Ah, Baradar!!!

Remember “Oh, Baradar!”? Well then you are gonna enjoy this:

Pakistan to consider releasing Mullah Baradar



3 Responses to “Ah, Baradar!!!”

  1. 1 Faheem May 4, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    Are you familiar with Amin agha?.He has a very strange position on this war.
    Most of his articles are on chowk. But here are some samples:



    Other military history articles are on defencejournal. I am a bit confused on his stance as you can see he was against waziristan operation from the start but he is also a soviet nostalgiac as you can observe from his articles on chowk. What do you make of him?

    • 2 nota May 12, 2013 at 1:06 pm

      You mean THIS Amin H. Agha (see comments)? Yeah…indeed I used to like his work till I smelled some stench. Sorry to say I don’t remember which blog it was but I did have some very long exchanges with him and he could not give a satisfactory answer to his actions vs. what he was preaching…He tried to pass himself off as a poor innocent fella, a victim, someone who was living off of something like Rs. 16,000 military retirement (that being his only income) while at the same time claiming to be an “Aviation,Marine,Logistics,Construction and Security Management Consultant” (serving US/UK/NATO – yeah, that pays so poorly, right?) and teaching at the army war college, etc So I’d say nostalgia for soviets or anything is just a cover and he is an intelligence operative who is up for sale to the highest bidder — A true TRAITOR to be blunt (see for example who is he trying to help on the back cover of his book: “This book will be of value to young soldiers and diplomats being deployed for the first time to this…” (Yes, he is trying his best to help the foreign forces invading his country). Yea, he might have some interesting articles but they are all in service of his true masters who pay in foreign currency; any stance he has is meaningless to me for I know in whose service that stance is!

      So you can understand why I lost interest in him a long time ago…..

      P.S. If he is talking against the Waziristan operation, he is probably hiding the fact that an operation has been ongoing there for years (which of course our army denies, just like ‘there is no military op going on in Balochistan’) (rotflmao)

  2. 3 Faheem May 16, 2013 at 11:58 pm

    Yes, I cant find the article on pkpolitics about army corruption which he is referring but I have read it. Yeah now that I think he seems to give his fix to the problems americans face in their occupation as if almost grovelling before them that give him a post and he can solve.
    BTW, Sanaullah Zahri is another addition to this list
    Stil geo cant seem to get enough of their ‘Aman ki asha’. Today’s The News has a whole page on it(with Indian delegation meeting Nawaz).
    I think our media is also somewhat responsible for these deaths. If they had put some pressure on the government before this case may not have taken place(specially the harrowing incident of a cricket fan).
    Also, they seem to ignore everything about Kashmir as if everything is going on smoothly. There silence on the boy paraded by Indian army was sickening to say the least.
    As for killings in Balochistan I think they are equally responsible if not more so than the army. If they had shown the gruesome pictures and reported honestly than definitely things would not have been that bad in Balochistan. Also Declan Walsh is recently thrown out of Pakistan by the army for reporting on killings going on in Balochistan. I don’t know if I can appreciate him because he writes for the guardian and its reporting on the Afghan war was and is reprehensible/obnoxious to say the least. Interesting that Western MSM reporters focus on Baloch killings(which are definitely going on) but hypocritically dont focus much on what ‘good’ their forces did in Afghanistan/Iraq and other countries before. I recall reading an article about the torture of an IRA operative who himself said that what the British would have done in Iraq is possibly not being reported. British media ofcourse focused on rejoicing that British army was humane and Abu Ghuraib was the handiwork of the americans solely.

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