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False Flag: Data Darbar Suicide Bombing

You decide…


June 19: Pak lets Saeed rail again; upset India protests

June 25: Pakistan To “Satisfy” India Over Hafiz Saeed Issue

Islamabad, Pakistan (AHN) – Just hours before meeting his Indian counterpart on Friday, Pakistan’s Interior Minister said he would seek to “satisfy” India’s home minister about his government’s intentions regarding Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of the Mumbai attacks in 2008.

Talking of his scheduled meeting with P. Chidambaram on the sidelines of an international meeting of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), Rehman Malik said that “instead of exchanging dossiers,” the traditional rivals should “exchange hearts.”

June 26: Pak should act against Saeed: Chidambaram

June 27: Chidambaram very intelligent, Pakistani minister tweets (‘Look! Rehman Malik Is Kissing Our Hindu @ss’)

Surprise! Surprise:

July 02: Suicide attack on Data Darbar

July 02: Nawaz links terrorism with foreign policy

July 03: Gilani, Nawaz agree to convene APC on Terrorism

July 05: (Useless) Ulema unite to assail Data Darbar attack

July 05: Rehman Malik promises strict law against terrorism (Our very own ‘Patriot Act’)

July 05: PM Gilani, RM, Fauzia Wahab Rule Out Possibility of Talks with Militant Groups

July 05: PM gives instructions for activation of National Counter Terrorism Authority (NCTA) (Our very own ‘Patriot Act’ Indeed!)

July 05: Noose Tightens Around Hafiz Saeed, Barred From Leaving Pakistan

July 05: Punjab bans 23 outfits acting under new names

How India is playing it:

July 05: Pak lie nailed: puts JuD in banned groups list but orders no ‘restrictions’ on its activities

July 05: JuD a terror outfit, admits Pakistan


July 07: US wants military action in NWA
(Hmmm…Will Data Darbar be used as justification for that as well??)

Side Note:

Meanwhile, using this as cover, guess what Nawaz/Sharifs are up to:

Speaking of PML-N, here is a (another) recent example of their dual-faced role:

Faisal Shehzad: CONFIRMED Patsy

Pakistani Prime Minister James Jones and Pakistani President Leon Panetta

If you had any doubts about Faisal Shehzad being a patsy, let there be no doubts any more as the patsy had served his purpose: Provide the excuse for launching the North Waziristan Operation.

Remember until now our “sovereign” rulers were stating that there would be no operation in North Waziristan. It was stated in July 2009 and repeated by General Kiyani again in December 2009:

Pakistani Army Rules Out Military Operation in North Waziristan
…Pakistani military went so far as to drop leaflets in border villages promising that the would be no military action launched in the area

Of course our president echoed it again only a week ago:

North Waziristan Agency operation to be our decision: President Zardari

Of course PM Gilani, Interior Minister Rehman Malik, and Foreign Minister were parroting the same so you know they were lying through their teeth.

Then Faisal Shehzad happened. This was soon followed over the last few days with increased killing of innocents by our armed forces. The number of dead were being reported to be nearing 50 daily:

And as I have stated previously:

Note: Whenever you see the figure go above 30, you can be assured some American ‘dignitary’ is on a visit. Whenever you see those killed exceed 50, be assured one of our ‘leaders’ is visiting a Western capital.

So I wondered someone was coming to America or some Americans were coming over. I didn’t have to wait long before it was announced:

WASHINGTON: President Obama’s national security adviser, James L. Jones, and CIA Director Leon Panetta are visiting Pakistan this week for counterterrorism discussions with top Pakistani leadership.

I knew we had at least a  striptease in store as the four top nude dancers of the country were also getting together for preparations  for putting on a show:

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s top political and military leadership met Wednesday to discuss the internal security scenario ahead of crucial talks with visiting US National Security Advisor James Jones and CIA director Leon Panetta.

Jones and Panetta arrived here Tuesday evening on a two-day visit.

Quoting sources in the presidency, Online news agency reported that the meeting discussed the agenda of talks with the US delegation “so that the government and military leadership are on the same level” [OR in same position — bvtt-naked and bent over?]

Detailed discussions were held on the security situation in the country, results of Operation Rah-e-Rast against the Taliban in South Waziristan, the situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan-US relations and the war against terror.

Chaired by President Asif Ali Zardari, the meeting was attended by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani. The sources told Online the meeting of the troika prior to the talks with Jones and Panetta was “unusual and quite significant”.

And it didn’t take long for our “drop-pants-at-one-phone-call-professional-soldier-general” Kiyani and others to assume the position. Jones and Panetta shouted “DO MORE” (step it up, or face the consequences”) and Kiyani, gilani, Zardari took both their d!cks together up their bvtt-holes in turn.And soon all the previous statements and promises were forgotten and the announcement came:

“Accord for operation in North Waziristan”

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan agreed in principle on Wednesday to launch a full-fledged military operation against the Taliban in North Waziristan, but candidly told the United States that the timing of the offensive would be decided by it.

“Pakistan is sincere and committed in combating terrorism and is ready to expand its anti-militancy operations to North Waziristan.

“However, for that we will require time to do the necessary shaping up. The operation will be started according to our own judgment,” a senior official told Dawn after US National Security Adviser Gen James Jones and CIA chief Leon Panetta held a meeting with President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Chief of the Army Staff Gen Parvez Kayani. …

So the patsy (Faisal Shehzad) had served his purpose.

(Kiyani I am sure put up a colorful PowerPoint presentation displaying the daily body-count   in a pretty 3-D graph and once again earned the admiration of Robert Gates for his loyal service (But poor Kiyani will have to take it up more many more orifices as Gates still rates him a 6-out-of-10))


Now any fool knows who is calling the shots. But pretenss must be kept and they were going to be as became apparent from the statement “(Pakistan) candidly told the United States that the timing of the offensive would be decided by it”. And they are. Today’s newspapers are full of headlines wanting us to believe the absurdity that it is Pakistan who is calling the shots:

And here are some of the really absurd ones:

But the truth comes to us from foreign press:

In the meantime, killing of (mostly innocents) continues:


Have a look at this news item from April 03, 2010:

Interesting isn’t it? So this is all for show. The operation HAS been ongoing for over a month. Put this and those hundreds of drone strikes ongoing in North Waziristan, you are still expected to believe the “Sovereign” Pakistani Armed Forces are not allowing any operation in North Waziristan, nor are they carrying out one (“But before people find out, let’s find a patsy….QUICK!“)

Besides the contract for indiscriminate killing in North Waziristan, another agreement was also signed that is not getting the press it deserves: It was decided to open a full-fledged U.S. Consulate in Quetta with “enhanced presence of C.I.A.” there. That should go over well to stabilize Balochistan — NOT!

Another very important thing I want to point out once again is that you know after North Waziristan, military operation in Southern Punjab is not far behind. All our secular press (including Ayesha Siddiqa) has been pushing for it; Samar Minallah has been busy preparing the next flogging video to be used as needed; and the agencies have been busy creating local patsies

Gilani Raises His Stature By Murdering 124 Civilians
‘Operation Just Cause’ Or ‘The Panama Deception’
A Quickie: Bayghairat Mercenaries Exposed Again
Army: Bending Over In Plain Sight Yet Denying The Obvious

A Quickie: Oh So Convenient

Taliban Leader Surrenders

MIANWALI: A self-claimed Ameer of Tahreek-e-Taliban Saraiki Hanif Gabol alias Maviya has handed over himself to Mianwali police, Geo News reported on Monday.

Police sources said that Hanfi Gabol belonged to Choti area of Dera Ghazi Khan. He joined Tahreek-e-Taliban (Hasan group) and appointed as Ameer of Saraiki lashkar to carry out terror activities. Under arrested, he claimed several terrorist incidents happened in different parts of Punjab.

Hanif Gobal was the mastermind of attack on Khosa House in Dera Ghazi Khan, police sources added. He admitted his involvement in terror acts in front of media and claimed that he is expert in making suicide jackets.

And this is just a day after the ‘news’ came out that:
Taliban are in Punjab now — officially

😉 😉 😉

P.S. About that Khosa House thingy, I of course have my own wild ‘conspiracy theory‘ 😉 😛

Faisal Shehzad, Joe Stack (And Irv Rubin)

So now it comes out that Faisal Shehzad was in financial trouble and had lost his home recently. Maybe he was just simply pulling a Joe Stack and not following orders of TTP, as S.I.T.E. was — as always — quick to claim. MSNBC tells us:

Chase Home Finance filed a foreclosure action against the couple last September, and the court dockets indicate that neither Shahzad nor his wife showed up to defend themselves. They were listed as “non-appearing” parties. The most recent papers were filed in the case on April 23, according to the Journal.

So maybe Faisal Shehzad is but another Joe Stack. Remember him?

On Thursday, Andrew Joseph Stack III flew a small plane into the IRS’s four-story office building in Austin, killing himself and at least one federal employee. Before the incident, Stack allegedly left a series of messages on a website expressing his disgust with the IRS, saying at one point that “violence not only is the answer, it is the only answer.”

Well, he was never declared “a terrorist” no matter how much Muslims screamed:

“Whenever an individual or group attacks civilians in order to make a political statement, that is an act of terror,” said Nihad Awad, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

“Terrorism is terrorism, regardless of the faith, race or ethnicity of the perpetrator or the victims,” said Awad, adding in a statement that “if a Muslim had carried out the IRS attack, it would have surely been labeled an act of terrorism.”

And like Faisal’s, that too was “a criminal act by a lone individual” but see how the police and FBI refused to call that an act of terrorism:

In the hours after the crash, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo told reporters that the incident looked to be “a criminal act by a lone individual.” And while Acevedo refrained from calling it an act of terror, he said the FBI, which is heading the investigation, would make the judgment call on how to categorize the crash.

A spokesman with the FBI’s San Antonio office on Friday said that the FBI was handling the case “as a criminal matter of an assault on a federal officer” and that it was not being considered as an act of terror at this time.

This also reminds me of many, many terrorist acts inside U.S. by Jewish guys (and they were NOT always acting alone) but they always got away without being labeled ‘terrorists’ or their crimes being labeled as “terrorism”. Among these Irv Rubin of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) certainly comes to mind. One of his partners killed Alex Odeh, the local chairman of the pro-Palestinian American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), with a bomb but was allowed to escape to Israel and all was forgotten. Irv Rubin was of course allowed to continue his terrorist activities for years until he couldn’t be ignored any more. He died in prison before he could stand trial. But did he die by his own hands as the official story goes or he was done away with is up to you to decide. (BTW: they never used the word “terrorist” with his name. The closet they came to was to describe him and his partners as “Militant Jewish Activists”


Wonder why no one remembers this more serious event at Times Square from only a few days ago:

54 arrested, 4 shot in Times Square riot

Maybe because no Muslims were involved… 😉

Conspiracy Theory? Latest Peshawar Blast

Blaming yesterday’s blast in Qissa Khwani Bazaar in Peshawar that killed at least 24 — mostly Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) protesters rallying against electricity load-shedding and the government — on Taliban makes no sense. Of course all media in unison is repeating the “Taliban did it” lie as are Rehman Malik (“we have them on the run”), ANP (“We will defeat them whatever the cost”, said the porn-peddler Bilour; someone should ask him which hole his brave leader Asfandyar Wali is shivering in today), smart-bomb-snuff-video peddler Kiyani will bravely copy Bilour (“We will defeat them whatever the cost”), etc. and I am sure we will soon have some Taliban spokesperson claiming responsibility.

Of course it is all hogwash!

Now why would Taliban:

  • target civilians whose support they need
  • target a rally protesting against government and its policies vis-a-vis U.S. occupation, things the Taliban are themselves fighting against?

I completely agree with Ameer of JI who blamed Pakistan’s alliance with the US for the suicide bombing. I think he should have gone further and said it was carried out either by U.S. or the government itself.

But here one must not overlook two very important motives that the government has for carrying out this act: stop protests against load-shedding and ‘rebuild consensus’ after the latest supposed fuck-up by the Army (it was no fuck up — they had to kill and put up a big body count; they just got caught).

As 20+ load-shedding has made life unbearable for most, the protests are being held daily all over the country. The government is of course has no solution for the electricity shortfall and it knows as the temperature rises, so will the intensity of these protests. It is desperate to prevent them. It is desperate enough to do anything in its power to scare people away from protesting. Sings of the governments desperation are all over:

So is the government desperate enough to carry out so-called ‘suicide-bombings” to try and take away people’s right to protest?

No question! I say chalk one up for State Terrorism’!

Of course our military has no qualms about killing innocents but having been caught red-handed — no pun intended — makes them act desperate. Having been exposed by the foreign press  — btw: shame on our press that kept giving us ISPR denials till Kiyani’s ‘apology — they had to do something to present the Taliban as ‘animals who kill innocents’ so that the sin of killing innocents by the army is thus justified by this grotesque morality/logic. This kind of killing — I mean a ‘suicide blast in a crowded marketplace full of innocents’ — was in fact guaranteed after the Army’s faux pas. This wasn’t the first time. Sadly, this won’t be the last!

So confirm that one for State Terrorism.

Just for Baboos: No, Webster Tarpley DOES NOT belong to JI 😉

P.S. One official explanation is of course:

The Jamaat-e-Islami party was hit Monday when a suicide bomber apparently targeted police watching over a rally of the group. Many of the 24 dead and 45 wounded were party loyalists, while two were officers, police official Khan Abbas said Tuesday.

Question I have is: If the suicide bomber was targeting police, how come only two of them died? Wouldn’t the suicide bomber get closer to the police (than the protesters) before blowing himself up?

Another False Flag In Moscow?

Coming on the heels of the recent protests against Putin, today’s tube station bombings in Moscow certainly brought back memories of another bombing in Russia that led to the rise of Putin and another ‘Ludicrous Diversion’ from London 😉

‘We’re not behind Moscow bombs’: Islamist group
(Somehow I believe them)
Possible ‘Black Widows’ link to police bombing: Putin
(‘Black WidowER’, eh, Putin?) 😛

[From the second story comes: “Investigators have warned that 21 Black Widow suicide bombers trained by an Islamist terrorist known as ‘the Russian bin Laden’ remain at large and may launch fresh attacks on Moscow.” Does that not sound too much like Rehman Malik’s schtick (“4 suicide bombers have entered Lahore…”)?]

Forget Azam, We Give You ‘Jihad Jane’

As authorities start backing away from the claim that the recently arrested is ‘Adam Azzam Yahiye Gadahn’ Pearlman, what better to hook ’em up with another timely creation, a blondie, ‘Jihad Jane’. Interestingly, she too is a convert from Pennsylvania….

I just love these guys… Oh, and to top it off, right away we have headlines like:

US doubts Islamabad’s will to pursue militants

A Quickie: Adam ‘Azzam Yahiye Gadahn’ Pearlman

Our papers and those of the West are celebrating the arrest of  “TOP Al Qaeda leader reported held in Karachi“. “Top Al Qaeda Leader”? Hmmmmm…

(Interestingly, WSJ identifies him as just “a Taliban leader“. Trying to fog over the difference between the two ‘organizations’?)

Adam Pearlman, al-CIA-duh Patsy

UPDATE: Well, it was not him after all. But would you be happy if I told you they got ‘Jihad Jane’???

Fake Terror? — That Blast At Khosa House UPDATED!

Khosas: Zulfiqar, Saifuddin, Dost Muhammed

Being from D. G. Khan myself and being familiar with the Khosas, my first thoughts about that recent bomber strike at Khosa’s house in D.G. Khan were:

1. The Khosas have really pissed off someone real bad (everyone is pissed at them for they have set new standards of corruption, even beating Farooq Leghari and Co.), or
2. They had it done themselves to get some attention/show they are “important” (The thought about ‘Taliban’ targeting them is just so out of this world)

That there was something fishy going on was brought back to my mind when I heard Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif state that the blast at the Khosa House is not linked to centres of terrorists in the southern Punjab. So I talked and met some people from the area and what I was told certainly confirmed my suspicions.

The rumor on the street is that the Khosas had it done themselves. I am told the Khosas have been trying to get rid of enchroching tent city/slum that had grown upto the wall of Khosa House and the bombing was carried out by them to rid themselves of it. Another interesting fact is that two Khosa brothers (Hisamuddin and Saifuddin) were at the house that day and Dost Muhammed Khosa was expected to also come over. Also present at the house that day was their (much-hated by them) brother-in-law, a guy named Ali. Coincidence of coincidences, Hisam and Saif managed to leave the house that morning and Dost Muhammed cancelled his visit. That guy Ali came closet to getting killed as he was just driving away from the house at the time of the bombing, leading to another rumor that the Khosas wanted to kill two birds with one stone and do away with that leaching brother-in-law of theirs as well (leach he is and he moved into Khosa right as PML-N came to power in Punjab and has been been using his relationship with Khosas to the hilt).

Another interesting thing I heard was that during the short stint as acting CM, Dost made enough money to transfer Rs 70-80 crore to Dubai.

Question is, like Zardari made Musharraf look not so bad, will a Nawaz government even make Zardari government having been not so bad? With people like these in the PML-N leadership, I won’t be surprised….

1. Latest word is the Khosas had given rights to the land along their wall to people to build shops and a market had sprung up. Of course the land wasn’t transferred to these poor souls but they held the ‘agreement’ on stamp paper only. Since the Khosas saw that it was an established market now and they could sell that land for crores of rupees, they wanted the shopkeepers to disappear. This bombing also achieves that: With the shops destroyed, the stamp paper agreement those guys were holding become worthless.

2. Another rumor going around is the Khosas had the place insured for Rs 25 crore (much more than the value of the property). Now they can not only claim for that but also will get huge sums as compensation from the Punjab Government as well.

3. Another odd thing I am told is that the house had been practically emptied on the side where the bombing took place. Really odd thing is ALL TVs in the house were PACKED and put in a room towards the back of the house.

4. It is confirmed the house was practically empty. Even the servants were not there which NEVER happens.

5. Two of the Khosas’ cousins did get injured in the blast but it was their sheer bad luck. They did not live their but were passing near Khosa House when on of thm needed to use the bathroom and decided to make an unscheduled stopover at Khosa House to relieve himself. Damn bad timing….

Fake Terror – The Road to War and Dictatorship

Michael Rivero

It’s the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times; creating the enemies you need.

In 70 BC, an ambitious minor politician and extremely wealthy man, Marcus Licinius Crassus, wanted to rule Rome. Just to give you an idea of what sort of man Crassus really was, he is credited with invention of the fire brigade. But in Crassus’ version, his fire-fighting slaves would race to the scene of a burning building whereupon Crassus would offer to buy it on the spot for a tiny fraction of it’s worth. If the owner sold, Crassus’ slaves would put out the fire. If the owner refused to sell, Crassus allowed the building to burn to the ground. By means of this device, Crassus eventually came to be the largest single private land holder in Rome, and used some of his wealth to help back Julius Caesar against Cicero. Continue reading ‘Fake Terror – The Road to War and Dictatorship’