On Libya…

[Apologies for this huge collection of links…If I tried to turn this into an article,I think I’ll end up writing a book! Apologies also for not having them in as good an order as I’d like…]

By 1990s, these were the only countries remaining that did not have privately-controlled Central Banks

The Rothschild/Soros/Banking/THEFT Connection:


Libya: All About Oil, or All About Banking?

Regime Change Libya: Privatization of their Central Bank and the Theft of their Nationalized Oil Profits

GLOBALIST TARGET: Central Bank of Libya is 100% State Owned

The US Attacked Libya! Here’s why…

Wow That Was Fast! Libyan Rebels Have Already Established A New Central Bank Of Libya

(Another “Wow That Was Fast” : BP set to begin oil drilling off Libya )

How the trap was set:

Why is the Federal Reserve Propping Up the Bank of Libya?

The Trap: US Fed loaned Libya-backed bank billions

Libya-Owned Bank Got 73 Loans From Fed Window After Lehman Fell


Libya: It’s Not About Oil, It’s About Currency and Loans

Financial Heist of the Century: Confiscating Libya’s Sovereign Wealth Funds (SFW)

See the above in the light of this story:

Libya Has $70 Billion to Invest—and No Takers

(Well, not anymore 😉 )

More Robbing & Stealing by US Government: Treasury Says Libyan Sanctions Blocked $30 Billion


Kissinger Calls For US Ground Invasion Of Libya

Establishment Puppet Brzezinski Speaks On Regime Change In Libya, Gaddafi Must Not Stick Around For Long

The Libyan War, American Power and the Decline of the Petrodollar System

Libya and the Imperial Re-Division of Africa The Imperialist Powers’ Odyssey of “Return” into Africa

Libyan Rebels Fighting the Globalists’ War

Obama executes final leg of Neo-Conservative imperialism

Globalists Coming Full Circle: Obama executes final leg of Neo-Conservative imperialism

Operation Adyssey Dawn: Libya to get the “Kosovo Treatment”

Speculators, Cartels and Myths of Scarcity: How War Pushes up the Price of Oil

Oil Rises On Market Speculation Over Globalist War in Libya

Exposed: The US-Saudi Libya deal

Libya’s Blood For Oil: The Vampire War

Bottom Line, Libya Will Remain a Transnational Oil Fiefdom

De los Santos: American imperialism (1st column)

Libya: The Zionist Dragon and The Drums of War – Part 1

Libya: The Zionist Dragon and The Drums of War – Part 2

Libya: The Zionist Dragon and The Drums of War – Part 3

There’s no business like war business

AFRICOM and the Libya War

Kucinich Exposes the Entire Libya Agenda on The House Floor

Leading French Zionist Pushed for War with Libya

Libya: another neocon war

The Surprising PNAC Connection to Libya

Neocon Foreign Policy


Three Amigos: Barack and Buddies Pledge the West to Open-Ended War of Aggression

The Colonial “Axis of Evil” prepares for the invasion of Libya

NATO: America’s Imperial Tool

“Bad, Bad Gaddafi”:

Libya’s Great Man-Made River Project


* GDP per capita – $ 14,192.
* Unemployment benefit – $ 730.
* Each family member subsidized by the state gets annually $ 1.000
* Salary for nurses – $ 1.000.
* For every newborn is paid $ 7.000.
* The bride and groom receive a $ 64 thousand to purchase flats.
* Major taxes and levies prohibited.
* To open a personal business a one-time financial assistance of $ 20.000
* Education and medicine are free.
* Educ.Internships abroad – at government expense.
* Stores for large families with symbolic prices for basic foodstuffs.
* Part of pharmacies – with free dispensing.
* Loans for buying a car and an apartment – no interest.
* Real estate services are prohibited

FLASHBACK – Libya to buy laptops for all nation’s kids

Ghaddafi a hero for African rights and liberation

FLASHBACK:Operation Ajax (1953)

Reason for war? Gaddafi wanted to nationalise oil

The Lies:

The lies behind the West’s war on Libya


The clashes between Gaddafi’s supporters and the insurrection have certainly been bloody, but never in the purported proportions. There has never been a systematic repression against civilian population.

Britain, the Traitor Nation: Media Disinformation and Crimes against Humanity in Libya

Libya: The Objective of “Humanitarian Bombing” is Death and Destruction

When War Games Go Live: “Staging” a “Humanitarian War” against “SOUTHLAND”

“Wag the Dog” Playing in the Middle East and North Africa Now

Reasons and False Pretexts: Why are They Making War on Libya?

Libyan War Gets Weird; Defending the Indefensible

What a Strange Way to Protect Civilians: Depleted Uranium and Libya

“Humanitarian Intervention” in Libya – A Cloaked War of Choice

Putting Out the Fire in Libya with Gasoline

‘No sign Gaddafi bombed Tripoli – NATO wages war on false claims’

Assassinate Qaddafi?

Tripoli officials: NATO tried to take out Gadhafi

‘Give up now or we’ll kill you,’ Liam Fox warns Gaddafi as he starts talks with U.S. on widening scope of airstrikes

Putin slams ‘double standards’ over Libya

West in “mediaeval crusade” on Gaddafi, Putin says

Medvedev, Putin clash over Libya in rare moment of public discord

World powers gather for Libya brainstorming – without Russia

Pure Propaganda: Al Jazeera’s “10,000? Dead Civilians and Cluster Bombs

Pathetic Propaganda: Gates: Gadhafi placing bodies at sites of coalition attacks

Obama lied about Gaddafi’s bloodbath?

Obama’s Women Pushed War Against Libya

(And they say give women power….)

FACT CHECK: How Obama’s Libya claims fit the facts

Bombs for peace? ‘UN completely disgraced in Libya’

Libya and disinformation

Libya: A Pig in a Poke?

Obama: No U.S. Forces on the Ground in Libya… Except For Those Guys.

War Games and Phony UN Resolution Indicate Pre-Planned Attack of Libya

US orchestrates regime change in Libya, using social media

American Media Silent on CIA Ties to Libya Rebel Commander

Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links

Can you say al-CIA-da? And looking way back:

The CIA’s Libya Rebels: 2007 West Point Study Shows Benghazi-Darnah-Tobruk Area was a World Leader in Al Qaeda Suicide Bomber Recruitment

The CIA is behind the Rebellion: The Euro-American Attack on Libya

CIA Ground Forces Operating in Libya for ‘Several Weeks’


Libya False Flag Part 2: Cui Bono?

Libya letter by Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy: Full text

Libya future with Kadhafi ‘unthinkable’: Britain, France, US

NYT Demands Libyan War Escalation

Arming Libya rebels not allowed by UN resolutions, legal experts warn US

Liberal Hypocrisy on Libya

FBI: US ‘On Guard’ for Terror Attacks From Libya

UK profits out of dictatorships by selling weapons that kill people who want democracy

In Libya, West showcases new weapons for sale

Former CIA Analyst schools CNN About the Fraud in Libya

Gaddaffi’s African “Mercenary” Story is a Disinformation Ploy by the CIA

The War in Libya: It’s Really About Broccoli

Libya Rebels Execute, Behead, Mutilate Gaddafi Army who Surrender! Where is CNN now?

GRAPHIC AT END – And the WEST is arming these rebels who carried out this war crime!!! )

The “Body Snatching Gadhafi” Propaganda Rises from the Dead

Typical Patheric Propaganda: Here We Go Again (Sadam No 2): “Gaddafi’s KNOWN Chemical Weapons”

Typical Pathetic Propaganda: Woman cries for help, says abused by Gaddafi men

More of the same:

Libyan Woman claims Qaddafi’s men raped and beat her, She was Detained At Gunpoint By Government Forces

“A distressed Libyan woman made a desperate plea for help on Saturday, slipping into a Tripoli hotel full of foreign journalists to show bruises and scars she said had been inflicted on her by Muammar Gaddafi’s militiamen.

The woman, Iman al-Obeidi, said forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi detained her at a checkpoint in the Libyan capital and raped her.”

(Reminds me of this golden one from Bahrain)

Here is another typical one. Comes with the title “The aftermath of Al-Saeed Children’s Hospital Bombed by Libyan forces 23.03.2011 ”

(Left unsaid is “WHICH” Libyan forces…)

And up next? Syria….:

Media Distorts Truth To Propagandize For NATO-Backed War On Syria


Globalists Hit in Syria

Globalist War Machine Fixates on Syria

Syria & Yemen: Tying up Globalist Loose Ends


1 Response to “On Libya…”

  1. 1 Qasim April 30, 2011 at 11:58 am

    The west is a fugging dog. Inshallah this dog will be put down soon.

    They wonder why they are hated around the world. They butcher and kill millions all around the world, while their dumb population helplessly gobbles down their media’s propaganda that subdues any significant resistance at home, while their armies use overwhelming force against poor countries much smaller than them.

    Just like all western superpowers before them, they never pick fair, even fights, always canniving and manipulating. With lofty words of peace and humanity, they destroy lives all over the world. The new form of colonialism we are dealing with, where they get to strip out resources and place and replace puppet leaders without needing to get into the difficult work of physically subduing people and colonizing territories.

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