A Quickie: Columnists, Spooks, and Zionist Shills

No surprise Irfan Hussain has to butt-in at the ongoing Hamid Mir and Khalid Khwaja controvercy. In his latest piece titled “Anchors, spooks and jihadis”, he writes “Hamid Mir’s connections with Islamic militants are hardly a secret.”

Well, let me tell you what is a well kept secret about Irfan Hussain: That he is undoubtedly one of the Zionist Mercenaries in Pakistan’s Secular Press and a member of the Advisory Board of Pakistan-Israel Peace Forum (PIPF) actively advocating a policy of “enlightened self-interest.

In his view all opponents of rapprochement must necessarily belong to “religious parties” whom he faults for not presenting any “cogent reasons” beyond their “anger over the treatment the Israelis have been meting out to Palestinians under their occupation”.

That he works for Dawn is no surprise. There isn’t a zionist shill they don’t like

Side Note: Dawn has already started cheer-leading the North Waziristan military operation. In today’s editorial, they spin it the usual “destroy-the-village-to-save-it” way and say:

“Pakistan needs to clean up North Waziristan for its own sake.”


Why Would DAWN Malign Dr. Aafia?
“The Price Is Worth It”, Samar ‘Albright’ Minallah (see the article “IDPs from tribal areas” at the top)

5 Responses to “A Quickie: Columnists, Spooks, and Zionist Shills”

  1. 1 Nirvan October 17, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    Loved your article. With their Nadeem F Pracha’s, Huma Yusufs and a team of corrupt CIA-fed bastards it remains no secret that Dawn serves a zionint agenda.Finding your website was a breath of fresh air: thank God someone’s calling a spade a spade. I personally happen to know Dawn’s editor resident for Lahore Ashaa’r Rehman who I have heard saying “Afia must have some links with Alqaeda. She was involved in Daniel Perl’s murder too”. Poor Ashaar Rehman has got 3 kids to feed and the slump is still hitting Pakistan hard so who minds a handful of nice shiny dollars.
    Keep up the good work

  2. 5 Observer October 18, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    My bad. Arif Alvi is a office bearer in PTI. I wanted to write Awab Alvi. Maybe I am wrong, but as far as I know Awab is not a office bearer.

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