Egypt ‘Revolution’

“It’s a scam!” was the first thought that came to mind when I saw George “Color Revolutions” Soros’ bitch ElBradei suddenly popped up in Cairo leading the “youth movement” (Soros btw is Rothschild front-man who with his associate Zbigniew Brzezinski, specializes in triggering and manipulating ‘peoples’ revolutions’ to change regimes while hiding the force that is really behind it all. And with “color” revolutions having been exposed, a re-branding (“Youth”) has been done. All doubts were removed when I heard Google marketing executive Wael Ghonim being hailed as the hero for engineering of the “movement” and that too through his Facebook page (all that was missing was Twitter but then it made the news too being hailed as one of the tools used to organize the demo). And what a surprise finding out that Ghonim and ElBradei are joined at the hip: Ghonim’s “Facebook page didn’t pop-up overnight, it was actually created nearly a year ago in tandem with Mohamed ElBaradei’s arrival in Egypt during February 2010. Ghonim also created ElBaradei’s official campaign website. Ghonim and ElBaradei then concurrently campaigned for the coming November 2010 Egyptian election and built up an opposition network in support for ElBaradei. This network included the April 6 Movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the independent labor unions now making up the bulk of the protests.” And add to the mix among whose corporate sponsors are — surprise, surprise — not just Google and Facebook, but “revolutionary” organizations such as AT&T, MTV, Nowcast and Gen-Next. If that was not enough, what if I told you it’s supporters include U.S. Department of Homeland Security (yes, yes, the same one that brought us Patriot Act and is today busy stripping us at airports and juggling our testicles), U.S. State Department, National Security, Council for Foreign Relations, Fortune Magazine, Hoover Institution, ABC, NBC, CNN and MSNBC, to name but a few.

"We interrupt this REVOLUTION ™ to bring you a message from our sponsors..." “What we see is not a foundation from which all activists can work from, but a foundation that has a very selective group of activists working on “problem spots” the US State Department would like to see “changed.” Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Eastern Europe, Venezuela, and even Thailand where ever protesters and movements are working to undermine governments non-conducive to corporate America’s agenda, you will find supporting their efforts. … It is color revolution 2.0, run directly out of the US State Department with the support of corporate America.”

Last but not least, think for a moment: What kind of revolution claims success when a military dictator is overthrown and the power handed to — the army? Duh! Remember it is the same “army that imposed the will of that despicable tyrant for 30 years is now in charge and the Egyptian army is not only controlled by the US, it is funded by massive American military ‘aid’ – second only in scale to Israel” 😉 So you wanna “Walk Like an Egyptian”? Thanks, but I’ll pass! This one’s “dead, stillborn.” Below are the links that will tell you all you need to know:

  1. There has been NO REVOLUTION so far
  2. Wael Ghonim of Google plays an integral part in ElBaradei’s bid to seize power
  3. Google’s Revolution Factory; Alliance of Youth Movements: Color Revolution 2.0
  4. The Events in Egypt: A Cautionary Tale on the History of US Foreign Policy Tactics

P.S. Let’s also keep in mind the NeoCons and their plans to “Reshape the Middle East“:

“In the Middle East, impending ‘regime change’ in Iraq is just the first step in a wholesale reordering of the entire region, according to neoconservatives – who’ve begun almost gleefully referring to themselves as a ‘cabal.’ Like dominoes, the regimes in the region – first Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia, then Lebanon and the PLO, and finally Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia – are slated to capitulate, collapse or face US military action. To those states, says cabal ringleader Richard Perle, ‘We could deliver a short message, a two-word message: ‘You’re next.'”

And there’s more:

Former CIA Director James Woolsey, who had been named as a possible candidate for a key position in the reconstruction of a postwar Iraq, said:

“… the US is engaged in World War IV (WWIII having been the Cold War), and that it could continue for years… He said the new war is actually against three enemies: the religious rulers of Iran, the ‘fascists’ of Iraq and Syria, and Islamic extremists like al Qaeda… that all three enemies have waged war against the US for several years but the US has just ‘finally noticed.‘”

He singled out Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and the leaders of Saudi Arabia when he said:

“We want you nervous. We want you to realize now, for the fourth time in a hundred years, this country and its allies are on the march and that we are on the side of those whom you — the Mubaraks, the Saudi Royal family — most fear: We’re on the side of your own people.”

With Mubarak gone, bet the Saudis are pretty nervous right about now… 😉
[Thanks Zahir for the following two must-reads…]

Naming Names: Your Real Government: When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction. by Tony Cartalucci

(Rothschild-V connection:)
V for Zionism by Keith Johnson

A Clean Break: a New Strategy for the Realm
Project for a New American Century
Rebuilding America’s Defenses – Project for the New American Century

See the latest by Tony Cartalucci:
It’s Official: “Arab Spring” Subversion is US Funded


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  1. 1 Qasim Ahmed February 13, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    Amazing blog dude. Relatively fewer people in Pak seem to be into alternate history and really breaking away from the regular diet of half-truths and ready-made conclusions that most of the global mainstream media provides us.

    Keep on writing!

  2. 2 Project February 24, 2011 at 3:03 am

    your article is cited mon ami – pls. see:

    Zahir Ebrahim

  3. 3 S.M.Raees Zaidi March 9, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    Good work due keep walking there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  4. 4 nota March 27, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    Egypt: Wikileaks to the Rescue

    Once again, Wikileaks provides suspiciously timed help for a globalist in need. Mohamed ElBaradei, US International Crisis Group trustee and leader of the Western-backed & trained youth movement that helped remove Hosni Mubarak from power, has been running into trouble in Egypt recently.

    During the March 19th vote on Egypt’s constitution, ElBaradei was attacked on his way to the polls by an angry mob calling him “an American agent.” His troubles were compounded when the constitutional amendments, which ElBardei had told supporters to reject, passed by a large margin. ElBaradei of course, wanted the constitution rewritten from scratch, with a newly drafted proposal, funded by fellow ICG trustee George Soros, ready and waiting to be ramrodded through.

    With ElBaradei steeped in growing political mire and dealing with rumors that he and his stooge Wael Ghonim are part of a Western plot, global news wires are now reporting a Wikileaks release painting him in an anti-American light. The 2009 cables reveal that American officials were “unhappy” with ElBaradei. The news report also includes some off-hand comments about ElBaradei’s plans to reestablish ties with Tehran and his thoughts on the Middle East peace process being a “ridiculous joke.”

    Despite repeated claims that ElBaradei was or is an obstacle to Western interests, his “opposition” towards America over Iraq didn’t forestall America’s inevitable invasion, nor has it hampered operations against Iran. With ElBaradei openly a trustee of the corporate lined International Crisis Group alongside George Soros, Wesley Clark, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Richard Armitage, it’s hard to believe his jabs were anything more than rhetorical fodder for his impressionable followers….

    READ IT AT THE SOURCE that contains all the links

  5. 5 nota April 6, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    Monday, March 21, 2011
    Naming Names: Your Real Government
    When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction.
    by Tony Cartalucci

    This is your real government; they transcend elected administrations, they permeate every political party, and they are responsible for nearly every aspect of the average American and European’s way of life. When the “left” is carrying the torch for two “Neo-Con” wars, starting yet another based on the same lies, peddled by the same media outlets that told of Iraqi WMD’s, the world has no choice, beyond profound cognitive dissonance, but to realize something is wrong.

    What’s wrong is a system completely controlled by a corporate-financier oligarchy with financial, media, and industrial empires that span the globe. If we do not change the fact that we are helplessly dependent on these corporations that regulate every aspect of our nation politically, and every aspect of our lives personally, nothing else will ever change.

    The following list, however extensive, is by far not all-inclusive. However after these examples, a pattern should become self-evident with the same names and corporations being listed again and again. It should be self-evident to readers of how dangerously pervasive these corporations have become in our daily lives. Finally, it should be self-evident as to how necessary it is to excise these corporations from our lives, our communities, and ultimately our nations, with the utmost expediency.

    International Crisis Group

    Background: While the International Crisis Group (ICG) claims to be “committed to preventing and resolving deadly conflict,” the reality is that they are committed to offering solutions crafted well in advance to problems they themselves have created in order to perpetuate their own corporate agenda.

    Nowhere can this be better illustrated than in Thailand and more recently in Egypt. ICG member Kenneth Adelman had been backing Thailand’s Prime Minster Thaksin Shinwatra, a former Carlyle Group adviser who was was literally standing in front of the CFR in NYC on the eve of his ousting from power in a 2006 military coup. Since 2006, Thaksin’s meddling in Thailand has been propped up by fellow Carlyle man James Baker and his Baker Botts law firm, Belfer Center adviser Robert Blackwill of Barbour Griffith & Rogers, and now Robert Amsterdam’s Amsterdam & Peroff, a major corporate member of the globalist Chatham House.

    With Thailand now mired in political turmoil led by Thaksin Shinwatra and his “red shirt” color revolution, the ICG is ready with “solutions” in hand. These solutions generally involve tying the Thai government’s hands with arguments that stopping Thaksin’s subversive activities amounts to human rights abuses, in hopes of allowing the globalist-backed revolution to swell beyond control.

    The unrest in Egypt, of course, was led entirely by ICG member Mohamed ElBaradei and his US State Department recruited, funded, and supported April 6 Youth Movement coordinated by Google’s Wael Ghonim. While the unrest was portrayed as being spontaneous, fueled by the earlier Tunisian uprising, ICG’s ElBaradei, Ghonim, and their youth movement had been in Egypt since 2010 assembling their “National Front for Change” and laying the groundwork for the January 25th 2011 uprising.

    ICG’s George Soros would then go on to fund Egyptian NGOs working to rewrite the Egyptian constitution after front-man ElBaradei succeeded in removing Hosni Mubarak. This Soros-funded constitution and the resulting servile stooge government it would create represents the ICG “resolving” the crisis their own ElBaradei helped create.

    Notable ICG Board Members:

    George Soros
    Kenneth Adelman
    Samuel Berger
    Wesley Clark
    Mohamed ElBaradei
    Carla Hills

    Notable ICG Advisers:

    Richard Armitage
    Zbigniew Brzezinski
    Stanley Fischer
    Shimon Peres
    Surin Pitsuwan
    Fidel V. Ramos

    Notable ICG Foundation & Corporate Supporters:

    Carnegie Corporation of New York
    Hunt Alternatives Fund
    Open Society Institute
    Rockefeller Brothers Fund
    Morgan Stanley
    Deutsche Bank Group
    Soros Fund Management LLC
    McKinsey & Company

    Brookings Institute

    Background: Within the library of the Brookings Institute you will find the blueprints for nearly every conflict the West has been involved with in recent memory. What’s more is that while the public seems to think these crises spring up like wildfires, those following the Brookings’ corporate funded studies and publications see these crises coming years in advance. These are premeditated, meticulously planned conflicts that are triggered to usher in premeditated, meticulously planned solutions to advance Brookings’ corporate supporters, who are numerous.

    The ongoing operations against Iran, including US-backed color revolutions, US-trained and backed terrorists inside Iran, and crippling sanctions were all spelled out in excruciating detail in the Brookings Institute report, “Which Path to Persia?” The more recent UN Security Council resolution 1973 regarding Libya uncannily resembles Kenneth Pollack’s March 9, 2011 Brookings report titled “The Real Military Options in Libya.”

    Notable Brookings Board Members:

    Dominic Barton: McKinsey & Company, Inc.
    Alan R. Batkin: Eton Park Capital Management
    Richard C. Blum: Blum Capital Partners, LP
    Abby Joseph Cohen: Goldman, Sachs & Co.
    Suzanne Nora Johnson: Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
    Richard A. Kimball Jr.: Goldman, Sachs & Co.
    Tracy R. Wolstencroft: Goldman, Sachs & Co.
    Paul Desmarais Jr.: Power Corporation of Canada
    Kenneth M. Duberstein: The Duberstein Group, Inc.
    Benjamin R. Jacobs: The JBG Companies
    Nemir Kirdar: Investcorp
    Klaus Kleinfeld: Alcoa, Inc.
    Philip H. Knight: Nike, Inc.
    David M. Rubenstein: Co-Founder of The Carlyle Group
    Sheryl K. Sandberg: Facebook
    Larry D. Thompson: PepsiCo, Inc.
    Michael L. Tipsord: State Farm Insurance Companies
    Andrew H. Tisch: Loews Corporation

    Some Brookings Experts:
    (click on names to see a list of recent writings.)

    Kenneth Pollack
    Daniel L. Byman
    Martin Indyk
    Suzanne Maloney
    Michael E. O’Hanlon
    Bruce Riedel
    Shadi Hamid

    Notable Brookings Foundation & Corporate Support:

    Foundations & Governments

    Ford Foundation
    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    The Rockefeller Foundation
    Government of the United Arab Emirates
    Carnegie Corporation of New York
    Rockefeller Brothers Fund

    Banking & Finance

    Bank of America
    Goldman Sachs
    H&R Block
    Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
    Jacob Rothschild
    Nathaniel Rothschild
    Standard Chartered Bank
    Temasek Holdings Limited
    Visa Inc.

    Big Oil

    Exxon Mobil Corporation
    Shell Oil Company

    Military Industrial Complex & Industry

    General Dynamics Corporation
    Lockheed Martin Corporation
    Northrop Grumman Corporation
    Siemens Corporation
    The Boeing Company
    General Electric Company
    Westinghouse Electric Corporation
    Raytheon Co.
    Hitachi, Ltd.

    Telecommunications & Technology

    Google Corporation
    Microsoft Corporation
    Panasonic Corporation
    Verizon Communications
    Xerox Corporation

    Media & Perception Management

    McKinsey & Company, Inc.
    News Corporation (Fox News)

    Consumer Goods & Pharmaceutical

    PepsiCo, Inc.
    The Coca-Cola Company

    Council on Foreign Relations

    Background & Notable Membership: A better question would be, who isn’t in the Council on Foreign Relations? Nearly every self-serving career politician, their advisers, and those populating the boards of the Fortune 500 are CFR members. Many of the books, magazine articles, and newspaper columns we read are written by CFR members, along with reports, similar to Brookings Institute that dictate, verbatim, the legislation that ends up before the West’s lawmakers.

    A good sampling of the most active wings of the CFR can be illustrated best in last year’s “Ground Zero Mosque” hoax, where CFR members from both America’s political right and left feigned a heated debate over New York City’s so-called Cordoba House near the 3 felled World Trade Center buildings. In reality, the Cordoba House was established by fellow CFR member Feisal Abdul Rauf, who in turn was funded by CFR financing arms including the Carnegie Corporation of New York, chaired by 9/11 Commission head Thomas Kean, and various Rockefeller foundations.

    Notable CFR Corporate Support:

    Banking & Finance

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
    JPMorgan Chase & Co
    American Express
    Barclays Capital
    Morgan Stanley
    Blackstone Group L.P.
    Deutsche Bank AG
    New York Life International, Inc.
    Prudential Financial
    Standard & Poor’s
    Rothschild North America, Inc.
    Visa Inc.
    Soros Fund Management
    Standard Chartered Bank
    Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
    Veritas Capital LLC
    Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
    Moody’s Investors Service

    Big Oil

    Chevron Corporation
    Exxon Mobil Corporation
    BP p.l.c.
    Shell Oil Company
    Hess Corporation
    ConocoPhillips Company
    TOTAL S.A.
    Marathon Oil Company
    Aramco Services Company

    Military Industrial Complex & Industry

    Lockheed Martin Corporation
    Airbus Americas, Inc.
    Boeing Company,
    DynCorp International
    General Electric Company
    Northrop Grumman
    Raytheon Company
    Hitachi, Ltd.
    BASF Corporation
    Alcoa, Inc.

    Public Relations, Lobbyists & Legal Firms

    McKinsey & Company, Inc.
    Omnicom Group Inc.
    BGR Group

    Corporate Media & Publishing

    Economist Intelligence Unit
    News Corporation (Fox News)
    Thomson Reuters
    Time Warner Inc.
    McGraw-Hill Companies

    Consumer Goods

    Nike, Inc.
    Coca-Cola Company
    PepsiCo, Inc.
    Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
    Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.
    De Beers

    Telecommunications & Technology

    Google, Inc.
    IBM Corporation
    Microsoft Corporation
    Sony Corporation of America
    Xerox Corporation
    Verizon Communications

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Merck & Co., Inc.
    Pfizer Inc.

    The Chatham House

    Background & Membership: The UK’s Chatham House, like the CFR and the Brookings Institute in America, has an extensive membership and is involved in coordinated planning, perception management, and the execution of its corporate membership’s collective agenda.

    Individual members populating its “senior panel of advisers” consist of the founders, CEOs, and chairmen of the Chatham House’s corporate membership. Chatham’s “experts” are generally plucked from the world of academia and their “recent publications” are generally used internally as well as published throughout Chatham’s extensive list of member media corporations, as well as industry journals and medical journals. That Chatham House “experts” are submitting entries to medical journals is particularly alarming considering GlaxoSmithKline and Merck are both Chatham House corporate members.

    No better example of this incredible conflict of interest can be given than the current Thai “red” color revolution being led by Chatham House’s Amsterdam & Peroff with consistent support lent by other corporate members including the Economist, the Telegraph and the BBC.

    In one case, the Telegraph printed, “Thai protests – analysis by Dr Gareth Price and Rosheen Kabraji,” within which Price and Kabraji make a shameless attempt at defending the Western-backed, Maoist themed, violent protests. While the Telegraph mentioned that Price and Kabraji were both analysts for the Chatham House, they failed to tell readers that the Telegraph itself retains a corporate membership within the Chatham House as does the Thai protest leader’s lobbyist, Robert Amsterdam and his Amsterdam & Peroff lobbying firm.

    Notable Chatham House Major Corporate Members:

    Amsterdam & Peroff
    Coca-Cola Great Britain
    Goldman Sachs International
    HSBC Holdings plc
    Lockheed Martin UK
    Merck & Co Inc
    Mitsubishi Corporation
    Morgan Stanley
    Royal Bank of Scotland
    Saudi Petroleum Overseas Ltd
    Standard Bank London Limited
    Standard Chartered Bank
    Thomson Reuter
    United States of America Embassy
    Vodafone Group

    Notable Chatham House Standard Corporate Members:

    Amnesty International
    Boeing UK
    CBS News
    Daily Mail and General Trust plc
    De Beers Group Services UK Ltd
    G3 Good Governance Group
    Hess Ltd
    Lloyd’s of London
    McGraw-Hill Companies
    Prudential plc
    Telegraph Media Group
    Times Newspapers Ltd
    World Bank Group

    Notable Chatham House Corporate Partners:

    British Petroleum
    Chevron Ltd
    Deutsche Bank
    Exxon Mobil Corporation
    Royal Dutch Shell
    Toshiba Corporation
    Total Holdings UK Ltd
    Unilever plc


    These organizations represent the collective interests of the largest corporations on earth. They not only retain armies of policy wonks and researchers to articulate their agenda and form a consensus internally, but also use their massive accumulation of unwarranted influence in media, industry, and finance to manufacture a self-serving consensus internationally.

    To believe that this corporate-financier oligarchy would subject their agenda and fate to the whims of the voting masses is naive at best. They have painstakingly ensured that no matter who gets into office, in whatever country, the guns, the oil, the wealth and the power keep flowing perpetually into their own hands. Nothing vindicates this poorly hidden reality better than a “liberal” Nobel Peace Prize wearing president, dutifully towing forward a myriad of “Neo-Con” wars, while starting yet another war in Libya.

    Likewise, no matter how bloody your revolution is, if the above equation remains unchanged, and the corporate bottom lines left unscathed, nothing but the most superficial changes will have been made, and as is the case in Egypt with International Crisis Group stooge Mohamed ElBaradei worming his way into power, things may become substantially worse.

    The real revolution will commence when we identify the above equation as the true brokers of power and when we begin systematically removing our dependence on them, and their influence on us from our daily lives. The global corporate-financier oligarchy needs us, we do not need them, independence from them is the key to our freedom.

    For more information on alternative economics, getting self-sufficient and moving on without the parasitic, incompetent, globalist oligarchs:

    The Lost Key to Real Revolution
    Boycott the Globalists
    Alternative Economics

  6. 6 nota April 6, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    V for Zionism

        Please Visit Our New Website @

    by Keith Johnson

    On December 14, 2010, 56-year-old Clay Duke attended a board meeting of the Bay School District in Panama City, Florida.  After a few minutes of deliberation, the meeting was opened up to the local citizenry.  That’s when Duke rose from his seat, walked to a nearby wall, and spray-painted the letter “V” inside a red circle.  The scrawl was a direct reference to the film V for Vendetta, whose hero—a masked vigilante named “V”—uses the same symbol as his signature trademark.  Duke then pulled a gun, and ordered the room to be cleared of all but six board members.

     “I’m going to die today,” said Duke, as he paced around the podium. 

    Duke had fallen on hard times.  Like so many Americans, he was broke and unemployed. His wife, Rebecca, had been laid off from her job—with the same school district—and was about to receive her last unemployment check.  To make matters worse, Duke suffered from a bi-polar disorder and was off his meds.  He’d reached his breaking point, and decided to take his own life as a way out of his desperate situation.  Unfortunately, he also planned to take a few people with him.  

    Two of the board members tried to reason with Duke, but to no avail.  After a few minutes, he raised his firearm and began shooting.  Luckily, none of the bullets made contact with his intended victims.  Duke, however, was not so lucky.  A security guard returned fire from behind and shot him in the leg.  He fell to the ground and turned his gun on himself.  That was the end of Clay Duke.

    The incident received nationwide coverage, with the mainstream media placing heavy emphasis on Duke’s mental instability and past run-ins with the law.  They were also very deliberate in their efforts to characterize him as a delusional paranoid.  Several of the articles contained a statement from one of Duke’s previous defense attorneys, Ben Bollinger, who said, “He was one of these Y2K people.  He was one of those believers that the world was going to [make a] turn for [the] worst and he was stockpiling weapons—assault weapons.”

    Bollinger apparently got this impression from Duke when he represented him on a case back in 2000. 

    Think about what’s happened since then? Has the world turned for the worst?  You tell me.  Maybe Duke wasn’t as paranoid or delusional as the press would have you believe. 

    Prior to his action, Duke posted this statement on his Facebook page:

    “My Testament: Some people (the government sponsored media) will say I was evil, a monster (V)… no… I was just born poor in a country where the Wealthy manipulate, use, abuse, and economically enslave 95% of the population. Rich Republicans, Rich Democrats… same-same… rich… they take turns fleecing us… our few dollars… pyramiding the wealth for themselves. The 95%… the us, in US of A, are the neo slaves of the Global South. Our Masters, the Wealthy, do, as they like to us…”

    Again, this doesn’t sound like a man who is completely ‘off his rocker.’  You have to admit that he was quite prophetic in his prediction that the “government sponsored media” would say that he was “evil” and “a monster.”  They have, in fact, done just that.  But what do you make of the rest of his observations?   Do any of you, in this so-called ‘patriot movement’ of ours, see anything in there that you’d disagree with? 

    For the most part, the patriot movement has been careful to avoid applauding Duke for his actions.  But that doesn’t mean they’ve been un-sympathetic.  Unlike the mainstream press, the citizen’s media has been correct in pointing out that Duke, himself, was a victim of this tragic event.  He was the victim of an economy that has been deliberately engineered to collapse, of a pharmaceutical industry that prescribes dangerous psychotropic drugs, and of a Zionist controlled Hollywood that produces films like V for Vendetta.

    Oh, Boy!  I just heard a thousand jaws hit the floor as they read the end of that last paragraph.  You were all with me about the “economy,” the “pharmaceutical industry,” and maybe even about “Zionist controlled Hollywood.” But many of you were certainly ready to part ways with me for suggesting that there may be something insidious behind one of the patriot movement’s most cherished films. 

    In terms of cinematic fiction, V for Vendetta has become a cult classic among many patriots.  It ranks right up there with 1984 and The Matrix.  Clips, quotes, and images from the film can be found on several patriot and alternative websites.  If you visit any number of conspiracy sites, you will also find many posters using the Guy Fawkes mask as their avatar.  A number of tax protesters in the United States, as well as in Europe, have dressed up in the V costume during some of their demonstrations.  Some patriot groups commemorate the 5th of November—the day the real Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up Parliament—and have used that day to stage protests and hold rallies.

    For those not familiar with the film, here is the basic premise:

     In the near future, Britain is ruled by a totalitarian government under the fascist Norsefire party. Evey Hammond, a young woman who works at the state-run British Television Network, is rescued from an attempted rape perpetrated by members of the secret police by a Guy Fawkes-masked vigilante known as “V”.  He leads her to a rooftop to watch his destruction of the Old Bailey. Norsefire tries to explain away the incident as a controlled demolition, claiming the building was no longer structurally sound, but V takes over the state television broadcast the next day, exposing the lie. He urges the people of Britain to rise up against the oppressive government and meet him in one year, on 5 November, outside the House of Parliament Houses, which he promises to destroy. 

    Patriots love films that are set in a dystopian future, where ‘lone wolf’ vigilantes take on ‘the system’ and sometimes sacrifice their own lives to inspire future generations to take up the cause from where they left off.  Zionist controlled Hollywood understands this, and is more than happy to accommodate.  They have their ear to the ground, and are fully aware of the rising patriot movement, and of the vast political awakening that has occurred since 9/11.  Not only do they want to cash in on these disenfranchised people, but they also want to win them over to help propagate the Zionist agenda.  They realize a revolution is imminent, and they want to make sure that they are instrumental in engineering and controlling that revolution.

    If we are to believe that the New World Order is in control of Hollywood, and that they use all mediums to spread their propaganda, then we must be careful to scrutinize every little thing they offer us.  Why would the NWO allow a film to be produced that inspires people to challenge their authority?  Only the most naïve of us would suggest that this one flew low enough under the radar to escape their scrutiny. 

    No, this film was produced by the NWO specifically to direct the fear and loathing of its audience against the mythical image of a 4th Reich, and away from any criticism of Jewish power, the Israeli lobby, and the Zionist oppression of the Palestinian people.

    V for Vendetta is rife with Hitler, Nazi, and Holocaust imagery that are intended to further embed into our consciousness that all of our modern fears are entrenched in events that occurred over 65 years ago.  

    Zionists want to convince you that your fears of a fascist police state are precisely what they were fighting against during WWII.  Regardless of what concerns you, Zionist propagandists will find a way to connect it with the Nazis.  They are determined to condition you to believe that all evil emanated from Nazi Germany, and that most of the contemporary mechanisms of government control originated from that source.  We are to believe that they, alone, are the enemy.  They always have been, and they always will be.

    This propaganda is relentless.  I recently scanned through the TiVo directory on my TV cable box.  First, I typed in the keyword, ‘Hitler.’  Over 70 titles came up for programs scheduled over the next two weeks.  Here’s a short list:  Hitler’s Ghost, When Hitler Invaded America, The Hunt for Hitler, The Fatal Attraction of Adolph Hitler, The Making of Adolph Hitler, and Hitler’s Last Deadly Mission.

    Next, I typed in the word, ‘Nazi.’  74 titles came up.  Here’s that short list: Nazi Ghost Train, Nazi UFO Conspiracy, Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy, Nazi Secret Weapons, Nazi Supership, and Hunting Nazis.

    Finally, I decided to type in the names of two other famous dictators: ‘Stalin’ and ‘Mao.’ I came up with squat.  You know what else I didn’t find?  I didn’t find any programs dealing with the USS Liberty, The Lavon affair or Operation Cast Lead.  Go figure.

    Is it that the American people are just not interested in other historical figures and events, or is it that we are being told what we should be interested in?  I think we all know the answer to that.  We have been, and continue to be, indoctrinated to only one significant event in history.  It is this event, and those characters from that era, that drive the propaganda of the New World Order.

    If you are constantly on your guard against Nazism, you become less inclined to criticize Israel.  In the minds of most Americans, the Nazis (who are the legendary oppressors of the Jewish people) and the Zionists (who purport to be the defenders of the Jewish people) are polar opposites.  If you believe that the Nazis are the ultimate evil, it is very easy to be persuaded into believing that the Zionists are the ultimate good.  This is exactly what the Zionists want you to believe.

    But I know what some of you are going to tell me.  You’re going to tell me that you haven’t fallen for that trick.  You’re going to say that you are critical of Zionists precisely because they are acting like the Nazis, right?  I’m constantly hearing this claim.  What you are saying is that the abused child has now become the abuser.  This is a defense argument.  Attorneys who represent child molesters use it to play off the sympathies of the jurors, often resulting in lighter sentences for their clients.  When you make this kind of argument, you are unwittingly coming to the defense of the Zionists.

    In addition to that, you are breathing new life into Hitler’s lungs and keeping the imminent danger of his influence fresh in the minds of the public.  It makes it that much easier for Zionist propagandists to convince the gullible that the New World Order is synonymous with Nazism.  But don’t fall for it.  Hitler is dead, and the Nazis went out of business in 1945. 

    Does that mean that Nazis have disappeared from the face of the earth?  Certainly not.  As a matter of fact, I can take you to where they live in my own community.  You’ll find both of them standing outside of their singlewide trailer smoking cigarettes.  They wear black boots, shave their heads, and have a swastika tattooed on their forearm.  If you look in through one of their bedroom windows, you will see a Nazi flag that they use as a curtain because they are too poor to replace the one that was there before.  Yes, they’ll tell you that they are Nazis.  But I assure you; they aren’t plotting to take over the world.  They’re too busy smoking methamphetamine and stealing bicycles.  No, my friends, the NWO is not synonymous with Nazism. The NWO is synonymous with Zionism.

    American Free Press writer Michael Collins Piper explains this best in his book, The New Babylon.

    He explains that the NWO is “the intended realization of a Talmudic dream to establish a Jewish utopia.”  Their idea of utopia is a “global imperium” that is ruled over by a “Jewish elite.”

    The Zionist movement is at the very heart of this realization, which specifically set out to create the state of Israel as a “geographic and political entity.” 

    Piper states that, “The Zionist cause has been integral to the plan for a New World Order.”

    He goes on to explain that, “It was the rise of international Jewish finance, and the consequent emergence of the Rothschild Empire—as a foremost influence in that realm—that is central to advancing the New World Order.”

    To paraphrase him further, Piper points out that the consolidation of Rothschild power over the British Empire laid the foundation for the political, financial, and structural framework of the New World Order.

    Piper says that the United States today has become “the virtual engine of Rothschild power.”  In the Jewish worldview, the United States constitutes, “The New Babylon.”  It has become “the seat of power,” and the mechanism whereby which “they want to achieve the New World Order.”

    This is the reality of the New World Order.  But the makers of V for Vendetta would have you believe otherwise.  They accomplish this by introducing Nazi imagery into a contemporary setting, and blending it with modern images of the police state: surveillance cameras, black-clad paramilitary police, etc.  By doing so, they propagate the message that the threat of Nazism is still very much alive.

    The political party that rules over the people with an iron fist is called Norsefire, alluding to the Nordic/Aryan archetypes and mythology that are alleged to be integral to Nazi ideology. 

    The colors of the Norsefire party’s flag are black, white and red, and also utilize a perverted cross symbol that is similar to the swastika. 

    The ‘Chancellor’ of the Norsefire party is an Adolph Hitler clone by the name of Adam Sutler, who delivers impassioned speeches in a Hitler-esque style. 

    Before being interrogated, the film’s heroine—Evey—is dressed down and has her head shaved.  This familiar image of the concentration camp victim stays with her throughout the remainder of the film.

    Part of V’s back-story reveals that he, himself, was among many other ‘political dissidents’ and ‘social deviants’ who were subjected to Nazi-like medical experiments while interned in a concentration camp.  The facility was eventually burned to the ground.  But unlike the other prisoners, V managed to escape.  He emerges from the flames with superhuman strength and unbridled rage.  This baptism by fire symbolizes V as both the embodiment of the Holocaust survivor, and of those who perished. 

    He then sets out on a mission of revenge—a vendetta—against those whom did him wrong.  This mission of vengeance is the very essence of Talmudic Judaism.  Lately, it has become a very popular theme in films like Steven Spielberg’s Munich and Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, the latter of which spawned a new film genre known as “Jewish revenge porn.” 

    V takes on the persona of Guy Fawkes, a real life British martyr who was part of the legendary “Gun Powder Plot” to blow up the House of Lords in 1605.  He dons a Guy Fawkes mask both to cover up the disfigurements he suffered in the fire, and as a symbol of violent rebellion.

    Throughout the film, V delivers very thought provoking monologues that are quite inspirational.  One of the more often quoted monologues from the film takes place after V commandeers the state-run TV station and broadcasts his message throughout London:

    “Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Well certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.”

    Who can argue with that?  I’ll be the first to admit that there is a lot of truth that can be gleaned from the dialogue in this film.  But then the message gets mired in overtones of orchestrated violence, which V makes very attractive. 

    Throughout the film, V uses terrorist tactics to disrupt the government’s infrastructure.  He also romanticizes these acts of terrorism by setting music to his demolitions and quoting poetry as he kills his adversaries. 

    V’s exploits eventually inspire the population to take a stand against their oppressive government.  At the end of the film, thousands of Londoners, all wearing Guy Fawkes masks, march on Parliament to watch it blown to Hell.

    Obviously, V’s extraordinary success as a lone wolf vigilante could only be accomplished in a fictional setting.  In the real world—particularly here in present day America—the expectation that one man’s acts of violence will inspire a mass revolt is absurd. 

    Terrorism only works to the advantage of the government.  That is why rational activists, who are trying to gain the trust and empathy of the people, avoid violence like the plague.  If we are to believe that government’s stages false flag events as a pretext to clamp down on the liberties of its people, we must also recognize that they do so for lack of the real, organic, homegrown acts of terrorism that they are constantly warning us about.  

    But, believe me, our government loves it when emotionally fragile individuals like Clay Duke take the Hollywood bait and emulate screen heroes like V.  It saves the FBI the trouble of having to set up some poor Somali-born kid to blow up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Oregon, or the MOSSAD from convincing some Nigerian half-wit to stick firecrackers down his shorts before boarding an airliner. Governments fear mass uprisings, but encourage individual acts of aggression.  Individuals are easy to contain, and their acts of terrorism are easy to absorb and exploit.

    As we have witnessed with the Clay Duke tragedy, there is nothing romantic about violence.  There was nothing cinematically breathtaking in his actions.  There was no theme music playing in the background.  He did not dazzle us with his acrobatic dexterity.  In reality, all acts of violence are ugly and repulsive.

    I am not accusing the filmmakers of deliberately inciting violence.  But, in light of the actions taken by Clay Duke, it certainly played a part in doing just that.  However, I am strongly suggesting that the filmmakers were deliberate in their efforts to advance Zionist propaganda for the very reasons I have outlined above.  And who were those filmmakers?

    First of all, the film was adapted from a 1982 graphic novel by Alan Moore, a self-described Kabbalist and Chaos Magician who also penned the 1986 graphic novel “Watchmen,” that advocated false-flag terror as a Machiavellian “end justifies the means” scenario that unites the world under a global government following the nuking of a major U.S. city.  But Moore actually distanced himself from the film version of V for Vendetta, complaining that the producers changed the “Fascism Vs. Anarchism” theme to “American Conservatism Vs. American Liberalism.”

    Then we have Joel Silver and the Wachowski Brothers, all three of whom are powerful Jewish Hollywood producers.  The Wachowski Brothers penned the script.  They are also the creative force behind another partriot favorite The Matrix, which likewise contained a great deal of Zionist propaganda.  For instance, Zion is the subterranean refuge that serves as the only safe place for the unplugged humans to escape from the evil machines.

    Natalie Portman strolling through Tribeca with boyfriend, Nat Rothschild. Nat, 36, is a Brit financier and member of the prominent Rothschild banking family.

    Then, last but not least, we have Israeli actress Natalie Portman playing the part of the film’s screen heroine, Evey.  Now, this may surprise many patriot fans of this movie.   Did you know that—at the same time this film was in wide release—Ms. Portman was dating 36-year-old Nat Rothschild?  That’s right—Nat Rothschild—from the same Rothschild family that most all of us patriots can agree sits at the very tippy top of the New World Order. 

    Now, all of these things might seem inoccuous and innocent when weighed individually.  But when added together, they make a strong argument for the thesis I’ve set forth.

    I am not making a plea for patriots to censor this film from their minds, remove clips from their websites, or refrain from reciting quotes from the film.  But I do suggest that they be cognizant of the underlying subtext of Nazi imagery, and how it being used to transport us out of the present and into the distant past.

    We have all heard the term, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  Well, if you consider Nazism to be your enemy, and Zionism to be its greatest foe, then it can be argued that Zionism is your greatest ally. But Nazism is not our problem, and it hasn’t been a problem to anyone for over half a century.

    Please don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not coming to the defense of the Nazis.  I am neither a Hitler apologist, a Nazi sympathizer, or a Holocaust denier.  In fact, I am diametrically opposed to those who celebrate Hitler, advance Nazi ideaology, or adopt Nazi symbolism as part of their identity.  Not for fear that these people might inspire a resurgence of Nazism, but because it works to the advantage of Zionist propagandists.   They like nothing more than to use these cartoon images of bald headed youths—waving Nazi flags and giving the ol’ “Sieg Heil” salute—to scare little old ladies into thinking that Hitler is poised to march down Main Street at any given moment and bring about a second Holocaust.  What’s even more dangerous, is that they superimpose these images on rational critics of Israel in order to advance un-constitutional hate speech legislation.

    Listen, if you’re still worried about the Nazis, I’ve got a suggestion for you:  Stop thinking about it!  Stop talking about it!  The only place they exist is in your mind.  If you are concerned about another Holocaust, how about addressing the one that is going on in Palestine.  If we don’t stop the Holocaust there, we may never have a chance to stop the one coming here.

  7. 7 nota April 19, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    It’s Official: “Arab Spring” Subversion is US Funded
    Doubts laid to rest; counter revolutions to come.

    Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
    Activist Post

    Bangkok, Thailand April 15, 2011 – As American bombs rain down upon Libya on the premise that Qaddafi was brutalizing indigenous pro-democratic demonstrators, the accusing fingers of Libya, Iran, China, Syria, Belarus, and a growing number of other nations are pointing at Washington for funding and plotting regime change against their respective governments. Either in an act of absolute hubris or to spin emerging evidence that the US indeed has been funding and preparing the ground for the “Arab Spring” for years, New York Times has recently published “U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings.

    Essentially throwing these activists under the bus, New York Times exposes that the April 6 Youth Movement in Egypt, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, and Entsar Qadhi of Yemen amongst others, received training and financing from the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute, and the Neo-Conservative lined Freedom House.

    The New York Times goes on to explain that these organizations are in turn funded by the National Endowment for Democracy which receives 100 million USD from Congress while Freedom House receives most of its money from the US State Department. While the New York Times asserts “no one doubts that the Arab uprisings are home grown,” leaders of groups now admittedly funded and trained by the US are anything but “home grown.” The most prominent example is the April 6 Movement of Egypt led by Mohamed ElBaradei of the International Crisis Group. ElBaradei sitting along side George Soros, Kenneth Adelman, Wesley Clark, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, within a US foreign policy think-tank engenders a considerable amount of “doubt.”

    Also conceding involvement is the Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED), chaired by various Council on Foreign Relations and Brookings Institute alumni. POMED claims that they helped protesters develop skills and to network. Such training has taken place annually under starting in 2008 where Egypt’s April 6 movement among many others, learned techniques to subvert their government. of course is sponsored by a conglomerate of corporations and government agencies including the US State Department, Google, MTV, the Edelman public relations firm, Facebook, CBS News, MSNBC, Pepsi, and others. Despite the claim that such meddling is “promoting democracy,” looking at the sponsors and war mongering interests involved in this operation, it appears to be more about promoting global military and economic hegemony.

    The role of NGOs and the so called “civil society” used to support the unrest is also included in the New York Times piece, as well as the displeasure expressed by Arab leaders berating the US for meddling in their internal affairs. Such accusations have now reach a crescendo with China, Iran, Syria, and Belarus making similar claims.

    The New York Times piece ends by describing cables indicating that many activists who became aware of US involvement in funding and directing the movements became disenfranchised. Such activists were “ousted.” Training was conducted outside of target countries, including in Jordan, Morocco, Serbia, and the United States. What the New York Times omits are the similar connections and involvements corporate special interests hand in steering human rights organizations in support of these operations as well. Such organizations had amply laid the rhetorical groundwork needed to justify the ever expanding war in Libya.

    Of course, one needs only remember the feigned ignorance exhibited by the US State Department, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, along with the litany of lies purveyed by the mainstream media to see a disingenuous plot in motion. This is because everyone from the US State Department and the corporate owned media had been involved, for years, preparing to bring the “Arab Spring” to fruition. With open admissions now being made by a global corporate-financier mouthpiece like the New York Times, one must consider the serious implications of what may come next.

    Behold the circus that is the mainstream media. MSNBC feigns ignorance and confusion over unrest they had been involved in engineering since at least 2008

    Surely this information is going to incite a counterrevolution. In Egypt, suspicion over Mohamed ElBaradei has already seen the interloping globocrat pelted with rocks and his agenda derailed. Many activists truly believed in their cause and risked their lives for the idea that they were fighting not only their own corrupt dictatorships, but the West as well who had been propping them up for years. Such a perception was exasperated during the early stages of the of the uprisings with the West lavishing support on embattled regimes in order to maximize the disenfranchisement of the people. With ongoing operations to seize Libya by force, and to see through similar US backed uprisings in Syria, Yemen, Iran, and even as far as Thailand and China, it will be interesting indeed to see how nation-states tailor their response to what is now clearly foreign funded subversion.

    In what manner this realization will manifest itself in is not certain. However, it would be wise for activists, pundits, politicians, and concerned citizens genuinely interested in truth, to think very carefully before making their next move. As George Bush had once attempted to say, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. “

    Ultimately, and upon examining the architects behind this global gambit of deceptive destabilization, we must look past the puppet politicians and the disingenuous liars that presume to give us “the news.” We must see the global corporate-financier empire as the source of the problem and its removal and replacement as the solution.

    For ways to battle the globalists by achieving self-sufficiency and freedom through independence please read on:
    Boycotting: One Corporation at a time

    Alternative Economics
    The Lost Key to Real Revolution
    Boycott the Globalists
    Naming Names: Your Real Government

    Tony Cartalucci’s articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at 
    Land Destroyer Report. 

  1. 1 Letter to BRussells Tribunal: Egypt Revolution, the White Man’s Burden, and Iraq | My Catbird Seat Trackback on February 24, 2011 at 6:03 pm
  2. 2 Egypt ‘Revolution’ II « F*ck Politics Trackback on October 4, 2011 at 6:49 pm

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