IMF, WB Play “Good Cop, Bad Cop” for VAT

Economic stability taking hold, says IMF
Actually the “good news” is not good news for us but for them:

Political uncertainty, chronic insecurity and a budget deficit inflated by spending to tackle a Taliban insurgency are all threats to recovery, but the outlook is far brighter than when Pakistan was on the brink of default in 2008.

(Translation: We are getting our interest payments — no matter how the government screws it’s own people for it — and they have promised to squeeze more blood of their citizens, hence the “outlook is far brighter [for us]”)
WB sets 48-hour deadline for $300 million loan
Asks Pakistan to hike power tariff by 6 pc, make progress on VAT

Of course VAT is no where closer to being accepted:
Parliament nod to VAT in limbo

But you know it will be shoved through, parliament approval or no approval:
Impose VAT for IMF loan

The United States has urged Pakistan to impose Value Added Tax (VAT) from July 1 in order to get the next loan tranche from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), leaving Islamabad helpless in its efforts to convince the IMF to continue the $11.3 billion programme without VAT.

Put pretenses must be kept:
PM invites CMs to resolve differences over VAT

Keep in mind various political parties, all trade bodies and chambers of commerce and industry in the country have unanimously rejected this new tax”

Spill More Blood! Good Dog!! Suck More Blood! Good, GOOD Dog!!


3 Responses to “IMF, WB Play “Good Cop, Bad Cop” for VAT”

  1. 1 Project June 1, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    They are visiting their largesses on the formerly “white man” too”–but-for-how-long.html

    “In mid-May, 2010, European leaders met with International Monetary Fund (IMF) leaders and finally reached an agreement comprising a £750 billion rescue package for the euro. Since then, announcements have taken place every single day regarding ruthless, merciless new austerity measures which the common people of Europe will have to now face. Workers and non-workers alike will be paying heavily for the financial games of the bankers and speculators.”

    Something about the ‘circle of life’ from Kipling….

  1. 1 IMF, WB Play “Good Cop, Bad Cop” for VAT: Act II « F*ck Politics Trackback on July 18, 2010 at 1:12 pm

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