates. Of course, all revolutions are made by minorities, often with assistance of foreign allies. However, by today’s standards as embodied in the UN Charter, subverting with the intention of overthrowing foreign governments is a grave violation of international law. Many were shocked by the NED activities complementing other instruments of intervention that helped to destroy the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua. Yet the 1990 election was judged by the NGO observers to be a free one; neither threats of physical annihilation nor millions of foreign dollars violated the purity of that process. “Cold-war liberal” policymakers have advocated covert actions as a peaceful alternative to invasion, but it isn’t as if military action has faded away; they work together.

    Such attempts are ongoing. The Venezuelan indictment is just one indication of a larger NED-NGO operation. Plans for annihilating the Cuban revolution, via “independent libraries,” “Red Feminista Cubana,” and other created organizations, are clearly spelled out on the NED web site.

    NGOs are also used to disrupt revolutionary or even reformist movements that might interfere with neo-liberal goals, hampering the ability of corporations to go anywhere and do anything. Thus, as James Petras has reported, radical social groups and their leaders are co-opted into NGOs dedicated to worthy, ameliorative projects that are no threat to Western interests. Instead of broad movements challenging systemic causes of oppression, activists are recruited into discrete, well-funded “identity” politics and single-issue organizations, and poverty is just another minority status.

    In India and South Africa, the very poor have been organized into Slum Dwellers and Shack Dwellers Associations, which meet with the World Bank people to discuss what is to be done. Protesters against the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) were channeled into groups that were invited and funded to attend the meetings preparing this treaty. Those concerned with the devastation of oil, lumber, and mineral extraction throughout the world can utilize the “participatory mechanisms” of the Earth Council, one of whose board members is Klaus Schwab, director of the World Economic Forum. Conferences for the protesters “parallel” to the globalization elite’s are supported by that same elite. These do create fruitful interaction among dissidents; yet they may also function as a diversionary tactic. We won’t know unless these possibilities are investigated.

    Amelioration is important to keep those societies newly “marketized” on a steady course despite crushing poverty. In Mongolia (as elsewhere), “shock therapy,” decimating both employment and social services, has resulted in street children, child prostitution, and increasing maternal mortality, none of which occurred in its “undeveloped” or communist phases. However, the rock concerts and street mobs have attained freedom. Enter PACT (originally, Private Agencies Collaborating Together; funders now include the Ford Foundation, US AID, Mercy Corps International, the Nature Conservancy, the World Bank, Citigroup, Chevron, Levi Strauss, and Microsoft), which provides some substitutes for the former socialist institutions, while desperation drives Mongolia’s leaders to welcome foreign garment industries and copper and gold extraction….

    NGO staff members have been accused of being spies. Whether or not this is the case, the system allows access to remote native cultures, where the lay of the land and sociograms of local influentials can be charted for any purpose. This type of missionary penetration, attained through Bible translation in the Amazon River basin, has been recounted in Thy Will Be Done, by Colby and Dennett.

    NGOs are now extensively occupied in the relief of disasters, whether natural or man-made, and the US military (with its “coalition”) is deeply involved in both the comforting and the afflicting. To receive US funds, humanitarian organizations must support US foreign policy. Consequently, some, such as Oxfam UK, have withdrawn their workers from Iraq. Those remaining are often regarded as collaborators, which is not surprising, as many international NGOs have been handmaids to subversion, overthrow, and occupation. Some have even supported “humanitarian” bombing, especially in the case of Yugoslavia…

    The peak of international NGOs, the World Social Forum, meets at the same time as the World Economic Forum, only far away. The WSF’s general funding is rarely scrutinized by the participants, whose travel expenses come from similar sources. An exception is a report by the Research Unit on Political Economy-India, which explains why foundation funding was refused for the 2004 WSF in Mumbai, and discusses critically the activities of the Ford Foundation in India.

    It is news when any NGO nibbles at the hand that feeds it, as did a Pakistani theater group last November. Invited to a women’s theater festival in India, they were sent home because the organizers deemed their contribution too anti-US for a Ford Foundation-sponsored event.

    As all generalizations have exceptions, let it be noted that some NGOs are impeccable, and even peccable ones often have humanitarian staff and directors. A recent attempt by dissidents seeking international donors to “democracy promotion” in the US, the International Endowment for Democracy, could give an effective jolt. Yet it may be that democracy, justice, or equality are not readily attainable by such means. For several centuries NGOs have been providing “disaster aid” for societies being “marketized.” What can we learn from this history?

    Democratisation, NGOs and “Colour Revolutions”

    “… US government expenditure on the orange revolution has been put at $14 million, while the overall civil-society promotion budget set by Washington for Ukraine (2003-2004) was $57.8-$65 million. The Soros Foundation and Freedom House pumped in a steady flow of funds through Ingos and local NGOs for “elections-related projects.”

    Massing of pro-Yushchenko crowds in Kiev’s Independence Square was a meticulous operation of “careful, secret planning by Yushchenko’s inner circle over a period of years” that oversaw distribution of thousands of cameras, backup teams of therapists and psychologists, transportation, heaters, sleeping bags, gas canisters, toilets, soup kitchens, tents, TV and radio coverage, all of which needed “large sums of cash, in this case, much of it American.” (Daniel Wolf.)

    Local oligarchs and US-based émigré Ukrainian businesspersons also chipped in with sizeable contributions to the neo-liberal Yuschchenko. The shadowy and fungible ties between the US government and democratisation Gongos leave little doubt that the latter were purveyors of large amounts of money in Ukraine that will not appear in audits or annual reports. Public acknowledgements of spending are understatements akin to official casualty figures given by governments during counterinsurgencies.

    According to Congressman Ron Paul, the US allocated $60 million for financing the orange revolution “through a series of cut-out NGOs – both American and Ukrainian – in support of Yushchenko.” The figure happens to be “just the tip of the iceberg”. Claims that “Russia gave Yanukovych far more money than the United States (gave to Yushchenko)” rest on the myth that US government financing through the NED family “is publicly accountable and transparent.”…

    NGOs: The Self-Appointed Altruists
    Their arrival portends rising local prices and a culture shock. Many of them live in plush apartments, or five star hotels, drive SUV’s, sport $3000 laptops and PDA’s. They earn a two figure multiple of the local average wage. They are busybodies, preachers, critics, do-gooders, and professional altruists.

    Always self-appointed, they answer to no constituency. Though unelected and ignorant of local realities, they confront the democratically chosen and those who voted them into office. A few of them are enmeshed in crime and corruption. They are the non-governmental organizations, or NGO’s.

    Some NGO’s – like Oxfam, Human Rights Watch, Medecins Sans Frontieres, or Amnesty – genuinely contribute to enhancing welfare, to the mitigation of hunger, the furtherance of human and civil rights, or the curbing of disease. Others – usually in the guise of think tanks and lobby groups – are sometimes ideologically biased, or religiously-committed and, often, at the service of special interests.

    NGO’s – such as the International Crisis Group – have openly interfered on behalf of the opposition in the last parliamentary elections in Macedonia. Other NGO’s have done so in Belarus and Ukraine, Zimbabwe and Israel, Nigeria and Thailand, Slovakia and Hungary – and even in Western, rich, countries including the USA, Canada, Germany, and Belgium.

    The encroachment on state sovereignty of international law – enshrined in numerous treaties and conventions – allows NGO’s to get involved in hitherto strictly domestic affairs like corruption, civil rights, the composition of the media, the penal and civil codes, environmental policies, or the allocation of economic resources and of natural endowments, such as land and water. No field of government activity is now exempt from the glare of NGO’s. They serve as self-appointed witnesses, judges, jury and executioner rolled into one.

    Regardless of their persuasion or modus operandi, all NGO’s are top heavy with entrenched, well-remunerated, extravagantly-perked bureaucracies. Opacity is typical of NGO’s. Amnesty’s rules prevent its officials from publicly discussing the inner workings of the organization – proposals, debates, opinions – until they have become officially voted into its Mandate. Thus, dissenting views rarely get an open hearing.

    Contrary to their teachings, the financing of NGO’s is invariably obscure and their sponsors unknown. The bulk of the income of most non-governmental organizations, even the largest ones, comes from – usually foreign – powers. Many NGO’s serve as official contractors for governments.

    NGO’s serve as long arms of their sponsoring states – gathering intelligence, burnishing their image, and promoting their interests.

    Submitted on 2009/04/07 at 6:55am

    “And just because I’m against you so called liberals, doesn’t mean I support taliban…”

    Doubt that would help. Remember their motto is “If you don’t agree with EVERYTHING we say, you ARE a Taliban lover”

    You Taliban lover! 😛

    “Now right wing sickos have started murdering NGO workers.”

    Here’s something shocking: I lay the complete blame for this on Ms Samar Minallah and her lies. She has shown us that NGOs DO hide behind facades and are hardly what they claim to be.

    (Of course this will be twisted and claimed by baboos that I approve of the killing. But that would be nothing new. 🙂 )

    Torture without borders
    (NGOs: This is a not our issue-of-focus; Just “spanking” is. That too only if done by Taliban)

    ‘They used a scalpel… I was crying in agony’: Guantanamo victim Binyam Mohamed speaks

    (NGOs: This is a not our issue-of-focus; Just “spanking” is. That too only if done by Taliban)

    Submitted on 2009/04/07 at 7:10am

    “struggle” indeed 😉

    BTW: Speaking of Sethi, DO read Harun Rashid’s piece that @shandana pointed to:

    Submitted on 2009/04/07 at 10:21am

    “Thank you for the links. From personal experience, I can safely tell you that the leading pakistani NGOs are home to some of the most corrupt people”

    You are welcome!

    Corrupt people heading them is really no surprise. But what we overlook is their treason against the state in which they operate. Remember these NGO’s are the creation of the powers that be and the sole purpose of their existence is not to serve us() but their pay masters. Allow me to repeat a passage from one of the articles above and this needs to be drilled in our heads:

    “Regardless of their persuasion or modus operandi, all NGO’s are top heavy with entrenched, well-remunerated, extravagantly-perked bureaucracies. Opacity is typical of NGO’s. Amnesty’s rules prevent its officials from publicly discussing the inner workings of the organization – proposals, debates, opinions – until they have become officially voted into its Mandate. Thus, dissenting views rarely get an open hearing.

    Contrary to their teachings, the financing of NGO’s is invariably obscure and their sponsors unknown. The bulk of the income of most non-governmental organizations, even the largest ones, comes from – usually foreign – powers. Many NGO’s serve as official contractors for governments.

    NGO’s serve as long arms of their sponsoring states – gathering intelligence [for sponsoring states], burnishing their[sponsoring states] image, and promoting their[sponsoring states] interests.”

    Submitted on 2009/04/07 at 11:00am

    Re: PTI

    “You may have read the recent study by American think tanks like RAND corporation about the importance of harnessing the Sufi mythology and ideology to counter the Taliban. They are actually planning to do it.”

    Exactly. It is full force ahead. Don’t forget the Haqqani, Farahnaz, and even Gillani have been batting for it. Here is Ayesha Siddiqa talks about it all but laments ‘Salafi’ having an upper hand over ‘Sufi’ (because the later do not use “modern techniques”) :

    Faith Wars

    (BTW: I find it extremely curious why as the article seems to have been disappeared from Dawn, where it originally appeared (http://dawn.net/wps/wcm/connect/dawn+content+library/dawn/news/pakistan/Faith-Wars-yn? ))

    And isn’t our friend Zaid Hamid a ’sufi’ in his latest incarnation?

    Submitted on 2009/04/07 at 11:14am

    (NGOs/Samar Minallah in black)

    Submitted on 2009/04/07 at 12:16pm

    “Middle path people”

    You can’t be neutral on a rolling train….

    You can’t stay neutral on a rolling train
    Slow it down, turn it around, pull the brakes – –
    If you don’t say something
    You collaborate—

    If you close your eyes, it’s no surprise

    You’ve got no one to blame-
    Yeah, you can’t stay neutral on a ro-o-lin’ train

    You can’t stay neutral on a rollin’ train

    Closing down libraries; Shutting schools down;
    Cutting back on welfare; Chopping Medicare;
    Taking away every safety net.
    We need to wake up before it’s too late
    It’s going down fast; moving real quick
    That railroad track’s headed over a cliff

    That railroad track’s headed over a cliff /—

    Oh you can’t stay neutral on a rolling train (chorus)

    Chemical weapons, cluster bombs and napalm
    Spending billions for weapons of war
    Illegal occupation with no end in sight
    We need to wake up, before it’s too late
    It’s going down fast; moving real quick
    That railroad track’s headed over a cliff
    That railroad track’s headed over a cliff

    Oh you can’t stay neutral on a rolling train (chorus)

    Nuclear power: weapons and plants
    Hiroshima, Chernobyl who will be next?
    When will we stop it, what can we do?
    We need to wake up, before it’s too late
    It’s going down fast; moving real quick
    That railroad track’s headed over a cliff
    That railroad track’s headed over a cliff

    Oh you can’t stay neutral on the ruling train (chorus)

    We’re rolling much too fast, down that railroad track

    Submitted on 2009/04/07 at 12:39pm

    “Does this mean no one will be able to afford electricity any more and hence no need for load shedding??”

    hehe! 🙂

    I wrote back on July 01, 2008:

    “I think the policy PZP is following is to price electricity so high that most can’t afford it forcing them to rip their meters out. That in turn will lead to drop in demand leading to no load shedding.”

    Submitted on 2009/04/08 at 5:26am

    @Quwat Khan Sunny
    “Altough, I am sure people now want brush the incident under carpet ….”

    No one wants to brush it under the carpet. The issues are:

    – The attempted use of that video to do away Swat deal (it has been established whatever happened, it happened months ago, much earlier than the date the deal came into effect)

    The lies Ms Minallah told

    Manipulation of the video in question

    Use of this one incident to cover up much worse atrocities perpetrated by our army and the Americans.

    (This following comment not mine but included for comleteness:)

    Did you watch Moeed Pirzada’s program last night?
    There were sound bites from ‘common’ citizens saying that our government must co-operate with America to deal with terrorists. Moeed then said ‘ub tau aam logon ney bhi kehna shuru ker diya hai kay america ka sath dena chaheay’
    Are you think what I am thinking?

    Submitted on 2009/04/08 at 5:37am

    “Are you think what I am thinking?”

    Hehe. The script is being followed to the tee 😉

    (Are their any Pirzadas that are not haramzadas?)

    Submitted on 2009/04/08 at 5:51am

    “These NGOs are nothing more than a socializing platform.”

    Wish they were that benign…but they are not. They are like sleeper cells that are activated on demand….

    Submitted on 2009/04/08 at 1:54pm

    “Now this is a perfectly reasonable way of analyzing the problem of extremism”


    “Can one forget the so-called secular ANP refusing to raise its voice against honour killings because of “tradition” a few years back?”
    This is exactly what I am accusing Ms Minallah & Co of: The so-called HR NROs refusing to raise their against much bigger crimes AND using this particular incident to cover it up.

    “Iftikhar Hussain, in targeting a dedicated Samar Minallah, instead of those who may actually be guilty of taking the law into their own hands”
    Samar Minallah SHOULD be targeted for, like Mr Iftikhar Hussain said what she tried to do — derail the peace accord — she is putting thousands (I think he used the word “lakoN” peoples lives at risk, including women and children.

    “the tribal leaders of Balochistan and the feudals of Sindh and Punjab, as well as the elite of the Frontier, conduct equally horrendous brutalities, and only the lack of a video prevented us from literally hearing the screams of the hapless women and girl victims, either buried alive or killed by dogs or shot by their own parents”
    I am sorry but this is a sorry excuse for inaction by the NGOs.

    “Apart from the detrimental and intrusive US agenda for Pakistan, the reason why it is critical for us to create space between ourselves and the US is to alter the environment in our favour in which we have to tackle our issues of extremism and militancy. Let us also recall that the US in Vietnam destabilised three countries — Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. It was only when the US fled Vietnam that the region stabilised. For Pakistan the US threat is even more acute because the growing spate of terrorism will move the US one step closer to seeking control of our nuclear assets.

    Of course, if we do this distancing from the US, claim our airbases back and stop acting as a conduit for NATO military supplies, there will be no immediate halt to militancy and extremism. But, and this is the crucial point, the situation on the ground will alter in the state’s favour, creating a more enabling operational environment in which to deal with extremism and the militancy that it is breeding.
    So we agree here — The main (only?) cause of all this trouble is US. 🙂 So shouldn’t the first step BE the WITHDRAWAL OF US from the region and our distancing ourselves from it. This, as she says, is a necessity if we are to create “a more enabling operational environment in which to deal with extremism and the militancy that it is breeding”. So let’s in fact start from there, for starting anywhere else will be treating the symptom and not the disease.

    “Three issues need to be tackled in relation to madressahs: the educational aspect; the mainstreaming of the marginalised students; the funding issue, since revealed sources of funding include identified foreign funding which needs to be controlled and made transparent. Solutions have to be found from our own resources recognising the financial paucity of the state. Keeping all this in mind, a start can be made by our private, semi-autonomous sector, educational trusts and so on adopting or taking over different madressahs — especially those in the area of their operations.”
    Is she asking that NGOs (“our private, semi-autonomous sector, educational trusts”) be handed over madressahs? I she fvcking serious? See how cunningly she slipped that in there 🙂

    And going by her words (“Solutions have to be found from our own resources recognising the financial paucity of the state”) let’s also disband ALL NGOs as they are dependent on foreign resources and offer no solutions.

    While talking about funding, it is interesting (“the funding issue, since revealed sources of funding include identified foreign funding which needs to be controlled and made transparent”) that she doesn’t talk about the funding of the NGOs which too includes mostly foreign funding. Why shouldn’t theirs be controlled and made transparent? 😉

    Let’s make a deal, Ms Mazari: Let’s close ALL madressahs and ALL NGOs.

    Reasonable request, won’t you say???

    (P.S. I am surprised the term “NGO” never appeared in this article. I won’t be surprised to find Ms Mazari belongs to a few 😉 )

    Submitted on 2009/04/08 at 3:18pm

    “What have you against the NGOs?”

    Ah, tells me you buy their fascade… Please read what I posted here and you will understand where I am coming from… 😉

    You can deny it but those are the facts.

    Submitted on 2009/04/08 at 3:24pm

    “Samar Minallah seems a fairly honest person. We might disagree with her fixation on an idea but there is no reason to doubt her honesty.”

    And wht if I say:
    Sufi Muhammed seems a fairly honest person. We might disagree with hisfixation on an idea but there is no reason to doubt his honesty.

  5. 5 nota April 8, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    April Continued…
    Submitted on 2009/04/08 at 6:07pm

    “And stop calling all this money ‘aid’.”

    For once we agree… 😉

    There was a comprehensive study done a couple of years ago about this so-called ‘aid’ — they are in fact LOANS — that found that, on average, a full 50% is consumed by the country giving the loans as “consultation fees”, etc. and never leaves the country of origin. And even from this remaining 50%, most of it is spent on “purchase of old/obsolete weapon systems” (and the country receiving the LOAN might be forced to buy things like overstocked makeup items, cheese, etc). Of course in almost all the cases they are also forced to buy items from the country giving the loan at dictated price (which are always higher than available in the free market)

    I think I have posted this before but want to repeat:
    Think of every dollar coming in as foreign ‘aid’ as FOURTEEN dollars going out!!! Here is a comment I made where the west does admit to only taking $9 in return. Poor fellas!!!

    nota said:

    Please be clear that ALL this so called “AID” is nothing but “LOAN-SHARKING / PREDATORY LENDING”.

    The Mafia / Italian American Cosa Nostra are but angels compared to IMF, UN and WB.

    Please get it in your heads that “for every £/$1 given in aid, the industrialised countries received £/$9 back in debt service. So who is giving aid to whom?” according to New Statesman although I have heard the debt serviceing figure to be as high as £/$14…
    29 February 2008 at 4:10 am

    Ah found my old comments:

    nota said:

    My comment is awaiting moderation so far. I would like to add a bit about foreign aid: According to a recent study, remember that upto HALF of all foreign aid is what is called “phantom aid,” aid that “funds expensive and often ineffective western consultants, research and training.”
    25 December 2007 at 5:32 am

    Here is a link to a brief video you ought to see. It’s less than 5 minutes but certainly a MUST SEE:
    Michael Parenti — Myth of UnderDevelopment!
    24 December 2007 at 5:44 am

    (Another longer comment here)

    BTW: This 50% missing lie was discussed at pkp in Feb last year when it first came out:
    Half of US Aid to Pakistan thought to have Disappeared

    Submitted on 2009/04/09 at 8:15am

    Chris Floyd — Beyond Here Lies Nothing – Surging Further Into the Afghan Abyss

    I am, I suppose, what most people would call a cynic. I don’t see how anyone who has followed American politics for as long as I have – some 40 years now – could be anything else. To quote Uncle Bob once more, when it comes to politics, “I ain’t lookin’ for nothin’ in anyone’s eyes.” I expect to be lied to. I expect to hear horseshit and fairytales wrapped up in threadbare pieties and Orwellian doublespeak. I expect power and money and militarism to carry the day. Even so, I must admit my guts lurched with queasy dread last week when Barack Obama announced, with a flourish of falsehoods and fearmongering, his grand plans to escalate the “Af-Pak” War.

    Not that I was surprised by any of it: both the truth-abusing rhetoric and the war-expanding intentions have been hallmarks of Team Obama’s Afghanistan policies since the early days of his presidential campaign. And Obama, eager to establish his tough-guy cojones, was killing civilians in Pakistan and ordering up an Afghan surge just as soon as he climbed into the Imperial cockpit. His much-vaunted “strategic review” was simply a bureaucratic exercise to determine how best to tweak and refine the policies already adopted by the Bush Administration and its military managers — all of whom were of course retained by Obama. Again, this was to be expected. After all, “continuity” has been his watchword — or rather, it became his watchword right after he was swept into office as the self-proclaimed embodiment of the public’s desperate longing for change.

    Chris Floyd — Hard Rain Keeps Falling – Talking Peace in Prague, Dropping Bombs in Pakistan

    “I saw a newborn baby with wild wolves all around it.”

    — Bob Dylan

    While the usual gaggle of sycophants and media hive-minders — along with some ordinarily perspicacious analysts — tell us that Barack Obama literally changed the course of human history by disgorging a great load of thrice-chewed cud about nuclear disarmament in Prague this week, the high-tech drone war the great hero of peace is waging inside the sovereign territory of America’s ally, Pakistan, is helping drive tens of thousands of people from their homes and killing civilians almost daily.

    So the effects of Obama’s drone war are not limited to the few houses destroyed here and there. The attacks have spawned, or greatly added to, a humanitarian catastrophe that remains largely hidden from the world — and certainly from the well-wadded Western “liberals” who cheer Obama’s savvy toughness in the “good war” on the Af-Pak front. As The Times reports, almost a million people have been driven from their homes in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas to escape the American drones, and the bombs of Washington’s Pakistani proxies:

    “American drone attacks on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan are causing a massive humanitarian emergency, Pakistani officials claimed after a new attack yesterday killed 13 people. The dead and injured included foreign militants, but women and children were also killed when two missiles hit a house in the village of Data Khel, near the Afghan border, according to local officials.

    “As many as 1m people have fled their homes in the Tribal Areas to escape attacks by the unmanned spy planes as well as bombings by the Pakistani army….

    As each passing week of the American drone campaign brings yet another harvest of civilian deaths, more and more Pakistanis are radicalized, and the government — the nuclear-armed government — grows ever more shaky. If the state structure in Pakistan ultimately breaks apart from the pressures of the Terror War, its nuclear arsenal will be up for grabs. Thus the attacks ordered by Obama in Pakistan are escalating the threat of exactly the kind of nuclear instability that he decried in Prague.

    “I’ve been ten thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard….”

    No Indo-Pak mediation, insists Holbrooke

    Mr Holbrooke, who held talks with Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon and National Security Adviser M K Narayanan, stressed that he was not here to negotiate between India and Pakistan.

    ‘The answer is no,’ he told a news conference here in response to a question whether he had urged India to resume talks with Pakistan.

    ‘Let me just be clear on my one word answer. We did not come here to ask the Indians to do anything. We came here to inform about our trips (to Afghanistan and Pakistan) as we always do and to get their views. We did not come here with any requests,’ said Mr Holbrooke. He addressed the press along with US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen.

    [But I DO want you to know:

    1. The US military and political leadership has made the decision that Pakistan is to be the next large battleground in this alleged “war on terror”, and no such thing as Pakistani national sovereignty will get in their way.
    2. Islamabad knows that the US is obligated by treaty to step in on the side of India, should there be another India/Pakistan war.
    3. Baboos, ignore the above 2 points and spend all your energies and attention diverted towards that fake spanking in Swat 😉

    BTW: Why does the following remind me of our Baboos?
    ‘Progressive’ Warmongers Liberals rally ’round Obama’s war

    As President Barack Obama launches a military effort that promises to dwarf the Bush administration’s Iraqi adventure in scope and intensity, the “progressive” community is rallying around their commander in chief as obediently and reflexively as the neocon-dominated GOP did when we invaded Iraq. As John Stauber points out over at the Center for Media and Democracy Web site, the takeover of the antiwar movement by the Obamaites is nearly complete. He cites MoveOn.org as a prime but not sole example:

    “MoveOn built its list by organizing vigils and ads for peace and by then supporting Obama for president; today it operates as a full-time cheerleader supporting Obama’s policy agenda. Some of us saw this unfolding years ago. Others are probably shocked watching their peace candidate escalating a war and sounding so much like the previous administration in his rationale for doing so.”

    Picking up on this in The Nation, John Nichols avers that several antiwar groups are not toeing the Afghanistan-is-a-war-of-necessity line, including Peace Action, United for Peace and Justice, and the American Friends Service Committee, yet there is less to this than meets the eye. Naturally, the Friends, being pacifists, are going to oppose the Afghan “surge” and the provocative incursions into Pakistan: no surprise there. Peace Action is not making a whole lot of noise about this, in spite of the issue’s relative importance. They are confining their opposition to an online petition. As for UFPJ, their alleged opposition to Obama’s war is couched in all kinds of contingencies and ambiguous formulations. Their most recent public pronouncement, calling for local actions against the Af-Pak offensive, praises Obama for “good statements on increasing diplomacy and economic aid to Afghanistan and Pakistan.” Really? So far, this “diplomacy” consists of unsuccessfully finagling the Europeans and Canada to increase their “contributions” to the Afghan front – and selling the American people on an escalation of the conflict.

    On another front…
    Netanyahu To The West–Destroy Iran Before Israel Destroys You
    [Imagine, just imagine, if these quotes were from a Muslim…]

    “What would serve the Jew-hating world better as repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a nuclear winter? Or invite all those tut-tutting European statesmen and peace activists to join us in the ovens? For the first time in history a people facing extermination while the world either cackles or looks away have the power to destroy the world. The ultimate justice?”
    -– Professor David Perlmutter, writing in the Los Angeles Times, April 7, 2002

    “We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…We have the capability to take the world down with us, and I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”
    -– Martin Van Creveld, Israeli Historian

    In early February 2009, a mere few days before the elections in Israel that delivered into Benjamin Netanyahu’s hands the launch codes to several hundred nuclear weapons aimed at every major capital in the Western world, former U.S. Middle East negotiator Aaron David Miller predicted that upon assuming the seat of power Netanyahu’s first priority would be “strategic conversation” with America’s new president, Barack Obama. Miller further predicted that the aim of this “very serious” conversation would be to “scare the daylights out of the president”, the ultimate objective of which would be mobilizing–not only the United States, but indeed the entire “international community”–into addressing the Iranian situation in a manner deemed “acceptable” to the Jewish state and her agenda….

    Israel points Arrow II ballistic missile at Iran, Syria
    [Imagine, just imagine, if a Muslim country had pointed their missiles at, say, Tel Aviv, Rome, etc. … We have already seen their reaction against N Korea.]

    US arms shipment reaches Israel, president Obama urged to halt further exports

    The new delivery to Israel of a massive consignment of US munitions, revealed by Amnesty International today, throws into question whether President Obama will act to prevent the US fuelling further Israeli attacks against civilians that may amount to war crimes, as was perpetrated in Gaza….
    …unloaded its cargo of reportedly over 300 containers at the Israeli port of Ashdod, just 40 km north of Gaza by road. The German ship left the USA for Israel on 20 December, one week before the start of Israeli attacks on Gaza, carrying 989 containers of munitions, each of them 20 feet long with a total estimated net weight of 14,000 tons…

    [That is just way too fvcking much to be just for tiny Gaza (and that battle is alreaddy over)…I am thinking Iran (and/or Pakistan?)…]

    [Not directly related but what the heck… 🙂 ]

    Flashback 1998: U.S. Hypocrisy on the Nuclear Danger in India/Pakistan

    However, for the major powers–especially the U.S.–to declare that they are “outraged” by the tests and lecture the governments of India and Pakistan about their “irresponsible behavior” is nothing but gangster logic and extreme hypocrisy. Clinton said that “it is just wrong” for any country to project power by detonating atomic bombs “when everybody else is trying to leave the nuclear age behind.” This comes from the head of a government that brandishes 3,500 long-range ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads and many other nuclear bombs of different types! Clinton and the U.S. imperialist ruling class have no right to preach about atomic bombs–they are international criminals who use their huge war machine, with nuclear arms as its “backbone,” to rob and bully their way around the world.

    Clinton denounced the Indian and Pakistani governments for violating the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). The U.S. had pushed many other governments to sign this treaty in 1996, claiming that it would lead to the lessening of nuclear dangers. (The Indian government was one of several countries that refused to sign it.)

    But the CTBT said nothing about the established nuclear powers getting rid of their nuclear weapons. In reality, the CTBT is a cynical maneuver by the U.S. to manipulate people’s opposition to nuclear weapons–in order to preserve their own “nuclear superiority” and prevent other countries from developing and deploying nuclear arms. The CTBT did not stem from any genuine concern about the dangers that nuclear weapons pose for the masses of people worldwide. The real worry of the U.S. ruling class is that their imperialist interests are threatened when countries like India and Pakistan “go nuclear.”

    Submitted on 2009/04/09 at 10:35am

    “USAID is an organization that works under the State department of the US. It deals with civilian and humanitarian aid that is given by the US. Military aid does not come under its purview.”

    And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you…

    I am sure you have never wondered why it is sometimes described as “a weapon of global war”. Next thing you know, you’d be telling us the “Centre for International Media Assistance” really does “brings together a broad range of media experts with the objective of strengthening support of free and independent media throughout the world”

    From the above link:
    “…The funded organisations sometimes managed to weaken and even eliminate opposition to friendly governments, while creating a climate favourable to US interests. There were coups, such as the one in Brazil in 1964 that overthrew President Joí£o Goulart. The coup against Chilean president Salvador Allende in 1973 showed that the US government had not abandoned such methods. Agee claimed: “To prepare the ground for the military, we funded and channelled the forces of leading organisations in civil society and the media. It was an improved version of the coup in Brazil….

    …The NED’s talent for channelling money, establishing NGOs, electoral manipulation and media brainwashing owed much to the long experience of the CIA, the State Department’s foreign aid agency USAID, and members of the conservative elite associated with US foreign policy (including John Negroponte, Jeane Kirkpatrick and Francis Fukuyama). Terrorism apart, the Reagan administration used the same methods in eastern Europe, where it conducted “a non-governmental crusade for human rights and democracy which avoided accusations of imperialism by presenting itself as a direct response to the needs of dissidents and reformers worldwide” (8)….”

    Submitted on 2009/04/09 at 1:39pm

    “- anyone prove it was Taliban who did the flogging?….”

    You think that matters to these Mofo Baboos?

    Submitted on 2009/04/09 at 3:04pm<

    Continuing with my comment about Baluchistan and gold, here is another interesting report (pdf) I found on Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold mining company that is involved in the rip-off:
    Barrick’s Dirty Secret

    This report, a profile of Barrick Gold, the world’s largest
    gold mining company, is an illustration of what is wrong
    with the gold industry today. In these pages, you will find
    numerous examples in which Barrick’s interests and the interests

    of the communities within which it operates are pitted
    directly against each other. From avoiding responsibility
    for the destructive environmental legacy of their projects or
    aligning itself with corrupt politicians, to employing police
    who violently suppress (and sometimes kill) mine critics,
    Barrick’s power in these struggles creates a compelling case
    for intervention…..

    Here is another article from Insaf.pk…

    Pakistan’s Copper and Gold Reserves Sold in Pennies”
    “…Now if you look at the Annual reports(2005-2006 and 2006-2007) of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources of Pakistan, you can find NO trace of any deal that has been made for this particular Gold – Copper Project ,only one reference(highlighted below) which says that agreement is to be made, whereas the agreement was signed in start of 2006!!…”

    Submitted on 2009/04/10 at 1:59am

    Thanks!!!! Let me just repeat the some of the points from above:

    1. Pakistan will have to ban all Kashmir groups involved in armed struggle in the valley against India.

    2. Clause (K) of the bill binds Pakistan to ensure access of US investigators to ‘individuals suspected of engaging in worldwide proliferation of nuclear materials, and restrict such individuals from travel or any other activity that could result in further proliferation.’ The act would enable US investigators to seek direct access to Dr A. Q. Khan and other members of his group accused of providing nuclear technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea.

    The Indian lobby on Capitol Hill played a key role in including the two clauses into the bill and had formed a special task force for this purpose.

    The Pakistani caucus, which once started as an effective lobbying group, has been rendered useless by the Pakistani Embassy in Washington (Read Hussain Haqqani). To ensure that it cannot function as an independent body, the embassy purged all senior people from a support group created to provide technical support to the caucus.

    3. Clause (H) of the bill requires Pakistan not to provide any support, direction, guidance to, or acquiescence in the activities of, any person or group that engages in any degree in acts of violence or intimidation against civilians, civilian groups, or governmental entities. [Effectively this is meant to choke any kind of support, even charities. Remember it is India and US that will decide/define what is “violence and intimidation”. Any protest against brutality by Indian forces in Kashmir or supporting their victims will qualify as “acts of violence or intimidation against civilians, civilian groups, or governmental entities”]

    4. Clause (I) needs Pakistan to redouble its efforts to prevent the presence of the Taliban and Taliban-affiliated groups in Pakistan that support insurgents in Afghanistan. [effectively give license to kill any Pakistani organization doing any kind of work that US and India feel is acting against their interests and our charities will be the first targets. NGOs of course will be lauded and having all the charity money go to them too is US’s wet dream]

    5. Pakistan to take all appropriate measures to adapt its armed forces to be able to conduct effective and sustained counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations. [i.e. turn the army into anti-terror force intimidating/fighting its own people]

    BTW: I loved this spin:
    The bill, however, also recognises Pakistan as an invaluable friend and ally to the United States, ‘both in times of strife and in times of peace.’
    What more could we possibly want, eh?

    I fully agree WE CANNOT ACCEPT THIS MONEY! for it is a complete selling out.

    This also tells me the recent press release by our FO that denied accusations that Hussain Haqqani was working against Pakistan interests. These bills are a proof that HE WAS and the accusations were CORRECT….

    Submitted on 2009/04/13 at 3:46am

    @real.badshah said:
    “an interesting article here:

    Interesting but hardly believable. And this has been making the rounds for years, presented as “new” almost every year so leads me believe it is nothing but pure propaganda.

    It is certainly OLDER THAN 2005 and I first saw it at Intellibriefs, an indian intelligence propaganda site, which says it got it from newscentralasia.com.

    Soon after it was picked up by our own zi*nist Irfan Hussain (Dawn) who himself says he has no knowledge of it’s credibility but presents it to us as almost fact anyways.

    It is hilarious to note that the authors and the promoters of the fantasy want us to believe it is Russia that wants to break up Pakistan and makes no mention of US, the real culprits. Now we know better, don’t we?

    It also makes every effort to present all Baloch resistance leaders as “agents of RAW”. Makes me wonder if ISI is behind it. RAW certainly would not be exposing it’s “agents” this way now would it? And selling this story would be ISI’s wet dream. 😉

    Submitted on 2009/04/14 at 10:45am

    Who needs Indian press when you’ve got (Baboos’ Guru) Sethi/DailyTimes 😉
    Editorial: Getting parliament to endorse Swat laws
    “…The warlord son-in-law of Sufi Muhammad is not only swelling the ranks of his army, he is also putting together an economic base for his satrapy that will serve as the future backbone of the Taliban invasion of the NWFP. He has taken control of the Mingora emerald industry and will soon be in the international market selling precious stones….”

    Taliban recruiting anew in Swat
    …“As long as we were there enforcing peace, they were not recruiting,” Rizwanullah Farooq, son of Sufi Muhammad, told Bloomberg on Monday. “Now recruitment is going on even in Buner because they don’t see a chance for peace. The government must understand this….

    Submitted on 2009/04/15 at 4:37am

    @sitaraakhri said:

    “Hina Jilani made perfect sense. This Orya Maqbool Jan is such a moron! First of all, as someone who has practiced law in the US, I can say that he is totally wrong about the assertion that US law does not apply to Indian reservations—that is absolutely not true!”

    Oh, simply brilliant. Care to explain why do we have all these tribal constitutions then? And why do you suppose there are about 150 tribal courts that operate under the tribes’ written and unwritten code of laws? And what do you think the US Supreme Court meant when it explained in Nevada v. Hicks, 533 U.S. 353 (2001):

    Tribal courts . . . differ from other American courts (and often from one another) in their structure, in the substantive law they apply, and in the independence of their judges. Although some modern tribal courts “mirror American courts” and “are guided by written codes, rules, procedures, and guidelines,” tribal law is still frequently unwritten, being based instead “on the values, mores, and norms of a tribe and expressed in its customs, traditions, and practices,” and is often “handed down orally or by example from one generation to another.” The resulting law applicable in tribal courts is a complex “mix of tribal codes and federal, state, and traditional law,” which would be unusually difficult for an outsider to sort out.

    Maybe the words of an attorney from “reservation country” New Mexico knows what he is talking about:

    There exists an uncomfortable dual status on indian land – the tribe has autonomy in some areas and the federal government reserves the right to control certain activities under the “trust” status of the tribes under federal law.

    Murder on indian land, for instance, is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal government, and one accused of this crime will be taken to federal court. The tribal courts do not have jurisdiction.

    Driving privileges, however, and lesser crimes are usually under the jurisiction of the tribal courts, and violations are prosecuted there.

    Indians have no immunity by virtue of the acts they commit on the res any more than a non-indian would. They are subject to the same federal laws as anyone else, in addition to tribal laws where applicable.

    No, they can’t do “anything they like” without paying the consequences either to the federal system or the tribal court.

    BTW: Did it never prick your curiosity as to why all those casinos were opening up on Indian reservations?

    “Second, I was watching the show with a pushtun who tells me that the pushto saying he quoted does not exist and that he has never heard it—so this know it all probably made it up—just like a whole bunch of other things he said.
    Another brilliant deduction. So if one pakhtoon does not know a saying, it means it simply cannot exist. Wow! Simply brilliant!

    “Hina Jilani, on the other hand, has always supported the poor and the oppressed in Pakistan in spite of threats from our establishment—meanwhile this Orya guy has been a part of the establishment (mr. ex-DC) that is responsible for many of the grievances of the people.”
    Oh wonderful. Now how could I have missed “Hina=flag-bearer of the poor” and “Orya=establishment” And you call Orya a moron 😉

    “I am quite surprised that admin did not feel the need to censor the comments of Pak-78626 and Traffic—…I say we ship off pak-78626 and Traffic to swat so they can be the subject of the next youtube videos!”
    Calling for censorship, kidnapping and whipping certainly adds to your credentials as a lawyer. You must be a result of one night stand between Ahmed Raza Kasuri and John Yoo 😉

    I really feel sorry for your clients — they ought to sue you for malpractice.

    BTW: Don’t you realize there is a big difference between “786″ and “78626″? Only an “idiot” would confuse the two.

    Submitted on 2009/04/15 at 5:43am

    @Amir Hameed
    I think that is a cheap shot at Taliban.

    But thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk about something that I have been meaning to talk about but forgot. This article too repeats one of the favourite lines of anti-Talibs always use in their attempt “put them down” as “Jahils” of sort:

    “The Taliban are the same people who think that polio vaccines are a form of birth control and need to be banned.”

    Ever consider maybe there are some legs to this belief?

    There concern is nothing new and the same has been expressed for years all over Africa (e.g. read Polio Vaccination and Population Control: Some Food for Thought, Polio Vaccine in Banglorek and Kano link, Nigeria Still Fighting False Rumors About Polio Vaccine, )

    And are you aware (the Taliban aren’t) that it is widely accepted that Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) CAN cause poliomyelitis i.e. polio (and some believe today it is the leading cause of polio). And are you aware that OPV IS NOT USED in France, Germany, Canada and USA, Scandinavian coun-
    tries and The Netherlands because of it’s safety issues alone

    Never been curious about it, have you? Ever wonder Who certified that OPV was safe for the rest of the world, and when? is an excellent question to ask, isn’t it??

    Submitted on 2009/04/15 at 9:34am

    polio vaccines is believed to gave birth of HIV, no doubt contents are changed now. In UK, children are vet with MMR vaccination and there is a lot of controversy association with it also. A lot of parents are saying no to it….”

    Certainly. There are many other horror stories that I did not touch upon (BTW: I am a strong anti-childhood-vaccine guy, and I did not get my own kids vaccinated …)

    Regarding MMR: Just want to add: Before MMR: Autism almost non-existant; Since MMR: Autism sky-rocketing. Draw your own conclusions.

    And do read this “rant” by Talib by the name of Robert Kennedy Jr. in the Talib Journo called Rolling Stones. And here is a more recent one.

    (I know some doctors are going to get on me for this…)

    To be continued

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