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Aitzaz’s Latest Client: Malik Riaz

Yesterday I came across blurb about the latest troubles of Malik Riaz of Bahria Town, one of the most corrupt people in Pakistan, and was not at all surprised that the guy representing him was none other than Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan. Now I have written enough about Aitzaz to not be surprised by this. My only curiosity was to see what sort of “plea bargaining” he would be trying to do this time (Remember I have stated before that looking at the cases our most brilliant attorney has been involved in, you’ll find his only trick is plea bargaining, nothing more — look at “Aitzaz jumps in with his pig brothers” here  where I talk about the Bank of Punjab case; also have a look at his brilliant work for his client in the submarine scam).

Well I was not disappointed:

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Aitzaz & Co and the Hijacking of SCBA Elections

Reading about the SCBA elections, this bit gave me the giggles:

“Former president SCBA Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has kept himself at distance from the bar politics. He had gone abroad and would not return till the polling day. However, Hamid Khan’s group is claiming his support. Lahore has gained significant importance in the polls, as almost half of the eligible voters are registered here.”

Ah, so this is how Aitzaz was had played it — the usual double-crossing way. That Hamid Khan was so naive is something I had not expected. To think that Aitzaz was “keeping himself at a distance from bar politics” and supporting Hamid Khan’s group was foolish to the extreme. Aitzaz (behind the scenes) and his cronies (openly) were certainly working for Asma Jehangir (also see Past Heros, Now Zeros and Past Heros, Now Zeros – II). Aitzaz of course was found standing on Asma’s podium at LHC on election day — so much for keeping himself at a distance. Also supporting/canvassing for her were Musharraf’s PCO judges.

Babar Awan:

The role Babar Awan too must not be over-looked. He distributed hundreds of millions to the bars and even managed to snag Qazi Anwar in the week before the election (How could Qazi be so stupid to accept the check from him and appear in the press with Awan is beyond me. And to top it off, Qazi returning the check a couple of days later certainly didn’t help).

Federal Law Minister Babar Awan, a close aide of President Asif Zardari also spent election day in Lahore and is (rightly) believe that the minister had come there to make last-minute “arrangements” for Asma’s election.

Let’s not also forget the stunt Babar Awan pulled a couple of days before the election: His meeting Chaudhry Pervaiz of PML-Q which started a media frenzy on the last day before SCBA elections and hogged all air time away from the elections.

Another name that needs mentioning is the other crooked PPP lawyer group of Latif Khosa which too was working for her.

BTW: Watch this clip of Aitzaz on one of the talk shows (News Beat With Meher Bokhari October 22th , 2010) before the election where he plays the innocent one:

Aitzaz begins (starting at about 3:54):

“Let me first commend you that you have managed to catch me when I am on the plane…um…Like Noon Meep Rashid said “Zaindagi say bhaag ker aaya houN main!” but zindagi has followed me here (in Spain)..”

Yes, Aitzaz! I believe you that our media is so good they can track and get hold of someone (who didn’t want to be found) IN A PLANE all the way over the skies in Spain (Curiously, why did he choose Spain to run to? Managing some legal matters for the other “Chaudhries of Gujrat” who have siphoned most of their monies there?)

Role of the Media:

The media certainly played a huge role in this victory for Asma. Of the tens of talk shows I watched, most featured only people from what I call the “Aitzaz Asma Zardari” group, pretending to be offering differing opinions but in fact going against the judiciary and the other group. I only saw three shows that featured the other group and that too in a very negative way. Two (including the one above) featured Qazi Anwar and one featured the other candidate Ahmed Owais (A hatchet job was performed on him by Kamran Shahid in Front Line, who had Owais on the phone and Asma in studio. Karman blatantly lied, attributing statements to Owais which he had never stated). In all such cases, the hosts seemed to be handed their talking points by the winning side.

After the election, we saw analysis like “The defeat of bigotry” to define Asma’s win. Huh? WTF?? The writer “is a lawyer and political commentator based in London”, Ayesha Khan is using another dirty trick played by Asma’s team and blaming the Hamid Khan group for it (“somebody” distributed pamphlets saying a vote for Asma was a vote for Qadyanis. Of course no one else was behind it but her team itself. At least it confirms her being a Qadyani, something I have heard about Aitzaz as well).

Salman Taseer’s Daily Times described the victory thus:

Asma Jahangir represents modern, progressive and forward-looking sections of Pakistani society across the globe. Her election to the office is bound to bring about a sea change in Pakistan’s perception around the world, as a state of strife struggling to counter the menace of Talibanisation of society.

Before the election, we also saw repeatedly items like:

People like Justice (retd) Tariq Mehmood, Abid Hassan Minto, Muneer Malik, Aitzaz Ahsan and others stand above politics. (Source)
[And let’s not forget to add Ali Ahmed Kurd and Athar Minallah to this list and the shame-of-all-shames Justice Fakharuddin G. Ibrahim]

Of course these were total lies as all those named (except Aitzaz of course 😉 ) were openly supporting Asma and campaigning for her and stood shoulder to shoulder with her of election day…


Well, at least some other big “champions of truth” stand exposed. Now I had already written about the others but never suspected Fakhuruddin G. Ibrahim and Abid Hassan Minto to be part of the cabal. So it is pretty safe to say that all the names we know, we know why we know them: they have been hand-picked to easily insert themselves into any ‘threat’ that appears on the horizon and hijack any such movement.

Aitzaz of course is a master of this and the more I find out about him, the uglier the picture gets. Here I would like to point out a couple of things that I have become aware of lately that leave no doubt about him being a “Sayan”:

  • Talking to some former school mates of his (Aitchison College, Lahore) I discovered that Aitzaz was ‘recruited’ way back in high school. I am told that back then Aitzaz was invited to every American Consulate function and they thought it was something odd though they could never put their finger on it.
  • And do you know that Aitzaz had pulled the “I-was-thrown-out-of-PPP-but-now-I-am-back-with-PPP” trick that he pulled during the lawyers movement to gain their trust once before? Well, he did, and there his victim was none other than Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto himself. It happened during the PNA Movement against ZAB in 1977 (When Bhutto claimed the Americans were behind it, he was 100% correct. Let’s remember here Kissinger’s warning — “We’ll make an example out of you!” — to him and the fact that a lot of foreigners descended on Pakistan under the cover of being “reporters” and dollars flowed freely — so much so in fact that in those days of strict currency restrictions where you could buy dollars only from the State Bank, dollars were available on the street at lower than the currency exchange rate). Using the excuse about some lawyers being shot, he abandoned ZAB at that most crucial of times. He of course falsely claims he was “thrown out” of the party. What exposes that lie is that right after the coup by Zia ul Haq, he managed to rejoin PPP as a central leader (if he was really thrown out by ZAB, why would the party accept him at that trying time?). We see the same script being followed just before the second Long March, where he had managed to loose favor with the lawyers and they were openly accusing him for siding with Zardari against the movement. There he pulled the “thrown out of CEC bit by Zardari” and managed to sabotage the movement by calling off the Long March before it got to Islamabad (remember he was NOT part of the lawyers leadership at the time but it was he who made and announced the decision to stop on their part. The fool who was the leader at the time — Ali Ahmed Kurd — managed to get himself stuck in the middle of nowhere — at the Balochistan/Sindh border — leaving Aitzaz to make the call. It must also not be forgotten how Aitzaz just managed to insert himself into the vehicle of Nawaz Sharif that day and how Kiyani also called him instead of the lawyers’ leadership). Kurd today of course stands in the pocket of Aitzaz.
  • The next chapter in this Aitzaz saga that must be remembered is his role in dismembering the Sikh resistance. Remember In July 1989, working as the Interior Minister under the Benazir Bhutto Government, Aitzaz Ahsan personally handed the complete list of Sikh activists who were working in league with Pakistani intelligence (so it couldn’t be with Pakistani intelligence’s ashirwat). Within weeks of his handing over the list the entire top Sikh brass that was working with Pakistan was eliminated, something from which the Sikh Seperatist Movement never recovered. So maybe when he gave that list of sikhs to India, he wasn’t following BB’s orders but those of the (common?) master, the US.

Asma Jahangir and Anti-Iftikhar Chaudhry forces win in SCBA
Reactionary Forces Win SCBA
Other Articles on Aitzaz on this blog

Foxes Guarding The Henhouse

Two scams exposed by today’s papers:

Govt loses Rs30 billion: Rehman Malik reaps ‘grey’ calls windfall

"Reach out and touch someone!"

ISLAMABAD, June 14: The government is facing an estimated annual revenue loss of over Rs 30 billion on account of ‘grey telephony’ under which international calls are re-routed through local — often illegal — exchanges to avoid local taxes, mainly because of policies designed apparently to favour a sitting powerful minister.

One of the leading beneficiaries of the grey traffic is Rodcom Europe, now being renamed as Hollywell Solutions. Rehman Malik, the sitting interior minister, is the chairman of London-based Rodcom Europe — a specialised VOIP (voice-over internet protocol) company established in 2001 “offering a limited number of high quality routes to a limited number of high quality customers”, according to the company website.

It says its early destinations were mainly to Europe and “Pakistan soon joined them when VOIP licences were first issued in 2003”. Rodcom’s activities in Pakistan, the website claimed, “have grown to a level where we are now one of the top five senders of Pakistan calls in Europe
[So RM got this favor from Musharraf]

Regardless of whether or not Rodcom is operating legally, Rehman Malik’s ownership of the company raises moral and ethical questions. “That a federal minister who oversees law enforcement agencies which are required to curb such illegal telephone calls, should own a company involved in this business is clearly a conflict of interest,” an observer said.
[Another example of fox guarding the hen house]

What makes the conflict of interest issue more serious is the fact that the current government has not made a concerted effort to eliminate the grey traffic; instead circumstantial evidence suggests that official policies have encouraged such activity.

HOW GREY TRAFFIC RUNS: Grey traffic is defined as the use of illegal exchanges for making international calls, bypassing the legal routes and exchanges. These illegal exchanges include VOIP (Voice-Over Internet Protocol) that uses a computer; GSM (Global System for Mobile) gateways; WLL (wireless local loop) phones or mobile SIMs. This traffic may then be distributed onwards using WLL and mobile numbers.


Why is PAC chief sitting on NLC scam report?
[Who is he protecting? Is his brother’s name in it? Or other Generals??]
Billions lost in adventure by uniformed men

Now you know WHY he is often caught secretly meeting Generals in the dead of night

ISLAMABAD: The Public Accounts Committee was told on Monday that the office of Chairman PAC Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan was sitting on the inquiry report into the multibillion rupees scam in the National Logistic Cell (NLC) for the last several months.

The report contains documentary evidence to confirm involvement of four generals of the Pakistan Army in the biggest scam in the history of the NLC. But, in the absence of Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan from the PAC meeting for a short period of time, some members wondered why only one copy of this explosive report was given to Chaudhry Nisar.

Three Lieutenant Generals and one Major General, who were named in the report, had served at top positions in the NLC in the past and have since retired from service. The inquiry was held to determine the role of these three generals, who despite orders of the then Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz not to put the NLC money into the volatile stock market, invested billions of rupees in the stock exchange and subsequently lost the taxpayers money.

A large number of powerful brokers of Karachi were given huge money from the NLC funds to make investment in the volatile exchange market and subsequently billions were lost. Even these generals had taken a commercial loan to make investment in these stocks.

Earlier, during the course of the PAC proceedings it emerged that Secretary Planning Division Ashraf Hayat had deliberately given only one copy of the report to PAC Chairman Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan for “His Eyes Only”.

Ashraf Hayat, who appeared before the PAC, on Monday was asked why the report was not shared with other PAC members. He said the report had already been sent to the office of PAC Chairman Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. But this did not satisfy the members as usually 20 copies of any report are sent to the PAC members. But what surprised them most was that the report was never put on the PAC agenda. The PAC members asked the secretary to dispatch the inquiry report to all of them.

Somewhat related: Here s a curious case involving NLC:
Wapda likely to lose Rs 3.2bn to Japanese company

ISLAMABAD: The financially crippled Wapda would soon be poorer by another Rs3.2 billion as it is set to lose a legal battle in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and would have to pay the amount to the Japan Power Generation Limited (JPGL), the Public Accounts Committee was informed on Monday.

The PAC was further informed that foreign loans worth billions of rupees, including half a billion rupees loan for access to justice, remained unspent thanks to the lethargy of government organisations.

What to talk of others, even Wapda did not use Rs6 billion foreign loan given by a foreign lending agency and the amount was returned to the Economic Affairs Division. Managing Director, National Logistic Cell, Major General Junaid, who appeared before the PAC to defend the report of the Auditor General of Pakistan, spoke of a strong possibility of the Wapda losing its legal battle against the JPGL. He provided these details in a bid to satisfy the PAC members about pending recovery of Rs75 million payable by the same company to the NLC. He said the Japanese company had committed to repay NLC Rs75 million after winning the legal battle, which it is quite confident of winning.

Earlier, the Auditor General of Pakistan told the PAC that NLC had given a loan of Rs75 million to the JPGL. The NLC entered into a loan agreement with the JPGL on July 2, 2007 for the purpose of meeting existing liabilities. The loan was repayable by December 31, 2008 at 14 per cent mark-up rate. The company had already paid Rs13 million as interest to the NLC up to September 2008 in two installments. But, the AGP said, the JPGL had shown a net loss of Rs206 million in its accounts and in view of the poor financial position, the company might not repay the NLC the loan. The loan was sanctioned by former DG NLC, although he did not have any power to give loan to any foreign company. Interestingly, the NLC gave this loan to the Japanese company despite the fact that it itself had to make payment of Rs4.7billion to different banks and financial institutions….

1. What is interesting is “Japan Power Generation Limited (JPGL)” is NOT a “Japanese” company but a “Pakistani” one based in Lahore Cantt (HOW COULD RAUF KLASSRA MIS THAT??):

The Company’s activities include owning, operating and maintaining an oil-fired power station with a net contracted capacity of 120.5 megawatts (gross capacity of 135 megawatts). The Company is engaged in generating and supplying electric power to Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA)

WHAT does that mean? It is MOST CERTAINLY another company owned by the guy running the LPG scam and the Rental Power Scam — the one-time Mush crony and today Zardari’s — Iqbal Z. Ahmad

P.S. Iqbal Z. Ahmed and his scams were also the topic of last night’s Islamabad Tonight. Guest was Khawaja Asif

2. Please DO note that the the government’s inability to utilize loans does NOT mean the loans don’t acquire interest. So the money is just sitting there racking up interest which we have to pay back. And if you thought our defense budget was high, consider this: The amount paid in interest payment on these loans is alone 150% of our defense budget!!!

3. So basically what NLC has done is to loan money to JPGL so they can sue WAPDA for billions. Of course WAPDA WILL lose as ICJ is desined that way (as is the WTO that you are so proud to belong to). More on that someday later as it is a HUGE can of worms…But I would like to give you an example of how WTO/ICJ works:

A few years back, an Italian company won a contract from the Government of Pakistan (GoP) for some development contract. They NEVER started work using the excuse that the “security situation in Pakistan was not good, leaving them unable to perform the said works”. AND they headed straight for ICJ suing GoP for the “profits they would have made had they done the work”. Again the argument was “Hey we want to do the work but we can’t but we are entitled to the profits we would have made from the project had we done it. And since it is  GoP that is unable to provide us a safe environment to work in, it is GoP that is liable and must pay us the moneys we could have made.”

Of course the ICJ ruled in favor of the Italians and against the GoP which had to pay up (probably by taking another loan).

In related(?) news:
Power tariff to rise by nine per cent


Past Heros, Now Zeros – II

(Just wanted to get this out. If time allows, will make changes/additions)

Past Heros, Now Zeros are busy exposing themselves further. That they have been bought is clear hearing their utterances against the Supreme Court and the Justices. They are busy appearing on every talk show speaking against the very same judges that they helped restore.

Ahmed Noorani did a followup story in the News:
Four lawyers support govt, without arguments

Kurd said that he believes in the apex court’s power of judicial review but, at the same time, he believes that the present judiciary could not review this 18th Amendment in the present circumstances.

Asked to elaborate the word ‘circumstances’, Kurd replied that he was a great supporter of the 18th Amendment and thus Supreme Court should not review this amendment. He said that at the time of the lawyers’ movement, top legal and constitutional minds were giving suggestions to Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry but now people around the Supreme Court were not ‘good’.

Views of Athar Minallah were harder. While talking to this correspondent, Athar said that he believes in the Constitution and according to Article 239 no amendment could be called into question before any court.

He said that only those people were supporting the judicial review and striking down of some clauses of the 18th Amendment who had been appearing before the court of Abdul Hameed Dogar.

Is Kurd calling himself “a great legal mind”? That is laughable! Is Minallah calling Ch Iftikhar “Dogar”? Amazing isn’t it? Not only do they have no argument, they have resorted to threatening the judges and on more than one occassion: See Aitzaz Threatens Supreme Court and watch April 21, 2010’s Capital Talk (the threat made to Akram Sheikh) and Apr 18’s Meray Mutabiq (the threat he made to Hafiz Pirzada. Some of it was reported in The News here). Of course Kurd is also now using the “damadum mast kalandar” threat against the judges and like Aitzaz, saying that if the court rules against the bastardized clauses of the 18th amendment that destroy the basic structure of the constitution and make the party heads above the constitution and all politicians above the law, they will have the judgment overturned and the judges can “imagine” what will happen to them..

That they have no arguments was further brought forward by what Justice Tariq Mehmood had to say in last night’s Capital Talk. Watch it and observe his behavior as well. He is all jumpy, and even goes on to blame the media that this is a non issue and offers this “advise”:

People are not interested in it. You guys are destroying your ratings by talking about it. As soon as people hear 18th Amendment on a show, they flip the channel. If you want to be watched, don’t talk about the 18th amendment.

Now that sure is rich. The legal expert has now become media marketing consultant. You can — and must — see more of him on last night’s Late Edition with Akram Sheikh.

Why have these lawyers sold out? Well Aitzaz was always a sellout and having the BoP fraud and the LPG scam — he is a big beneficiary of both — being in front of the SC certainly has added to his displeasure. Having his dictates to the CJ fail certainly added to his change of heart (Note: the people he is standing with today — Awan, Khosa, etc. were all his partners in the BoP scam)

Similarly Kurd was expecting his ‘recommendations’ of people to be appointed judges to be dictates and when that didn’t happen, he cried foul (proof that he was sold long ago can be seen from his protestations against the court’s ruling against the NRO). Having failed to gain financially that way, he has chosen to sell himself like a kanjri from Heera Mandi and do mujras for Zardari, Babar Awan, Farooq Naek, and Latif Khosa (Note: BTW, has anyone else noticed the new wardrobe of Kurd? Suddenly he is all dressed up in new fine threads).

Exactly what was it that Athar Minallah and Tariq Mehmood were demanding is still not clear but I will assume something similar or maybe they just plain sold out for a quota or too. But let thee be no doubt that they have been sold.

Aitzaz, Akram spar over parliament
Petitions filed against 18th Amendment
SCBA also challenges 18th amendment
Haq’s appointment as Attorney General challenged

P.S. Should one laugh or cry:
Insiders reveal a resident Pir at the Presidency

What Lying B@stards II

The Spin:

The Reality:

The Spin:

The Reality:
Then why hasn’t he fired him?

The Spin:

The Reality:
Of course every one knows that but here it is anyways…

The Spin:

The Reality:
(Remember Aitzaz Ahsan is a part of this trying to hide behind his wife’s body, AGAIN!)

What Lying B@stards

A Quickie: Gilani Asks The Fox To Investigate Who Slaughtered The Hens

The LPG scam — actually “LPG Scam II” — made the news recently when Rauf Klasra made us aware of it a few days back:

$1 billion LNG scam lands in federal cabinet
Monday, March 29, 2010
Tarin says he was kept in the dark; Naveed Qamar defends contract to highest bidder

By Rauf Klasra

ISLAMABAD: The first documented $1 billion scam was laid before the federal cabinet last week which officially revealed that Pakistan lost one billion dollars after the top guns of the Petroleum Ministry ignored the lowest bid of the Fauji Foundation and the multinational energy firm, Vitol, for 3.5 million tons LNG contract worth $25 billion, and instead awarded it to the highest bidder, a French firm….

Of course all hell broke loose and instead of screaming “bloody murder” at those carrying out this scam, the lowlife parliamentarians of course screamed bloody murder at the messenger:

The information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira was more interested in summing the reporter of this story to appear before the committee to submit proofs to establish his case. But the most interesting thing observed in the NA proceeding on Monday where three federal ministers stood up to raise this issue was the fact that they all preferred to shoot the messenger, instead of daring to mention the names of former finance minister Shaukat Tarin and MD Fauji Foundation Lt General Rab Nawaz, who had actually smelt foul play in the multibillion dollar LNG deal. Information minister Kaira and agriculture minister Nazar Gondal were angry with the reporter who had filed this story. Kaira said the reporter should also be summoned and asked to produce evidence on the basis of which he filed the story. Gondal said the report was filed without any proper evidence and the committee should probe the issue.

But since the truth is out, one has to cover it up and that PM is doing the very same can be gleaned from the story from which the above bit is taken:

PM asks Hafeez to examine LNG deal

Yes, the same Hafeez Sheikh who raped the country for years under Mush/Shauki and is back to do it again. Choosing him (“who is yet to formally start working as advisor on finance”) specifically certainly speaks volumes as to where this “investigation” is headed…(Does remind me of the news from couple of days ago: Probe ordered into reports about ‘fake’ video: Rehman Malik)

P.S. Speaking of PM, DON’T get too excited about car prices coming down. Sure Gilani warned car makers: “Cut prices or face imports”. This is just a shakedown — Gilani is doing what every previous government has done: Threaten the car makers with “allowing imports”, car makers’ cartel pays up, and things continue as usual i.e. no imports allowed and car makers continue to gouge the public with exorbitant prices for third-rate locally made cars.

Today we are told:
PTCL privatisation deal was not transparent, NA told

Of course we already knew. We also remember it was this genius Hafeez Sheikh who was the Minister for Privatization when this rape was allowed. But do note that the current Minister for Privatisation Waqar Ahmed (a most-corrupt individual himself, not surprisingly, so well-qualified for the position heholds) covers up for Hafeez Sheikh with a balatant lie:

The agreement for the sale of 26 per cent PTCL shares with the UAE-based Etisalat was finalised and transaction was made without taking the Privatisation Commission Board into confidence.

Hey, mabe Mr Gilani can ask Hafeez Sheikh to look into this as well! And maybe Hina Rabbani Khan can assist 😛

JJVL distribution not govt concern: Iqbal
Aitzaz: LPG Scam-Runner, Too

Aitzaz the Pimp, CJ the Prostitute?

(Right now I hear CJ is in a meeting with PM Gilani, with a picture of Benazir sitting between them. Though Gilani had invited CJ, I am surprised the CJ has obliged him. This is UNPRECEDENTED! Of course nothing good can come of it.)

No Shame!

Aitzaz says “CJ, let’s go meet Zardari!” and CJ says “Oh yes, Master!” People curse but…

Aitzaz says “CJ, let’s go meet Holbrooke!” and CJ says “Oh yes, Master!” People curse but…

Aitzaz says “CJ, let’s go meet Gilani!” and CJ says “Oh yes, Master!” People are cursing but…

Shame on you, CJ. Shame on you and the whole judiciary!