How Can You Kill Marines That Don’t Exist?

This news story from today’s paper caught my eye:

Bomb kills three US Marines, TTP claim attack

Now how did that happen? Hasn’t the government been falling over backwards claiming again and again that there were no US soldiers on the ground in Pakistan (just like no Blackwater and no drone bases)? Oops!

The few, the proud, the Marines USAID Workers

No surprise then that the story goes on to tell us:

The officials [must mean Pakistani ones] were also insisting that the foreigners killed in the bombing were US aid workers from the USAID.

Oh so that is how they are going to try and spin it? But the incompetent bastards negate that in the very next sentence:

Condemning what it called vicious terrorist bombing, a US Embassy statement said the Americans were US military personnel in Pakistan to conduct training at the invitation of the Pakistan Frontier Corps.

And they add a bit later:

The killed US soldiers have been identified as Sgt John, SgtSgt Andrew. A US army major identified as Maj. Sikle and Roth has been critically wounded.

The bodies of the slain US soldiers and wounded paramilitary personnel were later evacuated to Peshawar by helicopters.

Get on the same fucking page, you dimwits! You are exposing your banged up asses too much!

Pakistan Army unit on patrol in Operation Rah-e-Nijat or is it the Corp Commanders meeting for I think I can spot Kiyani and Pasha?


9 Responses to “How Can You Kill Marines That Don’t Exist?”

  1. 1 Project February 4, 2010 at 1:50 am

    Are you familiar with blue-team red-team?

    It is a compartmentalized hegelian dialectic. In such a scheme when enacted outside of war-games and training exercises, the ‘good-guys’ don’t always know that the ‘bad-guys’ (or those controlling the dupes and patsies) and themselves wear the same striped-underwear.

    The proof?


    Since the ‘good-guys’ suffering casualties don’t know that black-ops has hit them, they and their systems of interactions respond as they are professional duties outline them to perform, which is, as if the bad-guys they are fighting hit them.

    The only people who know the truth of the operations are the ones managing the two teams from somewhere far away with very clean and respectable hands.

    Great fiction, isn’t it? Just like Operation Gladio.

    It also doesn’t hurt to continually re-charge the waning “patriotic” ferver, in fact, re-charge the trifecta: “high degree of doctrinal motivation, intellectual commitment, and patriotic gratification.”

    BTW – I didn’t like the photo. The reason? Their swollen gluteous maximum is not from being fucked or over-fucked, but nature’s cruel design over which these benign creatures have no choice. They are not imbued with the exercise of Hitlerian spirit: “The victor will not be asked afterward whether he told the truth or not.”

    My deepest condolences to the victims’ grieving families, including the “US aid workers”. The families are not responsible, and are often the most suffering victim – whatever the stripes on the underwear (or lack thereof) of their loved ones – as “only the dead have seen the end of war” (paraphrasing Plato).

    Thanks for the informative post, minus the photo!

    Zahir Ebrahim

  2. 2 nota February 4, 2010 at 9:50 am

    “BTW – I didn’t like the photo. The reason? Their swollen gluteous maximum is not from being fucked or over-fucked, but nature’s cruel design over which these benign creatures have no choice. They are not imbued with the exercise of Hitlerian spirit: “The victor will not be asked afterward whether he told the truth or not.”

    I know, I know! My apologies to the baboons for taking such a liberty (and I did hide their faces). I just did not want to post any pics of some “real swollen gluteous” that was “from being fucked or over-fucked” willingly and displaying it as a symbol of pride (the more the swelling, the bigger the spring in their gait and the stiffer their necks)…as for them it is but their true profession, their sole reason for existence.

  3. 3 nota February 6, 2010 at 1:03 am

    U.S. Says 200 Troops on the Ground in Pakistan

    The U.S. military has 200 troops on the ground in Pakistan. That’s about the double the previously-disclosed number of forces there. It’s a whole lot more than the “no American troops in Pakistan” promised by special envoy Richard Holbrooke. And let’s not even get into the number of U.S. intelligence operatives and security contractors on Pakistani soil.

    The troop levels are one of a number of details that have emerged about the once-secret U.S. war in Pakistan[Isn’t it still a ‘secret’? Talk about a sleeping nation — nota] since three American troops were killed yesterday by an improvised bomb. The New York Times reports that the soldiers were disguised in Pakistani clothing, and their vehicle was outfitted with radio-frequency jammers, meant to stop remotely-detonated bombs. “Still, the Taliban bomber was able to penetrate their cordon. In all 131 people were wounded, most of them girls who were students at a high school adjacent to the site of the suicide attack,” the paper reports….

    At least 12 other American service members have been killed in Pakistan since Sept. 11, 2001, in hotel bombings and a plane crash, according to the United States Central Command, but these were the first killed as part of the Special Operations training, which has been under way for 18 months.[So who brought this group in? Not Mush but PPP and Kiyani. It also proves one more point of the deal made by BB with the Americans i.e. ‘I will let your boots be on the ground in Pakistan’ — nota]…

  4. 4 Pak Army Lovers July 8, 2011 at 7:28 am

    these are ur parents with old dusty ureterous . . . Fuck u all by Pakistan Army . . . .

    • 5 nota July 8, 2011 at 6:05 pm

      Ah ha! “Ureterous” ? Of course an army loving homo would spell it that way ’cause they always talk out of their @ss 🙂

      BTW: Here’s news flash for you: You are NOT capable of fucking any one as recently proven at GHQ, Abbottabad, Mehran Base in Karachi and by the daily drone strike (Your F-16s can’t shoot a bloody sparrow, you EUNUCHS!) 🙂

      And what a surprise that your chose “firefairy” as your email nick. A fairy you sure are!!!
      Now go suck some Hillary dildo like your beloved generals (I hear Pasha and Kiyani are not the only experts at that, so you have plenty of training through admiring their work)

  5. 6 leo July 11, 2011 at 3:18 am

    Pak Army lovers? LMFAO..That fuckin twat thinks he’s being patriot. If he is from That negro brass – Bhangi brigade then I think he can think that way. But I do think he is must be in some special negro unit in civil branch working for free or crumbs…lol

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