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A Quickie: Benazir DID Break ‘The Deal’

I have always maintained that Benazir was killed because she broke the deal she had made with the Americans/British/Saudis/Musharraf/Kiyani, etc.

That such a deal existed and that it was broken has once again been confirmed by Musharraf.

The ‘Zardari was Elected’ Myth

All PPP representatives, the opposition, the lawyers and judges, media and alternate medai  seem not to tire of repeating this myth that “Zardari is the constitutionally elected President of Pakistan”. That cannot be further from the truth. It is but a complete fabrication. A blatant lie put forth to give legitimacy to this so called democracy. To see it, one must look at how he got to where he is:

Facing Islamist chaos and America’s Rambo, Pakistan is turning to No 10

…In a notoriously difficult foreign policy arena, injected with precious few new ideas, there are signs that Brown is ready to take Zardari seriously. The Foreign Office has already played a vigorous and little known role in getting Zardari elected president: Sir Mark Lyall Grant, the FCO political director, used his offices to elegantly strong-arm Pakistani political factions exiled to the UK into voting for the PPP’s presidential candidate. In a daring move, the MQM party, which has offices in north London – and was set against the PPP – was talked into becoming temporary champion of a PPP machine it had previously only bombed and shot at….

Zardari is the New Musharraf

Financial and political support from Washington helped engineer Zardari into power. He has been put in charge of the millions a month in overt and secret cash flow from Washington — $11.2 billion officially since 2001 — that Musharraf used to buy influence. Contrary to Washington’s claims it was neutral in the race between Zardari and his rival, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Washington spent a great deal of money and energy trying to sideline Nawaz, who has long been unpopular in Washington as insufficiently responsive to US interests….

Here’s James Petras in ‘Masters of Defeat: Retreating Empire and Bellicose Bluster

…The ‘election’ of the US client and convicted warlord and thug, Asif Ali Zadari, as President of Pakistan, will not in anyway contribute to the recovery of US influence outside of very limited elite political and military circles…

I know, I know. He is the “elected” representative of the people — people from the UK Foreign Office and US State Department 😛

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Like We Didn’t Know: Nawaz Decides Not To Contest NA-123 – UPDATED

Though the excuse being used is that Nawaz wants “a worker” to get the seat, there was never any question he was not going to contest for the NA-123 seat. Of course officially even now PML-N is claiming “Nawaz yet to decide” bit, the truth is there was never any doubt he would have to skip these as his balls were in the grip of the Saudis. Remember that according to the ‘non-existent’ 10-year deal between Mush and Nawaz — guaranteed by Saudis — Nawaz can not take part in elections till I believe December 2010. And I have maintained that is the reason why PML-N Punjab government tried it’s best to have the by-polls for NA-55 and NA-123 delayed.

Side Note: I do hope PML-N looses — at least in Rawalpindi. They have lost NA-21 Mansehra where their candidate got twice the number of votes of his rival just a year ago. PML-N is wondering what happened. I am not! (And the shame of it is that they lost to JUI-F, despite both PPP and PML-N misusing uplift funds.)

P.S. For a hint, NA should watch last night’s TV show D-Bate which debated “There is no opposition”. The poll at the start had 75% agreeing with that. At the end of the show 95% agreed. Nice job PML-N 😉

UPDATE Feb 02: PML-N has FINALLY announced Nawaz is not going to run for NA-123. Of course the world already knew. But what is funny is that until the last minute we had them denying this and pretending “it was going to be a party decision and the party was still debating the issue.” Below are three news items from today’s paper. In the first one we have Zulfiqar Khosa lying there was no deal with foreigners stopping Nawaz from running (so in fact he is confirming it 😉 ); the second one has PML-N spokesperson Sadiq Al-Farooq stating it does not matter if Nawaz takes part or not; and the third one confirming that it is indeed the Saudis squeezing his balls, warning him to live up to the 10-year old deal not to contest until 20 December 2010.

Now Who Would Have Thought: Balochistan Safer Than Punjab

If this does not expose the duplicity of the Sharif Brothers, nothing does. It appears the so-called province under fire — Balochistan — is a much safer place than the Punjab of Sharifs as Balochistan was able to hold by-elections today.

UPDATE: Oh, I should have added N.W.F.P. to the title too, as it too will be  able to hold by-polls before Punjab


Sharifs, of course, have used the pathetic excuse of “security situation” to block the polls in the province. Of course the ‘official’ line of PML-N was the blatant lie: “We, the PML-N are all in favor of the by-election. It is the Punjab government that is against it!

And in a shameful collaboration, the Lahore High Court broke the constitution and delayed polls indefinitely. It must be noted that the attorney for PML-N — oh, sorry — the Punjab government was the son of Justice Khalil Ramday. Now how many think he ‘won’ because he had the stronger argument?

The real reason for the forced delay is of course the ‘secret’ deal with the Saudis which bars Nawaz from running in the elections till end of next year — yes, yes — the same supposedly non-existent 10 year deal he signed with Mush. That clause of the deal is the reason why PML-N has been in no hurry to do away with the 17th amendment.

Now that SC has taken notice, let’s hope they rule in favor of Sheikh Rashid’s petition and force the Election Commission to hold by-elections in Punjaband SOON!

P.S. I think the Sharif’s are sensing the way SC is headed on this and was the reason why Shahbaz rushed to the lap of Gilani and offered full support to crook Zardari.

Is There Any Deal PML-N Has Not Made? NO!

UPDATE: What PML-N Denies, their master confirms:
Abdullah asks Nawaz to avoid non-issues
Mush a “non-issue“, eh ‘king‘?

Adding to my earlier post (Is There Any Deal PML-N Has Not Made?), we now have Mush claiming (exposing?) another of those deals by PML-N:
Nawaz has ensured Saudi King he will not pursue Article 6 against Musharraf

Although Mush’s interview was full of lies, I do believe this bit and I am sure another master liar Fazlu is not wrond about this bit:
Fazl sees no trial of Musharraf even under PML-N Govt

Of course Nawaz is in Saudi Arabia right now, probably feeling a bit low as the Dung Beetles did not offer him the same ‘red-carpet’ treatment they gave that piece of manure Mush. And the just issueddenial of any such pressure certainly points to it.

More about Mush’s interview:

A Coward Still Passing the Buck

A Coward Still Passing the Buck

October 12 coup, Bugti’s murder and Nov 3 steps Musharraf passes the buck to Army

Well, if that was not enough, a few days later he came back with another good one:
I shouldn’t be blamed for Bugti’s killing: Musharraf

Oops! So There IS a Pardon Document

Remember that “I made no deal with Mush” joke by Nawaz (till Hariri showed up with the actual document)? Well, now the often denied “Pardon by Mush” document has seen the light of day and the Sharifs are not happy as it exposes another of their balatant lies….

Musharraf’s Ghost: PML-N Gets in Bed with PPP/MQM

With every passing day we see PML-N trying hard to become more and more like PPP/MQM. Of course today is no different. Below are some of the latest actions by PML-N that make it seem it has no identity of it’s own any more:

#1: PML-N and Hafiz Saeed Release:

As reported earlier, Jamatud Dawa chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed was released earlier this week by Lahore High Court (LHC) observing “he government has no sufficient grounds to detain the petitioners for preventive measures.” This alone shows the government had no evidence against him and his arrest was just admittedly a “preemptive strike” without any grounds.

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