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PML-N Good Governance: Firing Cops Who DO Do Their Job (And More)

1. Sometimes even I am surprised at how blind our rulers think we are. Take for example the case of these jawans of Punjab Police who — for a change — were doing their jobs and how they were rewarded:

6 cops including SHO suspended

The story tells us that the car of PML-N MNA Malik Riaz was stopped as police noticed people in the car brandishing AK-47s. Of course the police asked them to produce the licenses for the arms but they had none. Malik Riaz demanded the police let them go (I am sure “Don’t you know who I am?I am above the law”  was declared by him. He did say “he was going to attend special meeting at Chief Minister’s House” as if that made it all legal) . Although he was eventually let go, he took this as an insult (“How dare they let him not break the law”) and complained to his higher-ups — Good-Governance Sharifs — who of course suspended six of the cops involved in the incident.

Update: I am glad the Lahore High Court took suo moto notice of the suspension and Chief Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif rightly “observed that the country was under a spate of terrorism and demanded security measures at every level, irrespective of the status/position of any subject.”

Latest from today is: Policemen restored

Of course if the LHC hadn’t gotten involved, you know they would have remained suspended. Even now the question is what action will be taken against the law-breaking MNA (who again is guilty of crime for seeking and getting the cops suspended misusing authority)? You can be sure no action will be taken in this regard. Wah re, good governamce!

2. Next story comes to us from Mianwali where “good governance” is leading the government to “dispose of 521-kanal tract” of valuable COMMERCIAL land at throw away prices. That they plan to “sell” — it probably will end up in the pocket of some Butt butt-kisser — this land on the cheap can be gathered from the fact that they have declared this piece of prime commercial property as “agricultural” land.

BTW: It appears the land is NOT Punjab Government’s to sell in the first place:

According to him, this particular piece of land was owned by a family which donated it to the British for welfare but now they had moved court to get back its possession. He said the land could not be auctioned because of litigation.

(Of course this and many such sales are planned — though officially denied — as the Punjab Government is BANKRUPT and they are selling these admittedly to “augment its financial resources to meet exigencies” (That is true but this is also pure theft as the lands will end up with buddies of Sharifs or the Sharifs themselves)

3. They continue to argue let’s make it legal by declaring illegal legal in the IMAX/Doongi Ground case I mentioned before.

4. In his typical fashion, Shahbaz paid a surprise visit to General Hospital, Lahore and fired the MS for the mess General hospital is. Rest assured nothing will change as ALL pubic hospitals are a mess in ALL of Punjab and ALL their MS’s are the most corrupt of the lot. This must have to do with this particular MS loosing favor of the CM somehow or someone else gaining it. Nothing will change at General Hospital — or Mayo, or Jinnah, or any other hospital — that I can assure you. I mean, if he had to fire someone, he should have started with the MS’s of Mayo and Jinnah Hospital who are the sleaziest of the lot (BTW: Jinnah did make the news yesterday and it’s slimy MS played victim so you know he is going to get away with it).

5. Another news I cannot provide a link to as it appeared only in the print edition of Dawn last week. Dawn reported that the cost of upgradation of Multan Road has gone up 700%. Now that is an achievement considering this increase was managed in under two years 😉


Why Blame The Police?

PML-N Good Governance: Making Illegal Legal

Another Mush Bitch Selected By ‘Democracy’

Amazing! The guy who helped rape the country as privatization minister under Musharraf has been selected to be new Finance Advisor (to replace Shaukat Tareen). I am sure IMF/WB are delighted!

Wah Ray Democracy!

But no surprise, really. Remember the four governors of all four provinces are still those installed by Musharraf, the policies being followed are all those of Musharraf, the COAS is the one selected by Musharraf. So who needs Musharraf. It does remind me of the old Eric Margolis article ‘Zardari is the New Musharraf’


Just financial wizardry that we will see in the days to come can well be gauged by today’s article by Mohammad Malick. Continue reading ‘Another Mush Bitch Selected By ‘Democracy’’

So Much for Foreign Investment: KESC “sold” to Zardari Kin

Abraaj goes public with some of its juicy secrets

By Shaheen Sehbai

KARACHI: The mystery surrounding the new owners of KESC, Karachi’s beleaguered power supply utility, has finally been unraveled. In a rare show of plain speaking, the top boss of Abraaj Capital with his 40 expensive executives, has made startling written confessions which may stun the nation.

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