Pervaiz ‘G W’ Kiyani

Remember way back when Bush pulled the “I’m a fighter pilot” stunt and declared “Mission Accomplished”?


That was May 01, 2003, more than six years ago. Well we all know how that went.

Well, here is the cheaper version:

Remember way back when Kiyani pulled the “I’m a fighter pilot” stunt and declared “Militants have been destroyed” (a claim repeated many times by Zardari and Gilani, of course).


That was June 15, 2009, more than fifty days ago. Well, here is what he had to offer us now:
Swat operation to continue, says COAS

Say what? You mean your ‘victory lap’ was all for naught? Could ISPR have been right for once (“Army to stay in Swat indefinitely, says ISPR“) ?

P.S. I had commented about Kiyani’s stupid act earlier (see bottom of this post) and it was just too plain for all to see. Here is what Ayaz Amir had to say:

But it would be a pity if any of this went to Kayani’s head. We need good and able military commanders. But we’ve had enough of military saviours and can do without more in the future. And, perhaps, we can do without army chiefs trying to become F-16 aces. A flight through the clouds of Waziristan — a final victory lap, so to speak — may be in order once Baitullah Mehsud is beaten. Before that it would look a bit like President George Bush’s landing on the flight deck of the USS Constellation with a banner at the back proclaiming “Mission Accomplished” when, as events in Iraq were to prove, the mission had barely started.

(See Ayaz, I really don’t hate you. I just hate it when you say things like “The army chief, Gen Ashfaq Kayani, has grown on the job and is definitely a more confident man than when he took over from Musharraf. The Malakand operation and preparations for an assault on Waziristan have to a large extent rehabilitated the army’s image, badly tarnished by Musharraf’s policies” in the same para, knowing full well that someone given to such stunts could hardly be a “confident man” who has “grown on the job” and “rehabilitated the army’s image”. Are you saying our army is so pathetic it has to stoop this low to build it’s image???)

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