Another Cold-Blooded Murder In Quetta — This time it’s Chechens

One of the victims raises her hand in a peace sign, hoping to stop the shooting. In response, our brave sholdiers returned another wally of automatic fire from close range (see pic down below)..


How the media first played it:

Truth Trickles Out:

And yet:

Murdering MOTHERFUCKER Dawood Junejo, CCPO Quetta

Yet the son of a whore lying piece of shit motherfucker CCPO Quetta Dawood Junejo holds a press conference claiming no shots were fired (now the same bastard had claimed on the day of the incident that hand grenades, guns and detonators were found on them) and the Chechens died from their own hand grenade (of course their bodies have been confirmed to have just bullet holes and no shrapnel wounds. See ‘Chechens died of bullets wounds’). Of course this after it has already been confirmed the five had not even a razor blade, let alone hand grenades, guns and detonators. Elaborate tales were told about the encounter and fire-fights. ALL LIES. The poor souls were able to pass three check posts and at each they were demanded bribes which they paid. By this fourth check post, these poor souls had run out of money to stick up these pigs rectums and were dealt with this way for that BIGGEST of crimes i.e. lack of bribe-money.

One of the ridiculous claim is that an FC man died after being shot. I can guarantee you these incompetent bastards killed him with ‘friendly fire’.  He probably was the bastard in the bunker manning the big machine gun when his buddies opened indiscriminate fire right towards him:

The FC Bastard who got killed was most likely manning this machine gun in the bunker...(see next picture)

...See what I am talking about? Also watch the video above to get a better picture.

Some snuff-porn:

FC, Police, Army proudly display their "victory" over "terrorists" and the media complies (click for a bigger image)

Bodies being hauled away...Of course no FC, Police, Army men helping, probably too busy celebrating this huge 'victory'

Chechen ‘terrorist’ was 7-months pregnant when shot dead

Update/More later….


4 Responses to “Another Cold-Blooded Murder In Quetta — This time it’s Chechens”

  1. 1 iqbal May 24, 2011 at 12:43 am

    i just like to say our soldiers are now highly trained to kill still peoples begging for their lives not to those who can resist as it is proved in pns mehran . i feel sorry to be pakistani bec it is we criminals who give tax to pay salaries to these basterded . soon enquiry begin that will never ended and theses bastersed will be restored and Allah will cruse us as i am the part of this country

  2. 2 Observer May 25, 2011 at 12:25 am

    This is an act of terrorism. I am so ashamed of being a Pakistani 😦

  3. 3 leo June 5, 2011 at 6:33 am

    “Yet the son of a whore lying piece of shit motherfucker CCPO Quetta Dawood Junejo holds a press conference claiming no shots were fired”

    I hope that someone takes out that Negro …and those negros in rangers/army uniform who first opened fire!!!

    Inn tawaifon key beton ney apni haramzadi aur bhi berha di hey…somebody have to get to the NEGRO HEADQUARTERS where all these NEGRO commanders live!!

    No sympathy with them !! I wish and pray that they die “Kuttay ki maut”

  1. 1 Follow-up: Slaughter of Chechens in Quetta « F*ck Politics Trackback on June 6, 2011 at 3:13 pm

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