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Egypt ‘Revolution’ II

Remember my post Egypt ‘Revolution’ from a few months back? Well here is a nice documentary that explains it further:

On Libya…

[Apologies for this huge collection of links…If I tried to turn this into an article,I think I’ll end up writing a book! Apologies also for not having them in as good an order as I’d like…]

By 1990s, these were the only countries remaining that did not have privately-controlled Central Banks

The Rothschild/Soros/Banking/THEFT Connection:


Libya: All About Oil, or All About Banking?

Regime Change Libya: Privatization of their Central Bank and the Theft of their Nationalized Oil Profits

GLOBALIST TARGET: Central Bank of Libya is 100% State Owned

The US Attacked Libya! Here’s why…

Wow That Was Fast! Libyan Rebels Have Already Established A New Central Bank Of Libya

(Another “Wow That Was Fast” : BP set to begin oil drilling off Libya )

How the trap was set:

Why is the Federal Reserve Propping Up the Bank of Libya?

The Trap: US Fed loaned Libya-backed bank billions

Libya-Owned Bank Got 73 Loans From Fed Window After Lehman Fell


Libya: It’s Not About Oil, It’s About Currency and Loans

Financial Heist of the Century: Confiscating Libya’s Sovereign Wealth Funds (SFW)

See the above in the light of this story:

Libya Has $70 Billion to Invest—and No Takers

(Well, not anymore 😉 )

More Robbing & Stealing by US Government: Treasury Says Libyan Sanctions Blocked $30 Billion

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A Quickie: Dead Man Talking…Again!

Osama bin Laden threatens Americans with execution

Lock-On: Pakistan

Proof ISPR Best At Telling Tall Tales


ISPR documentary wins first prize in film festival

Friday, November 20, 2009


‘Life of a Siachin Soldier’ an ISPR documentary has won the first prize in the international film festival ‘Eserciti-e-popoli’ (armies and people) held at Bracciano, Rome (Italy), says an ISPR press release issued here Thursday.

The armed forces representatives from 20 countries participated in the contest where 150 documentaries were screened in different categories. Maintaining the tradition, Pakistan Army’s documentary ‘Life of a Siachin Soldier’ has won the first prize in the category of training and was awarded Chief of Army Staff trophy.

…It may be pertinent to mention here that Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) is winning positions in the festival since 1994.

Ah, so they have been getting good at it since 1994. But they really are not that good with Photoshop yet… 😛

Fake ISPR Photo of Kiyani Visiting Swat

Another Nail In The “Unity” Myth’s Coffin

Remember how we have been told over and over that all people are “united” in this “war” that is “ours”? Well then why the need ask “ ask public to support anti-Taliban drive“? Doesn’t under that belie the fact that we are not united in this “cause”?

We all remember the stunt pulled by PZP about the “unity” of the APC on Swat. It too turned out to be a lie (spread with the help of PML-N and the media who pasted that lie in every headline knowing full well it wasn’t true)

And see what these shameless bastards are using now to try and get their way:

Pakistani officials are moving swiftly to use the suicide bombing of a luxury hotel in their campaign to build public support for military offensives against the Taliban, saying the country is at war.”

(Yes, it is nothing more than a “product” marketing campaign. Was Peshawar our own latest little Reichstag? )

Hitler’s Reichstag Fire & Bush’s 9/11: LOTS in COMMON

MoFo Media

dawn-wCertainly was disgusting to find the following pic glaring at me on the front page of Dawn today, under the main headline “Obama Asks Muslims to Make Fresh Beginning“:

alestinian militants wearing masks pose with their weapons while watching the speech of US President Barack Obama in front of journalists at a training base in Gaza City. — AP photo

Palestinian militants wearing masks pose with their weapons while watching the speech of US President Barack Obama in front of journalists at a training base in Gaza City. — AP photo

There could be no picture worst than this one chosen by Dawn. Totally inappropriate and totally staged  piece of trash put out my IDF I am sure.

  • If these “Palestinian militants” are so interested in watching Obama then why the hell are they not watching him?
  • Why are they all dressed alike in camouflage and all holding the same pose with guns in their laps, staring straight ahead like zombies? And I doubt any militant’s hope is in such nice shape….
  • The speechwas in motherfvcking Egypt so why are they showing “militants” from Palestine? And if you have to show palestinians, why not show ordinalry ones?

Not to be out done, we have this interesting claim made by the Jang group:

US also complains against Geo (WINK, WINK) 😉

GeoLogoHolbrooke of course helped in the con by stating Geo was being anti-American. I think this in in reaction to the chatter making the rounds that a MAJOR part of Geo’s earnings come from airing Voice of America. Add to that payment for services rendered for other such broadcasts and you get the picture. News is also making rounds that a full 44% of Geo’s shares are held by Bajaj Group of India so you can well imagine where their loyalties lie.