Is Zardari History?

Remember the FRAUD Nawaz pulled to appear to not be a part of the rotten Raymond Davis affair? See:

and the followup discussion for all the details. That it was a fraud and that these fools cannot keep the story straight is obvious:

Shahbaz makes up a story…

And Nawaz admits it”s all b.s.:

It now appears their brother Zardari has taken a page from their playbook.

UPDATE: On second thought, I remember Zardari used the ‘bad heart’ excuse many times before to not come back to the country and to get away from his legal troubles:

In June 2005, he suffered a heart attack and was treated in the United Arab Emirates.[52][53] A PPP spokesman stated he underwent angioplasty in the United States.[53] In September 2005, he did not show up for a Rawalpindi hearing on corruption charges; the court issued an arrest warrant.[53] His lawyers stated he could not come because he was recovering from his treatment.[53] Following a request by the Rawalpindi court, Interpol issued a red notice in January 2006 against the couple which called on member nations to decide on the couple’s extradition.[54][55]

First it was reported that Zardari had a checkup done at the army hospital and was given an “all clear” certificate. Curious thing was, his spokesperson Farhatullah Babar and his bitch babar Awan strongly denied that any such check-up took place and that “Zardari had been busy in his office all day long.” Now why would you deny such a “good” thing? Probably because showing Zardari in good health goes against the plan.

So it is very interesting that the very next day, the healthy Zardari suddenly leaves for Dubai “for medical checkup”. That this too is a fraud is obvious from all the stories making the rounds. Here is how it is playing out so far:

Interesting, eh?

Another VERY CURIOUS fact is the person accompanying him:

Farahnaz Ispahani, wife of Husain Haqqani, who was a journalist and had worked at the State Department-run Voice of America before joining Pakistan’s murky politics, is said to be accompanying Zardari.

Remember that although no one has picked up on this fact, Haqqani’s wife Farahnaz was as much a party to Memogate as Hussain Haqqani and Zardari (see the transcript of the Mansoor Ijaz’s BBMs). Why would she be picked, of all the people? This to me is confirmation that the guilty ones are being allowed to take the money and run. So once again, all TRAITORS/thieves are allowed to get away with it. And you and I both know Haqqani will be allowed to follow his wife back to U.S. and back to his old job at Boston University to write the book he promised (“HH: You get to write the book on how you changed US-Pak dynamic and won the war in A’tan (w/ some help from a Paki nerd) 😀 …. HH: We’ll make things happen and if we can’t, we’ll write a book about it“).
Isn’t that treason itself at the hands of EVERYONE involved in letting this happen (including Kayani & Co. and Judiciary)?

The Last BBM:

While on the subject, here is a bit that worries me. Read the very last BBM released by Mansoor Ijaz:
MI: It’s interesting (and heartening) to see that many of the proposals made in the memo are now being implemented in the bilateral relationship. Very good. 
Now what do you make of it? Is he right that despite Memogate having been outed (remember this one is from from first week of November after news of Memogate broke), “proposals in the memo” were STILL “being implemented in the bilateral relationship”? Question is who’s implementing them and why no one, not even Kayani stopping them?
Here let me also put on my CT hat and ask was the “non-sensicle” NATO strike really all that non-sensicle? Remember what has been the “reaction” to it? That “all accords with Nato and U.S. will be reviewed“.  So I must ask:

Was the real purpose of the NATO strike to hurry along the implementation of the proposals made in Memogate? Was there a method to this madness???? IS THE REAL TREASON HAPPENING RIGHT NOW????

[BTW: Where is Mansoor ijaz? Could this trip be another of those secret meetings between Ijaz and Zardari to work out a deal between the two, you know, just like NRO between BB and Mush? Let’s see what follows. If Zardari comes back and Mansoor Ijaz throws him a fig leaf in the days to come, you’ll know!  If not then those stories about powers that be having decided to ditch Zardari were true. ;-)]

7 Responses to “Is Zardari History?”

  1. 1 Attila December 7, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    Interesting, interesting. I’d like to think it’s the end of Zardari. The only thing that makes me hesitate down this path was Rahman Malik’s upbeat appearance on TV last night. Either he’s a superb actor, which might well be the case, or then he know’s more fishy business is being planned and we’re stuck with Zardari for a further indefinite period of time.

    If Gilani becomes number one, I think it will probably be easier to get rid of him than to see the back of his boss.

    Where Gen Kayani figures in all this is beyond one. Ditto the SJ. This is Pakistan after all, the land of corruption and illusion.

  2. 2 Scandinavian December 9, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    ASA Nota sb. I hope you are doing well 🙂

    Nobody talks about Noon-Goon-e-ala’s heart transplant, surgery or whatever it never was 😉 But inside every one knows it was a fake story the coward brothers used to flee from Pakistan during the RD case. First big FAT boss did go to UK and then Habib Jalib Junior followed to see after big brother.

    This family business is so vast and dirty. So many people are involved the network and they just have to protect each other just like in any mafia gang. Together they stand and together they fall. Either they have created a family relationship through marriage or they have created a dirty business of loot and plunder together. Let’s see what happens. I hope their time is over since they are still using the same old dirty tricks to run their dirty politics. They are destined for extinction…the Ninosaurs!

    • 3 nota December 10, 2011 at 1:00 pm

      Amazing isn’t it people still buy their bullsh!t! BTW: Here is the latest example from the day before. I glanced at the front page of Daily Jang for Dec 09, 2011 and guess what was staring at me as the top headline:
      ملک افواہوں کی آمآ جگاہ بن چکا – کوم مارشلل لاء کیخلاف متحد ہو جاۓ : نواز شریف
      Now if that is not rising up in support of Zardari, I don’t know what is (Remember he has often repeated that he would support Zaradri even if he looses all PPP support). What was hilarious was the double-dealing just one story down:
      بدعنوان حکمرانوں سے نجات حاصل کیے بغیر ملک ترککی نہیں کر سکتا : شہباز شریف

      BTW: Any comment on my concerns on the last bbm that I pointed out?

  3. 4 Scandinavian December 10, 2011 at 12:54 am

    Btw Have you seen this site. Maybe you have some valuable inputs:

  4. 5 nota December 10, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    An interesting update and the reason for the drama of how the heard condition suddenly turned into a brain drama (something he has used over a hundred times before):

    Zardari had mild stroke, bleeding in brain, facial palsy, would require speech therapy

    Oh how convenient! Remember he was called to testify before the Abbotabad Commission regarding if he had foreknowledge (HE DID!) of the operation:
    Zardari unlikely to appear before Abbottabad Commission

  5. 6 nota December 10, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    Looks like the the speech comes and goes….Funny how this condition works. He is unable to talk in front of the Abbotabad Commission, requiring “weeks” of therapy but has no trouble making speeches to everyone else:
    Zardari calls Gilani, says he’s all right

    ISLAMABAD, Dec 9: President Asif Ali Zardari ended his silence on Friday to squash rumours about his ill health, incapacity and resignation.

    Not only did he call the prime minister and speak to him while the latter was in a meeting with coalition partners, he also called journalists to give the news of his well-being and prove that he was not incapacitated.

    A senior journalist that he spoke to told Dawn that contrary to news reports of his incoherence and impaired speech, the president sounded “his usual self and was in a good mood”.

    “He laughed when asked about the speculation surrounding his illness,” said the journalist, adding that it was clear that the president was enjoying the media storm in a tea cup that his sudden departure had created.

    The president also said that he left for Dubai as he did not trust hospitals in Pakistan and that he would be back “soon”….

  6. 7 Scandinavian December 12, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    And that “senior journalist” could be Hamid Mir. He spoke about this in a program with Asma “Hajjan” Shirazi.

    Zardari has always been exposed, but this “senior journalist” and Asma are dubious too. I have no doubt in my mind that both are paid by Nora League.
    I suppose you remember how HM exposed Sheeda Tulli and refrained from mentioning the Nora goon during the elections – and that too a day before the elections. Asma is consistently speaking the language of Nora League, but I regard H being more dangerous since he pretends to be neutral.

    Btw.: Do you have any idea about Saleem Bukhari. I saw him make the same stunt as HM i.e. look like a neutral analyst and make the move (for payment of course) at a crucial time.

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