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"Glorious Resolve received the Jury's Special award from the President of the Italian Senate," says ISPR

At a time when the army were busy burying their dead, I was surprised to find ISPR found it an appropriate time to create a plug for their……MOVIE!

ISPR documentary bags first prize at International Film Festival

Funny thing is they are calling it a “documentary” though it is no such thing. That it is “based on a true story” gives away the fact that it is a complete work of fiction, confirmed yet again when they describe it as “emotionally powerful dramatization of the story of the courageous soldiers under fire in a dire combat situation.” And when they talk “International Award”, they really are not talking Oscars but some third-rate “International Film [PROPAGANDA] Festival” named “Eserciti-e-Popoli” (Army and People)  specifically put together to hawk trash like this in Italy.
One other thing I can not comprehend is that though the story states “‘Glorious Resolve’ received first prize“, the ISPR release states it received a “Jury’s Special award” (so that “first prize” is bullshit; and we can well imagine how that Jury’s Special Award was acquired 😉
Anyways, here is the “official” synopsis:
Glorious Resolve is based on a true story about the infantry soldiers “who fought against all odds when 1500 miscreants raided one of the section level outpost of an Infantry Battalion in South Waziristan Agency on the night of 29 May 2009.”

The documentary highlights “not only the sacrifices and achievements of the Pakistan Army in War against Terrorism but also its glorious resolve to uproot the menace of terrorism from Pakistan.”

Glorious Resolve recreates the sacrifice of 43 soldiers of the Punjab Regiment who laid their lives during the attack.

Barf at all the clichés! And  “1500 miscreants” vs 43 soldiers? Right! The “miscreants” always attack in such huge numbers since they are doing gorilla warfare (I won’t be surprised if the numbers have been switched in this “true story” moviementary…)

UPDATE: Now this supposed raid by “1500 miscreants” that killed “43 soldiers” has been bugging me. If there was such a raid in which 43 soldiers were killed, I am sure it would have made the papers (ISPR would not stay silent over this achievement, as this moviementary proves). But checking the papers for May 30, 2009 and May 31, 2009 (in case this happened late at night and did not make it on May 30), I can find NOT A SINGLE story about this raid. Oh yes, there are plenty of stories but they are of army raids killing “militants” but not the other way around (remember too that it was Swat that was hot those days and not South Waziristan), e.g.:

May 30, 2009:

May 31, 2009

See what I mean? That “May 29, 2009 raid by 1500 miscreants” is itself A COMPLETE FABRICATION! So much for “based on a true story!”

Here is another interesting thing: Visiting “Eserciti-e-Popoli” you see that it is almost a dead site. Most of the links don’t work and those that do have useless info that it is there is like:

An International Competition of Documentaries about the contemporary military produced by participating nations and by institutions in some way connected with the world of Defense.

It mentions no films except an Italian one form 2002 festival (I checked all pages, including the italian ones). It mentions no other festival that was held so of course it gives no calendar or a list of winners.
Sorry folks, but this post is NOT “based on a true story”. It is a TRUE STORY of just another of ISPR’s lies.
BTW: I could write a book about the moviementary’s byline “Death before Disgrace” but I wont. Let me just mention:
1948, 1965, 1971, Kargil, Balochistan, FATA, PATA, Raymond Davis, DHAs, Musharraf, Zia, Yahya, Ayub, GHQ attack, Mehran Base attack, Abbotabad, NATO attacks, DAILY drones, NRO,…,…,…(and I don’t know how much more I am missing)
P.S. Seeing the comments on the Tribune site where this story comes from, one states:
Its directed by Sarosh Kiyani who is the son of Gen. Ashfaq Kiyani
And checking the ISPR release confirms it:
Glorious Resolve was the joint venture of ISPR and Mind[DOESN’T]works Media.Brigadier Syed Azmat Ali was the Executive Producer whereas Brig Syed Mujtaba Tirmizi was the Executive Director of the film. Lieutenant Colonel Irfan Aziz was the project director and the writer of this film which was amicably directed by Sarosh Kayani. Dr Hassan Waqas Rana of Mind[DOESN’T]works Media was the producer whereas Bilal Lashari was the Director of Photography.
Well, besides confirming what our generals are really busy at, this confirmed the director was indeed one named “Sarosh Kayani” but not knowing Ashfaq Kayani’s family, I had to check (the name “Sarosh” did sound Indian to me). And lo and behold, imagine my surprise when this story confirmed the fact that Sarosh is indeed Ashfaq Kayani’s son….
Now I knew Kayani was bad, but that he was this pathetic, I couldn’t have imagined!
Side Note 1: Here is another news item that puts a new light on the NATO strike. According to this story, i.e. NATO’s explanation, “aircraft which had been called into the area to provide “close air support” to troops on the ground was responsible for causing casualties among the Pakistani soldiers.” This only means one thing: Not only NATO violated the airspace, but also crossed into Pakistan territory on foot. (Shouldn’t they accept NATO’s explanation for it makes them look a little better? At least it shows that — for a change — their men acted the way they were supposed to and tried to stop the intrusion? But expecting that is expecting a bit much…they refuse to accept this excuse by NATO and the damn fools are instead pushing the “We pleaded” story:

The NATO airstrikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers lasted almost two hours and continued even after Pakistani commanders had pleaded with coalition forces to stop, the army claimed Monday in charges that could further inflame anger in Pakistan.

Point to note is that this EXPOSES THEM FURTHER (besides the “pleading” bit). Note that here is the admission that the ATTACK LASTED ALMOST TWO HOURS and these bozos on the ground did not get any support from their bozos in the air…One can be certain that those commanders were also in contact with their own commanders elsewhere but those commanders (including Kayani, for I am sure he was informed of what was going on) DID NOTHING (in fact they probably issued a stand-down order and let their fellow soldiers burn).

UPDATE: It is now being confirmed that NO ACTION was taken following the attack for a FULL FOUR HOURS AT LEAST (Maybe they were too busy putting finishing touches on this news release).

Side Note 2: I don’t have a clue what CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry means by this:

Supreme Injustice: Are SC Justices Clueless About The Law?

Or are they party to the crime?

While “going after” the defaulters, the court once again repeated the old con line “Jail defaulters if they don’t pay back.” That’s it? Is there a new law of the land that states “If a thief returns the stolen money, he has committed no crime and must be set free”? Now I am certain there is no such law. And I am certain the justices of the supreme court are aware of that. The only conclusion I can draw from that is that at the very least they follow two sets of laws: one for the rich, and one for the poor.

A Quickie: Swiss Return Serve Back To CJ’s Court

“Immunity is the key question,” Zappelli said. “We can’t prosecute Mr Zardari while he has immunity unless Pakistan lifts that immunity. And if he doesn’t have immunity, why don’t they try him in Pakistan?

So, CJ, what say you? “Interpret” the damn 248-B without any ambiguity, for crying out loud! AND PROSECUTE THE BASTARD YOURSELF!!! Don’t ask others to do your job. Remember it was the Supreme Court that got us in this mess in the first place:

Zappelli also noted that Zardari and Bhutto had been sentenced by the High Court in Lahore in 1999, but in 2001 Pakistan’s Supreme Court had cancelled this verdict and sent it back to Lahore for a new decision. However, there had not been a new trial in the nine years since then.

Aitzaz the Pimp, CJ the Prostitute?

(Right now I hear CJ is in a meeting with PM Gilani, with a picture of Benazir sitting between them. Though Gilani had invited CJ, I am surprised the CJ has obliged him. This is UNPRECEDENTED! Of course nothing good can come of it.)

No Shame!

Aitzaz says “CJ, let’s go meet Zardari!” and CJ says “Oh yes, Master!” People curse but…

Aitzaz says “CJ, let’s go meet Holbrooke!” and CJ says “Oh yes, Master!” People curse but…

Aitzaz says “CJ, let’s go meet Gilani!” and CJ says “Oh yes, Master!” People are cursing but…

Shame on you, CJ. Shame on you and the whole judiciary!

Aitzaz Suckers CJ (and Media) Again

This has Aitzaz’s fingerprints all over it:
PM makes surprise visit to CJ hosted reception

All smiles

And see how Aitzaz managed to get a seat right next to CJ (Shouldn’t Justice Ramday have been there??). He also managed to hold a press conference afterwards calling Gilani’s visit ‘khush-aain” and how it “reduces the tention” and how “tasadum” has been avoided (all of which the media is lapping up and repeating without end). Aitzaz also informs us there will be “good news” at 3:00 pm tomorrow. Of course he won’t tell us but we already know and how Aitzaz-guided spin will go. I predict withdrawl of the presidential notification with both sides claiming victory and BOTH sides claiming constitution has been protected while in actuality one will be covering up their unconstitutional act that deserved application of Article 6, while the other will be abetting the same.

Yes CJ & Co, J’accuse!

Aitzaz Bought and Delivered

AitzazWell the secret of the meeting between Zardari and Aitzaz is out. Aitzaz has been offered post of governor or AG and in return he has agreed to kiss Zardari’s feet and has assured the Presidency he will assist Zardari on NRO (Will his defense be based on asking CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry to step aside “because I am Zardari’s lawyer now” — a lame trick he tried before in the Bank of Punjab scam, just like the Former AG Latif Khosa is trying now against CJs Iftikhar and Ramday?)
Continue reading ‘Aitzaz Bought and Delivered’

Restoration is all it was, NOTHING more!

Ali Ahmed Kurd

Ali Ahmed Kurd

Couple of days ago, Ali Ahmed Kurd spoke at a ceremony at the Supreme Court marking the start of the new judicial year and that has not gotten the attention it deserved. It is a very significant statement coming from the President Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) and someone who led the movement for restoration:

President SCBA Ali Ahmad Kurd said all the segments of society had played their role in the restoration of judiciary and lawyers and common man had rendered unprecedented sacrifices for the rule of law. “But to my sight nothing had changed. A myriads of questions were brewing in the minds of the lawyers. The attitude of the judges and procedure of courts was the same what it was before the movement for restoration of judiciary was launched [“the same practice and the same attitude of judges from top to bottom is evident” as reported by another story]. People ask us what results have come out after the restoration of independent judiciary, he questioned. It was not correct to dismiss the cases in haste, he remarked. (source)

Mush Bush

Mush Bush

Now he is someone who knows the real situation. This certainly is no surprise. The last Supreme Court decision that supposedly struck down Nov 3 acts of Musharraf could not have adhered more to the “Doctrine of Necessity“, despite what claims CJP Ifitkar M Chaudhry makes.

We all know the decision the court made soon after Musharraf restored him briefly (the court allowed him to get himself “elected” as President and in uniform on September 28, 2007). And Musharraf was using those powers on Nov 3 2007 given to him by the very same Supreme Court to shut it down.

CJ IMC & Mush

CJ IMC & Mush

The latest decision of July 30th , though hailed as “historical” by many, was nothing of the sort and all it did was get rid of judges that short-changed the deposed judges. It has proven to be nothing but the justices protecting their turf, just like the sugar and cement and flour mafias.

So it is hardly unfair to say we are where we were on Nov 3. The only difference is the names on the salary checks of judges have changed.

Kurd sees no change after restoration of deposed judges

ISLAMABAD: Nothing has changed since the restoration of the deposed judiciary, Supreme Court Bar Association President Ali Ahmad Kurd said on Monday. Addressing a ceremony held at the Supreme Court to mark the beginning of the new judicial year, he said the same archaic practices were still being followed, adding that the behaviour and attitude of judges was also the same. He said judges had granted leaves in very few petitions and rejected others without proper hearings. staff report

THE Doctrine Of Necessity And Pakistan’s Poodle Judiciary