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Is Zardari History?

Remember the FRAUD Nawaz pulled to appear to not be a part of the rotten Raymond Davis affair? See:

and the followup discussion for all the details. That it was a fraud and that these fools cannot keep the story straight is obvious:

Shahbaz makes up a story…

And Nawaz admits it”s all b.s.:

It now appears their brother Zardari has taken a page from their playbook.

UPDATE: On second thought, I remember Zardari used the ‘bad heart’ excuse many times before to not come back to the country and to get away from his legal troubles:

In June 2005, he suffered a heart attack and was treated in the United Arab Emirates.[52][53] A PPP spokesman stated he underwent angioplasty in the United States.[53] In September 2005, he did not show up for a Rawalpindi hearing on corruption charges; the court issued an arrest warrant.[53] His lawyers stated he could not come because he was recovering from his treatment.[53] Following a request by the Rawalpindi court, Interpol issued a red notice in January 2006 against the couple which called on member nations to decide on the couple’s extradition.[54][55]

First it was reported that Zardari had a checkup done at the army hospital and was given an “all clear” certificate. Curious thing was, his spokesperson Farhatullah Babar and his bitch babar Awan strongly denied that any such check-up took place and that “Zardari had been busy in his office all day long.” Now why would you deny such a “good” thing? Probably because showing Zardari in good health goes against the plan.

So it is very interesting that the very next day, the healthy Zardari suddenly leaves for Dubai “for medical checkup”. That this too is a fraud is obvious from all the stories making the rounds. Here is how it is playing out so far:

Interesting, eh?

Another VERY CURIOUS fact is the person accompanying him:

Farahnaz Ispahani, wife of Husain Haqqani, who was a journalist and had worked at the State Department-run Voice of America before joining Pakistan’s murky politics, is said to be accompanying Zardari.

Remember that although no one has picked up on this fact, Haqqani’s wife Farahnaz was as much a party to Memogate as Hussain Haqqani and Zardari (see the transcript of the Mansoor Ijaz’s BBMs). Why would she be picked, of all the people? This to me is confirmation that the guilty ones are being allowed to take the money and run. So once again, all TRAITORS/thieves are allowed to get away with it. And you and I both know Haqqani will be allowed to follow his wife back to U.S. and back to his old job at Boston University to write the book he promised (“HH: You get to write the book on how you changed US-Pak dynamic and won the war in A’tan (w/ some help from a Paki nerd) 😀 …. HH: We’ll make things happen and if we can’t, we’ll write a book about it“).
Isn’t that treason itself at the hands of EVERYONE involved in letting this happen (including Kayani & Co. and Judiciary)?

The Last BBM:

While on the subject, here is a bit that worries me. Read the very last BBM released by Mansoor Ijaz:
MI: It’s interesting (and heartening) to see that many of the proposals made in the memo are now being implemented in the bilateral relationship. Very good. 
Now what do you make of it? Is he right that despite Memogate having been outed (remember this one is from from first week of November after news of Memogate broke), “proposals in the memo” were STILL “being implemented in the bilateral relationship”? Question is who’s implementing them and why no one, not even Kayani stopping them?
Here let me also put on my CT hat and ask was the “non-sensicle” NATO strike really all that non-sensicle? Remember what has been the “reaction” to it? That “all accords with Nato and U.S. will be reviewed“.  So I must ask:

Was the real purpose of the NATO strike to hurry along the implementation of the proposals made in Memogate? Was there a method to this madness???? IS THE REAL TREASON HAPPENING RIGHT NOW????

[BTW: Where is Mansoor ijaz? Could this trip be another of those secret meetings between Ijaz and Zardari to work out a deal between the two, you know, just like NRO between BB and Mush? Let’s see what follows. If Zardari comes back and Mansoor Ijaz throws him a fig leaf in the days to come, you’ll know!  If not then those stories about powers that be having decided to ditch Zardari were true. ;-)]

Of ‘Supreme’ Pigelitarians And More On April Fools Day

Apologies in advance for being haphazard. Want to write about all these but don’t have the time — or electricity. So here are some links to things that passed before me and caught my interest. Here it goes in no particular order:

Journalist Amar Jaleel revisits BB’s murder in ‘From Nowhere to Everywhere‘ and talks mostly about Zardari and his ‘rise’. He does seem to suggest it was AZ behind the murder and what he has managed to do since then:
“He has literally purchased the opposition in Pakistan.”
Indeed! So Nawaz fans, what do you say?

Speaking of the BB murder, Zardari has blocked the release of UN report for now so in the meantime you can read the new book out by Shakeel Anjum titled “Who Assassinated Benazir Bhutto”

In “The story of the pet goat”, Taj Khattak talks about the army’s rise and attributes it to the failings of the politicians.

Ameer Bhutto disappoints with his “The sky is not falling, it’s just democracy” as he turns it into…well read the last bit yourself:

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto spoilt the nation by getting the 1973 Constitution passed through parliament unanimously. Maybe that is why we now expect everything to be done by consensus. But that was the outcome of the genius as well as strong and sincere leadership of a giant among men. Expecting the insignificant self-styled politicians who now happen to occupy his seat because of a tragic kink of history, and who have their own personal agendas, to perform the same miracles is a joke.

Well, Ameer, they appear to have done it. So should we now equate the two? (Take your pick: “geniuses” or “insignificant self-styled politicians” both?)

On the US/Pakistan talks, Asif Ezdi’s title says it all: “Strategic dialogue or strategic farce?”

You might also like GHQ winning like never before from a few days ago…

Proving they don’t believe it themselves, 20 MPs send bill to NA speaker to ensure parliament’s supremacy. The group is led by — now don’t laugh — Marvi Memon. Rest are bozos I have never heard of.

Of course army cannot survive without lies so we have Gen Masood telling us “Swat operation saved country from terrorism“. Well, you know which dick he is smoking…

Speaking of liars and cheats, here are a few stories from today’s paper:
Zardari stunned, sends four aides to support a jailed crook (whose son he is hiding in the presidency and paying him a salary of more than Rs 4 lacs)

“He will certainly be accommodated but his title will be decided after he walks out of the prison,” one of them said. “The government has many ways to install its pets at lucrative berths like Dr Qayyum Soomro has no official title, yet the clout and power he carries is known to all and sundry simply because of his closeness to the president.” Beneficiaries of the sprawling wealth of Sheikh allegedly abound in different segments of the society.

Sheikh’s replacement of course is Sheikh’s replacement: Another FIA eagle has a rude crash landing
ISLAMABAD: Sajjad Haider, the blue eyed staff officer of the interior minister, was unceremoniously dismissed from service, within a day of another dubious high flying FIA eagle (Riaz Sheikh) getting its wings clipped and falling straight inside Adiala Jail.

Sajjad Haider is also the co-accused with Interior Minister Rehman Malik in a corruption case alleging misappropriation of funds in unauthorised release of imported yellow cab cars. As The News broke the story Wednesday about how an accused had not only been kept in service notwithstanding the court verdict on NRO, the secretary interior took action and sent Sajjad packing by reverting his status to that of October 5, 2007, when he stood a dismissed assistant director of the FIA.

Which brings us of course to Rehman Malik. Appears NAB is set to challenge withdrawal of cases against Malik.

Oh, and here’s another piece on him from a couple of days ago:
Reference filed against Rehman Malik in Senate

The Federal Interior Minister Senator A Rehman Malik, already loaded with litigation, gets another one to field as a Pakistani citizen residing in the United Kingdom has challenged his eligibility before the chairman Senate arguing that Malik stood dismissed from service at the time of filing his nomination papers as senator from Sindh

Ansar Abbasi rightly asks:
If accused advocates and govt join hands, what can courts do? I must say Mr Abbasi is being a bit optimistic when he states:

This is going to cause hue and cry. However, all were mum at that time; the NAB was mum; and criminals were being acquitted. This class of people wants the return of Dogar era when all the big guns, capitalists, bureaucrats, ministers, and rulers were safe, all their crimes notwithstanding. The courts even paid them respect. But now a change has come to Pakistan and we must learn to live in a changed country.

Read the stories linked above and you will see how the full of shit out upper houses are…

But before going I must give you at least one story that made me laugh:
Nawaz wants several new Dubais in Balochistan
Nawaz does crack me up. Does he not know how trouble Dubai is in? I think Balochistan ought to take a pass on this one! 😛

The ‘Zardari was Elected’ Myth

All PPP representatives, the opposition, the lawyers and judges, media and alternate medai  seem not to tire of repeating this myth that “Zardari is the constitutionally elected President of Pakistan”. That cannot be further from the truth. It is but a complete fabrication. A blatant lie put forth to give legitimacy to this so called democracy. To see it, one must look at how he got to where he is:

Facing Islamist chaos and America’s Rambo, Pakistan is turning to No 10

…In a notoriously difficult foreign policy arena, injected with precious few new ideas, there are signs that Brown is ready to take Zardari seriously. The Foreign Office has already played a vigorous and little known role in getting Zardari elected president: Sir Mark Lyall Grant, the FCO political director, used his offices to elegantly strong-arm Pakistani political factions exiled to the UK into voting for the PPP’s presidential candidate. In a daring move, the MQM party, which has offices in north London – and was set against the PPP – was talked into becoming temporary champion of a PPP machine it had previously only bombed and shot at….

Zardari is the New Musharraf

Financial and political support from Washington helped engineer Zardari into power. He has been put in charge of the millions a month in overt and secret cash flow from Washington — $11.2 billion officially since 2001 — that Musharraf used to buy influence. Contrary to Washington’s claims it was neutral in the race between Zardari and his rival, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Washington spent a great deal of money and energy trying to sideline Nawaz, who has long been unpopular in Washington as insufficiently responsive to US interests….

Here’s James Petras in ‘Masters of Defeat: Retreating Empire and Bellicose Bluster

…The ‘election’ of the US client and convicted warlord and thug, Asif Ali Zadari, as President of Pakistan, will not in anyway contribute to the recovery of US influence outside of very limited elite political and military circles…

I know, I know. He is the “elected” representative of the people — people from the UK Foreign Office and US State Department 😛

Continue reading ‘The ‘Zardari was Elected’ Myth’

A Quickie: What You Say Now, Nawaz?

Your moron son-in-law Captain (retd) Safdar, is being blamed for the defeat of your party in the recent National Assembly by-election in Mansehra (and talking of nepotism, he was trying to get his brother elected as an MNA as well). So just wondering…what you gonna do now? Go after Safdar? Not a chance, right?? (I am certain you will instead go after your party activists and your district president who have dared to expose the truth (including PML-N sucking-up to PML-Q)…

Sure you have “democracy” in your party (wink)(wink) 😉

BTW: Have always wondered what you saw in that guy to marry off your daughter to him? Or did you just hate your daughter so much?

NA-123: Nawaz Continues To Lie

This is rich! Take a load of the latest tale spun — this time by the master himself — regarding him not taking part in NA-123:

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Quaid Nawaz Sharif has told his party leaders that he has delayed his election to the National Assembly to save President Asif Ali Zardari from the tremendous pressure that his presence in parliament would bring on him.

What is even richer is this bit:

The participant said that Nawaz Sharif told the party that any massive destabilisation would only bring a boon for the enemies of Pakistan, who have besieged it, and enhance the dangers to the country, which was already gripped by a grave situation.

The PML-N chief said although he had taken a conscious decision not to rock the boat, the government continues to mess up because of its blunders, misgovernance and misrule. He said his decision not to contest the by-poll was meant to spare the government any extraordinary embarrassment at his hands inside the National Assembly or “I know the present set-up can’t brook even a short-lived powerful campaign by me”.

But Mr. Nawaz, wouldn’t “rocking the boat” mean getting rid of a “government [that] continues to mess up because of its “blunders, misgovernance and misrule“? Of course we can’t have that! How did I miss that causing PPP “embarrassment” was a bigger goal than getting rid of the country of “blunders, misgovernance and misrule.

P.S. Also see the article for the way this paper tiger beats his own chest. Example:

Nawaz Sharif told his party colleagues that when he would be present in the National Assembly, he would have to speak on vital issues in a hard-hitting manner or he would earn flak from public circles.

This, he said, would build a colossal pressure on the government, which has no guts, fortitude or resilience to withstand the force of his attack. Ultimately, a state of paralysis would hit the government that he did not want, he said.

“میں لڑتا تو اُسے بہت  مارتا”

(Those interested in previous lies and the truth can go see this older post)

Our Tampon Dons

The other day I was watching the interview of former President Farooq Leghari. His answer to the question about the Mehran Bank scandal really made me laugh out loud and I went “We got another one!”

What he claimed was that the most of land involved in the deal was not his but his wife’s and his mother’s. That alone proves he is lying because both his wife and his mother are from NWFP and though his mother might have inherited some farmland from his father, his wife certainly had none in the area — remember we are talking Southern Punjab —  and if she did, it was put in her name by no one but Farooq Leghari himself for purposes other than giving her ownership of it.

I went “We got another one!” because hiding behind there wives to try and coverup ones own corruption seems to be the order of the day. Let’s see, recently we had Aitzaz (“LPG quota is not mine but my wife’s”), PM Gilani (“I have no money, no house, and the $550 Million loan was taken out by my wife”), both Shahbaz and Nawaz also appear to be penniless living off of loans from their wives and kids. Zardari of course need not be mentioned….

Nawaz: “I’ll Stick With Zardari Even If PPP Dumps Him”