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Ah, Baradar!!!

Remember “Oh, Baradar!”? Well then you are gonna enjoy this:

Pakistan to consider releasing Mullah Baradar



And the Nishan-e-Haider Goes To…

…certainly NOT this bozo who came out to investigate what was going on after hearing explosions and got his ass fried (12 others died too who probably were killed in action but were ordinary soldiers and not sexy enough). Sure they are trying this exercise to create our own Jessica Lynch myth (or did he die like Pat Tillman from friendly fire?), our own Rambo, and cover their asses and trying to pretend their was some bravery shown by our armed forces (and FC and Police and Rangers who all combined to “fight” the six attackers and yet managed to kill only four, letting two escape. Yes, with hundreds of “soldiers” from four of your top security forces working jointly were engaged by the six attackers for OVER 16 HOURS and two of them still managed to escape.

So of course the choice as to who deserves the medals is simple really. I nominate for Nishad-e-Haider the four attackers who got killed and I nominate for Hilal-i-Ju’rat the two who got away.

But of course that won’t happen…Yes, that bozo WILL get the Nisha-e-Haider for army has been exposed once again as being good at only taking it up their rectom and loving it and no matter how exposed these emperors are, pretenses must be kept. Time is ripe for them to create another Rashid Minhas….

Official Stories:
Oh what a joke they have been…The Naval Chief’s press conference was hilarious. He not only stated “This was not a security failure” but tried his behind in a novel way by singing songs of praise for the attackers and their excellent training and how successful the security forces were in limiting damage (it was only Rs. 8 Billion’s worth of damamge and destroying Pakistan’s 80% anti-sub, anti-mining capability).

In another one, the Air Force blamed the navy for the lapse (that wasn’t there according to the Naval Chief) and the Navy guy blamed the Air Force (remember this base is run by both Air Force and Navy).

Rehman Malik of course had his clown hat on as usual and proudly proclaimed they got four of the six so no worries. He of course blamed every one — Taliban, Al-Qaida, foreign forces, etc. and excused the intrusion because “there was a 35-degree blind spot in the security camera coverage which the attackers used to trespas” (Hmmm….if they knew there was a such a HUGE blindspot, why didn’t they cover it with another camera? Hardly would have made a dent in the monstrous defense budget that easily pays for a Rs 85 million bulletproof BMW for the naval chief).

Interesting, seeing that the nuber of attackers being only six looks really bad, they have tried to divert blame by now raising that number to twelve (that’s the number they put in the FIR) as if that justifies the failure of the base security. Hardly. In fact it makes them look even worse because that means not two but eight attackers got away. Wht bloody morons!

What the Army/FC/Police/RangersĀ are good at:
Shooting unarmed citizens….Please watch EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THESE. You owe it to the victims….

And one just to expose another lie:

Oh, Baradar!

They said:
His capture PROVED Karachi was safe haven for Taliban leaders and miltants (funny even then since they were talking of one such person’s capture — some safe haven!)

It was hailed as a great success of CIA/ISI cooperation (funny as they still want us to believe CIA and ISI are enemies working against each other)

We were told by Zahid Hussain/WSJ/Dawn/etc. Baradar was the second-most powerful figure in Afghanistanā€™s Taliban movement and was more dangerous than Omar

Well now we are told Mullah Baradar has been released under ‘US pressure’

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Well talking of “conspiracy” here is a real on: All that talk of Talibanization of Karachi..
(Remember the Karachi Ashura bombings were blamed on them at the time, so now what happens to that? They need to find a new patsy)

And There Goes The ā€œISI vs U.S. Intelligenceā€ Myth ā€” Updated
(I had maintained this capture was no big breakthrough. Baradar was regularly meeting with ISI/CIA and they just nabbed him during one of these meetings)

Dawn Editorial: Is there more than meets the eye to the riots following the attack in Karachi?

“…It was initially thought that enraged mourners and their sympathisers had gone on the rampage, torching commercial buildings, police stations and vehicles to vent their anger. That was alarming in itself but there are now suggestions that there may be more behind the violence than spontaneous rioting….”