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Kiyani’s Army: Operation Lightening or Operation Déjà Vu?

Mohmand Agency

Mohmand Agency

“It’s déjà vu all over again!” — Yogi Berra

A couple of days ago I saw this headline and had a sense of déjà vu and I laughed out loud:
Sept 01, 2011: Army claims 80 per cent of Mohmand cleared

Then today, early in the morning, I saw this headline staring at me:
Sept 03, 2011: 85pc of Mohmand Agency cleared: corps commander

PESHAWAR: Corps Commander Peshawar Lt Gen Asif Yasin Malik has said that most of Mohmand Agency had been cleared of militants and terrorists after the successful military operation restored the writ of the government there.

Talking to journalists at Mamadgat in Mohmand Agency, he said, the army had reclaimed 80 to 85 percent area of Mohmand Agency after the successful military operation Brekhna (lightning) in which 72 soldiers, including three officers, embraced martyrdom and around 150 other soldiers were injured.

The corps commander said that the major action in Mohmand Agency had been completed and now only search and cordon operation was being carried out in a few pockets….

And I went “Wow! Kiyani’s ‘men’ have managed to clear 5% of Mohmand in only TWO DAYS so we should be 100% clear in another six! Man these ‘guys’ are good!!!

Of course I was being cynical.

Let me not say another thing and let the headlines/timeline do the talking:

You know what is even funnier? Here are two pics released by ISPR on the Mohmand Agency operations:

Kiyani and his girls in Mohmand Agency April 21, 2010

Kiyani and his girls in Mohmand Agency on July 13, 2011

Yes, it’s déjà vu all over again!, eh Yogi! 🙂

Mohmand Agency IDPs

Mohmand Agency IDPs

(P.S. Looking at this last picture, ask yourself “Are these ladies wearing ‘burqas’ because the bad old Taliban forced them to?”)

“‘War on Terror’ Against ‘Terrorists'” Myth BUSTED AGAIN!!!

Remember a few weeks back BBC interviewed the British former Chief of General Staff General Sir Francis Richard Dannatt. The revelation he made about why NATO was fighting the “War of Terror” was certainly quite interesting.

He was asked about the importance of Kandahar which is the focus of the next big NATO operation in Afghanistan. Here is his response:

FRD: “Kandahar is absolutely critical. And if one analysis what all the people have been saying over the last two or three years they all recognize Kandahar was critical. After all, Kandahar is effectively the power base of Taliban and Taliban, if they want to try and control the country, first of all they’ve got to control Kandahar, and then they have opened up the access from Kandahar to Kabul”

Q: Now why should we care, in this country, given that it is costing us a small fortune — and much more importantly — many, many lives have been lost as to who is in control of Kandahar?

FRD: I think that gets into the wider question of as to why we are in Afghanistan and what’s it all about. And I think it is disappointing that two or three years into our major deploymenta in Southern Afghanistan, we still haven’t got that clear in peoples’ minds. The fact of the matter is that the Taliban is effectively a front for Al-Qaeda. Al Qaeda is the expression of the militant Islamist agenda. If we don’t oppose it and face it off in Southern Afghanistan, or in Afghanistan, or in South Asia, then frankly that influence will grow; and it could well grow — and this is an important point — we can see it moving through South Asia, through the Middle Est, to North Africa , and to the high watermark of the Islamic Caliphate of 14th, 15th century. Now I don’t mind if the people of Southern Europe, the Balkans, become Muslim by religious conviction or by democratic process. But what we don’t want to see is the perversion of one of the great world religions — Islam — either politically motivated to use it for their own political purposes. That is what we have to face down. And if we don’t face it down in Southern Afghanistan, and in South Asia, we’ll have to do closer to home. Much better to face it at arms length. That’s the reason why we got to get it right. Let’s get it right. Let’s get it done, in conjugation with the Americans, who have much more clout that we have, and then we can do what we all want to do, that is, get our guys back.”

Of course the General is being very sneaky here and he is lying through his teeth. This bit is meant for local consumption only. He is trying to scare his country folks with the oldest of cons: that if you don’t support us in Afghanistan, the Taliban will come over here and convert you to Islam.

But the real reason for this ‘war’ comes to us courtesy of  German President Horst Koehler.

Koehler, coincidentally in a radio interview, let the truth slip out that they are in it for the money; it has nothing to do with terrorists or religion (BOTH ARE BUT SCAMS) and everything to do with MAKING MONEY. Plain and simple.

Now of course revealing such a ‘secret’, exposing the behinds/souls of the whitey by a whitey certainly was a major faux pas — it of course has lead to his resignation. Here’s the story:

Did bloggers bring down the German president?
BERLIN: President Horst Koehler’s shock resignation this week came after mainstream media jumped on comments about Germany’s overseas role that they would have missed if it hadn’t been for bloggers.

Koehler, whose job was largely ceremonial but who spoke as a kind of moral arbiter, was on his way back from visiting German troops in Afghanistan when he gave an apparently innocuous interview to a German radio station.

In the interview, aired on May 22, Koehler appeared to imply that military operations like in Afghanistan were, in part, commercially motivated and necessary to protect Germany’s economic interests.

“[A] country of our size with its … export dependency should also know that, if in doubt, in an emergency, a military engagement is also necessary to defend our interests, for example free trade routes,” he told Deutschlandfunk.

Newspapers and magazines went wild, with the president, head of the International Monetary Fund from 2000-4 and who was a year into his second term, accused by commentators of advocating “gunboat diplomacy”.

Stung to the quick by the criticism and saying that he had been misunderstood, and to general surprise, the popular Koehler quit as Germany’s head of state.

But the offending interview had initially been ignored by the mainstream media and would have been forgotten had a few eagle-eyed bloggers not picked up on what the 67-year-old had said…

(Of course fools will still deny it, as they deny the absolute truth that Kiyani/Pak Army is in it for the money alone, damn the religion, damn humanity)

I want you to read Koehler’s words again and realize that he reveals a lot more than Afghanistan; he is basically confessing:

“We, First World countries like Germany, carry out military operations (i.e. make war) in third world countries like Afghanistan for no other reason than to make money and to sell/use our locally manufactured arms (i.e. to support our military-industrial complex).”

Side-Note: DON’T miss the part about who Koehler’s last employer was — Yes, the same IMF who is turning the screws on us right now. Or did you think IMF is working for our betterment? 😉

From The ‘Destroying The Village To Save It’ File

Ghost towns left by assault on South Waziristan

This is an oldie but goldie. Just loved the bit:

We shot terrorists even at point blank range,’ Brigadier Farrukh Jamal told reporters at a hill-top bunker, where the green and white Pakistani flag snapped in the wind, denying there was any ‘collateral damage’.

Dear Brig Farrukh Jamal,
I think it is called ‘cold-fucking-bloody murder’!

(BTW: Aren't these the ruins of a mosque -- note the blue speakers)

Related (but from 09 Jan, 2010):

Refugees can hardly be blamed for not going back; they have no place to go to.

Imran Khan, The Pussy(cat)

From Kissing Musys @ss to Kiyanis

"Short Distance from Kissing Musy's @ss to Kissing Kiyani's"

After going on and on about how stupid and costly and self-defeating the current military operation is, Imran Khan has but one recommendation:

“Soldier on!”

And he has the nerve to talk about “contradiction in the government’s policy”!

I think he took John Kerry’s d!ck up his arse and that is what is doing the talking — and a donation might have helped. This reminds me: Isn’t he always blasting others for holding out the beggar’s bowl when every week he himself is out of the country with a beggar’s bowl of his own (under the pretense of Shaukat Khanum Hospital)?  What nerve!!!

IK’s fan club I am sure will be happy pointing out he’s better than The Snake, whose latest muttering I am sure will give you joy:
Pakistan ‘created, nurtured’ terrorism: Zardari Concedes

Well, be happy with the lowered expectations.

IDPs Cross 3 Million Mark

Click to view the slide show

While claims are being made the IDPs are returning home to give the impression of the “success” of the army operation, it is interesting to note that the residents are finding not much to return to. It certainly is no surprise than that despite the talk of such successes, the number of IDPs has INCREASED, passing the 3 million mark.