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Follow-up: Slaughter of Chechens in Quetta

Follow-up to Another Cold-Blooded Murder In Quetta — This time it’s Chechens

Exactly what happened has become pretty clear. Below are two accounts, one from the papers and one through a friend who knows someone who was there. But do watch these short videos first:

Few days back, the killing of five Chechens by security personnel has shaken up every Pakistani. After the postmortem report and the accounts of eyewitnesses, majority of people are unwilling to accept that this unfortunate members of a single family were terrorists and suicide attackers. According to those in the know sources, these five were Chechens and members of a single Muslim family — a husband, his wife, their two daughters and a son — who were traveling from Kachlak to Quetta on a rented Suzuki. Their destination was Iran and their Russian passports had Iranian visas stamped on them. The police at the Kachlak check post let them through after receiving the demanded bribe and informed the police at the Balili check post. When this family reached Balili check post, the police personnel present also demanded their ‘bhatta’ (bribe) and let the family through after receiving it. The Balili officers too informed the next check post — the one belonging to airport police station — of the approaching ‘opportunity’. By the time the family got to the airport police check post, they had run out of money to pay the bhatta to make it through. Upon hearing the family had no money to pay the bribe, the eyes of the police fell upon the jewelry of the women and demanded that as payment, which the family was not willing to do. The police continued to hold them and mounted pressure on them to give up their jewelry.

After making it through [How? Did they give up some item of jewelry? It is not mentioned], when this unfortunate family proceeded further, they inquired from the local people about the location of the Federal Constabulary (FC) post so that they could file a complaint against the attitude/actions of the police. When they started proceeding towards the FC post down the road, the police who were following them got alarmed that their doings would exposed so they informed the FC people that some foreign suicide terrorists were heading to their post laced with suicide jackets with intent to blow up the FC post. The family members proceeded towards the FC post saying kalma and “Allah-hu-Akbar” to save themselves from the police and to show the FC personnel that they were in fact Muslims (meaning they meant no harm to them) but upon hearing the cries of “Allah-hu-Akbar”, the FC personnel thought them to be suicide bombers and opened indiscriminate fire upon them as a result of which they all fell injured close to the check post. Despite being seriously injured, the women kept waving their hands appealing to them to stop the shooting but the FC personnel continued the firing resulting in the death of all five family members. After the killing of the family, police officials claimed to the media that the dead were foreign suicide terrorists who were laced with advanced weaponry and that suicide jackets were also recovered from them. Police and FC personnel, to please the Americans, for self-promotion and to get awards (prize money) declared these people to be suicide bombers and this a successful operation against terrorism when in fact no suicide jackets nor any other weapons were recovered from the victims. The police and FC personnel were close to getting their awards and promotions when the postmortem report and the accounts of eyewitnesses proved the innocence of the victims. Later it was revealed that one of the dead women was seven-months pregnant. After the killing, one of the police officers present at the scene stole the expensive necklace from the neck of one of the dead women and pocketed it but this [utterly disgraceful] act was not hidden from the eye on the camera [see video below]. This reminded me of the heinous murder of Pakistanis in Macedonia a few years back. Macedonian security forces had shot dead some Pakistanis in a police ‘encounter’. Macedonia’s Interior Minister had claimed that their security forces had killed seven people “with links to Al-Qaida”. This whole operation was shown on all international TV channels. It was possible that that story too got buried with time but Wall Street Journal exposed the real facts of the matter and informed us that these poor Pakistanis had gone to Macedonia so that they could slip into Greece to look for work. Same kind of spin was applied to the incident in Quetta. It is sad that in our security forces their are such black sheep who — blinded by chance of promotions and cash rewards — see nothing wrong in spilling the blood of innocents to get that. Whatever happened to this family, the pain is being felt by me and every Pakistani. Few years back, an FC person in Khybar-Pakhtoonkhwa had taken a university professor off of a bus and really mistreated him of which General Kiyani had himself taken notice and action was taken against those responsible. Because FC, which is an arm of the military, is being blamed in this Quetta incident along with the police, the Army Chief and the Chief Justice of Pakistan should take notice of this incident and hold an independent inquiry so that the truth is revealed and the culprits are acted against. If today eyes are closed against this incident, this will encourage the criminal minded in the security forces and incidents like this will continue to occur.
Source: Istiaq Baig, Jang Daily, May 25, 2011

Here is the video of the police stealing the necklace:

FC Pig Col FaisalHere I must greatly admire the three eyewitnesses featured in the above video who held a press conference at the Quetta Press Club challenging the “official” version. For all we know, it would be no surprise they have been “disappeared” by now. This video also features the lies of Khanzir Col Sohail (more on that below).

Of course there are some problems with this story, specifically the role of the FC which it tries to cover up some. As can be seen from the picures of the incident, it is clear that the five were in fact rounded up inside the barbed wire fence surrounding the heavy machine gun barrack — a place they could not have gotten to themselves. That the FC felt no threat from them is also very clear by the calm way the FC personal stood close by shooting at them with out a care in the world. If they thought the five were wearing suicide belts, FC guys wouls never have gotten so close and risked shooting them to have the explosive explode and get them too. This was plain coldblooded murder. No question about it. Here is the other account that fills in some blanks:

I have some personal friends who actually are based where the whole incident happened. Basically these guys were traveling and they were stopped at 2 different check posts where they were forced to bribe.

On the third (Police) check post the police stopped them and asked for a hefty amount in foreign currency. After an argument, these people were arrested and their hands were tied with some rope???

During all this incident, one of the woman ran towards a near by army/rangers check post while her hands were partly tied with a rope and started shouting for help.

On this the Police man started abusing and hitting the remaining people. During this tussle, the others also started running towards the check post while the cops started shouting that they are terrorists. These people managed to get behind that partial war/barracked and were lying on the floor and crying for help/mercy.

The Army Officer took his time, gathered his Jawaans and than without asking them to surrender (He did not ask them to surrender even once) sprayed them with bullets.

At the time of the death even one of the dead person (a woman?) was chained and that chain was taken off by a cop who was apparently filmed by a TV Crew/Taken pictures by surrounding people/journalists) That Cop is missing since this incident and although the police officer is just suspended, the army officer is still not arrested.

Pak Army Zindabad!

The army officer being talked about is Col Sohail who has been proven to be a liar — he claimed the victims died of their own bomb going off but he was caught on tape taking part in the slaughter; see video below — but NO action was taken against him and is still at the same post enjoying the same position (I am sure a promotion is on the way).

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Kharota Abad Scandal: Chechen Woman Photo Killed by FC Balochistan

Another Cold-Blooded Murder In Quetta — This time it’s Chechens

One of the victims raises her hand in a peace sign, hoping to stop the shooting. In response, our brave sholdiers returned another wally of automatic fire from close range (see pic down below)..


How the media first played it:

Truth Trickles Out:

And yet:

Murdering MOTHERFUCKER Dawood Junejo, CCPO Quetta

Yet the son of a whore lying piece of shit motherfucker CCPO Quetta Dawood Junejo holds a press conference claiming no shots were fired (now the same bastard had claimed on the day of the incident that hand grenades, guns and detonators were found on them) and the Chechens died from their own hand grenade (of course their bodies have been confirmed to have just bullet holes and no shrapnel wounds. See ‘Chechens died of bullets wounds’). Of course this after it has already been confirmed the five had not even a razor blade, let alone hand grenades, guns and detonators. Elaborate tales were told about the encounter and fire-fights. ALL LIES. The poor souls were able to pass three check posts and at each they were demanded bribes which they paid. By this fourth check post, these poor souls had run out of money to stick up these pigs rectums and were dealt with this way for that BIGGEST of crimes i.e. lack of bribe-money.

One of the ridiculous claim is that an FC man died after being shot. I can guarantee you these incompetent bastards killed him with ‘friendly fire’.  He probably was the bastard in the bunker manning the big machine gun when his buddies opened indiscriminate fire right towards him:

The FC Bastard who got killed was most likely manning this machine gun in the bunker...(see next picture)

...See what I am talking about? Also watch the video above to get a better picture.

Some snuff-porn:

FC, Police, Army proudly display their "victory" over "terrorists" and the media complies (click for a bigger image)

Bodies being hauled away...Of course no FC, Police, Army men helping, probably too busy celebrating this huge 'victory'

Chechen ‘terrorist’ was 7-months pregnant when shot dead

Update/More later….

Gilani Raises His Stature By Murdering 124 Civilians

[Graphic to be added later…you know what kind…]

That those 124 killed the other day were not militants was clear from the army’s own description of them as “suspected militants“.

That a major slaughter was was in the offing was clear because Gillani was to meet Obama (see “note” at the link).

That those killed were indeed civilians was clear from day one as all eyewitness accounts agreed on that.

Tribal elders have told the media that the jets targeted a jirga ortribal council that was discussing ways to evict militants from the area. They insisted that most of the dead were civilians, including women and children.

A media report said one of the homes targeted by the jets belonged to the father of a Pakistani soldier.

That is is being confirmed today even by our pathetic pro-war English press leaves no doubt.

And for what? So that Gilani can “stand tall” in front of Obama.

Special “Shame On You Award” goes to our armed forces, especially out Air Force who have killed more Pakistanis in last couple of years than Israeli Air Force in all their years of destruction.

(So who are the Israelis now?)

P.S. Also ignore the over 200,000 who have been force to flee the area and ignore the beheadings done by the brave soldiers because it is “speculated”the beheaded bodies were of high profile militants believed to have been killed during the clash but accomplices cut their heads before fleeing the area apparently to conceal their identity” (so it was “OK” as The News would like to have us see it)

UPDATE: No longer any doubt those killed was civilians. While the army continues with it’s bullshit, here is the latest from LA Times:

But residents from the Tirah Valley village of Sra Vela said the dead and wounded were civilians with no connections to the region’s militant groups. Many of the wounded taken to a hospital in the northwest city of Peshawar were active or retired members of Pakistan’s Frontier Corps, a paramilitary force that battles militants in the tribal belt.[So the b@stards killed their own to please Obama! What a wonderful job!]

“There is not a single militant in the area,” said Kashmalo Khan, 63, a retired Frontier Corps officer who suffered a broken leg in the airstrike. “God knows better who gave information to the government about militants’ presence in the area.”

Villagers said the house targeted in the airstrike belonged to a tribesman with sons serving in the Frontier Corps. After a first bomb struck, neighboring tribespeople rushed to the site to rescue the wounded, Khan said. As they pulled bodies from the rubble, another bomb hit the area.

“The second bomb came while people were busy with relief work,” Khan said. “Everything flew into the air, and I was thrown several yards away.”

The army spokesman denied that any civilians were killed in the strike. A Khyber administration official said that a six-member panel made up of local officials and tribal elders has been formed to investigate the airstrike. [Oh so if you already know no civilians were killed, why form the panel? And I already know what that panel’s report will say: “No civilians were killed in the air-strike]

Khyber’s administration chief, Shafeerullah Khan, said $125,000 in government funds would be set aside to compensate survivors and families of tribespeople killed in the airstrike.[$$$$$? Is that our currency? Any doubt who is paying for ‘our war’?? And again, if no civilians were killed, why set up the fund to compensate survivors and families of tribespeople killed???]

“The army never takes action against innocent tribesmen,” Khan said in a prepared statement. “Security forces had received intelligence about the presence of militants in the area, and action was taken.” [Assh*le, they just did. And that tells us enough about your “intelligence”!]

Another story just out (AP) that has more detail:
Pakistani airstrike kills many civilians: official

Trouble In Leghari/Khosa Country — Updated

Well I wasn’t going to write about this but today’s story and it’s omissions and revelations have sort of pushed me. First the latest story:
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Zaid Hamid Nominated In Murder FIR

The murderous attacks on ‘religious scholars’ on March 11 in Karachi (Mufti Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri and his son, among others were killed; in another attack earlier in the day, another prominent cleric, Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Nadeem, was wounded and his son was killed). Interestingly, on the complaint of Mufti Jalapuri’s close aide Hafiz Shabbir, an FIR had been registered under Sections 302 (premeditated murder), 324 (attempt to murder), 109 (punishment of abetment if the act abetted committed in consequence and where no express provision is made for its punishment) and 34 (common intention) against our friend, the mad-hatter Zaid Hamid (Zaid Zaman Hamid). According to the complainant, Mufti Jalapuri “used to actively expose Zaid Hamid who, he alleged, was a close associate of ‘a person who had laid claim to prophethood’.”

Note: A press conference was held last night by the ‘religiousos’  which appeared to be covered by all media outlets (I counted about 20 microphones) but curiously only Geo showed it live — but only for a few minutes. As soon as Hafiz Shabbir started and made the accusation against Zaid Hamid, they cut off the coverage, never to return to it. None of the other channels even showed that much, live or otherwise. In fact they all seem to have sent it down the rabbit hole. Today’s Dawn too makes no mention of the press conference and has this story about the FIR on page 5. Jang Group newspapers too make no mention of the press conference and only give the (regular) official spin:

The targeted attacks on Aalmi Majlis-e-Tahafuza-e-Khatam-e-Naboowat (AMTKN) Chief Mufti Saeed Jalalpuri and leader of banned outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Nadeem, were aimed at inciting sectarian violence across the city, investigators probing the attacks told The News.”

(So shut up and remember, every attack that happens in Karachi is “aimed at inciting sectarian violence.” Now, walk along…)

Owais Ghani — LIAR!

 I just watched the last part of Jawab Deyh (June 28, 2009) and was surprised by:

    1. How blatantly Owais Ghani was lying, and
    2. Iftikhar Ahmed’s failure to catch him

Here is the transcript of the last 5 minutes of the show. (My comments are between [ ]):

Iftikhar Ahmed (IA): Aap nay aik martaba kaha aadhi baat mat karo. Ab koi baat chupai nahi ja sakti. HamaiN khul ker baat kerni chahiyay. Don’t do shuf-shuffle, shaftalu…

Awais Ghani(AG): Yay aik pashto meiN misal hay. Shuf shuf mat karo nahi kerni chahiyay “Khul ker bat kerni chahiyay”

IA: Akbar Bugti ko kiss nay mara?

AG: Sir, acha. OK, Ab meiN explain ker dayta houN. Wohan bhi aik insurgency key kafiat THee jis kay khilaf military action hua. Again wo military action rad-e-aml meiN hua. Rocket – rocketing hui- Kohlu mein bhi and Quetta mein bhi aap ko yad ho ga – us kay rad-e-aml mein hua. Is meiN aksar yey mujh say poocha giya hay. Jawab meiN maiN nay kaha hay ‘DeykhaN jee, Aik citizen hota hay aik mulk ka. Us waqt tak us ko aaeen aur kanoon tahafuz dayta hay jab tak wo aaeen aur qanoon kay dairay mein rahay. Jub wo us dairay say bahir ho jai to us ko qanoon tahafooz nahi dayta.’ Unfortunately wohan per aaysay halat payda ho gaay kay us meiN aik khulam khula larai shuru ho gai halaN kay action … [Here he justifies the killing basically stating Bugti deserved it as he had stepped out from under the protection provided by law and the constitution. I of course disagree as he was still a citized]
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Der Spiegel, Israel Teamed for Murder

Hezbollahs Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Hezbollah's Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Yes, no doubt Der Speigel is being an Israeli mouth piecesurprise, surprise — and making these baseless accusations against Hezbollah. Of course there is nothing new about these “breakthrough ‘exclusive’ with ‘new evidence pointing to those who were guilty”. They are a rehash of the claims made by the very same Der Speigel back in 2005.

Everything about this story stinks but it is just another example that shows what MSM is all about. One must keep in mind the timing of this has everything to do with the elections in Lebanon where Hezbollah is going to kick ass, making the flag-bearers of “democratic principles” loose their sleep once again (see Robert Fisk’s recent article “Biden’s Real Mission is to Stop Hezbollah”).