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Minority’s (and Dawn’s) Typical Hypocrisy: An Excellent Example

I saw the following headline — in daily Dawn of all the places — and was pleasantly surprised:

Not all deaths are mourned the same

I was surprised thinking it was about not mourning civilian deaths by drone attacks and was glad someone in the mainstream media had published something on it and that too Dawn (who usually call for MORE drone strikes and ask for bringing IDF-style check posts to Pakistan).

Boy, was I wrong! The crocodile tears Dawn and one Murtaza Haider (“Ph.D. is the Associate Dean of research and graduate programs at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University in Toronto”) are shedding are for the Hazara shia community in Balochistan 29 of whom died in back September.

Now how do they jump from NATO strike victims all the way to a sectarian thing far, far away is amazing. That at the same time they forget thousands of other victims of drone strikes — something that would be an automatic link — is beyond my comprehension. Another NATURAL link would be thousands of Balochis killed by security forces (read Pakistan Army), no matter what sect they belong to, reeks of hypocrisy of the extreme kind. One can only not forget about those intentionally and if one is following an agenda. This is not an oversight and is proven by the fact that they would not print any comment that mentions those killings (though they find every ridiculous comment agreeing with their bullshit story “Oh, poor Hazars…oh the humanity! Poor poor shias….”).

Hypocrisy Squared:

Here is an example. I tried to be as p.c. as I could be and thought about giving posting a comment a try. I wrote:

I am surprised no mention is made of the other victims of countless NATO strikes: the victims of drones. That would have been more RELEVANT. And using this incident to talk about sectarian/minority thing is dishonest at the very least and stinks of the author having an agenda.

Another interesting thing is that among all the killings going on in Balochistan, the author can only see those from the Haraza Shia community. He knows 435 Hazarans have been killed. Care to tell us how many thousands non-Hazarans were killed in the same period in Balochistan?

I guess “Not all deaths are same” after all 😉

After sitting in moderation for a while, the comment was disappeared like a Baloch in Dera Bugti 😉

Shame on you Murtaza Haider and Shame on you Dawn!!!

A Quickie: Columnists, Spooks, and Zionist Shills

No surprise Irfan Hussain has to butt-in at the ongoing Hamid Mir and Khalid Khwaja controvercy. In his latest piece titled “Anchors, spooks and jihadis”, he writes “Hamid Mir’s connections with Islamic militants are hardly a secret.”

Well, let me tell you what is a well kept secret about Irfan Hussain: That he is undoubtedly one of the Zionist Mercenaries in Pakistan’s Secular Press and a member of the Advisory Board of Pakistan-Israel Peace Forum (PIPF) actively advocating a policy of “enlightened self-interest.

In his view all opponents of rapprochement must necessarily belong to “religious parties” whom he faults for not presenting any “cogent reasons” beyond their “anger over the treatment the Israelis have been meting out to Palestinians under their occupation”.

That he works for Dawn is no surprise. There isn’t a zionist shill they don’t like

Side Note: Dawn has already started cheer-leading the North Waziristan military operation. In today’s editorial, they spin it the usual “destroy-the-village-to-save-it” way and say:

“Pakistan needs to clean up North Waziristan for its own sake.”


Why Would DAWN Malign Dr. Aafia?
“The Price Is Worth It”, Samar ‘Albright’ Minallah (see the article “IDPs from tribal areas” at the top)

“The Price Is Worth It”, Samar ‘Albright’ Minallah

Dawn reports:

IDPs from tribal areas

IDPs in Swat, April, 2010

Not only has the theatre of war against the militants in the northwest expanded in recent times, it has also extracted a heavy price in the process by displacing people from various affected areas on a very large scale. The fact must be kept in mind and both state and civil society should come to the aid of the IDPs. According to one relief agency, it has registered over 1.3 million IDPs from the tribal areas. The exodus from Orakzai Agency alone amounts to over 75,000 tribesmen at even conservative estimates. Parts of the agency have reportedly turned into ghost towns where starving children search for food. Unsurprisingly, the battle against militancy has led to mass migration, with people seeking refuge in Kohat and Hangu districts and Khyber Agency. The exodus was a predictable consequence of the operation against the militants, but little evidence is available of the state having made efforts to mitigate the IDPs’ suffering. The sole relief camp in the area is in Hangu district, accommodating less than 4,000 people. There is no room for the hundreds of people streaming into the area everyday. Apparently, no relief camp exists in Kohat district, where over 22,000 IDPs have registered themselves with the social welfare department.

This is an unacceptable situation. The IDPs are caught in a war that is not of their making and they have a right to receive the state’s protection. Tackling the militants must of course continue with full force — after all, just on Wednesday militants blew up five schools and a basic health unit in the Utmankhel area of Orakzai Agency. But the fallout on ordinary citizens must be mitigated as far as possible. The conflict must speedily be brought to a successful closure. Meanwhile, efforts are needed towards setting up relief camps.

“Tackling the militants must of course continue with full force” – Now that is fvcking amazing, isn’t it?

BTW: This is nothing new for Dawn. Exactly a year ago they had a similar piece:

Plight of internally displaced persons

PROTECTING the lives and property of citizens is amongst the most fundamental duties of a government, in fact its raison d’être. In the case of thousands of residents of Pakistan’s militancy-infested areas, however, the state appears to have been unsuccessful on this count. Not only has it failed to effectively curtail the militants’ reign of terror, it has worsened the plight of victims who have borne the brunt of retaliatory military operations. Nor has the state been able to provide meaningful succour to families who were forced to flee. The point is reflected in the grim future faced by internally displaced persons in various parts of the country.

A UNHCR survey estimates that there are over 43,500 IDPs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi alone. Threatened in equal measure by militants and the security forces, these families fled in the hope that the state would come to their rescue. Yet no refugee camp or aid centre has been set up in the twin cities’ jurisdiction and the IDPs have been left to fend for themselves. Little imagination is required to realise that the step from subsistence-living to disillusionment and crime is a short one. However, this realisation is yet to dawn on the federal government that refuses to accommodate refugees in camps anywhere but in the NWFP because of ‘security concerns’.

Meanwhile, an estimated 41,000 IDPs live in the NWFP’s Jalozai camp. They are now being asked to return to their homes since the military operation has ended. Faced with the daunting task of returning to battle-scarred areas, these citizens are demanding that they be compensated for the destruction of their homes and have their safety guaranteed upon return. But the government has shown little interest in addressing these concerns, and no compromise with them has been attempted. Little wonder then that violent clashes have occurred between IDPs and the police, most recently on Wednesday when a protester was killed. A press note issued by the DCO’s office blamed the protesters for having cast the first stone, but that is not the point. The real issue is that thousands of people found themselves caught in the crossfire between militants and security forces, and fled a situation that was not of their making. Their demand for aid is legitimate. If their needs are not addressed, the state runs the risk of adding to the ranks of disillusioned people who turn to arms in order to have their voices heard.

Of course it was clear then as now no help would come IDPs’ way but “Talibs had to be stopped”.

And I am sure even if asked today, Ms Samar ‘Albright’ Minallah would say “The price was worth it!” Of course she will say it with crocodile tears about that “poor girl getting flogged” and wanting us to believe that alone justifies the murder of thousands since and suffering of millions.

"We are so glad to go thru this suffering. Thank you Samar!"

Swat Flogging Video Fake

DAWN: Bring IDF-Style Check-Posts To Pakistan

In the wake of yesterday’s bombings in Lahore, today’s Dawn features a piece by some motherfvcking Sri Lankan piece of trash proposing IDF-style check-posts (not that we are far from it). It goes on to say what good are the checkposts if they are not a bigger nuisance and don’t delay people for hours on end. It also proposed that if Supreme Court comes in the way of such measures, it should be ignored.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

Be warned: It does state things like “Oh God! Aren’t there women terrorists in this part of the world? Don’t they know it was a woman suicide bomber from Tamil Tigers who killed the Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi?”.

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Why Would DAWN Malign Dr. Aafia?

Recently this front page headline from Dawn screamed at me:
Aafia yells at jurors
I already had read on the net that the fact was she had yelled not at jurors but at the prosecutor (Jenna Dabbs) and a witness (US Army Capt Robert Snyder). I quickly grabbed the paper but all I found was this:

NEW YORK: Aafia Siddiqui yelled at jurors during the first day of her trial, saying she had been held in a secret prison. She had to be led out of the courtroom after disrupting the testimony of one of the witnesses. Assistant US Attorney Jenna Dabbs told jurors Ms Siddiqui was taken into custody by Afghan police in July because she was carrying containers of unidentified chemicals and notes referring to mass-casualty attacks and New York landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and the Brooklyn Bridge.—Reuters

That’s it? No mention of what was said and why? Why would Dawn want to present Dr Aafia in a bad light through such an act of omission and commissioning such a discriminatory headline???

For record, here is what was said and to whom:

  1. It appears it was during Ms Dabbs arguments that Dr Aafia stated that she was held in a “secret prison… where children were tortured”.
  2. And it was during Snyder’s testimony that “Afghan police discovered the notes in Siddiqui’s purse mentioning a massive attack and listing landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Wall Street.” did Dr Aafia (yell? say loudly?): You have to give me credit. There was no list of targets against New York. I was never planning to bomb it. You’re lying.’’

(Sources: BBC, Boston Globe — It’s funny how I couldn’t get the whole truth from a single site!)

Important Side Note: An interesting and so far unknown “black” agreement has been revealed in LHC between U.S. and Pakistan, thanks to the Dr. Aafia case. Let’s see how the court reacts. Earlier, the Government of Pakistan (GoP) had stated that due to “some unavoidable reasons the government could not approach the ICJ in Dr. Aafia case.” (“The law officer was of the view that due to some international treaties the Pakistan government could not move the ICJ without consent of the countries involved in the case, America and Afghanistan.”)

Well, those VERY AVOIDABLE reasons can now be revealed. It has come out that GoP has been kind enough to sign a treaty  with US (and Afghanistan?) under which Pakistan could not move the International Court of Justice (ICJ) without prior permission of the US (The treaty document has since been presented in court).

So much for sovereignty….


Jan 22, 2010

Witnesses’ accounts differ at Dr. Aafia’s trial

  1. “KARACHI: The trial of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui has taken a bizarre turn when a witness’s testimony came out to be different from the one given by American official Captain Schnieder, reports DawnNews.”
  2. Furthermore, an FBI agent testified that they did not find Dr. Aafia’s finger-prints on the rifle.
  3. The Afghan interpreter also told the court that he has been granted a green card and has been settled in America by the officials who brought him to testify in the trial.

[Ah, so Dr. Aafia was right in calling Schnieder a liar. And I guess you can make an Afghan interpreter testify by offering him a Green Card but you cannot make him remember and repeat your lies 😉 ]

Jan 27, 2010

Humanity Against Crimes: The Refoulement of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

Aafia case judge orders replacement of two jurors

US judge rejects motion by Aafia’s defence team for mistrial

A Pakistani on (Aafia) Trial — With No Pakistani Reporters

Case against Aafia Siddiqui begins to unravel

Prosecutor produces no concrete proofs against Aafia

Witnesses’ accounts differ at Dr. Aafia’s trial

Aafia’s lawyers angry over extra security checks at court | Pakistan

The Abduction, Secret Detention, Torture, And Repeated Raping Of Aafia Siddiqui

Proof of Dr Aafia’s arrest submitted to court in LHC

MoFo Media

dawn-wCertainly was disgusting to find the following pic glaring at me on the front page of Dawn today, under the main headline “Obama Asks Muslims to Make Fresh Beginning“:

alestinian militants wearing masks pose with their weapons while watching the speech of US President Barack Obama in front of journalists at a training base in Gaza City. — AP photo

Palestinian militants wearing masks pose with their weapons while watching the speech of US President Barack Obama in front of journalists at a training base in Gaza City. — AP photo

There could be no picture worst than this one chosen by Dawn. Totally inappropriate and totally staged  piece of trash put out my IDF I am sure.

  • If these “Palestinian militants” are so interested in watching Obama then why the hell are they not watching him?
  • Why are they all dressed alike in camouflage and all holding the same pose with guns in their laps, staring straight ahead like zombies? And I doubt any militant’s hope is in such nice shape….
  • The speechwas in motherfvcking Egypt so why are they showing “militants” from Palestine? And if you have to show palestinians, why not show ordinalry ones?

Not to be out done, we have this interesting claim made by the Jang group:

US also complains against Geo (WINK, WINK) 😉

GeoLogoHolbrooke of course helped in the con by stating Geo was being anti-American. I think this in in reaction to the chatter making the rounds that a MAJOR part of Geo’s earnings come from airing Voice of America. Add to that payment for services rendered for other such broadcasts and you get the picture. News is also making rounds that a full 44% of Geo’s shares are held by Bajaj Group of India so you can well imagine where their loyalties lie.