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Proof Positive MORONS Running NUST

Yes, I am talking about the National University of Science and Technology.

Now get this: Yesterday they put out a news release (and put some effort into publicizing it as it appeared in a lot of places) proudly proclaiming they “intended to hire services (of an outside firm) for the conversion of their existing website into a world-class web portal that would facilitate the students, teachers, alumni and the administrative staff.” They added:

The main objective of this web portal is to have a world class recognition that will reflect the international standing of NUST with respect to Academics, Research and University Industry relationship through a complete web-solution having user-friendly interface and navigation.

[How does a company named E-Solutions-Pakistan with CEO Ahsan Ahmed end up being an “offshore” firm is beyond me 🙂 Probably this Ahsan fella is the some of some crooked politician or crooked general]
ESOLPK (Pvt.) Ltd. an offshore software and web development outscoring firm in Islamabad has performed study on the existing websites of NUST and its constituent institutes, colleges, schools and centers and has proposed the best possible architecture for the University Web Portal.

[Observe the advert for Microsoft:]
The technical team at ESOLPK proposed the MS SharePoint technology to proceed with the Portal development. For a
university as large as NUST, with several institutes, colleges, schools and centers, which provide unique educational services to students, a technology as established as SharePint promises best results with options to enhance in future.

[End advert] 🙂

This portal will ensure thee[sic] impressive projection of NUST through web as well as attract new students & research scholars in Pakistan and worldwide.

Did not a single MORON scientist or big techie at NUST realize HOW FREAKING STUPID THIS IS? Instead of announcing it proudly, they should be hiding their faces in SHAME (better yet, committing collective harakiri) for what what they are admitting to is that with ALL their faculty with PhD’s in technical fields and their whole science and technology student body (remember this place offers PhDs in Engineering & IT, Medical Sciences, Business Administration, and Mathematics and Physics too besides Undergraduate and Masters degrees) CAN NOT BUILD A SIMPLE FREAKING WEB PORTAL!!!

Now that’s “thee[sic] impressive projection of NUST through web” that I have ever seen and I am sure it will “attract new students & research scholars in Pakistan and worldwide” 😛