A Quickie: Bayghairat Mercenaries Exposed Again

Pakistan Government and ISI and MI have been trying to sell the myth that they are playing hard to get. They have been pretending to have balls to refuse U.S. access to Baradar (his arrest itself exposed another myth).

Well, like many times before, it is Washington that has come out with the truth and our Negros are left — yet again — covering their ass pretending they were never naked.

What came out of Washington yesterday is that indeed they have full access to Mullah Baradar and they have in fact been interrogating him with the full cooperation of ISI (there goes that other myth again).

Embarrassed at yet another sellout being exposed, Pakistan authorities finally let it known that Americans do indeed have access to Mullah Baradar. But shameless that they are — and totally incapable of telling the truth — they are still selling the “limited-access” bit.

Also note from the link above:

The BBC’s Haroon Rashid in Islamabad says the Pakistani authorities are eager to dispel suggestions by some US officials that it orchestrated the arrest to derail Afghan government efforts to talk with the Taliban.

So Americans have admitted they arrested Baradar to kill yet another peace deal (something I had stated at Baradar’s arrest). It also confirms ONCE AND FOR ALL that Baradar was indeed meeting with them regularly so finding him was “a great fruit of super sensitive and dangerous operation between to great intelligence agencies” as it was being portrayed. The fella was meeting them regularly and during one of the meetings they arrested him. END OF STORY!

Regarding that above quote it is pathetic to see these Pakistani authorities still “eager to dispel suggestions” of the truth.

Up yours, you bayghairat bikao assholes!

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