Our Army Compared to Our Enemies

Let’s just compare who did the more killing? Those who are supposed to or those who are supposed to prevent it? Following are the figures for just the past week (U.S. Drone strikes are not included as it was unusually calm on the drone end this week):

Pakistanis Killed By Pak Forces Israeli Forces Indian Forces
Apr 11 12 Suspected Militants (so far … it is midday still at time of writing) 0 0
Apr 10 124 ‘Suspected Militants’
0 0
Apr 09 30 ‘Suspected Militants’ 0 0
Apr 08 7 ‘Suspected Militants’ 0 0
Apr 07 13 ‘Suspected Militants’ 0 0
Apr 06 Army accused of extra-judicial killings 0 0
Apr 05 40 More ‘Suspected Militants’ 0 0
Total: Atleast 246
0 0

Note: Whenever you see the figure go above 30, you can be assured some American ‘dignitary’ is on a visit. Whenever you see those killed exceed 50, be assured one of our ‘leaders’ is visiting a Western capital.


39 “militants” killed in Orakzai clashes April 11
Told ya the day was still young. So that brings the total to 273 trophies for our armed mercenaries.

Also DO keep in mind these are official figures and DO NOT include the number injured which should be 10 times or more that figure. It also does not 200,000 plus — and still counting — made refugees.

4 Responses to “Our Army Compared to Our Enemies”

  1. 1 ابو سعد April 13, 2010 at 10:42 am

    Interesting analysis. Our military establishment should take it positively. We are one of the unfortunate nations where army has great influence in political matters. If it wants to do some positive it can force of our political establishment to change our policy which is the main cause of above abnormal figures.

  2. 2 Taukeer April 13, 2010 at 12:55 pm

    Army is continuing in its’s tradition of serving the Colonial masters. Remember how many Brits ruled over millions of Indians during the raj?

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