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Is Zardari History?

Remember the FRAUD Nawaz pulled to appear to not be a part of the rotten Raymond Davis affair? See:

and the followup discussion for all the details. That it was a fraud and that these fools cannot keep the story straight is obvious:

Shahbaz makes up a story…

And Nawaz admits it”s all b.s.:

It now appears their brother Zardari has taken a page from their playbook.

UPDATE: On second thought, I remember Zardari used the ‘bad heart’ excuse many times before to not come back to the country and to get away from his legal troubles:

In June 2005, he suffered a heart attack and was treated in the United Arab Emirates.[52][53] A PPP spokesman stated he underwent angioplasty in the United States.[53] In September 2005, he did not show up for a Rawalpindi hearing on corruption charges; the court issued an arrest warrant.[53] His lawyers stated he could not come because he was recovering from his treatment.[53] Following a request by the Rawalpindi court, Interpol issued a red notice in January 2006 against the couple which called on member nations to decide on the couple’s extradition.[54][55]

First it was reported that Zardari had a checkup done at the army hospital and was given an “all clear” certificate. Curious thing was, his spokesperson Farhatullah Babar and his bitch babar Awan strongly denied that any such check-up took place and that “Zardari had been busy in his office all day long.” Now why would you deny such a “good” thing? Probably because showing Zardari in good health goes against the plan.

So it is very interesting that the very next day, the healthy Zardari suddenly leaves for Dubai “for medical checkup”. That this too is a fraud is obvious from all the stories making the rounds. Here is how it is playing out so far:

Interesting, eh?

Another VERY CURIOUS fact is the person accompanying him:

Farahnaz Ispahani, wife of Husain Haqqani, who was a journalist and had worked at the State Department-run Voice of America before joining Pakistan’s murky politics, is said to be accompanying Zardari.

Remember that although no one has picked up on this fact, Haqqani’s wife Farahnaz was as much a party to Memogate as Hussain Haqqani and Zardari (see the transcript of the Mansoor Ijaz’s BBMs). Why would she be picked, of all the people? This to me is confirmation that the guilty ones are being allowed to take the money and run. So once again, all TRAITORS/thieves are allowed to get away with it. And you and I both know Haqqani will be allowed to follow his wife back to U.S. and back to his old job at Boston University to write the book he promised (“HH: You get to write the book on how you changed US-Pak dynamic and won the war in A’tan (w/ some help from a Paki nerd) 😀 …. HH: We’ll make things happen and if we can’t, we’ll write a book about it“).
Isn’t that treason itself at the hands of EVERYONE involved in letting this happen (including Kayani & Co. and Judiciary)?

The Last BBM:

While on the subject, here is a bit that worries me. Read the very last BBM released by Mansoor Ijaz:
MI: It’s interesting (and heartening) to see that many of the proposals made in the memo are now being implemented in the bilateral relationship. Very good. 
Now what do you make of it? Is he right that despite Memogate having been outed (remember this one is from from first week of November after news of Memogate broke), “proposals in the memo” were STILL “being implemented in the bilateral relationship”? Question is who’s implementing them and why no one, not even Kayani stopping them?
Here let me also put on my CT hat and ask was the “non-sensicle” NATO strike really all that non-sensicle? Remember what has been the “reaction” to it? That “all accords with Nato and U.S. will be reviewed“.  So I must ask:

Was the real purpose of the NATO strike to hurry along the implementation of the proposals made in Memogate? Was there a method to this madness???? IS THE REAL TREASON HAPPENING RIGHT NOW????

[BTW: Where is Mansoor ijaz? Could this trip be another of those secret meetings between Ijaz and Zardari to work out a deal between the two, you know, just like NRO between BB and Mush? Let’s see what follows. If Zardari comes back and Mansoor Ijaz throws him a fig leaf in the days to come, you’ll know!  If not then those stories about powers that be having decided to ditch Zardari were true. ;-)]

Awais Leghari Pisses On His Father’s Grave

I had started working on the following about a month back but never had the time to finish and post it. I am just posting it as-is now as there is further news out today confirms not only the deal between PPP and PML-Q but my contention that shows how despicable these politicians are as proven by Awais Leghari, son of the late Farooq Leghari…(see ‘Update’ below)

Well, PML-Q folks are on talk shows right now DEFENDING PPP/Zardari and have taken a 180 degree turn on Zardari’s corruption — Zardari has suddenly become a “victim” of political-motivated persecution according to PML-Q’s latest offerings.

Side Note: Just before the recent death of Farooq Leghari, I was surprised to find a glowing article about his son Awais Leghari in — of all places — Salman Taseer’s paper (see “Paid Advertisement Or Something In The Works”). So it seems something WAS in the works. And while his father lay dying, Awais Leghari was making deals with Zardari (his father’s biggest enemy). Now what could be bigger baygharati/bay-hayaee/bay-sharmi than this? If this is not pissing on your father’s grave, then I don’t know what is!!! On second thought, since Farooq was still breathing when this deal was made, a more accurate description would be ‘pissing on his dying father’s body

I can confirm it for you too that Awais Leghari IS going to running for MNA from his father’s seat. Yesterday I also found out about a deal between PPP’s last candidate against Farooq Leghari (Shabir Leghari) under which he would NOT run against Awais Leghari. I was wondering who PPP’s candidate would be in his place, thinking PPP would put somebody else for sure. Well, now I think we can safely say he won’t.

UPDATE: Nov 22, 2010


1: PML-Q’s Hiraj made chairman of the Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Authority (Erra)

2: Lakh Lanat:

P.S. Maybe I should have titled it “Worst than Father-Chod

The three people resposible for grand thefts (like PTCL Privatization), and attempted grand thefts (like Pakistan Steel Mills) who ought to be in jail but...

A Quickie: Shahbaz Calls Current Rulers (Including Himself) ‘Incompetent’ ‘Dictators’

Shahbaz “said no project for energy generation was initiated during the 10 years dictatorial rule and the country was plunged into darkness and future generations would never forgive Pervez Musharraf for the criminal negligence.”

If I remember correctly, Musharraf took over 12 October 1999. Elections were held 18 February 2008.  By March 24, 2008, they were voting for a new PM (Mush stayed president 18 August 2008). Effectively his rule was over 2007.

At any stretch his rule was less than 9 years.

What Shahbaz is trying to do is blame Musharraf for the incompetence of his own and Zardari’s rule. though I do agree we are in the eleventh year of dictatorship (Now if we can add Sharif’s last stint to that… 😉  )

A Quickie: All Traitors United, Inc.

What Lying B@stards II

The Spin:

The Reality:

The Spin:

The Reality:
Then why hasn’t he fired him?

The Spin:

The Reality:
Of course every one knows that but here it is anyways…

The Spin:

The Reality:
(Remember Aitzaz Ahsan is a part of this trying to hide behind his wife’s body, AGAIN!)

What Lying B@stards

Dawn Editorial: Is there more than meets the eye to the riots following the attack in Karachi?

“…It was initially thought that enraged mourners and their sympathisers had gone on the rampage, torching commercial buildings, police stations and vehicles to vent their anger. That was alarming in itself but there are now suggestions that there may be more behind the violence than spontaneous rioting….”

Another Zardari/Sharif Collaboration

With the NRO mess not going away, and more stories of corruption by Sharif Brothers making the news, more and more signs are pointing towards the two families (three if you can call MQM a family) joining hands to cover each others back.

First was the attack by PML-N stalwarts against Zardari detractors and today we learn the two are collaborating not only on NRO-Plus and plan to pass it unanimously, but have jointly written a script to blame someone else for their corruption in order to ‘prove’ all cases were ‘politically motivated’ and they are clean as a whistle:

PPP’s New Line:  “Jehangir Badr, whose prime target was no other than former President Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari during the entire press conference, said that not only the NRO beneficiaries, but those who had to pay billions of rupees to banks should also be held accountable.

PML-N’s New Line: “Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif Wednesday said it was Farooq Leghari who filed lawsuits against the leaders of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

Please remind me which is the ruling party and which one is the opposition?! And isn’t Shahbaz forgetting about Saif-ur-Rehman???

Note: No doubt I agree with Jehangir Badar that “Farooq Leghari, his son Awais Leghari and other members of their family, should be held accountable for their various corruption scandals such as cooperatives and PTCL scandals” but it should be done alongside the holding accountable PPP and PML-N and other NRO beneficiaries and not instead of it, as seems to be the plan. And why didn’t Badar think of this before???? Farooq Leghari’s corruption did begin when PPP was in power. Also, how is PPP going to deal with the fact that Zardari’s henchman Malik Riaz of Bahria Town is a business partner of Farooq Leghari?

I am surprised Badar left out the name of his colleague Senator Jamal Leghari, the elder son of Farooq, who is no less corrupt. That Farooq and Awais are guilty of corruption, there is no doubt about that either. It is a fact that Farooq Leghari (and Jamal and Awais jointly) had less than 1250 acres of land when he became president but today Farooq Leghari alone has acquired more than 12,500 acres of agricultural land (I have no clue about the acquisitions by Awais and Jamal Leghari but they have been on a land buying spree as well). And this does not include other property and bank accounts. Awais alone built his house in Islamabad at a cost of Rs 8 crore. His cousin Sumaira Malik of the ‘Cat House’ fame has spent twice that. Her sister Ayla Malik’s (these days with DunyaTV)   husband (now ex) Sardar Rind has bought another 12,500 acres in the same area as Farooq Leghari. Farooq’s cousins of course are not only among NRO beneficiaries but also big loan defaulters (but sitting pretty in the National Assembly or as Nazims)

Note: Let me remind Mr Badr that it was Awais Leghari who became Privatization Minister for a day to sign the sale of Pakistan Steel Mill (PSM), the sale that was over-turned by CJ Iftikhar and was the main and last straw that led to the CJ’s dismissal by Mush. I am sure Awais got offered a pretty penny to go along with that scam.