Conspiracy Theory? Latest Peshawar Blast

Blaming yesterday’s blast in Qissa Khwani Bazaar in Peshawar that killed at least 24 — mostly Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) protesters rallying against electricity load-shedding and the government — on Taliban makes no sense. Of course all media in unison is repeating the “Taliban did it” lie as are Rehman Malik (“we have them on the run”), ANP (“We will defeat them whatever the cost”, said the porn-peddler Bilour; someone should ask him which hole his brave leader Asfandyar Wali is shivering in today), smart-bomb-snuff-video peddler Kiyani will bravely copy Bilour (“We will defeat them whatever the cost”), etc. and I am sure we will soon have some Taliban spokesperson claiming responsibility.

Of course it is all hogwash!

Now why would Taliban:

  • target civilians whose support they need
  • target a rally protesting against government and its policies vis-a-vis U.S. occupation, things the Taliban are themselves fighting against?

I completely agree with Ameer of JI who blamed Pakistan’s alliance with the US for the suicide bombing. I think he should have gone further and said it was carried out either by U.S. or the government itself.

But here one must not overlook two very important motives that the government has for carrying out this act: stop protests against load-shedding and ‘rebuild consensus’ after the latest supposed fuck-up by the Army (it was no fuck up — they had to kill and put up a big body count; they just got caught).

As 20+ load-shedding has made life unbearable for most, the protests are being held daily all over the country. The government is of course has no solution for the electricity shortfall and it knows as the temperature rises, so will the intensity of these protests. It is desperate to prevent them. It is desperate enough to do anything in its power to scare people away from protesting. Sings of the governments desperation are all over:

So is the government desperate enough to carry out so-called ‘suicide-bombings” to try and take away people’s right to protest?

No question! I say chalk one up for State Terrorism’!

Of course our military has no qualms about killing innocents but having been caught red-handed — no pun intended — makes them act desperate. Having been exposed by the foreign press  — btw: shame on our press that kept giving us ISPR denials till Kiyani’s ‘apology — they had to do something to present the Taliban as ‘animals who kill innocents’ so that the sin of killing innocents by the army is thus justified by this grotesque morality/logic. This kind of killing — I mean a ‘suicide blast in a crowded marketplace full of innocents’ — was in fact guaranteed after the Army’s faux pas. This wasn’t the first time. Sadly, this won’t be the last!

So confirm that one for State Terrorism.

Just for Baboos: No, Webster Tarpley DOES NOT belong to JI 😉

P.S. One official explanation is of course:

The Jamaat-e-Islami party was hit Monday when a suicide bomber apparently targeted police watching over a rally of the group. Many of the 24 dead and 45 wounded were party loyalists, while two were officers, police official Khan Abbas said Tuesday.

Question I have is: If the suicide bomber was targeting police, how come only two of them died? Wouldn’t the suicide bomber get closer to the police (than the protesters) before blowing himself up?

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