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False Flag: Data Darbar Suicide Bombing

You decide…


June 19: Pak lets Saeed rail again; upset India protests

June 25: Pakistan To “Satisfy” India Over Hafiz Saeed Issue

Islamabad, Pakistan (AHN) – Just hours before meeting his Indian counterpart on Friday, Pakistan’s Interior Minister said he would seek to “satisfy” India’s home minister about his government’s intentions regarding Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of the Mumbai attacks in 2008.

Talking of his scheduled meeting with P. Chidambaram on the sidelines of an international meeting of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), Rehman Malik said that “instead of exchanging dossiers,” the traditional rivals should “exchange hearts.”

June 26: Pak should act against Saeed: Chidambaram

June 27: Chidambaram very intelligent, Pakistani minister tweets (‘Look! Rehman Malik Is Kissing Our Hindu @ss’)

Surprise! Surprise:

July 02: Suicide attack on Data Darbar

July 02: Nawaz links terrorism with foreign policy

July 03: Gilani, Nawaz agree to convene APC on Terrorism

July 05: (Useless) Ulema unite to assail Data Darbar attack

July 05: Rehman Malik promises strict law against terrorism (Our very own ‘Patriot Act’)

July 05: PM Gilani, RM, Fauzia Wahab Rule Out Possibility of Talks with Militant Groups

July 05: PM gives instructions for activation of National Counter Terrorism Authority (NCTA) (Our very own ‘Patriot Act’ Indeed!)

July 05: Noose Tightens Around Hafiz Saeed, Barred From Leaving Pakistan

July 05: Punjab bans 23 outfits acting under new names

How India is playing it:

July 05: Pak lie nailed: puts JuD in banned groups list but orders no ‘restrictions’ on its activities

July 05: JuD a terror outfit, admits Pakistan


July 07: US wants military action in NWA
(Hmmm…Will Data Darbar be used as justification for that as well??)

Side Note:

Meanwhile, using this as cover, guess what Nawaz/Sharifs are up to:

Speaking of PML-N, here is a (another) recent example of their dual-faced role:

Deny This: 4,500 US Special Forces Soldiers In Pakistan

But you know they will. In the coming days you will be denials/spin from every corner. Zardari will deny it. Gilani will deny it. Qureshi will deny it. Kiyani will deny it. ISPR will deny it. Foreign Office will deny it. American Ambassador will deny it. Maybe even Robert Gates will deny it. But you know they will once again be proving themselves to be lying sacks of horse manure.

The figure comes to us from this story:

Obama secretly deploys US special forces to 75 countries across world

It states:

Of about 13,000 US special forces deployed overseas, about 9,000 are evenly divided between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Their use, and the increase in drone attacks, is a strategy that has been strongly advocated by Joe Biden, the Vice-President, but criticised by the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Hundreds of civilians have died in special operations A report last week revealed that the top US commander in the Middle East had signed an order last September authorising a big expansion of clandestine military missions in the region, and also in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Somalia.

General David Petraeus signed the Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force Executive Order on September 30. In the three months that followed there was a surge of special operations troops into Yemen, where US operatives are now training local forces.

But don’t say I didn’t tell you about them being over here months ago. This is yet another confirmation from the Devil’s mouth himself.

BTW: Isn’t it the same Joe Biden who was given Hilal-i-Pakistan medal by Zardari? And isn’t it the same General Petreaus in whose lap we find Kiyani almost every week (i.e. when they are not out on secret dates on the high seas)?



Faisal Shehzad: CONFIRMED Patsy

Pakistani Prime Minister James Jones and Pakistani President Leon Panetta

If you had any doubts about Faisal Shehzad being a patsy, let there be no doubts any more as the patsy had served his purpose: Provide the excuse for launching the North Waziristan Operation.

Remember until now our “sovereign” rulers were stating that there would be no operation in North Waziristan. It was stated in July 2009 and repeated by General Kiyani again in December 2009:

Pakistani Army Rules Out Military Operation in North Waziristan
…Pakistani military went so far as to drop leaflets in border villages promising that the would be no military action launched in the area

Of course our president echoed it again only a week ago:

North Waziristan Agency operation to be our decision: President Zardari

Of course PM Gilani, Interior Minister Rehman Malik, and Foreign Minister were parroting the same so you know they were lying through their teeth.

Then Faisal Shehzad happened. This was soon followed over the last few days with increased killing of innocents by our armed forces. The number of dead were being reported to be nearing 50 daily:

And as I have stated previously:

Note: Whenever you see the figure go above 30, you can be assured some American ‘dignitary’ is on a visit. Whenever you see those killed exceed 50, be assured one of our ‘leaders’ is visiting a Western capital.

So I wondered someone was coming to America or some Americans were coming over. I didn’t have to wait long before it was announced:

WASHINGTON: President Obama’s national security adviser, James L. Jones, and CIA Director Leon Panetta are visiting Pakistan this week for counterterrorism discussions with top Pakistani leadership.

I knew we had at least a  striptease in store as the four top nude dancers of the country were also getting together for preparations  for putting on a show:

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s top political and military leadership met Wednesday to discuss the internal security scenario ahead of crucial talks with visiting US National Security Advisor James Jones and CIA director Leon Panetta.

Jones and Panetta arrived here Tuesday evening on a two-day visit.

Quoting sources in the presidency, Online news agency reported that the meeting discussed the agenda of talks with the US delegation “so that the government and military leadership are on the same level” [OR in same position — bvtt-naked and bent over?]

Detailed discussions were held on the security situation in the country, results of Operation Rah-e-Rast against the Taliban in South Waziristan, the situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan-US relations and the war against terror.

Chaired by President Asif Ali Zardari, the meeting was attended by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani. The sources told Online the meeting of the troika prior to the talks with Jones and Panetta was “unusual and quite significant”.

And it didn’t take long for our “drop-pants-at-one-phone-call-professional-soldier-general” Kiyani and others to assume the position. Jones and Panetta shouted “DO MORE” (step it up, or face the consequences”) and Kiyani, gilani, Zardari took both their d!cks together up their bvtt-holes in turn.And soon all the previous statements and promises were forgotten and the announcement came:

“Accord for operation in North Waziristan”

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan agreed in principle on Wednesday to launch a full-fledged military operation against the Taliban in North Waziristan, but candidly told the United States that the timing of the offensive would be decided by it.

“Pakistan is sincere and committed in combating terrorism and is ready to expand its anti-militancy operations to North Waziristan.

“However, for that we will require time to do the necessary shaping up. The operation will be started according to our own judgment,” a senior official told Dawn after US National Security Adviser Gen James Jones and CIA chief Leon Panetta held a meeting with President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Chief of the Army Staff Gen Parvez Kayani. …

So the patsy (Faisal Shehzad) had served his purpose.

(Kiyani I am sure put up a colorful PowerPoint presentation displaying the daily body-count   in a pretty 3-D graph and once again earned the admiration of Robert Gates for his loyal service (But poor Kiyani will have to take it up more many more orifices as Gates still rates him a 6-out-of-10))


Now any fool knows who is calling the shots. But pretenss must be kept and they were going to be as became apparent from the statement “(Pakistan) candidly told the United States that the timing of the offensive would be decided by it”. And they are. Today’s newspapers are full of headlines wanting us to believe the absurdity that it is Pakistan who is calling the shots:

And here are some of the really absurd ones:

But the truth comes to us from foreign press:

In the meantime, killing of (mostly innocents) continues:


Have a look at this news item from April 03, 2010:

Interesting isn’t it? So this is all for show. The operation HAS been ongoing for over a month. Put this and those hundreds of drone strikes ongoing in North Waziristan, you are still expected to believe the “Sovereign” Pakistani Armed Forces are not allowing any operation in North Waziristan, nor are they carrying out one (“But before people find out, let’s find a patsy….QUICK!“)

Besides the contract for indiscriminate killing in North Waziristan, another agreement was also signed that is not getting the press it deserves: It was decided to open a full-fledged U.S. Consulate in Quetta with “enhanced presence of C.I.A.” there. That should go over well to stabilize Balochistan — NOT!

Another very important thing I want to point out once again is that you know after North Waziristan, military operation in Southern Punjab is not far behind. All our secular press (including Ayesha Siddiqa) has been pushing for it; Samar Minallah has been busy preparing the next flogging video to be used as needed; and the agencies have been busy creating local patsies

Gilani Raises His Stature By Murdering 124 Civilians
‘Operation Just Cause’ Or ‘The Panama Deception’
A Quickie: Bayghairat Mercenaries Exposed Again
Army: Bending Over In Plain Sight Yet Denying The Obvious

Past Heros, Now Zeros – II

(Just wanted to get this out. If time allows, will make changes/additions)

Past Heros, Now Zeros are busy exposing themselves further. That they have been bought is clear hearing their utterances against the Supreme Court and the Justices. They are busy appearing on every talk show speaking against the very same judges that they helped restore.

Ahmed Noorani did a followup story in the News:
Four lawyers support govt, without arguments

Kurd said that he believes in the apex court’s power of judicial review but, at the same time, he believes that the present judiciary could not review this 18th Amendment in the present circumstances.

Asked to elaborate the word ‘circumstances’, Kurd replied that he was a great supporter of the 18th Amendment and thus Supreme Court should not review this amendment. He said that at the time of the lawyers’ movement, top legal and constitutional minds were giving suggestions to Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry but now people around the Supreme Court were not ‘good’.

Views of Athar Minallah were harder. While talking to this correspondent, Athar said that he believes in the Constitution and according to Article 239 no amendment could be called into question before any court.

He said that only those people were supporting the judicial review and striking down of some clauses of the 18th Amendment who had been appearing before the court of Abdul Hameed Dogar.

Is Kurd calling himself “a great legal mind”? That is laughable! Is Minallah calling Ch Iftikhar “Dogar”? Amazing isn’t it? Not only do they have no argument, they have resorted to threatening the judges and on more than one occassion: See Aitzaz Threatens Supreme Court and watch April 21, 2010’s Capital Talk (the threat made to Akram Sheikh) and Apr 18’s Meray Mutabiq (the threat he made to Hafiz Pirzada. Some of it was reported in The News here). Of course Kurd is also now using the “damadum mast kalandar” threat against the judges and like Aitzaz, saying that if the court rules against the bastardized clauses of the 18th amendment that destroy the basic structure of the constitution and make the party heads above the constitution and all politicians above the law, they will have the judgment overturned and the judges can “imagine” what will happen to them..

That they have no arguments was further brought forward by what Justice Tariq Mehmood had to say in last night’s Capital Talk. Watch it and observe his behavior as well. He is all jumpy, and even goes on to blame the media that this is a non issue and offers this “advise”:

People are not interested in it. You guys are destroying your ratings by talking about it. As soon as people hear 18th Amendment on a show, they flip the channel. If you want to be watched, don’t talk about the 18th amendment.

Now that sure is rich. The legal expert has now become media marketing consultant. You can — and must — see more of him on last night’s Late Edition with Akram Sheikh.

Why have these lawyers sold out? Well Aitzaz was always a sellout and having the BoP fraud and the LPG scam — he is a big beneficiary of both — being in front of the SC certainly has added to his displeasure. Having his dictates to the CJ fail certainly added to his change of heart (Note: the people he is standing with today — Awan, Khosa, etc. were all his partners in the BoP scam)

Similarly Kurd was expecting his ‘recommendations’ of people to be appointed judges to be dictates and when that didn’t happen, he cried foul (proof that he was sold long ago can be seen from his protestations against the court’s ruling against the NRO). Having failed to gain financially that way, he has chosen to sell himself like a kanjri from Heera Mandi and do mujras for Zardari, Babar Awan, Farooq Naek, and Latif Khosa (Note: BTW, has anyone else noticed the new wardrobe of Kurd? Suddenly he is all dressed up in new fine threads).

Exactly what was it that Athar Minallah and Tariq Mehmood were demanding is still not clear but I will assume something similar or maybe they just plain sold out for a quota or too. But let thee be no doubt that they have been sold.

Aitzaz, Akram spar over parliament
Petitions filed against 18th Amendment
SCBA also challenges 18th amendment
Haq’s appointment as Attorney General challenged

P.S. Should one laugh or cry:
Insiders reveal a resident Pir at the Presidency

Gilani Raises His Stature By Murdering 124 Civilians

[Graphic to be added later…you know what kind…]

That those 124 killed the other day were not militants was clear from the army’s own description of them as “suspected militants“.

That a major slaughter was was in the offing was clear because Gillani was to meet Obama (see “note” at the link).

That those killed were indeed civilians was clear from day one as all eyewitness accounts agreed on that.

Tribal elders have told the media that the jets targeted a jirga ortribal council that was discussing ways to evict militants from the area. They insisted that most of the dead were civilians, including women and children.

A media report said one of the homes targeted by the jets belonged to the father of a Pakistani soldier.

That is is being confirmed today even by our pathetic pro-war English press leaves no doubt.

And for what? So that Gilani can “stand tall” in front of Obama.

Special “Shame On You Award” goes to our armed forces, especially out Air Force who have killed more Pakistanis in last couple of years than Israeli Air Force in all their years of destruction.

(So who are the Israelis now?)

P.S. Also ignore the over 200,000 who have been force to flee the area and ignore the beheadings done by the brave soldiers because it is “speculated”the beheaded bodies were of high profile militants believed to have been killed during the clash but accomplices cut their heads before fleeing the area apparently to conceal their identity” (so it was “OK” as The News would like to have us see it)

UPDATE: No longer any doubt those killed was civilians. While the army continues with it’s bullshit, here is the latest from LA Times:

But residents from the Tirah Valley village of Sra Vela said the dead and wounded were civilians with no connections to the region’s militant groups. Many of the wounded taken to a hospital in the northwest city of Peshawar were active or retired members of Pakistan’s Frontier Corps, a paramilitary force that battles militants in the tribal belt.[So the b@stards killed their own to please Obama! What a wonderful job!]

“There is not a single militant in the area,” said Kashmalo Khan, 63, a retired Frontier Corps officer who suffered a broken leg in the airstrike. “God knows better who gave information to the government about militants’ presence in the area.”

Villagers said the house targeted in the airstrike belonged to a tribesman with sons serving in the Frontier Corps. After a first bomb struck, neighboring tribespeople rushed to the site to rescue the wounded, Khan said. As they pulled bodies from the rubble, another bomb hit the area.

“The second bomb came while people were busy with relief work,” Khan said. “Everything flew into the air, and I was thrown several yards away.”

The army spokesman denied that any civilians were killed in the strike. A Khyber administration official said that a six-member panel made up of local officials and tribal elders has been formed to investigate the airstrike. [Oh so if you already know no civilians were killed, why form the panel? And I already know what that panel’s report will say: “No civilians were killed in the air-strike]

Khyber’s administration chief, Shafeerullah Khan, said $125,000 in government funds would be set aside to compensate survivors and families of tribespeople killed in the airstrike.[$$$$$? Is that our currency? Any doubt who is paying for ‘our war’?? And again, if no civilians were killed, why set up the fund to compensate survivors and families of tribespeople killed???]

“The army never takes action against innocent tribesmen,” Khan said in a prepared statement. “Security forces had received intelligence about the presence of militants in the area, and action was taken.” [Assh*le, they just did. And that tells us enough about your “intelligence”!]

Another story just out (AP) that has more detail:
Pakistani airstrike kills many civilians: official

A Quickie: Gilani Asks The Fox To Investigate Who Slaughtered The Hens

The LPG scam — actually “LPG Scam II” — made the news recently when Rauf Klasra made us aware of it a few days back:

$1 billion LNG scam lands in federal cabinet
Monday, March 29, 2010
Tarin says he was kept in the dark; Naveed Qamar defends contract to highest bidder

By Rauf Klasra

ISLAMABAD: The first documented $1 billion scam was laid before the federal cabinet last week which officially revealed that Pakistan lost one billion dollars after the top guns of the Petroleum Ministry ignored the lowest bid of the Fauji Foundation and the multinational energy firm, Vitol, for 3.5 million tons LNG contract worth $25 billion, and instead awarded it to the highest bidder, a French firm….

Of course all hell broke loose and instead of screaming “bloody murder” at those carrying out this scam, the lowlife parliamentarians of course screamed bloody murder at the messenger:

The information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira was more interested in summing the reporter of this story to appear before the committee to submit proofs to establish his case. But the most interesting thing observed in the NA proceeding on Monday where three federal ministers stood up to raise this issue was the fact that they all preferred to shoot the messenger, instead of daring to mention the names of former finance minister Shaukat Tarin and MD Fauji Foundation Lt General Rab Nawaz, who had actually smelt foul play in the multibillion dollar LNG deal. Information minister Kaira and agriculture minister Nazar Gondal were angry with the reporter who had filed this story. Kaira said the reporter should also be summoned and asked to produce evidence on the basis of which he filed the story. Gondal said the report was filed without any proper evidence and the committee should probe the issue.

But since the truth is out, one has to cover it up and that PM is doing the very same can be gleaned from the story from which the above bit is taken:

PM asks Hafeez to examine LNG deal

Yes, the same Hafeez Sheikh who raped the country for years under Mush/Shauki and is back to do it again. Choosing him (“who is yet to formally start working as advisor on finance”) specifically certainly speaks volumes as to where this “investigation” is headed…(Does remind me of the news from couple of days ago: Probe ordered into reports about ‘fake’ video: Rehman Malik)

P.S. Speaking of PM, DON’T get too excited about car prices coming down. Sure Gilani warned car makers: “Cut prices or face imports”. This is just a shakedown — Gilani is doing what every previous government has done: Threaten the car makers with “allowing imports”, car makers’ cartel pays up, and things continue as usual i.e. no imports allowed and car makers continue to gouge the public with exorbitant prices for third-rate locally made cars.

Today we are told:
PTCL privatisation deal was not transparent, NA told

Of course we already knew. We also remember it was this genius Hafeez Sheikh who was the Minister for Privatization when this rape was allowed. But do note that the current Minister for Privatisation Waqar Ahmed (a most-corrupt individual himself, not surprisingly, so well-qualified for the position heholds) covers up for Hafeez Sheikh with a balatant lie:

The agreement for the sale of 26 per cent PTCL shares with the UAE-based Etisalat was finalised and transaction was made without taking the Privatisation Commission Board into confidence.

Hey, mabe Mr Gilani can ask Hafeez Sheikh to look into this as well! And maybe Hina Rabbani Khan can assist 😛

JJVL distribution not govt concern: Iqbal
Aitzaz: LPG Scam-Runner, Too

Them Fighting Marines

USAID Worker

Remember when they said — in fact they are still saying — there are no drone bases here? Well Google Earth and US senators (Feinstein and Levin) exposed that lie.

Remember when they said — in fact they are still saying — there was no Blackwater/Xe here? Well Gates exposed that lie!

Remember when they said — in fact they are still saying — there was no US soldiers here? Well their dead bodies exposed that lie.

Of course they tried to spin it saying they were USAID workers but Americans themselves exposed their lie. But the Americans lied to saying they were soldiers  but here only as trainers.

Well that lie has now been exposed and truth sort of slipped out:

In response to Joe Biden’s statement in Israel Occupied Palestine:

“This is starting to get dangerous for us,” Biden castigated his interlocutors. “What you’re doing here undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That endangers us, and it endangers regional peace.”

But don’t worry — no one noticed  😉

How Can You Kill Marines That Don’t Exist?
If Senator Carl Levin is right–then Zardari, Gilani & Kiyani should be tried for treason