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Ah, Baradar!!!

Remember “Oh, Baradar!”? Well then you are gonna enjoy this:

Pakistan to consider releasing Mullah Baradar



Oh, Baradar!

They said:
His capture PROVED Karachi was safe haven for Taliban leaders and miltants (funny even then since they were talking of one such person’s capture — some safe haven!)

It was hailed as a great success of CIA/ISI cooperation (funny as they still want us to believe CIA and ISI are enemies working against each other)

We were told by Zahid Hussain/WSJ/Dawn/etc. Baradar was the second-most powerful figure in Afghanistan’s Taliban movement and was more dangerous than Omar

Well now we are told Mullah Baradar has been released under ‘US pressure’

My related posts from back then:
Well talking of “conspiracy” here is a real on: All that talk of Talibanization of Karachi..
(Remember the Karachi Ashura bombings were blamed on them at the time, so now what happens to that? They need to find a new patsy)

And There Goes The “ISI vs U.S. Intelligence” Myth — Updated
(I had maintained this capture was no big breakthrough. Baradar was regularly meeting with ISI/CIA and they just nabbed him during one of these meetings)

WikiLies: WikiLeaks BUSTED!

CIA/MOSSAD Smooth Operator?

Question is: “Was it ‘suicided’?.

Well not intentionally. All these years it built ‘credibility’ so it can pass the BIG LIES hoping they would pass through and be accepted. Well, the first big one it tried has fallen FLAT ON IT’S FACE. And there is no longer any question that this whole saga is a false flag spearheaded by Mr. Assange.

Wiki-Leaks is Israel

Now “Wiki-Leaks” is busy selling phony bin Laden stories, having the long dead Osama humiliating the CIA by running around villages in Afghanistan selling vacuum cleaners. What is our “leak” site really about? This is a dead news cycle. The World Cup is over, lots of people on holiday and no major stories. Only in a dead news period like this, as Oliver Stone pointed out, could the Israeli controlled media dump a pile of lame rumors mixed in with box loads of chickenfeed, passing it off as the story of the century.

Wiki “Leaks” – The final word?

“WikiLeaks is lame. Even the cover story, the mysterious Assange fleeing the murderous CIA, working to save the world is lame. Please, everyone, go to the site and read everything there. I have seen more confidential information on a weather report… When you read Mr. Assange’s output, you are looking at one of the Mossad games, nothing more… The game today is using Wikileaks, given its 15 minutes of fame for trashing the US in Iraq with the helicopter video, to spread imaginary stories about Pakistan, the only nuclear power in the Middle East capable of standing up to Israel, and the enemy of India”

Wikileaks + MSM Hype = ?

Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to the 40th episode of New World Next Week – the video series from & This week we look exclusively at the massive media hype surrounding Wikileaks, wider wars & the future of the web.

Sources & Documentation:

The Political Spinning of the WikiLeaks Release: Anti-war Whistleblowing or War Propaganda?

Since the release of classified US military papers by WikiLeaks, the material has been aggressively spun by various political factions. Meanwhile, virtually no attention has been devoted to investigating the source of this “leak”, or questioning the agenda behind it.

Assange’s MSM pals: How the papers got the leaks

Davies contacted people close to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and found out he was scheduled to speak before European parliament on June 21. Davies met with Assange and said he would offer a team of researchers to identify stories in the documents.
On June 22, during a six-hour coffee-soaked meeting in a Brussels café, Davies says Assange suggested another idea — that The Guardian and The New York Times be given an advance look at some information the site had on the Afghanistan war, with each paper publishing its own take on the documents. Within the next 24 rs, Davies says Assange told him Der Spiegel should be included as well.

[Funny that such a ‘top secret’/’cloak-and-dagger’ operation where CIA is supposedly hunting down Assange. Mr Assange is holding speaking engagements and sharing the big find with MSM. So much for the ‘leak’, But it gets better:]

New York Times reporters met with White House before publishing WikiLeaks story

The White House was very upset with WikiLeaks for its decision to publish thousands of pages of classified reports and documents describing our mission in Afghanistan. But according to Yahoo’s Michael Calderone, it was very pleased with how the New York Times dealt with its semi-exclusive access to the documents.

Wikileaks’ estranged co-founder becomes a critic

Cryptome’s history of publicizing leaks–while not yielding to pressure to remove them–is what led Young to be invited to join Wikileaks before its launch over three years ago. He also agreed to be the public face of the organization by listing his name on the domain name registration.

Operating a Web site to post leaked documents isn’t very expensive (Young estimates he spends a little over $100 a month for Cryptome’s server space). So when other Wikileaks founders started to talk about the need to raise $5 million and complained that an initial round of publicity had affected “our delicate negotiations with the Open Society Institute and other funding bodies,” Young says, he resigned from the effort.


In January 2007, John Young, who runs, left Wikileaks, claiming the operation was a CIA front.

Asian intelligence sources reportedly state that: “Wikileaks is running a disinformation campaign, crying persecution by U.S. intelligence- when it is U.S. intelligence itself.” (Soros & co back wikileaks / kosher mob & oval office)

Wikileaks founder dismissess 9-11 “conspiracy” theories.

What about 9/11? “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”

WikiLeaks – What Leaks?

Uh-O. Lookee here….Wikileaks ‘reveal’ that Bin Laden was being tracked through Pakistan:

“In August 2006, a US intelligence report placed Bin Laden at a meeting in Quetta, over the border in Pakistan. It said he and others – including the Taliban leader, Mullah Omar – were organising suicide attacks in Afghanistan.”

So there it is. That evil fiend, Bin Laden, is not dead (as most people who follow the information believe). He is alive and well and organising Al Qaeda, or is it the Taliban, to carry out suicide bombings against our boys in Afghanistan.

Well, now we know.

Don’t we?

Leaky Vessels: Wikileaks “Revelations” Will Comfort Warmongers, Confirm Conventional Wisdom

Ah, here we get down to it. Here’s metal more attractive for our militarists. The treachery of Iran is a constant theme in the leakage — both in the raw, unsifted, uncorroborated “humint” and in the diplomatic cables of puzzled occupiers who cannot fathom why there should be any opposition to their enlightened rule. It must the fault of those perfidious Persians!

Some interesting observations over at

I have to say, this whole thing strikes me as very convenient. That it is all over the MSM raises all kinds of red flags in my book.


Wikileaks Docs Target Pakistan

Not long after Wikileaks dumped tens of thousands of classified Afghanistan “war” documents into the public arena for consumption, the corporate media zoomed in on Pakistan. “WikiLeaks documents released Sunday shine a spotlight on Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, a spy agency that has been accused for years of having links to terrorist groups,” writes the Wall Street Journal.

Pakistan Warned; Noose Being Tightened

All the media slender that has unleashed after your opening salvo from the Pakistan soil is no less than a diplomatic terrorism; through your statements, you have tried to intimidate the people of Pakistan. You are proving a bigger terrorists, Osama is not even a shadow of yours if he was a terrorist. After your opening round the rest of the guns fired like at the Normandy landings, all well planned and rehearsed. There is no slip of even a coma or a full stop in their texts.

What is mind boggling that you as first lady of America could not spot Monica Lewinsky playing games with Bill Clinton right under your nose in the Whitehouse basement but you had a very sharp vision to locate Osama in the mountains of Pakistan where even mules can’t reach. Lady you must remember that it has been your state office and other agencies that have been releasing statements about Osama’s death. Now how all of a sudden you have brought to life the carcass that has been moth and worm eaten if any pieces were left after Daisy Cutters that must have blown him into dust or at best he could have been buried somewhere deep in the hills of Tora Bora. Bravo Lady Clinton bravo.

Couple of ‘sensational’ stories that have come out since:

Newsweek: How Pakistan Helps the Taliban
[Funny thing is this one is suggesting ‘Pakistan is SO bad, even Taliban hate them]

The Globe and Mail: The huge scale of Pakistan’s complicity
“Thanks to WikiLeaks, the involvement of Inter-Services Intelligence in the Afghan conflict is now obvious, argues Chris Alexander, Canada’s former ambassador to Afghanistan”

And this one below deserves special attention (again courtesy of Newsweek:
Taliban Says It Will Target Names Exposed by WikiLeaks
Ah, so the U.S. Death Squads are going to be busy and the blame falling on ‘Taliban’

A Quickie: Bayghairat Mercenaries Exposed Again

Pakistan Government and ISI and MI have been trying to sell the myth that they are playing hard to get. They have been pretending to have balls to refuse U.S. access to Baradar (his arrest itself exposed another myth).

Well, like many times before, it is Washington that has come out with the truth and our Negros are left — yet again — covering their ass pretending they were never naked.

What came out of Washington yesterday is that indeed they have full access to Mullah Baradar and they have in fact been interrogating him with the full cooperation of ISI (there goes that other myth again).

Embarrassed at yet another sellout being exposed, Pakistan authorities finally let it known that Americans do indeed have access to Mullah Baradar. But shameless that they are — and totally incapable of telling the truth — they are still selling the “limited-access” bit.

Also note from the link above:

The BBC’s Haroon Rashid in Islamabad says the Pakistani authorities are eager to dispel suggestions by some US officials that it orchestrated the arrest to derail Afghan government efforts to talk with the Taliban.

So Americans have admitted they arrested Baradar to kill yet another peace deal (something I had stated at Baradar’s arrest). It also confirms ONCE AND FOR ALL that Baradar was indeed meeting with them regularly so finding him was “a great fruit of super sensitive and dangerous operation between to great intelligence agencies” as it was being portrayed. The fella was meeting them regularly and during one of the meetings they arrested him. END OF STORY!

Regarding that above quote it is pathetic to see these Pakistani authorities still “eager to dispel suggestions” of the truth.

Up yours, you bayghairat bikao assholes!

And There Goes The “ISI vs U.S. Intelligence” Myth — Updated

First to shatter was the “No Drones bases” myth, next to shatter was “No Blackwater” myth, the other day “No US Soldiers Here” myth was shattered, and today goes the “ISI vs. Intelligence” myth…

US, Pakistan capture Mullah Baradar
WASHINGTON: The Taliban’s top military commander, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, has been captured in Karachi in a joint raid by Pakistani and US spy agencies, a US official said, confirming a report of the capture in The New York Times….

Officially, of course, there are

  • Still no drone bases here,
  • No Blackwater here,
  • No US Soldiers on the ground here, and
  • ISI and U.S. spy agencies are still adversaries



UPDATE: Appears this “success” might not be a success at all. “the capture of such a ‘big fish’” being defined as “a strategic victory” might only be a double-cross. Was Mulla Baradar “captured” after he was in Karachi on the invitation of those very ‘intelligence agencies’ for holding of ‘peace’ talks? (what in the world is the military commander of the Talibans doing in Karachi was the first question that came to my mind)  Well, you decide…

Mullah Baradar: friend or foe?

The Afghan authorities confirmed on Tuesday reports that the Taliban’s second-in-command, Mullah Baradar, has been arrested in Pakistan. But while the West considers the capture of such a ‘big fish’ a strategic victory, our correspondent points out that he was also the key to a possible diplomatic solution to the conflict.

Gain or loss?
Sources within Western intelligence agencies say that Mullah Baradar was previously in Dubai for talks. Others say that President Karzai sometimes ensured that Mullah Baradar was able to cross the border, while the mullah at times did the president a favour.

This morning I was awoken by a phone call informing me that Mullah Baradar had been arrested. Many analysts consider this positive news. This will weaken the Taliban and is clearly a military success. However this is a short-term gain. But what does it mean for Kabul’s ambitious plans to reach a peace agreement with the Taliban? After all, wasn’t Mullah Baradar the key to peace in Afghanistan?

Certainly it is clear from this that Baradar is a party to the on-going negotiations between West and Taliban. It also becomes clear that he was traveling around here and there holding talks (so his being in Karachi is no mystery any more). But why arrest him? Did he not agree to one of the ‘offers”?

UPDATE #2 (March 20, 2010): Last couple of days we have had confirmation upon confirmation that Mullah Baradar was not hiding in a cave but fully involved in negotiations with the West (was it UN only?) and Karzai.

First MSNBC reported that “before his arrest, Mullah Baradar was reportedly in secret talks with Kabul” which was confirmed by the denial of Karzai’s spokesman: “There was no direct contact between the government of Afghanistan and Mullah Baradar.” It also reported:

Karzai “was very angry” when he heard that the Pakistanis had picked up Baradar with an assist from U.S. intelligence, the Associated Press reported that an aide to Karzai had said. Besides the ongoing talks, he said Baradar had “given a green light” to participating in a three-day peace jirga that Karzai is hosting next month.

It goes on to add:

Talking with the Taliban is gaining traction in Afghanistan as thousands of U.S. and NATO reinforcements are streaming in to reverse the Taliban’s momentum. That has prompted Pakistan and others to stake out their positions on possible reconciliation negotiations that could mean an endgame to the eight-year war.

The capture was part of a U.S.-backed crackdown in which the Pakistanis also arrested several other Afghan Taliban figures along the porous border between the two countries, after years of being accused by Washington of doing little to stop them.

Far from expressing gratitude, members of Karzai’s administration were quick to accuse Pakistan of picking up Baradar either to sabotage or gain control of talks with the Taliban leaders.

Another theory is that Baradar, deemed more pragmatic than other top Taliban leaders, was detained to split him from fellow insurgents. McChrystal said recently that it was plausible that Baradar’s arrest followed an internal feud and purge among Taliban leaders.

There is also speculation that Baradar’s arrest was just lucky — even unintentional.

(Of course Pakistani security officers are latching on to this last one saying it was “a lucky accident” — and of course for that very reason I’ll say it proves it was anything but that. Had this been true, they NEVER would have admitted it and beaten their chest for launching a successful operation. Meanwhile, it is also being used to push the spin that indeed there is Taliban presence in Karachi).

Second, UN envoy Kai Eide, who stepped down from the post earlier this month, not only “confirmed for the first time that he had been holding talks with senior Taliban figures and said they started around a year ago“:

But the diplomat said the detentions had a ‘negative’ effect on attempts to find a political solution to the eight-year-old Afghan war and suggested Pakistan had deliberately tried to undermine the negotiations.

He also said there were now many channels of communication with the Taliban, including with representatives of Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

“The effect of (the arrests), in total, certainly, was negative on our possibilities to continue the political process that we saw as so necessary at that particular juncture,” he said. “The Pakistanis did not play the role they should have played. They must have known about this,” said Mr Eide.

“I don’t believe these people were arrested by coincidence. They must have known who they were, what kind of role they were playing – and you see the result today.”

Asked about the level of contact in the talks, Mr Eide told the BBC: “We met senior figures in the Taliban leadership and we also met people who have the authority of the Quetta Shura to engage in that kind of discussion.”

Third, it is being reported today that Karzai’s spokesman now saysWe confirm the negative impact of the arrests on the peace process that the Afghan government has initiated.” “He also confirmed that the former UN envoy to Afghanistan, Kai Eide, had held peace talks with Taliban figures and said Eide had kept the Afghan government informed of his actions.”
(Of course both Pakistan Foreign Office and the Taliban have rejected these claims.)

Trophy Baradar on display

Side Note: I find it hilarious the way Pakistan is trying to show it has balls by pretending to turning down US request to hand over Baradar. What makes it even funnier is that they say “No we will not hand over Baradar to US BUT we will hand him over to Afghanistan

From last year’s Newsweek, Mullah Baradar: In His Own Words
(Was this a build-up of Baradar?)

Another wild conspiracy theory is aired in UAE:

The mystery of Baradar and Gadahn: a new ‘End Game’?

One of the most prominent is that Baradar arranged his own capture to negotiate with the Americans, who presumably would arrange for the demise of the Taliban leader Mullah Omar before organising an “escape” for Baradar. Meanwhile, his “confessions” ensure the capture or elimination of hardliners who might pose a challenge to negotiations.

Doug Valentine: CIA Killings Spell Defeat In Afghanistan

Disrupting the Accommodation:

By Douglas Valentine


“Why?” The grieving family members ask. “Why did the terrorists kill our loved ones?”

The hard-nosed colleagues of the four fallen CIA officers comfort the wives and children (and one husband). They shake off their sorrow, huddle together by the graves, and vow vengeance. They bathe themselves in their seething anger like it was the blood of the lamb.

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