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Aitzaz’s Latest Client: Malik Riaz

Yesterday I came across blurb about the latest troubles of Malik Riaz of Bahria Town, one of the most corrupt people in Pakistan, and was not at all surprised that the guy representing him was none other than Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan. Now I have written enough about Aitzaz to not be surprised by this. My only curiosity was to see what sort of “plea bargaining” he would be trying to do this time (Remember I have stated before that looking at the cases our most brilliant attorney has been involved in, you’ll find his only trick is plea bargaining, nothing more — look at “Aitzaz jumps in with his pig brothers” here  where I talk about the Bank of Punjab case; also have a look at his brilliant work for his client in the submarine scam).

Well I was not disappointed:

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PML-N Soldier Barrister Akram Sheikh

The 'Moralilty' Stalwart of PML-N, Barrister Akram Sheikh

The 'Moralilty' flag-carrier of PML-N, Barrister Akram Sheikh

An excellent example of the morality of politicians and lawyers!

Remember this guy is quoting Quran in court one day and asking judges to fear the ‘Day of Judgement’.

But what is he up to now? Well, how about getting in bed with Latif Khosa (and this is after Khosa was removed from the post of AG for corruption) and the most corrupt ex-judge Malik Qayyum — affectionately known as Kuttayum — to fight against the lawyers’ group responsible for the restoration (I guess Qayyum and Sheikh are buddies since the days when Nawaz was king and Justice Qayyum was the judge in Nawaz’s pocket.)

Another feather in his cap: His latest client is the most-corrupt Malik Riaz of Bahria Town. Yes, it is the same Malik Riaz who is these days helping Zardari to break all records of corruption (I guess he liked Malik Riaz’s style — remember it is Malik Riaz who brought in the Quran in Nawaz-Zardari deal that was later broken and led Zardari to state a promise is not Quran or Hadith!)