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US “vs” Israel: Theatrics Galore

The Lies:

The Truth:

MSM Roundup: Assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh

Well, I am sure you have heard about the assassination and who was behind it (if not, you can easily find it). But what got my interest today was the way it was being spun now that it has become clear that Mossad  in fact did do the killing and did it on the orders of the Israeli PM.

ynetnews: Talk about blaming the victim(‘s organization!) ynetnews tries to put the blame on Hamas itself:

NY Daily News: Talk about chutzpah! It screams “So What?

Sky News: Sky at least gives us some info telling us that the passports used by the hit-squad were indeed fakes and claims staff at the Israeli airport made copies of the documents after they were taken from six British citizens during routine checks (But remember Israelis are in charge of security at most airports in Europe and America so the documents could have been copied any where). At least we can now state it as fact that finding someones passport at a crime scene don’t mean jack.

Irish Independent: Talk about a childish justification. Independent seems to be arguing “so what’s wrong if Mossad used fake passports? Al-Qaeda does it too!” O.K. then I hope Independent will have no problem if we declare Mossad as a terrorist organization (it IS that but not kosher to say so), declare a War of Terror against it as well and Tora Bora Tel Aviv. So what do you say Independent?

Haaretz: Haaretz gets a bit honest and implicates Netanyahu and lets us know that the assasination was planned long ago. They practiced the hit in Tel Aviv and Netanyahu reportedly told the Mossad agents, “The people of Israel count on you. Good luck.” So can we hang Netanyahu now?

Arutz Sheva: Arutz Sheva certainly doesn’t disappoint and tries to convert this cold-blooded murder into a holy act.

I thought about giving the ‘Best Finkelstein Beyond Chuzpah Award‘ to Arutz but then I came across the piece by Telegraph. They won it hands down!!!!

Telegraph takes this story of murder-most-foul and tries to glorify the murders and presents them as sexy agents doing great work, sort of like Charlie’s Angels and tries to sell their doings as  a spy thriller. The subhead reads:

Gail Folliard, one of the women suspected of killing Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, follows in a long line of Mossad agents, says Gordon Thomas.

so you can guess what will follow. But that is not all. It goes on to demonize not only Al-Mabhouh the victim but Iran and Gaza AND attempts to present Israel as the victim in all this — and all in just one sentence:

Mabhouh was in Dubai to buy missiles from Iran which would then be smuggled to Gaza and launched onIsrael.

Wow! No one can out do that!!!

Der Spiegel, Israel Teamed for Murder

Hezbollahs Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Hezbollah's Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Yes, no doubt Der Speigel is being an Israeli mouth piecesurprise, surprise — and making these baseless accusations against Hezbollah. Of course there is nothing new about these “breakthrough ‘exclusive’ with ‘new evidence pointing to those who were guilty”. They are a rehash of the claims made by the very same Der Speigel back in 2005.

Everything about this story stinks but it is just another example that shows what MSM is all about. One must keep in mind the timing of this has everything to do with the elections in Lebanon where Hezbollah is going to kick ass, making the flag-bearers of “democratic principles” loose their sleep once again (see Robert Fisk’s recent article “Biden’s Real Mission is to Stop Hezbollah”).