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Gordon Duff Exposed: The Lying, Weeping Pussy

Recently, Gordon Duff, the managing editor of Veteran Times has been salivating thinking about NATO’s “victory” in Libya — in fact he believes it has already happened — and has been writing some hilarious pieces. Here are a few examples (BTW: I strongly recommend you read all three — I promise you  will be laughing your @ss off):

Breaking Story: Libya Falls (Exclusive Rebel Statement – Latest Videos)

Of course I challenged him on it and he came back with abuses and threats and nothing else. When I exposed some more of his bullshit, he resorted to deleting my comments. Luckily I DID manage to save some so here are our exchanges:


Western banksters created a new Central Bank in Libya with the help of HSBC’s to steal Libya’s money. They also created a new, to be fully privatized, national oil company, operated by Qatar, to steal Libya’s oil.

If these murdering thugs, known as rebels, take over Tripoli expect a huge civil war. I wonder what’s going to happen to all of Libya’s gold and other assets. Well, perhaps they’ll leave the country.

Prediction: Two years from know the Libyan people will be worse off. Just ask the Iraqis if the USA has brought them a better life. Obama, how many Libyan civilians did the terrorist organization known as NATO kill? Since the main players in NATO, the USA, Great Britain and France are puppets of Israel the Israelis either approved or ordered the attack, I think they ordered it. Yes, they’re friendly to both sides for profits and control. How many innocent Muslims has Obama killed?

Well if Gaddafi is being sought perhaps Obama should be sought.

  • I do love this, Gaddafi, whose family vacations with the Rothschilds in Montenegro, are suddenly victims of a vast Jewish conspiracy.
    Good luck with that one.

    • Gordon, our 81 congressmen are going to have a wonderful, free vacation in Israel and we are supposed to believe these congressmen and the country they represent are victims of a Jewish Zionist conspiracy; well yes.

    • Ah, so Gaddafi was “bad” for having “family vacations with the Rothschilds in Montenegro” BUT the Rothchilds taking over the central bank of Libya is “good” — so VT/GD is on the same side as gaddafi isn’t it? Oops, soory I forgot — Gordon and family have the added star of having weekend bar-b-cues with Tenent and family…

      What utter B.S. You are such a shill and exposing too much of the hand that feed you 🙂  “Dissent” my @ss! “Manufactured Dissent”? Bingo! 😉

      • ^^^
        “Tenent” should be “Tenet”, as in George Tenet…

      • The central bank of libya is a partnership between a number of banks, some rothschild controlled, some US and a high percentage ownership by gaddafi himself.

        You lose, MF, your Zionist shill and his boys are out on their ass along with the liars and thugs. The people of libya, the ones you said were going to rise against the rebels turned on gaddafi.

        Time for you to bend over and kiss your own ass goodbye. You are, officially, too stupid to live.

        • ROTFLMAO. Getting NASTY are we, old goat who probably got shot in the butt running away 🙂
          Seems I hit a nerve — and the right one! 😛

          Funny to see a dog that feeds at the crumbs of the elite fools himself into thinking he is one of them. More later….

          BTW: Funny to see a Zionist shill calling another that … really funny 🙂


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NA-123: Nawaz Continues To Lie

This is rich! Take a load of the latest tale spun — this time by the master himself — regarding him not taking part in NA-123:

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Quaid Nawaz Sharif has told his party leaders that he has delayed his election to the National Assembly to save President Asif Ali Zardari from the tremendous pressure that his presence in parliament would bring on him.

What is even richer is this bit:

The participant said that Nawaz Sharif told the party that any massive destabilisation would only bring a boon for the enemies of Pakistan, who have besieged it, and enhance the dangers to the country, which was already gripped by a grave situation.

The PML-N chief said although he had taken a conscious decision not to rock the boat, the government continues to mess up because of its blunders, misgovernance and misrule. He said his decision not to contest the by-poll was meant to spare the government any extraordinary embarrassment at his hands inside the National Assembly or “I know the present set-up can’t brook even a short-lived powerful campaign by me”.

But Mr. Nawaz, wouldn’t “rocking the boat” mean getting rid of a “government [that] continues to mess up because of its “blunders, misgovernance and misrule“? Of course we can’t have that! How did I miss that causing PPP “embarrassment” was a bigger goal than getting rid of the country of “blunders, misgovernance and misrule.

P.S. Also see the article for the way this paper tiger beats his own chest. Example:

Nawaz Sharif told his party colleagues that when he would be present in the National Assembly, he would have to speak on vital issues in a hard-hitting manner or he would earn flak from public circles.

This, he said, would build a colossal pressure on the government, which has no guts, fortitude or resilience to withstand the force of his attack. Ultimately, a state of paralysis would hit the government that he did not want, he said.

“میں لڑتا تو اُسے بہت  مارتا”

(Those interested in previous lies and the truth can go see this older post)

Owais Ghani — LIAR!

 I just watched the last part of Jawab Deyh (June 28, 2009) and was surprised by:

    1. How blatantly Owais Ghani was lying, and
    2. Iftikhar Ahmed’s failure to catch him

Here is the transcript of the last 5 minutes of the show. (My comments are between [ ]):

Iftikhar Ahmed (IA): Aap nay aik martaba kaha aadhi baat mat karo. Ab koi baat chupai nahi ja sakti. HamaiN khul ker baat kerni chahiyay. Don’t do shuf-shuffle, shaftalu…

Awais Ghani(AG): Yay aik pashto meiN misal hay. Shuf shuf mat karo nahi kerni chahiyay “Khul ker bat kerni chahiyay”

IA: Akbar Bugti ko kiss nay mara?

AG: Sir, acha. OK, Ab meiN explain ker dayta houN. Wohan bhi aik insurgency key kafiat THee jis kay khilaf military action hua. Again wo military action rad-e-aml meiN hua. Rocket – rocketing hui- Kohlu mein bhi and Quetta mein bhi aap ko yad ho ga – us kay rad-e-aml mein hua. Is meiN aksar yey mujh say poocha giya hay. Jawab meiN maiN nay kaha hay ‘DeykhaN jee, Aik citizen hota hay aik mulk ka. Us waqt tak us ko aaeen aur kanoon tahafuz dayta hay jab tak wo aaeen aur qanoon kay dairay mein rahay. Jub wo us dairay say bahir ho jai to us ko qanoon tahafooz nahi dayta.’ Unfortunately wohan per aaysay halat payda ho gaay kay us meiN aik khulam khula larai shuru ho gai halaN kay action … [Here he justifies the killing basically stating Bugti deserved it as he had stepped out from under the protection provided by law and the constitution. I of course disagree as he was still a citized]
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Oops! So There IS a Pardon Document

Remember that “I made no deal with Mush” joke by Nawaz (till Hariri showed up with the actual document)? Well, now the often denied “Pardon by Mush” document has seen the light of day and the Sharifs are not happy as it exposes another of their balatant lies….