Follow-up 2: Slaughter of Chechens in Quetta

Surgeon Dr Baqar Shah Journalist Jamal Tarakai

Look at what the BASTARDS did: They beat up the doctor who performed the autopsies and told the truth about the cause of death (56 bullets and not “bomb” as in the official version) AND have arrested the journalist who shot the video….(some reports state he too was tortured).

Of course no surprise they are also continuing to tamper with the evidence.

And yet the Corps Commanders whine that there is a “conspiracy” to put a gulf between the people and the army and point their fingers at the media. Read the hilarious ISPR Press Release of June 09, 2011 after the Corps Commanders’ meeting, made even more hilarious as it came out the day after the Karachi daylight murder of a kid citizen at their hands…


1 Response to “Follow-up 2: Slaughter of Chechens in Quetta”

  1. 1 Ali Wazir December 30, 2011 at 12:48 am

    Today a brave man died. Dr Baqar Shah only crime was reporting the truth. That made him automatically a “ghaddar” in some eyes. Originally from Jocobabad, Settled in Quetta, he leaves two sons and a wife.
    One day IA, Mush and these Napak Generals will pay for their crimes.

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