Past Heros, Now Zeros – II

(Just wanted to get this out. If time allows, will make changes/additions)

Past Heros, Now Zeros are busy exposing themselves further. That they have been bought is clear hearing their utterances against the Supreme Court and the Justices. They are busy appearing on every talk show speaking against the very same judges that they helped restore.

Ahmed Noorani did a followup story in the News:
Four lawyers support govt, without arguments

Kurd said that he believes in the apex court’s power of judicial review but, at the same time, he believes that the present judiciary could not review this 18th Amendment in the present circumstances.

Asked to elaborate the word ‘circumstances’, Kurd replied that he was a great supporter of the 18th Amendment and thus Supreme Court should not review this amendment. He said that at the time of the lawyers’ movement, top legal and constitutional minds were giving suggestions to Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry but now people around the Supreme Court were not ‘good’.

Views of Athar Minallah were harder. While talking to this correspondent, Athar said that he believes in the Constitution and according to Article 239 no amendment could be called into question before any court.

He said that only those people were supporting the judicial review and striking down of some clauses of the 18th Amendment who had been appearing before the court of Abdul Hameed Dogar.

Is Kurd calling himself “a great legal mind”? That is laughable! Is Minallah calling Ch Iftikhar “Dogar”? Amazing isn’t it? Not only do they have no argument, they have resorted to threatening the judges and on more than one occassion: See Aitzaz Threatens Supreme Court and watch April 21, 2010’s Capital Talk (the threat made to Akram Sheikh) and Apr 18’s Meray Mutabiq (the threat he made to Hafiz Pirzada. Some of it was reported in The News here). Of course Kurd is also now using the “damadum mast kalandar” threat against the judges and like Aitzaz, saying that if the court rules against the bastardized clauses of the 18th amendment that destroy the basic structure of the constitution and make the party heads above the constitution and all politicians above the law, they will have the judgment overturned and the judges can “imagine” what will happen to them..

That they have no arguments was further brought forward by what Justice Tariq Mehmood had to say in last night’s Capital Talk. Watch it and observe his behavior as well. He is all jumpy, and even goes on to blame the media that this is a non issue and offers this “advise”:

People are not interested in it. You guys are destroying your ratings by talking about it. As soon as people hear 18th Amendment on a show, they flip the channel. If you want to be watched, don’t talk about the 18th amendment.

Now that sure is rich. The legal expert has now become media marketing consultant. You can — and must — see more of him on last night’s Late Edition with Akram Sheikh.

Why have these lawyers sold out? Well Aitzaz was always a sellout and having the BoP fraud and the LPG scam — he is a big beneficiary of both — being in front of the SC certainly has added to his displeasure. Having his dictates to the CJ fail certainly added to his change of heart (Note: the people he is standing with today — Awan, Khosa, etc. were all his partners in the BoP scam)

Similarly Kurd was expecting his ‘recommendations’ of people to be appointed judges to be dictates and when that didn’t happen, he cried foul (proof that he was sold long ago can be seen from his protestations against the court’s ruling against the NRO). Having failed to gain financially that way, he has chosen to sell himself like a kanjri from Heera Mandi and do mujras for Zardari, Babar Awan, Farooq Naek, and Latif Khosa (Note: BTW, has anyone else noticed the new wardrobe of Kurd? Suddenly he is all dressed up in new fine threads).

Exactly what was it that Athar Minallah and Tariq Mehmood were demanding is still not clear but I will assume something similar or maybe they just plain sold out for a quota or too. But let thee be no doubt that they have been sold.

Aitzaz, Akram spar over parliament
Petitions filed against 18th Amendment
SCBA also challenges 18th amendment
Haq’s appointment as Attorney General challenged

P.S. Should one laugh or cry:
Insiders reveal a resident Pir at the Presidency

2 Responses to “Past Heros, Now Zeros – II”

  1. 1 Observer April 22, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    Past or present. In Pakistan heros are zeros and zeros are heros 😦
    I think it was you who wrote a while back… true and so hurting.

  2. 2 jootaymaro April 23, 2010 at 11:01 am

    Jin pay takia tha wohi patay hwa deney lagay.
    Hmm I am surprised why did it take so long for Zardari to figure out the price of these so called champions of freedom of justice.
    Hey this is Pakistan where everything is for sale including principle, pride and public.

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