Militants Attack Android Tablet

Must be paid for by Apple….. 😛

Made at Kamra

But seriously, isn’t it AMAZING that on August 14 “Kayani calls for new laws to tackle terrorism” and day later “Taliban” attack an airbase (that makes android tablets”) and the jokers/tired old ‘soldiers’ were ready to repeat the tired old “this is our war“, IT IS, IT IS I SAY!”, and “we will not forgive” (yeah, like you didn’t forgive and forget 1971, Abbotabad, Mehran base attack, Salala, etc., etc., etc.)

Kayani’s demand of course only means that he wants to legalize his kidnap/murder/slaughter of the tribals — as he and his troops have already been doing it for years — and wants a freer hand without having to answer to any one — even to a dog and pony show put up by SC. This attack also means to turn focus away once again from the reopening of the NATO supply lines chief local contractors for which are Kayani’s brothers, of course) and the deep throating our top military brass gave  American’s recently and promises made.

And isn’t is funny that in less than 48 hours after the attack we see:

Mattis, Kayani to discuss North Waziristan operation

Kayani meets Allen

Kayani talks North Waziristan with Mattis

Cui bono??? False flag no doubt 😛

P.S. They are again all out…suddently there is a “massacre” in Gilgit-Baltistan that even U.N.’s Ban Moon noticed it between his planning for the ongoing REAL MASSACRES in Libya and Syria and  half of Africa…Wow!


From Kamra to Karachi via the Chinese: Military debuts in the handheld market

Attack on PAF base in Kamra

ISI, CIA chiefs to meet August 1-3

Pakistani, US spy chiefs’ talks ‘substantive, productive’

Kayani, Allen see progress in ties

Meet the new boss….same as the old boss…

Pasha, Patraeus held a secret meeting


5 Responses to “Militants Attack Android Tablet”

  1. 1 Ali Wazir (@zhohaq) October 13, 2012 at 4:30 am

    I think we may have a new Samar Mianullah like Flogging video fiasco on our hands. Would love to hear your take on this.

    Also I tried to build up on your post about Samar Mianullah.It seem she is just a cog in a biger machine

    • 2 nota November 6, 2012 at 10:18 pm

      “I think we may have a new Samar Mianullah like Flogging video fiasco on our hands”

      Funny you mention it….A classic example is the latest Malala affair….

      Americans really have their d!ck up Kayani’s @ss about going into North Wazirsitan and I wasn’t a bit surprised when the army took over her care for some splendid photo-ops/good press and the very next day Kayani was talking ‘final battle‘ of sorts against his “own people” (here of course I am talking the precursor of things to come — his Independence Day speech in which he stated “We realise that the most difficult task for any army is to fight against its own people. But this happens as a last resort.” — meaning his army has no problem fighting “its own people” for $$$).

      ON EDIT: Just saw your post. You got it 😉 And thanks for the Abdul Hai Kakar titbit…I didn’t know he was involved with the Swat video affair also. But one thing is certain. This whole thing is just “Another Horse and cattle show sponsored by the GHQ” as you rightly point out. No doubts about it.

      I would add I have NO sympathies for Malala. Though 14, she lies like the best of them and has played her part well and now she is going to get her British passport and earn millions as a “Holocaust” survivor 🙂

      P.S. I don’t even believe she was shot…
      Malala injury....
      Malala's magic clothes....
      Malala Diary....
      Malala and Co Meeting Americanso....
      Malala NYT Documentary Maker....
      Malala Special....
      Just ordinary Pakistanis...
      Just ordinary Pakistanis....
      Malala Magic Bullet....It moves in mysterious ways but never penetrates the skull
      Malala Cured...Magically the bullet hole disappears too....

  2. 3 Qasim November 1, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    I hope you continue to write. I really enjoyed your humor and style.

    Given how depressing our state-of-affairs seem as a nation, your take on stuff is refreshing. It’s like Pakistan’s version of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.

    • 4 nota November 6, 2012 at 9:55 pm

      Thanks Qasim…you are too kind! Really want to write but just get overwhelmed for there is so much to write and never enough time…and most of the times I am just too pissed-off 🙂

      I think I stopped ’cause I was so angry about cowardly murder of that brave man, Dr. Syed Baqir Shah — and still am seething — and wanted to put up a post about it before anything….maybe I’ll do it on his anniversary in couple of months….

      Meanwhile I hope you are enjoying the two two eunuchs duking it out (round 1, round 2, round 3) these past couple of days….(maybe they read this research paper and thought what is true for some spiders is true for other slimy creatures as well….(and look who wants to claim parentage of them both when any one with a grain of decency would distance itself from such off-springs. But then again maybe he is right for such filth could only pop out from the c*nt of a filty whore like our parliament — a true parliament of wh*res — so my apologies…..)

      • 5 Attila November 7, 2012 at 6:20 pm

        So nota, much of the stuff written above was hermetic to me. Many events in Pakistan often have an esoteric touch to them. But I do understand the Malala story and am delighted to see you didn’t get taken in either. She’s our candidate number one for the Nobel peace prize in the coming year. And was supposed to be the lever to launch the NWaziristan invasion. Whether that is taking place or not, no one can tell for the moment since a media blackout is no doubt part of the plan. And what do you say to the latest statement by our COAS? And replies by the CJ, giving as good as he gets. Some more topi drama and food for talkshows, I take it. And since it is Nov 7, let us not end without mentioning the topi drama US style. Hope you were pleased with the results.

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